Accessory Review My Pillow Pet Bed

Our four legged family member, McGuire, has had the chance to try many mattresses with us, but now he’s able to try his very own dog bed. My Pillow has introduced their own line of pet beds and we are very excited to let McGuire try it out and see how he likes it! See our fun video review below too!

Just to give you a little more information on McGuire, he is a 13 year old schnoodle, which is a poodle and schnauzer mix. McGuire weighs about 17 pounds and is a long and lanky pup, his fur makes him look bigger than he really is! He sleeps in bed with us at night but sleeps in several dog beds placed around the house throughout the day. He likes to follow me, Crystal, around the house so while I’m working he usually gets plenty of time to test out whatever pet bed is in my office.



This pet bed is made of the same patented interlocking fill that My Pillow uses in their other products. This fill is not only comfortable but also will help your pet stay cool too. It is made of 100% shredded poly foam and surrounded by a non-removable cover. The  removable outer cover is a blend 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is also zippered and can be easily taken off for machine washing and drying. It is lightweight but durable and has a plaid printon one side and a paw print on the other. It also comes in four colors; blue, green, gray and brown; each option very cute and stylish.  The bed itself can also be machine washed and dried too if needed.

These pet beds come in three sizes and you should easily find one that fits your pet perfectly. The small is 18″ x 24″ and has a gusset (thickness) of 2″. The medium bed is 24″ x 36″ and has a gusset of 3″. The large is going to come in at 34″ x 45″ and has a gusset of 4″.We got a blue bed in the small size for McGuire and while curled up had plenty of room but fully stretched out may have preferred a medium. Depending on the size of your dog as well as how your dog likes to sleep on their bed will help you determine what size is best.



I would have to say that McGuire gives his new pet bed by My Pillow two paws up! As soon as we got it out of the package and let him jump on he didn’t want to move. As you can see in our video below, McGuire got very comfortable and showed no signs of moving anytime soon! He continued to sleep on his new bed until I literally had to take him off. After the video I moved the bed to my office and over the last several days he has made himself quit comfortable very easily. I think that the fill allows him to get plenty of support but still easily contours to his little body too. The cover is soft yet durable and makes for the ultimate pet bed for him. I also like that it is machine washable, with a baby who thinks of her puppy as her best friend she spends plenty of time trying to play with his toys and lay on his bed, so keeping it clean is a huge bonus.



The My Pillow Pet Bed varies in cost depending on what size you get. The small comes in at $54.98 and the medium is $89.98 and the large is $141.98. This pet bed also comes with a 10 year limited warranty and any purchases over $100 will get free shipping too. This pet bed comes in at a competitive price, having the nice thick plush bed that is also stylish and easy to clean make this fur baby bed a good value. Right now you can save 30% on these pet beds by simply using the code: AFL30 and make it an even better value.



This pet bed was nice and thick as well as durable and convenient to throw in the washing machine whenever needed. This cat and dog bed comes in three sizes and four color options to find just the right fit for your family pet. It also uses the already loved patented My Pillow fill that gives great comfort, cooling and support. It also is priced competitively and also offers some additional savings with our coupon code.  We would definitely recommend this pet bed, especially if you pet loves sleeping in a bed or needs a little extra cushion while hanging out with the family.


Still looking for some more information? Visit My Pillow at mypillow.com. Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!