September 10, 2023

Benefits of Double Sided Beds & The 7 Best Flippable Mattresses

best flippable mattressHave you decided that a 2-sided flippable mattress is for you? Well, than you’ll surely love this list of double sided mattress options that only has this style of bed. We must agree that these dual sided mattresses offer some serious perks. Whether it is for your room, a guest room or your kids room, these beds make for a great compromise on comfort and wear.

We will get to our list of the 7 best flippable mattresses, but first want to reiterate the pros of getting a double sided bed. Whether you have already thought about it or not, the benefits of these mattresses really do make them a great deal. And also take the headache out of trying to figure out your perfect comfort.

Reasons We Love Flippable Mattresses

  • Multiple Comfort Options: 

two sided mattress comfort With each of the 7 best flippable mattresses below comes two sides of unique comfort. Meaning that each side of the bed varies in firmness and feel.

This means that if you aren’t sure what firmness level is best that you can literally have two to choose from. And, at any time for that matter. So if you like one side now but in a few years want to change, you can just flip it over.

This makes this kind of mattress particularly appealing for a guest room. Where you can accommodate your friends and family very easily. It is also a great choice for growing kids and teens who may like a mattress that can alter with them as they grow and change too.

Overall, having a mattress with double sided comfort gives you choices. And also allows for compromise. Making this a definite positive in our book.

  • More Even Wear:

cedar vs crystal cove reviewIt could be argued that if  you regularly flip and rotate your mattress that you will break it in more evenly. And by doing so you may create more even wear. Which in return could help increase the benefits and life of your mattress. In short meaning you may get longer use of your bed if it is two-sided. And if nothing else at least keeps the foams feeling true to their comfort longer. Allowing you better sleep for many years to come.

With a one sided mattress you can certainly rotate it to try and evenly break it in to keep it feeling consistent. But literally being able to flip you mattress over to another side makes it almost feel like it’s brand new.

  • Better Value:

Buying a new mattress that offers two comfort options that is potentially longer lasting could make some see dollar signs, in the best way possible. With a new mattress you want it to be as comfortable and long lasting as possible. And, with a dual sided mattress you may get longer life from your bed. In turn making it a better value than a standard one sided mattress.

Top 7 Double Sided Mattresses

7 best flippable dual sided mattresses

Best Overall: Crystal Cove by Brentwood Home

brentwood home top ten bedroomWith most double sided mattresses you have different comfort, but typically the same materials. For instance you have a coil core but a firmer feeling memory foam and one side and a softer feeling memory foam on the other.

However, the Crystal Cove is a little more unique in that it actually offers two distinctly different materials on each side. While this mattress is a hybrid with a zoned coil core one side offers a medium feeling memory foam and the other offers a gentle firm latex foam.

Not only giving you two slightly different firmness levels but also different types of materials for different benefits. The slower responding memory foam gently molds to your body. While the quicker responding latex relieves pressure by pushing back. Offering two great feeling mattresses in one amazing bed.

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Best Natural: Zenhaven by Saatva

zenhaven mattressIf you are looking for not only a two-sided mattress but a completely natural bed, than the Zenhaven by Saatva should check all your boxes. This flippable bed features two sides of amazing feeling Talalay Latex for a consistent and responsive comfort.

The Zenhaven is a long lasting and durable 100% latex mattress . This foam is very resilient, making it not only great for comfort but support too. Meaning two sided latex mattresses are a very solid choice when it comes to wanting a flippable mattress that will perform just as well, if not better, than a one sided option.

The Zenhaven by Saatva is made with 100% natural Talalaly latex. One side being a slightly firmer than the other for a consistent  feel that offers ideal pressure relief and perfect sleeping posture. It’s natural buoyancy allows it to bounce back and outlast pressure and weight put on it. Allowing this foam to be used for comfort as well as core foam.

The aerated latex layers are also wonderful for anyone who sleeps warmer and needs some extra cooling properties. With such awesome properties this really lends itself to being an ideal candidate for two sided mattresses.

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Best Memory Foam: Layla All Foam

adjustable bed by layla reviewOne of the very first online mattresses to introduce the 2-sided build was the original all foam Layla. This memory foam bed offers a softer and firmer copper infused memory foam to alleviate pressure. This memory foam mattress makes for an awesome spare bedroom bed because of it’s build. The memory foam build is a little lighter, making it easier to flip and really allow for choice whenever you need it.

This thinner profile mattress still packs a punch when it comes to good support and comfort. And the amazing benefits of the copper infused memory foam makes for a cleaner and healthier mattress with its natural antimicrobial properties. This bed is also great for growing teens and kids for all the reasons mentioned above. Plus because it has a firmer feel and softer feel you can have a bed that grows with your kids.

The price point of this bed is also fantastic. Coming in on the slightly lower side, making it even more appealing. While we love this bed we definitely would opt for the Layla Hybrid for the master bedroom.

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Best Hybrid: Robin by Nest Bedding

nest bedding robin best flippable mattressThe newest addition to our Best Flippable Mattress list is the Robin by Nest Bedding. This hybrid style double sided bed is a great compromise of firmness options. Offering a medium and firm feel you can’t go wrong with either side of this mattress. The solid build and brand reputation makes this a great choice when it comes to finding a consistent flippable mattress.

The Nest Bedding flip mattress combines coils and memory foam for an affordable hybrid mattress. This 10″ thick bed is another fantastic option for both quest rooms and kids rooms. This option could also work for a master bedroom, but we still think a few others offer more premium materials for a shared mattress.

By offering a dual comfort mattress you really get to test out what is best for you. Giving you a truly unique sleeping experience. It also allows for sleepers of every sleeping style to be accommodated. Clearly each side may be better suited depending on that style, but having the option to switch it up makes it an easy way to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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Best Luxury: Layla Hybrid

layla hybrid mattress reviewWhile the original all foam Layla is a good option for some the Layla Hybrid takes it up a notch or two . This mattress offers a thicker, more substantial and luxurious feel. This memory foam hybrid mattress is a great upgrade from the original Layla flippable mattress. With an overall thicker profile and upgraded materials this dual sided mattress is a great choice for couples.

Like the original Layla, the Layla hybrid also uses copper infused memory foam. This paired with the coil system creates an ideal combination of support and comfort that accommodates both the soft and firm side. The Layla Hybrid also offers convoluted foam on both sides too. This helps alleviate pressure but also creates channels of air flow. This helps keep this mattress cooler.

All and all, the Layla hybrid offers a premium feel that gives a two distinct sides of comfort. It also comes with handles on the sides for easy moving and flipping. Making this mattress one that has details from top to bottom. If you are ready to upgrade your sleep click below for the best coupon too.

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Best Firm: Plank by Brooklyn Bedding

plank by brooklyn bedding mattressWhile most of our recommendations offer a softer and firmer side, the Plank by Brooklyn Bedding offers a firm or extra-firm side. Making this hybrid a great option for anyone who likes a truly firm bed.

Looking for a flippable mattress that is firmer than most? The two sided firm and extra firm Plank foam mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is a great choice. This bed really gives you one of the firmest online mattresses out there. And even takes it a step further by providing a firm and very firm mattress all in one.

This is another option that stands out for it’s niche qualities that make it unique, but also perfect for the person who wants a very firm mattress. That also likes a dense and durable two sided mattress too. Giving you a bed that performs exactly how you would expect an extra firm mattress and two firm sides to make it even more appealing. As well as really last longer and hold up for the long haul.

The Plank mattress may have a simple design, but it is one of the more solid and durable two sided mattress builds we’ve tried. Especially for an all foam option. The price is right too. Especially when you can take advantage of further savings in the coupons available too.

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Best Affordable: Latex for Less

latex for less mattress reviewIf you are interested in a dual sided mattress but have a tighter budget the Latex for Less mattress may be for you. The 7″ model is the most cost conscious dual sided mattress in our line up. It is not only the most affordable but also a 100% natural latex mattress too. Giving you peace of mind with cleaner sleep.

Offering a medium and firm side this all latex foam mattress is another great option for growing kids. This particular option is perfect for bunk beds, since it is so slim. This makes it great for a bunk room where having a thinner bed is great, especially when you need several at a great price.

If you are looking for a thicker upgrade the Latex for Less mattress is also available in a 9″ model. Again offering a medium and firm side for a great compromise regardless of which side it is on. This mattress will offer a little more substantial feel. Giving you several great options for a 2-sided latex mattress with green materials.

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Is A Flippable Mattress For You?

Still not sure if a dual sided mattress is for you? No worries, there are also so many amazing recommendations for more traditional one sided mattresses we offer too. Our Best Mattress List offers a large array of our favorite beds. With an ideal mattress for every sleeper. We also have more information on dual sided mattresses in our post: Is A 2-Sided Mattress Right for Me? If you are on the fence on whether or not a double sided mattress is for you, than this post is a mush read.

two sided mattress for couples

Looking for more help on finding the perfect dual sided mattress? Contact Us and we will help point you in the right direction!