January 10, 2020

Pros & Cons of Adjustable Bases

pros and cons adjustable bases bed frames

It used to be that an adjustable base was only used in hospitals or for anyone who needs extra help getting in or out of bed. However, these once utilitarian bed frames have turned into luxury features for the bedroom. The different models that are being released have new fancy features from massage zones to Wifi connectivity. Lots of people are upgrading their traditional flat bed frames for an adjustable base, but does it really help you get healthy long lasting sleep? We are going to run through some of the top Pros & Cons of Adjustable Bases and whether or not we think they are worth the upgrade.

Adjustable Base Pros

Help With Snoring

adjustable base pros & consSnoring can have a number of different causes. Which means what helps one person sleep snore free may not help the next person.Most commonly snoring is caused by your soft palate relaxing and blocking air from flowing freely as you sleep. For this type of snoring, changing your sleeping position can bring immediate results. Sleeping in a slightly raised position can help limit or even eliminate your snoring all together. Some adjustable bases even have preset position that should put you at an optimal angle for sleeping snore free.

Reduce Swelling

elevate feet to prevent adjustable basesSwelling in feet is a common struggle for a lot of people. Especially if you work standing on your feet. Often the best and highest recommended course of action is to raise your feet above your heart in order to even out the amount of swelling in your lower extremities.

Using an Adjustable Base with your bed is a comfortable and easy way to achieve this position without using up all the pillows you own.

Ease Aches & Pains

preventing back pain adjustable basesThere are a number of different positions you can use with an adjustable base, they all have their different ways of minimizing aches and pains.

Whether is is by reducing swelling in the legs like we mentioned earlier, by supporting the back, or by providing a better position for leisure activities like reading a book or watching TV. Some of these like the latter are preventative. While providing back support while you sleep can help ease aches and pains that are preexisting.

Reduce Acid Reflux

adjustable bases benefitsHeartburn can range from a mild irritant to a very painful medical condition that can cause very real problems. Laying down flat to sleep can be a big problem for those who suffer with Acid Reflux.

An adjustable base can be a life changer for this condition. Being able to sleep at a comfortable angle can really make a huge difference. It is much more comfortable and effective than stacking pillows or sleeping in a lounge chair, that is for sure.

Optimal Lounging

pros for using adjustable basesWe love to lounge. If you like to read in bed in the morning, are simply sit up while your partner gets ready for bed. Or even just for the occasional breakfast in bed, an adjustable base can be a wonderful tool to upgrade your lounging game.

We love being able to sit up for watching TV, this gives you a much better position for your head and neck. Once again preventing little aches and pains caused by craning your neck to watch TV.

Great for Intimate Moments

shopping tips for adjustable basesWith so many different varieties of heights and angles an adjustable base can be rather supportive for many different positions for sleep or play.

Now we don’t need to go into any details here. The only limitation is your imagination.

We have a whole page on mattress that are great for intimacy. Head to our page Best Mattresses for The Best Sex to learn more.

Zero Gravity Position

best of adjustable basesThere have been a number of different studies on which position is the most comfortable for the human body. It is widely believed that laying at a slight incline with your knees gently bent and raised is the perfect resting position.

Many have started to call this position the Zero Gravity Position. This is one of the most popular sleeping positions that can be accomplished with an adjustable base.

Luxury Features/Comfort

massaging adjustable base Depending on which adjustable base you are looking to purchase, there are a number of different features that you can find on different models. Massage is a popular feature that you can find different versions of on many different bases.

Many have USB ports on the side to allow you to charge right from your bed. You can also find the occasional adjustable base that has Wifi capabilities. Allowing you to operate your bed from your phone or even from an Alexa or Google Home device. While these features won’t be found on all adjustable bases, they can be a fun and high tech bonus for those that do.

Adjustable Bed Cons

Might Have To Switch Mattresses

wrong mattress for your adjustable baseUnfortunately not all mattresses are compatible to be used with an adjustable base. If you have a mattress that you use and love, make sure you check with the manufacturer to ensure it is adjustable base compatible before you place it on an adjustable bed. This is not only for convenience but also for safety purposes.

However if you are not planning to use your current mattress, you can always ensure your next mattress is adjustable base compatible before your purchase.

Potential Breakdowns

cons for adjustable basesWith any machine, there is a possibility of a breakdown or required maintenance. Unfortunately that means that your Adjustable Base, no matter how well constructed, could break.

Whether it is as simple as needing to put new batteries in your remote control or a shot motor, having your bed breakdown is an inconvenience at best. One benefit to a traditional flat bed frame is that it is nearly impossible to break them.

Poor Design 

downfalls for adjustable basesThere will be varying designs and quality out there. While some high end versions will have plenty of advanced features like wall hugging technology and whisper quiet motors, others will not.

It is important to pay attention to details and reviews to ensure the particular model you are looking to get is going to be a purchase you won’t regret. Just because something has a high price tag does not mean it is made well or has a flawless design.

Very Heavy Machine

heavy adjustable basesThankfully this is only an issue in very specific circumstances. However, if you are planning to set your adjustable base up yourself, or if you’re someone who moves often, then you should know that adjustable bases are heavy, large, awkward to move pieces of machinery.

Often that are made out of steel and have many different arms and moving parts in order to do their job properly. Which means they are not only incredibly heavy, they can also be awkward to move and easy to break.

Weight Limitations

Every adjustable base has it’s own weight limitations. Be sure to clarify with the manufacturer whether or not the limitation they give you includes the weight of a mattress. (It typically does) So be sure to take the weight of your mattress into account when estimating whether or not your adjustable base will work for your needs. These limitations are important to follow in order to not only ensure your adjustable base will continue to work, but also to ensure your own safety.

Could Cause Injury

downfalls for the adjustable basesWhile it is unlikely, there are some risks that come with purchasing and using and adjustable base. As we mentioned earlier it is important to follow all safety guidelines giving to you with your adjustable base.

Although even with those put in place there is the possibility of the occasional pinched finger or other accident that may occur. While Adjustable Bases are not inherently dangerous, it is a potential con that we wanted to mention.

May Support Lazy Habits

adjustable bed frames may induce lazinessNow this is all dependent on you and your own choices. However, if you are aiming to hang out in bed less, then you’re getting the wrong bed frame. Using an adjustable base in your bedroom is simply begging for you to spend more time hanging out in bed.

It makes lounging so much more comfortable that it is tempting to simply stay in bed all day long. One mini pro to this con is that you can comfortably sit up, which is a better position to be in for extended periods of time then laying on your back.


adjustable bases are expensiveIt is no secret that Adjustable Frames cost a pretty penny. Especially when you can get perfectly functioning bases and basic bed frames for a very low price. In fact even the more affordable adjustable bases are more expensive than many luxury bed frames on the market.

This is a downside to luxury comfort… a luxuriously expensive price tag. For this we suggest prioritizing which features you want most out of your adjustable bed frame and to shop accordingly. If you don’t need Wifi or massage, skip those features and you could save yourself a good chunk of change.

Rare Trial Periods and Limited Warranties

There are definitely companies who offer trial periods and warranties on their adjustable bases. Although these trial periods tend to be rather short and the warranties limited. This is if they are offered at all mind you. Due to the nature of the adjustable base, many companies do not offer warranties or trial periods what so ever. Some are even non-returnable. While this likely will be no problem if you adore your new adjustable base and it works perfectly forever… This can be a frustration if you end up not loving your base or if it breaks at some point. Keep an eye out for quality and be sure it is a product you want before purchasing.

Adjustable Bases – What to Look For

  • Mattress Compatibility
  • Weight Restrictions
  • Prioritize Your Must-Haves
  • Warranties & Trial Period
  • Reviews on Quality
  • Delivery & Set-Up Services

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Top 5 Adjustable Beds

We have reviewed plenty of adjustable bases on our site and there are so many different options. So we are going to narrow it down to a few of our top favorite options. These are just a few of our favorites for different features, however there are a lot more great options where these came from. Head to our page Frames & Adjustable Base Reviews to see reviews for these adjustable bases plus many more.

Best Adjustable Base on a Budget

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adjustable bases for comfort

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Best Looking Adjustable Base

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Best Adjustable Base for High Weight Capacity

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Best Adjustable Base for Tech Features

Layla: Adjustable Base (Plus Model) Review

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Best Adjustable Base for Massage

Purple PowerBase: Adjustable Base Review

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Pros & Cons of Adjustable Bases – The Takeaway:

Our biggest takeaway from learning about different adjustable bases is that there is such a large variety of them. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Which is why it is important that you shop around to make sure you find the adjustable base that is just right for you. They are definitely a luxury item and we suggest not skimping out on quality in order to get a “good deal”. Keep an eye out for coupons! Our reviews often have active promotions and coupons. So make sure to check out our product specific reviews before buying.

pros and cons adjustable bases bed frames

Still have lingering questions? Want a personalized recommendation? We would be happy to help! Head over to our Contact Us page to reach out and send us any questions you may have.

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