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October 31, 2019

The Best Dog Beds

get the right dog bed for your petAt Our Sleep Guide, we love a good mattress. In fact, we are always on the hunt for the next best thing when it comes to sleeping in comfort.

We believe our pets deserve to sleep with the same amount of comfort that we do. So we are picked out our top favorite dog beds. (Some of them might even be made by the same mattress brand that made your own bed.)

Then we categorized them into “Best Of” categories from “Top Durable Dog Beds”, to “Best Orthopedic Dog Beds”. With all of these different and quality pet mattresses, you are sure to find the right one for your pup.


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Top Durable Dog Beds

These top two beds are for all of the rambunctious pups out there that tend to destroy everything. While they are perfectly happy sleeping on a ripped up pile of shredded toy and the remains of their old dog bed. We owners would prefer for our pets to sleep on a bed that is in one piece. The following are the most durable dog beds we found.

K9 Ballistics  – Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

The pet beds made by K9 Ballistics are different from any other on our list. This particular dog be is a raised bed that is chew PROOF. That’s right not just chew resistant but even your most destructive pups won’t be able to rip apart this bed. So if your dog is a chewer or a scratcher, then this is a great option for you both.

Click the link to learn more about the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof bed or to buy now.

Parachute – Pet Pillow

We love the thick durable case that Parachute put on their pet pillow. It is a simple but effective design. The cover is made out of a thick cotton canvas that is both attractive and easy to wash and care for. This dog bed will stand up to claws, muddy paws and more. All while remaining just as soft and attractive as the day you first got it.

We love the Dog Bed by Parachute and we think you will too. Click the link to learn more about it.

Most Stylish Dog Beds

We want our dogs to be comfortable, but it is also nice to have a dog bed that blends well with the rest of your home decor. Creating a cohesive look. Our dogs may be color blind, but we are not. The list of pet beds below are both beautiful and comfortable, this way we make everyone happy.


Could this Puprug be any cuter?! We suggest tucking the rug/dog bed into a corner of a room. While it may look like a stylish faux fur rug, it conceals a full orthopedic layer of memory foam. What a great way to keep your home looking fabulous while also giving your dog a perfectly comfortable bed as well. Comes in multiple different colors and patterns, we love the cowhide style.

Get your Petrug today! Check out all of their different style Puprugs here.

Pendleton Pet Classic Kuddler 

We love the stylish patterns that Pendleton comes out with. They decided to create a few dog beds and Pedleton did not skimp on the style. They come in all different shapes sizes and colors and patterns, but we love the cuddly feel of this Classic Kuddler.

Click the link to buy your dog a Pendleton Pet Classic Kuddler now.

Deny Designs Botanical Pet Bed

Say goodbye to dull boring dog beds and say hello to Deny Design Botanical Pet Beds. This dog bed comes in several different bright modern bohemian prints. This dog bed is more like a piece of artwork than it is a simple cushion for sitting. If you’re looking for a statement pillow for your stylish pup, this is the one for you.

Buy your Deny Designs Botanical Pet Bed now, check out all their different designs and pick your favorite.

Runyon Pet Bed – Brentwood Home

Who better to make a dog bed than a luxury mattress brand? If you look through any of our “top beds” pages you will see the Brentwood Home beds on a number of those lists. It is no wonder they decided to make beds for pets as well. This Runyan bed will fit right along with your other furniture. In fact both the Runyan and the Griffith beds are made with furnishing materials, making these beds both attractive and durable.

Check out the different color options and details for the Runyon Pet Bed here.

Griffith Pet Bed – Brentwood Home

The furnishing materials on the Griffith Pet Bed is also made with furnishing material and has a waterproof layer, making clean up less of a hassle. This option from Brentwood Home is better for larger dogs and pups that really like to spread out. Comes in three different neutral color options. Looks great and feels great too.

Get your hands on the Griffith Pet Bed here.

Top Orthopedic Dog Beds For Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem for lots of dogs big and small. Having a dog bed that can supply a good amount of pressure relief along with the support and comfort they need elsewhere is going to greatly increase their quality of life. The following list is composed of our favorite pet beds that supply plenty of pressure relief for bringing comfort to your pups aching joints.

Laifug Orthopedic – Memory Foam Dog Bed

This comfortable memory foam pet mattress has plenty of support and pressure relief for dogs of all weights and sizes. Also attractive and easy to clean, this bed is a great option for most dog owners, cats love it too.

Check out the Laifug Orthopedic and see if it is the right bed for your dog.

Purple – Pet Bed

The iconic purple grid system by Purple is now well known for keeping it’s customers sleeping pain free. No longer will you or your pet feel the pain from not enough pressure relief around joints. Now they did not just take the same old grid and slap it onto a smaller section of foam. Purple changed their grid to collapse under less pressure. Dogs tend to weigh a bit less than their human counterparts. They made sure to adjust their bed to work best for our pets. Thanks Purple!

Want more information about the Purple Pet Bed? Click HERE to learn more.

Casper Dog Mattress – Memory Foam Dog Bed

Just about everyone has heard of the online mattress brand, Casper. They have designed a mattress made just for our pets. Made with the same memory foam you can find in the Casper mattresses, these dog beds are sure to be comfortable.

Learn more about the orthopedic benefits of the Casper Dog Bed here.

Pet Fusion –

If your dog is anything like ours, then they love having something to rest their head on. That is one thing we love about the Pet Fusion dog bed. Not only does it have a solid 4″ memory foam base, but they also have a wrap around head rest.

Check out the Pet Fusion dog bed here, to get more information and buy today.

My Pillow Pet Bed –

Unlike the other dog beds in this section, you may find that the pet bed by My Pillow is much cooler. This is because of the shredded foam filling instead of a full sheet of foam. The cushioning comfort is a great option for a pet who needs pressure relief and to stay cool.

Want to see what our dog McGuire thought of the My Pillow Pet Bed, then click the link to see the full review.

Top Washable Dog Beds

Whether you are dealing with fur, dirt, accidents, or goodness know what other messes. These beds can handle it. With waterproof linings and removable and replaceable covers, these dog beds will last you much longer than other options and are much easier to keep clean.

K9 Ballistics – Elevated Dog Bed

The ultimate in easy to clean beds, the K9 Ballistic raised dog bed is darn near indestructible. in fact their washing instructions on their website consists of scrubbing with warm soapy water and then simply hosing it off. No machine washing or hang drying necessary. Simply allow it to air dry and it will be ready to go. Possibly the easiest clean up of all.

Click HERE to buy your dog a K9 Ballistics dog bed today!

Parachute – Dog Bed

As easy as washing your own sheets. When it comes to washing the Parachute Pet Pillow, simply remove the cover throw it in the wash and tumble dry on low. As long as you follow the washing and drying instructions, it won’t shrink and you will be able to use this pillow cover combination for a long time. The filling is protected by a waterproof liner as well. So you won’t need to worry about liquids soaking into the bed.

Check out the Parachute Dog Bed for yourself on their website and learn more.

Pet Fusion –

The Pet Fusion dog bed has a completely waterproof layer protecting their all memory foam base. You won’t need to worry about any spills or accidents getting into the mattress of this dog bed. The cover is also removable, machine washable, and you can tumble dry on low. Pretty straight forward and rather simply to tack on and off.

Crazy comfortable AND easy to clean? Yes please, check out the Pet Fusion dog bed for yourself and find out.

Purple – Pet Bed

The purple dog bed comes with a waterproof layer protecting the internal section and a antimicrobial top fabric. The cover is completely removable and washable. Made to create an especially easy cleaning process.

Learn more about the Purple Pet Bed on their website. HERE to check it out for yourself.

My Pillow – Pet Bed

While you cannot remove this cover completely, you can put the entire pet bed into the washer (as long as it isn’t too large). We just suggest making sure that it is completely dry inside and out before you start using again.

Click the link to get your new My Pillow Dog Bed today.

Best Beds for Large to Giant Dogs

Our big buddies need extra large comfort. Unfortunately not dog beds come in sizes ranging from teeny tiny to totally humongous. So for our extra large dog owners out there, here are some of our favorite beds that come in X-Large + sizes. When searching for an appropriately sized dog bed for your pup, we suggest measuring your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This should give you a good idea of the size bed they need in order to lay down comfortably.

Pet Fusion – Dog Bed

Not just great for joint pain, the Pet Fusion comes in an XXL Jumbo size option for all of our XXL Jumbo dogs out there. This size option is 50″ long by 40″ wide. Which is roughly the same size as other plain old “large” options in this section. However, most large sized dogs will be able to fit in this bed comfortably.

Click the link to buy your XXL Jumbo Pet Fusion dog bed today.

Purple – Pet Bed

We were surprised to find out that the Purple Pet Bed came in an extra large size. The largest option is suggested for dogs weighing 71+ pounds and is 50″long by 38″ wide. Most larger dogs need a lot of pressure relief on their joints. Thankfully the Purple Pet Bed has you covered there.

Check out the Purple Pet Bed and see if it is the right choice for your fluffy friend today.

Luifag Extra Large – Dog Bed

This is a larger version of the Luifag dog bed that we mentioned in an earlier section. This is also great for joint pain and relieving pressure points. The Luifag Extra Large dog bed is 50″ long by 36″ wide, with two head rests on either side to support your pups head. This bed is a lofty 10″ thick making it one of the thickest dog beds on this list.

Click the link to read more about the Luifag Extra Large Dog Bed and see if it is the right choice for your big pup.

Puprug Runner 

By far the LONGEST dog bed we have on our entire list. If none of the other dog beds were long enough for your extra large dog, then we have finally got the dog bed for you. The Puprug comes in a runner style. Great option at the end of a bed. This rug comes in at 72″ long by 28″ wide. While this is not a particularly wide option, it is especially long.

Click the link to see if the Puprug Runner is the right option for you and your dog.

Top Dog Beds for Staying Cool

Year round it is important to make sure our dogs don’t get overheated. These beds are great options for those pups who tend to stay extra warm and need a little help staying cool while they cuddle up.

Sealy Lux – Dog Bed

The Sealy Lux dog bed is a four layer orthopedic dog bed with cooling gel in the top layer of foam to keep your pup feeling cool. We love that it also has supportive side panels to support your pups head.

Click the link to buy your Sealy Lux Dog Bed today. 

K9 Ballistics  – Elevated Dog Bed

Just like beds for humans, the more airflow you can have in and underneath your mattress the cooler you will sleep. The materials for this unique styled dog bed is your to keep your pup sleeping extra cool.

Learn more about the K9 Ballistics Dog Bed to find out whether it is the right bed for you and your K9.

Purple – Pet Bed

The iconic purple grid system by Purple is now well known for keeping it’s sleepers cool and comfortable. This is true for their human beds and their pet bed.

Check our whether your cat or dog will love this bed. Click the link to learn more about the Purple – Pet Bed.

My Pillow Pet Bed 

Instead of having one solid sheet of foam, the My Pillow is made up of shredded interlocking pieces of foam which allows more airflow to get through the pet bed. Of course the more air you have flowing through your bed, the cooler you will be. This give a place for heat to escape, keeping your pups sleeping temperature perfect throughout their naps.

Check out our review of the My Pillow Pet Bed Here or to shop right away, click here.

The Best Dog Beds – Final Thoughts

get the right pet bed for your dog

We love our pets and they truly deserve nothing but the absolute BEST! If you did not see what you were looking for in a dog bed, tell us about it. Visit our Contact Us page and tell us what you were hoping to find. We would love to help you get the exact right dog bed you are looking for.