April 30, 2021

Sporting Smiles Custom Nightguards

teeth grinding bruxism pain A good night’s sleep can be hard to come by. The temperature of the room needs to be just right. Darkness and the most comfortable linens and pillows encase you. Perhaps you easily fall asleep to the sound of a fan blowing or a quiet stream on audio. Your mattress has to be just right and ideal for your body. Combine these and you have a great chance of sleeping peacefully. But did you know that up to 30 percent of people can’t stay asleep or wake up in the morning with sore jaws and headaches because of teeth grinding?

Getting a full night’s rest is crucial for many adults who deal with a career or raising a family. When adults grind or clench their teeth at night, many of them do it without knowing. Your partner may hear a “popping” or “clicking” coming from your mouth or you may wake up with sore jaw or morning headaches.

If you continually wake up with these conditions, chances are that you are grinding your teeth. Ignoring the issue could result in costly dental work. All to repair your teeth after they have been eroded by years of pressure and grinding. So is there a solution to your teeth grinding?

Sporting Smiles Custom Nightguards

mouth guard nightguard for grinding clenching teethCustom-fitting night guards are renowned for their use in helping prevent teeth grinding and clenching why the user sleeps. The problem is some night guards can be bulky or cheaply made. Resulting in the wearer gagging.

Sporting Smiles is a company that has been around since 2009. Serving over one million customers across the United States. Offering six different custom nightguards that are crafted to fit only your teeth. Making each night guard unique to the user.

Not only are each of these nightguards specific for your smile, but they are made with the highest-quality materials. Made in the United States with the latest crafting machines. Sporting Smiles can help teeth grinders receive a peaceful night of sleep with a premium, but affordable night guard.

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Easy To Use:

sporting smile easy to use kitWhichever mouth guard you go with the process of your custom fit is easy. Sporting Smiles sends you their patented impression kit with free 3-Way shipping. With the kit, you’ll take your impressions and send them back.

Than your night guard will be perfectly crafted by their certified dental techs. You’ll also have the option to have your impressions digitally 3D scanned and kept on file. Making reordering in the future a breeze.

Sporting Smile Options:

Teeth grinding and clenching are two separate sleeping conditions that can affect your overall health. If you are in the market for a new night guard, or are interested in trying one out for the first time, below are six different night guards. Each one ideal in assisting you for overall better and more comfortable sleep with your teeth free from stress.

Super Hard Flexible Guard

The best-selling night guard that Sporting Smiles offers is their Flexible Super Hard guard. This night guard is for comfort and can handle the most extreme teeth grinding and clenching.

Constructed with advanced material that is flexible, but extremely dense, the Flexible Super Hard can handle the most pressure from jaw clenching and has a defense designed to withstand the intense grinding of teeth.

This guard is 3mm thin making it sleek and compact in the mouth. This premium guard offers all the best qualities of a custom night guard.

Super Hard Flexible Back Cut

Another version of the Flexible Super Hard is the back-cut option. This different style of cut will offer a little more comfort. Since front teeth section is removed from the guard, allowing for users to have the biggest air-stream for their breathing.

It still offers the maximum defense against teeth grinding and clenching but the extra modification creates a more congenial fit. As well as added comfort for the sleeper without losing necessary protection too.

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Dual Laminate Night Guard

Sporting Smiles combines two premium materials to craft the Dual Laminate Night Guard. This high-performing night guard uses a 1mm soft interior laminate and a 2mm hard external surface.

The two materials help form a night guard that is known for its long-lasting durability. The Dual Laminate Night Guard is great for light clenching or heavy grinding. This custom fit nightguard provides optimal comfort while still giving the best protection. Making it a great choice.

Dual Laminate Night Guard Back Cut

Just like the Flexible Super Hard, the Dual Laminate Night Guard comes with the option for a back cut. This allows the front teeth of the user to be exposed and optimizes the airflow from the mouth.

For day grinders, this is our most popular option as it’s less visible. Many adults will begin to grind their teeth with stress, so this guard is ideal for those who do so during work or at school.

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Soft Grinding Guard

sporting smiles softThe Sporting Smiles Soft Grinding Guard is designed for light grinding and heavy jaw clenching. When you clench your jaw, the muscles you use become strained resulting in soreness that can go all the way up to the temple of the head.

The Soft Grinding Guard helps prevent clenching with its 3mm clear and soft EVA material. Comfort is at the center of this guard allowing users to fall asleep peacefully without the balky feeling of over-the-counter guards.

Hard Grinding Guard

sporting smiles hardAn innovative design created the super-thin Hard Grinding Guard from Sporting Smiles. This guard is best for light teeth grinders and uses 1mm clear ultra-thin laminate material. It is unique in that they trim it to 1/2 of your tooth height.

The Hard Grinding Guard is designed to avoid gum irritation which can commonly be found in off-brand night guards. Like all the night guards we list, the Hard Grinding Guard can be for either the top or bottom set of teeth.

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Time To Order:

sleep better with sporting smile nightguardBruxism, or teeth grinding, can be from a few different factors. Family history plays a role in whether you might be grinding your teeth a night. If a sibling or parent suffers from it, you may also have a higher chance of doing it.

Other factors include age, stress, medication, and substance abuse play roles in the severity of teeth grinding. Regardless, you should be able to get a great night sleep. Which is where the Sporting Smile nightguards offer a great option for just about everyone.

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