August 9, 2019

Allswell Mattress Review: Supreme vs Luxe

allswell supreme vs allswell luxe hybridWhen it comes to the Allswell mattresses you have plenty of durable, well priced options to choose from. From the original affordable luxury hybrid, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress. To the even more affordable and firmer Allswell Hybrid Mattress. Or even their newest and most luxurious plush model, the Supreme. You now have three ideal hybrid mattresses that offer amazing comfort at very budget friendly price points.

With the most recent addition of the Allswell Supreme mattress we felt it was the perfect opportunity to see how it compared to the original, Luxe Hybrid, in our Allswell Mattress Review – Allswell Supreme vs Allswell Luxe.

Allswell Mattress Review – To Start:

In this Allswell Mattress Review we will be comparing the Allswell Supreme Mattress to the Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress. We will first take a quick look at them side by side. Specifically focusing on key differences as well as similarities.

allswell mattress review supreme vs luxe

Below is a great side by side chart with a quick glance at both beds. Under that we will further break down how these two mattresses perform when directly compared to each other. Giving you the much needed insight to which of these beds is best for you. Also, for our first hand experience of these mattresses scroll to the bottom to watch our side by side comparison video, or just click HERE!

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allswell mattress review

Allswell Mattress Review – Supreme vs Luxe Materials:

  • allswell supreme materialsAllswell Supreme | 14″ & 5 Layers:
    • Signature “A” Quilted Top Panel
    • 1″ Plush EuroTop Comfort Layer
    • 2″ Graphite & Copper Gel Infused Memory Foam
    • 2″ Energex Foam
    • 8″ Quantum Edge Coil System
    • 1″ Base Foam
  • allswell luxe materialsAllswell Luxe Hyrbid | 12″ & 4 Layers:
    • Signature “A” Quilted Top Panel
    • 2″ Graphite & Copper Gel Infused Memory Foam
    • 1″ High Density Transition Foam
    • 8″ Quantum Edge Coil System
    • 1″ Base Foam

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Allswell Mattress Review – Supreme vs Luxe Comfort:

When it comes to comfort the materials typically directly effect this aspect. Usually the more layers of foam and comfort materials the softer the feel. This is absolutely true when it comes to comparing the Allswell Supreme to the Allswell Luxe. Though Allswell classifies both of these mattresses as falling between 4.5 to 6.5 on the firmness scale we noticed a distinct difference between the two.

allswell firmness scale

Clearly comfort is subjective as well as varies person to person depending on size. However, when you have 2″ of additional comfort foams you will have a slightly softer feel found in the Supreme compared to the Luxe.

When trying out these beds we would say that yes, they both do fall in between 4.5 and 6.5. However, the Supreme is much closer to a 4.5 to 5 while the Luxe fell closer to the 6 to 6.5 range.

Making the Allswell Supreme a true medium feel and the Allswell Luxe Hybrid a medium-firm feel. Again, this was based on our opinion as well as how each accommodated our sleeping styles. Below we will give our thoughts on which mattress best suites each sleeping style.

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Back Sleepers:

If you primarily sleep on your back it really comes down to personal preference. Both the Allswell Luxe and Allswell Supreme offer great support with the thick 8″ coil system. They also both have great dense layers of foam too. If you prefer a bit more contour and plushness than the Allswell Supreme will be your best choice. And if you like a little more firmness while still plenty of contour than the Allswell Luxe is going to be your ideal choice.

allswell back sleeper
Side Sleepers:

If you’re a dominate side sleeper we would certainly lean towards the Allswell Supreme. The added two inches of comfort and thicker deep comfort layer go a long way in providing better side pressure relief and an overall slightly softer feel. This mattress provides a feel that is usually preferred by side sleepers.

allswell side sleeper

Though if you are side sleeper who likes a little more support and a medium-firm feel, the Allswell Luxe will work well too. Though you might not have quite the same amount of deep comfort it is still quite good for side sleeping too.

Stomach Sleepers:

If you happen to be one of the few stomach sleepers out there having a mattress that is a true medium-firm feel is going to be best. Which is why the Allswell Luxe is going to be your best bet if you want to ensure your back doesn’t bow while sleeping. This mattress isn’t quite as soft and thus contours to you but keeps your spinal alignment more ideal while sleeping on your stomach.

allswell stomach sleeper

However, if you are on the lighter side or have a smaller frame and prefer sleeping on your stomach the Supreme will offer enough support too. Though it it is a bit softer, the added plushness may be beneficial if you weight less. Or if you only occasionally sleep on your stomach.

Combination Sleepers:

best mattresses for couplesIf you switch up your sleeping style than I would say pay attention to where you end up most often. If you like a slightly firmer feel and tend to switch between back and stomach sleeping than the Luxe may be a better fit. However, if you are often times switching from side to side with occasionally turning to your back or stomach than the Supreme may be better.

Also, depending on your size and if you share the mattress may shift which is best too. If you are a little heavier the slightly firmer feel of the Luxe may be your best bet. While if you are on the lighter side the Supreme will be more accommodating. While anyone who shares a mattress will find both of these to be great options, but depending on both of your preferred sleeping styles will help determine if the true medium-firm feel of the Luxe is best or if the more medium plush feel of the Supreme will be best.

Larger Sleepers:

Similar to an average size sleeper, a bigger person will have similar expectations of the Allswell Supreme and Allswell Luxe. If you are a dominate side sleeper the Supreme will be a good choice. While if you are a back or stomach sleeper the slightly firmer feel of the Luxe is going to be your best option.

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Allswell Mattress Review – Supreme vs Luxe Benefits:

When it comes to the performance of each of these mattresses they offer very similar experiences. However, they do differ just slightly in a few categories. Regardless, both of these Allswell mattresses provided great sleeping benefits and showcase some wonderfully made mattresses.

Motion Transfer:

allswell memory foamWhen it comes to the minimizing partner disturbance both of these Allswell mattresses do a great job. The individually wrapped coils make sure not to vibrate excess motion. And the foams are dense and absorbing.

Though both are wonderful for isolation motion we would say that the added thickness and slightly softer feel of the Supreme allows for just a touch better at controlling motion transfer. So, if you are super sensitive or find this to be an area that you want your mattress to perform at peak in than the Allswell Supreme is our choice between these two.

Sleeping Cool:

Similar to motion transfer these mattresses are going to do considerably well and very similarly when it comes to sleeping cool. Both mattresses again have a substantial coil system that allows for optimal airflow. They also both have the same memory foam layer infused with graphite and copper gel to pull heat away. And the same cover that offers a cool to the touch feel that is also quite breathable.

However, if you want to knit pick we would have to say that the Luxe will sleep cooler than the Supreme for a few reasons. First, the firmess level doesn’t allow you to sink in quite as much. Thus keeping you closer to the top with more of your body exposed to airflow. Also, the fact that there is 2 less inches of foam in the Allswell Luxe Hybrid means there is 2 less inches of foam to absorb heat.

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Edge Support:

allswell supreme mattress reviewWhen it came to edge support it was pretty much a draw in this Allswell mattress review. Both do a great job of providing a smooth and consistent feel for full sleeping use. As well as little to no change in feel from the edge to the center. Making both great for sleeping edge support.

Both the Allswell Supreme and Luxe also did great for sitting and offering stable edges for getting in and out of bed. Though one may argue that the slightly thinner profile of the Allswell Luxe could lend itself to better edge support while sitting, we found there to be very little difference. And with the outstanding build and materials of both we found edge support to be great in both Allswell mattresses.

Allswell Mattress Review – The Basics:

allswell mattresses side of luxe hybridNow that you know about all the details of these beds we can look at a few of the basics of this brand and each bed. Starting with the prices and going through some of what added extras come with your purchase. As well as how you can expect the online bed-in-a-box mattress process to work.


The price of both the Allswell Supreme mattress and the Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress is hard to beat. Both are very affordable and really give plenty of mattress for the price. Both of these mattresses are considered affordable luxury mattresses.

Though if you want a slightly more premium feel the upgraded Supreme is worth the extra price. Below are the latest prices for every size option for both the Allswell Supreme and Luxe Hybrid mattresses.

Allswell Luxe – Twin $395 Allswell Supreme – Twin $725
Allswell Luxe – Twin XL $445 Allswell Supreme – Twin XL $775
Allswell Luxe – Full $545 Allswell Supreme – Full $885
Allswell Luxe – Queen $645 Allswell Supreme – Queen $985
Allswell Luxe – King $845 Allswell Supreme – King $1245
Allswell Mattress Coupon:

allswell memory foam mattress reviewNow one thing to note when it comes to the price is how much extra you can save. We always have the latest and best Allswell mattress coupon and savings. Simply follow the link found in our review to save an additional amount on both the Allswell Supreme and Allswell Luxe mattress.

This additional savings can make the value and the price even more amazing. Giving you access to super thick well made hybrid mattresses that are very reasonable. Hence why two of the Allswell mattresses also happen to fall on our list of best mattresses on a budget. These prices are hard to beat and the quality of these mattresses won’t disappoint.

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Even with the great prices and additional Allswell coupons you may find that you may need to finance your new mattress purchase. Allswell makes this as easy as possible. By offering a partnership with Affirm to make buying your new mattress as simple and quick as possible. This service provides financing to anyone who qualifies on purchases more than $250. Providing 0% APR and offering 3, 6, and 12 month financing options. Learn more about these details at AllswellHome.com.


When ordering your new Allswell mattress you will have the option of choosing between a few different delivery methods. The first option is free standard delivery. This will include no additional fee and your mattress will come via ground shipping. Taking about 5-10 business days to arrive at your door. Your mattress will come roll packed and arrive in a fairly compact box.

If you can’t wait that long for your new mattress you also have the option of upgrading your shipping to 2-day expedited shipping. This will ensure that your mattress arrives no later than 2-3 business days from the day you order. This upgrade will be an additional $50 fee, but if you need a mattress sooner then later, it is totally worth it. The mattress will arrive the same as standard shipping, right at your door, but several days sooner.

Lastly is the option of upgrading to white glove delivery. This process takes out all the handling. A third party will set up a delivery time to bring your mattress right to your bedroom and set it up for you. This additional fee may vary slightly depending on your location, but if you opt for this method the exact amount will be calculated at checkout.

Set Up:

allswell mattress unboxingIf you have your Allswell mattress dropped off at your door regardless of whether you go with the Supreme or Luxe Hybrid, the set up will be the same. Each mattress is tightly wrapped in plastic inside the box. All you need to do is get the mattress to it’s final destination. Than simply take the rolled mattress out. Unroll it from the excess plastic and position it right side up on your frame. Cut the remaining plastic wrap away and pull it off the mattress.

Next just watch it expand. This process is fairly quick but a few things to note during this time. The initial expansion is quite quick. However, the foams do take a good 24 to 48 hours to fully firm up. So keep that in mind the first few nights. Also, there may be some new mattress smells that you notice during the unboxing. These are minimal and not harmful, but if they are bothersome we recommend leaving the room or opening a window. Also, let the mattress breathe for several hours before putting on any bedding.

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Trial Period:

allswell perksWith any Allswell mattress purchase you will get the same 100 night sleep trial. This time allows for an ideal number of days to make sure which ever mattress you choose is a great fit. We always recommend allowing a few weeks for your body to adjust. Just like any new mattress purchase it will take a bit of time for your body to readjust to new support and comfort. As well as allow for a few days for your mattress to break in.

If after several weeks you find yourself not finding your new Allswell mattress to be an ideal fit, no worries. Not only do you get free shipping, but also free returns. All you need to do is contact Allswell within the 100 night trial period to set up your return. Once this process takes place your mattress will be taken back and you will get a full refund.


Similar to the trial period each Allswell mattress will also offer the same warranty. A standard 10 year warranty is what most manufacturers use. This is true with Allswell too. This amount of time takes care of any defects or flaws on the manufacturing side. As well as any abnormal wear with regular and normal use. This mattress warranty is more than sufficient and allows for you to have your purchase guaranteed to perform optimally.

For more information on either Allswell’s trial period or warranty visit AllswellHome.com.

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Allswell Mattress Review Summary:

We found that both the Allswell Supreme and Allswell Luxe Hybrid perform fantastic from every stand point. The fact that both of these mattresses come in at such great price points makes purchasing either option much more enticing.

allswell supreme vs allswell luxeAs far as our personal recommendations go we would have to say that we feel the Supreme is great for anyone who wants a thick, more luxurious mattress with a medium feel. Making it great for side sleepers, couples and anyone wanting a solid, well made premium hybrid mattress under $1000. To learn more about the Supreme we recommend checking out our Allswell Supreme Mattress Review.

The Allswell Luxe Hyrbid is also a great mattress for anyone who wants a durable and ideal medium-firm hybrid mattress, especially under the $700 price point. It offers a solid feel with just enough comfort and performs very well for a large variety of sleepers. To learn more about the Luxe we suggest learning more in our Allswell Luxe Hyrbid Mattress Review.

And, if you aren’t quite sure if either of these mattresses are for you check out the third Allswell mattress, the Allswell Hybrid too.

Allswell Mattress Review – Side by Side Video: