Accessory Review WinkBeds Adjustable Base: The WinkBase 2.0

adjustable base review winkbase 2.0

The WinkBeds Brand is already known and loved for their comfortable and durable mattresses that are made right here in America. Now they are making their own adjustable base, the Adjustable WinkBase 2.0. This Adjustable bed frame, also known as the WinkBase 2.0, by WinkBeds. It is made in America and has an extra sturdy, durable frame that works with a number of different style mattresses.

If you are wanting to add a bit of luxury to your bedroom, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading to get all of the details you need in order to determine whether the Adjustable WinkBase 2.0 is right for you and your bedroom.

WinkBed Adjustable Frame – Key Features:

  • Head to Foot Adjustability
  • Wireless Remote
  • Quick & Easy Set Up
  • Wall-Hugging Design
  • 1,000 lbs Max Weight Capacity
  • Whisper Quiet Motor
  • 2 Preset Buttons
  • Made in America

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WinkBeds Adjustable Base 2.0 – Construction:

adjustable base by winkbeds review WinkBeds proudly designs, engineers, and builds their Adjustable WinkBase 2.0 in America. Allowing them to have plenty of control of the overall quality of their base from start to finish.

This is one of the sturdiest adjustable bases we have come across with a king sized base holding up to 1,000 pounds. Which goes well with they extra sturdy mattresses. The design features 4 sturdy legs and extra quiet motors.

Another feature that we love about the design of this bed is that it hugs the wall even as you sit up. Which makes it much more comfortable to use.

WinkBed Adjustable WinkBase 2.0 – Ease of Use:

wireless remote controlled adjustable base by winkbeds Putting together an Adjustable Bed Frame in your own home may sound like an intimidating task, but it is much more simple than it sounds. The WinkBase 2.0 by WinkBeds is especially quick and simple to put together. WinkBeds claims it is a 10 minute box to bed process. Even if you like to take your time to ensure you are doing it just right it is still an easy 25 mins or less process.

The WinkBase 2.0 may look complicated, but most of the frame comes pre-assembled. All you need to do is put on the legs. No extra tools required. Then you are ready to place your mattress on and plug in. Once you have it all set up, it is also very simple base to use.

While the Adjustable WinkBase 2.0 by WinkBeds has a lot of fancy features that we will get more into later, it is a rather easy to maneuver. The wireless remote is rather straight forward and we found it to be simple to understand.

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WinkBeds 2.0 Adjustable Frame – Value:

winkbase adjustable base by winkbeds review With the WinkBase 2.0 being an American Designed, Engineered, and Built product, you can begin to expect that the price may be higher than if it were simply imported from another country.

However, the WinkBase 2.0 comes in at a very reasonable price point for such a high quality product. This is a heavy piece of machinery made to move around you, your partner, and your mattress! Yet the prices are lower than some decorative bed frames. Yes please!

  • Twin XL: $949
  • Queen: $999
  • King: $1,299
  • California King: $1,299

These great prices also come with free scheduled delivery and a 10 year warranty. This warranty provides plenty peace of mind that this product is built to last. Although we would like to note that unlike most WinkBeds products, the Adjustable WinkBase 2.0 does not come with a trial period and is not returnable. (Unless it does not meet warranty standards). So make sure you are really wanting this adjustable base before you pull the trigger.

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WinkBase 2.0 Adjustable Base Features:

adjustable bed frame from winkbeds Some other brands of Adjustable Base frames have loads of extra odds and ends such as massage zones, under glow lights that light up the floor, and many other add ons. While these are wonderful luxury features, they really are more than what is necessary. The WinkBase 2.0 comes with a wireless remote control, plenty of strength to carry heavy loads, and even buttons preset positions.

This is about all you could really ask for when it comes to an adjustable bed. This Adjustable Base by WinkBeds is rather safety conscious. It comes with child lock, free fall design, and emergency lowering function in order to keep you and yours as safe as possible.

Compatible WinkBeds Mattresses:

winkbeds 2.0 adjusting base If you are looking to pair one of the fabulous WinkBeds mattress with their adjustable base, then you are in luck. When you look into some brands you will find that their hybrids are not suitable for use on an adjustable bases. This is not the case with WinkBeds. Their hybrid mattresses like The WinkBed, is made specifically to work with their adjustable frame.

Making any of the WinkBeds mattresses compatible to use with the WinkBase 2.0. In Fact they say their WinkBed Hybrid Mattress and the WinkBase 2.0 is a match made in heaven. Although their MemoryLux and EcoCloud are also compatible with the Adjustable WinkBase 2.0. So you can choose whichever mattress you like. Not sure which one is best for you? Click the links below for a review on each.

Check out our mattress reviews for the WinkBed, MemoryLux, and EcoCloud mattresses to determine which is the right choice for you!

WinkBeds Adjustable Base: The WinkBase 2.0 Recap

the winkbase adjustable bed frame review The WinkBase 2.0 is a solid adjustable bed base, that does everything you want it to do without any fussy additions to jack up the price point. Allowing you to comfortably purchase a safe American made adjustable base for under or around $1,000. This is a really great deal for such a heavy duty piece of machinery. Many other companies have similar adjustable bases with added extras that end up doubling the price.

This American designed, engineered, and built adjustable base is made to withstand plenty of weight and use. You can feel comfortable relying on the WinkBeds quality, knowing that you are supporting American design and quality craftsmanship. We love that the WinkBase comes in at an attainable price point. Making it a great option for anyone who wants a quality adjustable base that will last them a long time and safe some money by cutting down on the frills and extra details. If that sounds like you then we think you’re really going to like the WinkBase 2.0 Adjustable Base.

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winkbase 2.0 review by our sleep guide

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