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the adjustable bed frame from layla review

Whether you are looking to lounge in bed, ease your snoring, or any of the other countless reasons to get an adjustable base for your bedroom, the Layla is a great option to consider. There are so many different types of adjustable beds. Even Layla has two versions for you to choose from their Standard option and their Plus which has extra goodies and features. Keep reading to find out what makes the Layla Adjustable Base unique and all of the extra features in their Plus model.

Layla Adjustable Base Features (Standard):


  • review over the adjustable base from laylaHead to Foot Adjustments
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • 3 Custom Presets
  • Wireless Remote
  • USB Ports
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price Range Standard: $899 – $1798

Layla Adjustable Base Features (Plus):

With the Layla Adjustable Base Plus Model you will not only get the above mentioned features, but also will have the below features too. For a truly upgraded experience.

  • layla adjustable base plusWall Hugging Technology
  • Massage
  • Anti-Snore
  • Under Bed Lighting
  • Alexa/Google Home Compatible
  • Wifi App
  • Price Range Plus: $1399 – $2798

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Layla Base Construction:

The frame for the Layla Adjustable Base is made out of a steel, and the soft outer fabric is made out of a polyester. Each base in constructed in China and then sent over to the USA.

laylas adjustable base how it works pro

The legs are adjustable and can be set to 4 different heights. This is a great feature for anyone wanting to use a decorative bed frame. You can then adjust the height of your bed to work just right with your frame.

Each Adjustable Base comes with an attached loop of metal at the foot of the bed. This bar helps to keep your mattress in place as you move. This prevents any accidental slipping or shifting off of the bed. The polyester on the top of the frame has a little extra grip as well, which also helps to keep the mattress in place. Overall we like the construction of this base.

Layla Adjustable Bed Extra Features:

Whether you choose the Standard Adjustable Base by Layla or their premium Plus model, you are going to get loads of fancy features.

layla adjustable base standard vs plus

First, lets go over the features that are featured on the Standard model. You will get three custom presets that you can change to suite whichever positions you love and use most. Which you would be able to control on your wireless remote control.

Then you also get USB ports on either side of the bed. You can use these to charge your devices overnight, or to keep them charged while you use them in bed.

These are all great features on the Layla Adjustable Base Standard model. However, their Plus model comes with all of those same features PLUS many more. For example, Layla’s Wall Hugging Technology which keeps you in position closest to the wall even when sitting up straight. Why is this useful? Well, it keeps you within arms reach of your nightstand. Which is incredibly useful, especially when you are sitting up.

On top of that they have a three speed massage zone, anti snore positioning, under bed lighting, wifi app, and even Alexa/Google Home Compatibility. What?! That is a lot of features. More than we are used to seeing on a base for your mattress that is for sure. Whether you want to sit back relax and get a massage or control your adjustable base from your phone, their is a feature for you. This is one smart adjustable bed frame.

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Layla Adjustable Frame Ease of Use:

what we love about the adjuable base from laylaBeing able to move and change your position in bed by pressing a button is rather easy. Being able to speak to Alexa in order to move, that is even easier. While that is only a feature on the Plus option, overall this is a rather simple adjustable base to use.

Like most machines it does take some set up time, and like any wifi enabled machine there is likely going to be some glitches now and then, including when your wifi goes out.

However, the wireless remote control is truly just as easy and just as simple to use. If you love all of the gadgets and gizmos, then you will likely enjoy using the Plus option. However, if you are wanting to keep things extra straightforward, and simple to set up and use, then the Standard Layla Adjustable Base is a great option for you.

Delivery & Set Up:

When you purchase a Layla Adjustable Base, you have two options for delivery. You can either have the base delivered to your door for free. This requires that you set up your new frame yourself, with the help of friends/family.

layla moveable base bed

Or for an extra fee, you can have Layla’s white glove delivery service. This is where they will deliver your new adjustable base to your bedroom of choice. Then they will set it up for you. So you won’t need to worry about moving or building your new adjustable base. They do it for you.

If you choose to get the White Glove Delivery service they will call ahead to set up a delivery time that works best for you. However, if you choose to set up your base on your own, we suggest getting some help. These boxes tend to be very heavy and having at least two people working on set up is highly recommended. There are absolutely benefits to both delivery options. While having Layla put together your bed for you is much easier, it can save you a few extra bucks if you decide to do it yourself.

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Compatible Layla Mattresses:

does the layla mattress work with adjustable baseLayla makes one mattress, which features an all foam construction. It has a dual sided comfort with a soft and a firm side that you can choose between. This mattress is Adjustable Base compatible allowing it to work wonderfully with the Layla Adjustable Base.

If you are looking to use a mattress you already own, then be sure it is made to function well with an adjustable base. Not sure if your mattress is compatible? We suggest contacting the manufacturer. This is the best way to determine whether or not your mattress will work nicely with the Layla Adjustable Base.

Want to learn more about the Layla two sided bed? Head to our in depth review of the Layla Mattress.

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Layla Adjustable Base Value:

bonus features in the layla adjustable base plus appWhen it comes to evaluating the prices for the Layla Adjustable Base we have to look at two different price ranges and the difference in features. The Standard Layla Adjustable Base comes with less bells and whistles. However it does feature USB ports and most importantly it does exactly what you are buying it for. Which is that it quickly and easily adjusts your position. The prices for the Standard option are quite reasonable. Making it a great purchase.

The Plus options does bump up the price by quite a bit. However, it could be argued that they also enhanced the amount of features it has by just as much. The wall hugging technology to keep you in line with your nightstand is particularly useful. While you also get a massage feature, under bed lighting, and it can even connect with your Alexa/Google Home. Which we must admit is pretty cool.

Standard Option –
  • Twin XL: $899
  • Queen: $999
  • King: $1798
  • Split King: $1798
Plus Option –
  • Twin XL: $1399
  • Queen: $1499
  • King: $2798
  • Split King: $2798

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Trial Period & Warranty:

why we love adjustable bases from laylaMany brands do not have trial periods for their adjustable bases. Not Layla! They offer a 30 Night Money Back Guarantee, as well as a 10 Year Limited Warranty.

While these are not especially long trial periods or superstar warranties that cover everything forever, they are something. Which is, again, more than what many other companies will cover for adjustable bases.

Layla Adjustable Base – Overall:

If you are considering purchasing a Layla Adjustable Base, then you have one big decision to make. Which will you go with? There is the agreeably priced standard model that can change your position at the click of a button, has USB ports for charging, and pretty cool overall. Or the arguably super-cool Plus version that comes with ALL of the bells and whistles from massage and wifi connection. Either way you go you are getting a quality adjustable base that will help you sleep in any position you desire.

adjustable bed by layla review

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