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Accessory Review Purple Weighted Blanket

purple weighted blanket review

Purple Mattress Brand and Gravity Weighted Blanket Company have teamed up to create an all new weighted blanket. Now in a size that will fit a full Queen or even a King size mattress! All so you (and even your sleeping companion) can sleep with the comfort of a weighted blanket all night long. With two such well known brands joining together to create a weighted blanket, we have high hopes for this one. Keep reading to find out what we thought of it.

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Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket:

  • queen to king sized weighted blanket35lbs
  • Fits a Queen/King Bed
  • 90″ x 90″
  • Removable & Washable Duvet Cover
  • Dual Sided Duvet Cover
  • Glass Beads
  • Hypoallergenic

Weighted Options:

purple and gravity weighted blanket reviewThe Purple + Gravity weighted blankets only comes in one weight and size option. Which is a 35lb weighted blanket that fits a Queen to King size mattress. (90″ x 90″) If you have shopped for a weighted blanket before, then you know that the general rule of thumb is to get a weighted blanket that weighs approximately 10% of your body weight. Now while this weighted blanket would work for someone who weighs 350lbs, it will also work for those who weigh much less.

How does that work you ask? Since the blanket is quite large, much of the weight will not be placed on top of your body, and instead will be resting on the bed. So the percentage is rather misleading with such a large blanket. If you do weigh around 350lbs and you are wanting the full effects of the weight, then you can always fold the blanket in half in order to double the weight resting on you. However, if you are new to using a weighted blanket and you weigh less than 150lbs you may find that this blanket is just too heavy for you.

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the purple weighted blanket by gravityThe weighted portion of the Purple + Gravity weighted blanket is made out of glass pellets. These beads are combined with a layer of polyester fill which does two things. The polyester layer gives the blanket a more traditional comforter feel instead of feeling the texture of the beads. It also reduces any potential “tinkling” sound caused by the glass pellets.

They choose to use a polyester fabric in two different thicknesses in order to create the dual-sided cover for this weighted blanket. They refer to these sides as a warm and a cool side. The warm side is a plush finish that is indeed nice and toasty. While the other is a standard quilted sheet feel that is cooler, however we still find it is a rather warm blanket to sleep with even on the “cool” side.

The duvet cover does have ties in the corners like the other blankets designed by Gravity. This helps to keep the weighted blanket from roaming around within the cover.

Care Instructions:

weighted blankets for larger peopleWeighted blankets are notoriously difficult to wash as they cannot be washed in their entirety in a standard washing machine. Purple and  Gravity went around this issue by creating a cover that is removable and washable. This means if it get dirty or spilled on you can wash the cover in the machine and tumble dry with ease. The internal weighted portion of the blanket is not machine washable. They suggest only spot washing by hand as needed.


This is one of the largest weight blankets we have come across. While many are made for individuals napping, this fits a full queen to king size bed and works well for couples and sleeping throughout the night. Since this blanket is so large it also has a higher price tag, coming in at $299. While this is a rather significantly high price tag for a blanket you are getting a lot for you money.

If you are wanting an extra large weighted blanket for sleeping overnight, then this is going to be a great option for you. However, if you’re looking for a good blanket to nap with or use as an individual, there are plenty of smaller, less expensive blankets that will suite your needs just fine. Keep in mind that you will also get free shipping on this item.

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Purple Weighted Blanket – Overall:

This is a thick quality feeling blanket that is large and in charge. This is the heaviest weighted blanket we have come across, at 35lbs total. It is also 90″ x 90″ which allows it to work rather well on queen and king size beds. This is a good option for people who weigh more than 150lbs, and couples who are wanting to use the same blanket and use it throughout the night to sleep. If you are new to weighted blankets you may find it to be too heavy or difficult to get used to.

We love that the cover is washable. The “cool side” of the cover we find still slept rather warm. However, we did love the look and feel of the plush warm side of the cover. If this blanket seems to be up your alley it is definitely worth trying out. Click the button below to get the latest coupons.

purple and gravity weighted blanket review

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