January 13, 2020

Walmart Mattress Reviews

Walmart is all about low prices and convenience. Their selection for mattresses is no different. They have a wide selection online and depending on your location, you may be able to pick up your new mattress as you shop for your groceries. But is there a difference between the mattress you buy through Walmart versus shopping online or at a mattress store? There are a few differences, keep reading to view their top brands they sell, what we think of them, and the difference between shopping direct from the manufacturer and buying from Walmart.

walmart mattress reviews

Pros of Buying a Mattress at Walmart:

Nationwide Locations

shopping guide for mattresses from walmartThis comes back to convenience. It is highly likely that there is a Walmart near you. Although not all mattress options available online will also be available in store.

Which means that the convenience factor wears off quickly. If you decide to purchase one of these online mattress brands off of the Walmart website, it is then just as convenient as it would have been to purchase directly from the mattress brand’s website.

Shopping Experience

shopping experience mattress walmartThe shopping experience is very similar to shopping anywhere else online. You can simply make your purchase on the Walmart website and your bed will be delivered to your home.

However, if you are shopping in store, the convenience is hard to ignore. While you will need to have a few pairs of ends to get the mattress (often compacted into a box) into your car and then into your home, being able to pick up a mattress while you do your regular shopping is simple and easy.

Wide Selection

large selection of beds at walmartWalmart makes brands available that you may have not been able to find otherwise. They have a large selection of brands that you can compare on their website.

Ranging from the more luxurious mattresses to the very reasonably priced options. Including sizes ranging from crib mattresses to California King beds. There is a little something for everyone.

Brand Recognition

comfortable mattresses available at walmartThere are plenty of recognizable mattress brands available at Walmart. They have brands we know and love here at Our Sleep Guide such as Brooklyn Bedding, Allswell, BeautyRest, Serta, and more!

The Walmart name is also a recognizable brand and you can rest easy knowing that Walmart quality can be found in every mattress they offer on their website and in store.

Head to Top Rated Mattress to see our top favorite mattresses available online. 

Cons of Buying at Mattress at Walmart:

Potential Alternative Trial Period

warranties and trial periods Many online mattress brands offer extensive trial periods when you buy through their website. Unfortunately if you purchase through Walmart instead of their direct website, often times you will not get that same trial period.

Since you are purchasing the item through Walmart, you will only have a trial offered by their customer service. That is if they offer trial periods on that particular mattress at all.

Potential Void Manufacturers Warranty

different warranties mattress walmart shoppingManufacturers often do not offer their warranties when an item is purchased through a different company.

While some companies will still have warranties for their products purchased elsewhere, they are often different and cover less than if you were to purchase the mattress directly from their website or showroom.


too many mattresses to choose fromWhile they have a large amount of options available at Walmart, this can be a downfall. When you’re looking at one mattress brand it is easier to decipher which out of the 4 mattresses will work best for your needs.

However, when you have a much larger pool to choose from, and a limited amount of information, it can be difficult to choose which option is right for you.

Customer Service

walmart customer service conWhen you are dealing with mattress brands directly, you can get a lot of one on one customer service with operators that are very familiar with the mattress you purchased.

With Walmart being so large and having such a huge selection, any potential issues you have from delivery to warranties will be dealt with through their customer service. Which is typically well ran, but the person you speak to may be completely unfamiliar with that particular product.

Not Being Able to Try First

try before you buyOne downfall to buying a mattress through Walmart is that you don’t get to try before you buy. While this is similar to most options when shopping online, even the mattresses offered in store at Walmart are boxed up.

Try before you buy at the Our Sleep Guide Austin Showroom. We carry some of the top online mattress brands.

Not Finding Online Reviews

The last con to mention when it comes to trying to buy a Walmart mattress found online is the fact that most of the mattress brands and beds themselves have no reviews. At Our Sleep Guide we specialize in reviewing online mattresses and the majority of brands and mattresses we have never tried, and several we’ve never heard of. So finding a recommendation or trusted review may be difficult. On top of that you may not find the best pricing or additional coupons that you can find directly from brands online.

Skip the research! Find some of our top rated and highly recommended online mattresses in our Best Mattress page. 

Popular Online Brands Available at Walmart:

Below we offer some insight on several of the brands that we have tried. And even several we offer GREAT discounts on too. We will not only give you a brief description of each mattress, but also provide you with access to our in depth reviews and exclusive coupons. That way we can ensure you are getting the best price, even better than you may find at Walmart.com directly.


If you have spent any time looking at our best of brands for mattresses, then you are likely familiar with the Allswell name. They have a wide selection of comfortable mattresses at different price ranges.

allswell mattress at walmart
Allswell Hybrid

This mattress from Allswell is, as expected, a hybrid mattress. They used a coil system with foam comfort layers. The top layers of memory foam are high quality and full of cooling gel so it does not heat up. Comes in at a total of 10″ tall.

Allswell Luxe

Their Luxe mattress also features a 12″ thick hybrid construction. With a medium-firm feel and a just right pillow top. Also have a layer of memory foam, this time with a gel swirl and copper to keep the sleeper nice and cool while you sleep.

Allswell Supreme

The most luxurious option from Allswell, the Supreme is a lofty 14″ thick hybrid mattress. Featuring an extra cozy euro style pillow top to this mattress. It is also a medium-firm feel coming in just a bit more plush than their Luxe option.

Head to our Allswell Mattresses Review to compare the Allswell Mattresses side by side.

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This well known and loved mattress company is available at many different locations, including Walmart. While they have many different mattress options, these are some of our top pics that Walmart offers.

walmart mattress shopping pros
Beautyrest Hybrid (BRX1000-IP)

An oh so comfortable hybrid mattress from Beautyrest that comes in three different comfort options. There is a Plush, Medium, or Extra Firm option sold at Walmart and it gives a good range of comfort to choose from. While this is one of the lower priced Beautyrest options it still comes in at a lofty 14″.

Beautyrest Black (L-Class)

The Black range from Beautyrest keeps a high focus on luxury comfort and cooling materials. The Beautyrest Black L-Class comes in a medium firm feel and is 13″ thick. The memory foam used in the top layers is infused with a cooling gel.

Beautyrest Black + Cooling

This option is a slightly softer option is also 13″ but has a true medium feel. It also has even more cooling materials including gel and Beautyrests RightTemp Memory Foam.

Beautyrest Black Cooling + Comfort

The Beautyrest Black Cooling + Comfort mattress has an extra cozy pillow top on top of a mattress like the cooling top. The thickest option out of these mattresses so far at 15″ thick.

Get all of the in depth details on these mattresses at our review Beautyrest Mattress Reviews.

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Brooklyn Bedding

The Brooklyn Bedding Brand is one of our favorite online bed-in-a-box mattress brand. American made mattresses that are quality construction with great materials that make for very comfortable beds.

walmart mattress shopping cons
Brooklyn Bedding Bowery

The Bowery comes in an all-foam or hybrid option. However, the all-foam version is the one carried by Walmart. The All-Foam version consists of three different layers of from. A base layer of dense supportive foam, a transitional foam, and their own Energex foam made to be supportive and sleep cool.

Get the full review at Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Review

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

It is impressive that Brooklyn Bedding came out with such an overall great mattress. The Signature Bed has a individually pocketed coil system and comes in three different comfort options. A soft, medium, and firm option. Making it great for all sleeping positions.

View our full review for the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Here.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

One of the most luxuriously comfortable mattresses you will find carried by Walmart and at such a great price. From the Titan Cool technology on their cover, individually pocketed coil system, and plenty of comfort layers. This is a great bed that you will love.

Click the link to view our full review for the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress.

See all the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses side by side in our Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses Review.

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Hybrid and All Foam options all with slim profiles and low price tags. No worries about deep pocket sheets here, all standard fitted sheets will easily fit around the slim yet supportive mattresses. Great for kids rooms, guest rooms, college dorms and more.

pros and cons mattress shopping at walmartLinenspa 5″ Gel Memory Foam

Made out of 4 inches of dense base foam and topped with an inch of gel infused memory foam. This is a great option for first big kids bed for toddlers. Soft enough to snuggle with and supportive enough for kids.

Linenspa Explorer 6″ Hybrid

Sturdy steel coil system with a thin memory foam comfort layer, with a thin quilted cover. This is going to be great for kids again, although it will sleep cooler than the previous full foam option.

Linenspa Dreamer 8″ Hybrid

The first mattress out of this line that we think would be suitable for adults. Although it still has a slim profile. Features a steal coil system and a full inch of gel infused memory foam.

Linenspa 10″ Hybrid

A medium-firm mattress feel which is a great option for adults. Has a innerspring construction and features latex comfort layer. Latex tends to sleep slightly cooler and has a more responsive feel than memory foam.

Linenspa 12″ Gel Memory Foam Hybrid

The thickest option from Linenspa available on Walmart. While it is a thin mattress with very little comfort layers, the memory foam provides a decent amount of soft comfort and cuts down on motion transfer. This is the most traditional style mattress out of all of the Linenspa mattress.

Linenspa is featured on our list of Top Mattresses for Kids at All Ages.


walmart mattress reviewsResponse Line by Sealy

Sealy set out to create a line of mattresses that could be sold in a number of different retail spaces like Walmart. They wanted a large range of firmness levels and price ranges that all have a traditional innerspring hybrid mattress design.

Which is exactly what they did. The Essential, Performance, and Premium are the different levels of price ranges. While they have different thicknesses and firmness levels withing each of those categories.

Sealy Response Essentials 8.5″

This mattress has a what Sealy calls a Firm Tight Top. It is a firmer style mattress with a quilted cover. There are only two layers of foam between you and the innerspring system. Which means this mattress will be best suited for light weight sleepers in order to avoid any “bottoming out” feel. This is a sturdy little mattress that is great for kids, teens, and young adults.

Sealy Response Essentials 11.5″

This is one of the largest, most luxurious mattresses in the Essentials category for the Sealy Response line. It has a euro style pillow stop that is soft but not incredibly thick. It features three layers of foam between the sleeper and it’s innerspring system to provide lots of cushioning comfort.

Sealy Response Performance 12″

Part of the Performance options from the Sealy Response line, this 12″ mattress comes in different comfort options. Including a Firm, Medium, and Plush. So you can get the exact eight feel you love. This mattress features zoned comfort, meaning it has different firmness levels in the mattress to shape and support your body just right. It also has Cool Gel in the foam along with many other extra comfort additives.

Sealy Hybrid Premium Silver Chill 14″

The specialty immersion memory foam in the top two inches of this mattress is full of cooling gel. Then there are several more layers of Comfort Foam, Extra Soft Pillow Top Foam and on and on. This is a soft plush feeling mattress and they pulled out all of the cushy luxurious foams to prove it.

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shopping guide shopping mattressesSerta Sleeptrue Malloy Mattress

This particular mattress can be purchased with two different topper finishes. There is the classic plush 10.5″ thick mattress with a quilted top. Or you can upgrade to the 12.5″ euro style pillow top mattress. This adds an extra luxurious layer of comfort. If you are stuck between the two, the pillow top is best suited for side sleepers and back sleepers that enjoy a softer feel. Stomach sleepers may find it is too soft and not supportive enough.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Kleinmon II

There are a number of different comfort options for this mattress all in a great price range. You can get a Plush, Firm, Plush Pillow Top, or a Firm Pillow Top. The Kleinmon has a pocketed innerspring system which is great for limiting the amount of motion transfer a bed has. This is a solid mattress for the price you’re paying.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elkins II

There are three options available currently at Walmart for the Serta Elkins II line. The Firm, Plush, and Plush Pillow Top. All three feature Serta’s Cool Twist memory foam. It also has individually pocketed coils and it is zoned to provide extra edge support. These also come in at a great price range.

Serta iComfort Blue Fusion

Serta once again offers three different options for a mattress. The iComfort Blue Fusion mattress has a 100, 200, and 300 option. The 100 is a firm, 200 is a plush, and the 300 is a plush pillow top. All of these versions of the iComfort Blue Fusion come with cooling memory foam, a sturdy pocketed coil system, and loads of comfort. Serta even calls this mattress their “most comfortable ever”.

So Many More!

One of the reasons we like the option of shopping for a mattress from Walmart, is that they have such a wide selection. All of the brands we chose to highlight above, are just a fraction of the many different brands and mattresses that they have available on their website.

Should You Buy a Mattress at Walmart?

Generally when you purchase a name brand mattress from Walmart, you are getting the same mattress you would get directly from the brand itself. You may even get it for a discounted price, or be able to pick up in store for less. Although when you purchase from Walmart you will then be dealing with their trial periods (which tends to be shorter than the manufacturers), limited or no warranty, and no customer service from the brand itself.

If you want to return your mattress for any reason, or if it breaks down over time, you would need to go through Walmarts customer service instead of the brand. With some smaller brands this may be an improvement, but for nicer brands like Brooklyn Bedding, Allswell, Serta etc. you may find yourself wishing you had purchased directly from the mattress brand instead.

walmart mattress reviews