Accessory Review Gravity Weighted Blanket

Gravity is one of the most well-known brands that makes weighted blankets. It is a popular brand for a reason, they specialize in creating high-quality weighted blankets. They have several variations, some that help you to stay cool, some that are great for travel, others that are made for children and more! We are going to review the Gravity Weighted Blanket and go into a little detail on the different versions you can choose from. Stick around to learn more!

gravity weighted blanket review

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Gravity Weighted Blanket – At A Glance:

  • gravity weighted blanket reviewWeight Options: 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs
  • Size Options: Kids, Travel, Single, Queen/King
  • Color Options: Gray, Navy Blue & White
  • Premium Micro-Fleece Duvet Cover
  • Cooling & Cotton Options
  • Free Shipping
  • 30 Day Return Policy

Gravity Weighted Blanket Best Pricing

Materials & Design:

how to keep your gravity weighted blanket cleanWhen we take a look at Gravity’s Original Weighted Blanket, you have three main layers. The first two are in the weighted portion of the blanket. The inside of the blanket is filled with fine grade glass beads. These glass beads are what provide the weighted aspect of the blanket.

In order to keep the weight evenly distributed throughout the blanket, Gravity quilts their weighted blanket with a grid pattern. For each weighted blanket you have the option to choose either a button or zipper. This is how your blanket will be secured to the duvet cover.

The original comes with a micro-fleece duvet cover. This oh so soft cover comes in three gorgeous colors and can easily be removed for easy washing.

Cooling Weighted Blanket
is it a comfortable weighted blanket?

The cooling weighted blanket is very similar to the original,

except it is made with a cooling fabric. This fabric is lightweight, breathable, and helps wick away moisture. Keeping you cool and dry throughout the night.

Cotton Weighted Blanket

The cotton line of weighted blankets from Gravity is made to be extra breathable. They use cotton with 300TC which is nice and soft while also allowing for plenty of airflow. It is this airflow that helps keep you cool while you sleep.

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Weight & Color Options:

size and weight options for the weighted blanketThe original Gravity weighted blanket comes with three color options for the duvet cover. It comes in a beautiful charcoal gray, navy blue, and white. You also get the option of choosing between a single or Queen/King size.

The single can come in three different weight options, 15, 20, and 25 pounds. While the queen/king size comes in a 35lb option. Overall this is a great variety of options, and most adults should be able to find a weight that will work well for them, even couples.

Gravity also has a number of optional covers that you can purchase to change up the color and appearance of your weighted blankets. They even have a faux fur option if you want a fluffy weighted blanket. This is a really great variety incase you are really wanting your blanket to look more decorative and not like a weighted blanket.

Is The Gravity Weighted Blanket Comfortable To Use?

how to pick out a weighted blanket for youThe Gravity Weighted Blanket is definitely comfortable to use. We love the super soft mink cover. It is oh so plush to the touch. The close-knit quilting of the blanket does a great job at keeping the weight very evenly distributed throughout the blanket for maximum effectiveness.

If you tend to get too warm when using a heated blanket, then you should absolutely try their cooling version. This version of the Gravity Weighted Blanket is made with a moisture-wicking fabric. This fabric is designed to be extra breathable specifically for hot sleepers. This way you won’t wake up feeling hot and sweaty.

Gravity Weighted Blanket Best Pricing

Is The Gravity Weighted Blanket Easy To Keep Clean?

cooling weighted blanket from gravityWeighted blankets are often not machine washable, which can make keeping them fresh and clean difficult to do. However, this is one reason why the Gravity weighted blanket comes with a removeable cover.

The minky soft Gravity cover is easily to remove and is fully machine washable. Simply untie the corners and throw in the washing machine for a cold gentle cycle. You can also tumble dry the cover on low heat, and use an iron on very low heat if needed.

Note that the internal weighted section of the blanket is not machine washable. If anything is to get onto the inside section of the blanket, Gravity recommends spots cleaning or hand washing and air drying.

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What Makes The Gravity Weighted Blanket Unique?

soft weighted blanket reviewOne aspect of the Gravity weighted blanket brand is that they have three variations to choose from. The Gravity Blanket, the Cooling Blanket, and Modernist Soft Cotton Blanket. The mass majority of this review is over the Original Gravity Blanket, although many of the materials and design features are merely enhanced in the cooling and soft cotton gravity blankets.

The mink cover of the original Gravity blanket is something that really draws people to this blanket. It is very pretty, extra soft and luxurious feeling, comes in several colors, and can be machine washed and dried. Making it extra easy to care for. The cover now comes with a zipper closure option as well.

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Gravity Weighted Blanket – Value:

how much does it cost?Note that the price will vary depending on which style and size of gravity weighted blanket you choose. However, we found that these high-quality weighted blankets remain in the same cost range as most other weighted blanket, making these prices rather reasonable.

We love that the original comes with a super soft duvet cover, without a separate purchase. This makes the value even better. Be sure to click the button below for our coupon to save even more.

Travel: $170
Single: $195
Queen/King: $205 – $289

Gravity Weighted Blanket Best Pricing

Weighted Blanket Name Review – Overall:

If you are on the hunt for a quality weighted blanket, then a Gravity weighted blanket is going to be a great option. The weight is evenly distributed, the covers are easy to remove and clean, and there is a good variety of styles to choose from. If you want a blanket that is completely machine washable, then this won’t be the best blanket for you.

We also like that there is a cotton and cooling version for those looking for something a bit more breathable than the original. We do recommend a Gravity weighted blanket to anyone who is shopping for a traditional style weighted blanket.

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