March 12, 2020

Best Flippable Mattress: The Pros & Cons

best flippable mattressAre two sides better than one? Many argue that a flippable mattress, or a double sided mattress, is superior to a single sided bed. However, others might feel that a two sided mattress isn’t superior to a traditional one sided mattress. And even lacks on details, durability and the comfort that you can expect from a traditional non-flippable mattress. Below we will go over a few of the reasons why investing in a 2-sided mattress has it perks. As well as few reasons to contemplate if it is the best style of mattress for you.

Flippable Mattress Pros:

There certainly are plenty of positives that come with having a reversible mattress option. Many have found that it is like getting two mattresses in one. Sometimes offering the same feel on both sides. While other times coming with two variances of comfort to allow you to scrutinize which will be better for you. Not only are you getting more comfort, but there are a few other points that may sway you to finding the positives in a two sided mattress as well.

  • Comfort Options: 

two sided mattress comfort Every double sided mattress that we have on this page offers two sides of comfort that vary in feel between each side. Giving you not just one, but two firmness levels that not only let you decide between them initially, but also allow you to change your mind. It might be in a few weeks or in a few years, but you have the option of going firmer or softer, depending on your preference at the time.

This opens up buying a mattress online to many shoppers who aren’t sure what firmness level will be best for them. When you can give them not just one, but two popular options to choose from it makes buying something without trying first feel less risky.

  • Even Wear:

cedar motion isolationIt may be argued that if  you regularly flip and rotate your mattress that you will break it in more evenly. By doing this you may create more even wear and thus help increase the performance and life of your mattress. This means that you may get longer use of your mattress at minimum keep the foams feeling better longer. Allowing you to be more comfortable for years to come.

With a one sided mattress you can certainly rotate it to try and evenly break it in. But literally being able to flip you mattress over to another side of comfort gives you two mattresses in one.

  • Better Value:

value button on a keyboardGoing hand in hand with a flippable mattress is the better value aspect it potentially provides. In a sense you are getting two mattresses in one. Usually the price of a two sided mattress is roughly in the same price range as similar one sided models. So, the price for getting a two sided mattress isn’t necessarily more, which makes it that much more appealing in that regard.

Flippable Mattress Cons:

It seems that with so many pros that it might be hard to argue cons. However, there are always two sides to every story, or mattress in our case. Below we will go through a few things you’ll want to keep in mind if you aren’t sure if a double sided mattress is best for you. Because lets be honest, most times things that sounds too good to be true often are.

  • Comfort:

best mattresses for back painIt is nice to have two options for comfort, but what is the point if you only like one side? A two sided mattress allows you the option of two different firmness levels, but how often do you really intend on flipping your mattress back and forth? This could be a reason to avoid buying two sided.

The advantages of having a mattress that gives you a great feel on one side may be for you if you know what you like. And you really want a mattress that focuses on providing the best materials, comfort and support for that one side. Sometimes when you build a mattress with two sides of comfort you might have to sacrifice some of the quality and details. Which gives you the option of a mattress with two sides of average comfort or a mattress with one side of above average comfort.

  • Durability:

mattress coilsGoing along with the comfort produced from a one sided mattress opposed to a flippable bed also comes the potential durability. While you may be able to more evenly break in a double sided mattress that doesn’t necessarily make it more durable. Possibly the opposite. When you think about the build of a two sided mattress opposed to a one sided mattress you realize that they could hold up differently over the course of time.

A one sided mattress uses a solid base. Whether it is made of coils or dense foams, the base is always on the very bottom of the mattress under the comfort layers. This means that it is the stabilizer that doesn’t alter placement or intention. This base is only working to provide the best support to one side, so it will always be solidly planted on the bottom of the bed.

A two sided mattress will also use a dense foam or coil system for support. However, this is in the middle of the bed opposed to the bottom. This sandwich like layering means the center of the bed houses the foundation for both sides to use. Because of the function of having two comfort sides you might have more wear put onto the core from both sides.

single side vs two sided mattress

Not only is more wear likely, but typically because a two sided mattress has more comfort foam the overall thickness of the mattress needs to stay in check. Which means many times the core will be slightly thinner to accommodate the added comfort foams. Thus taking away from the support system of the mattress.

Because two sided mattresses need to be built differently in order to provide double duty, they will typically be less durable, especially in the support aspect, than the one sided counterparts.

  • Difficult To Move or Flip:

moving a mattressA mattress is by no means a light and easy to move item. So why would you want to move or flip it more than you need to? When you have a one sided mattress you will periodically need to rotate it from end to end. But, spinning a mattress on a frame is quite a bit different than literally flipping it over.

Rotating your mattress can be a bit cumbersome, but by no means impossible to do alone. Personally, I have rotated a king size heavy duty Tempurpedic mattress alone. However, flipping your mattress is a different story. This is certainly a two person job and one that requires more space.

Unless you have somehow mastered the technique of flipping your bed solo without knocking over the entire contents of your nightstand. Or nearly taking down the ceiling fan, then flipping a mattress by yourself is pretty difficult. And it gets more difficult the heavier or more floppy it is. This may be a drawback to flippable mattresses. If you aren’t able to easily access the other side, than what is the point?

Even though this step is tricky to do alone, the image below gives a fairly good solution for trying to flip a mattress on your own. As long as your strong enough to do it, this might be the easiest way… or just make sure you have a second set of hands!

how to flip a mattress

In Store vs Online:

mattresses in store vs onlineAnother thing to note is the fact that online flippable mattresses may have different priorities than traditional two sided innerspring mattresses you may have found while mattress shopping in a mattress store. Knowing first hand that the two sided mattresses that Justin offered in his mattress store were quite a bit different than those than the online bed-in-a-box options we’ve tried I can attest to the difference in quality, feel and durability.

While some online options have drawbacks in materials, durability and comfort some two sided mattresses you may find in a store or showroom might be quite different. With such mattresses offering the exact same feel on both sides, a thicker and sturdier build overall for durability and longevity. As well as a price point that really made it a value that felt like getting two mattresses for the price of one.

There are certainly plenty of benefits to two sided mattresses. However, it is finding the right flippable mattress to ensure that it truly offers these benefits. Which may still be making its way to the online mattress market.

To Flip or Not To Flip?

contemplating a two sided mattressAs you can see there are certainly several pros and cons to factor into choosing whether your next mattress should be two sided or not. Though there are several overall similarities to two sided mattresses in general, there are plenty of differences that go into each brand and model. Making the options varying between style, price and quality. Just like any one sided mattress there are multiple options to choose from in the two sided mattress category.

Online Flippable Mattress Brands:

There are several brands that sell only two sided flippable mattresses. These brands have found the double sided comfort that comes with a reversible mattress has more pros than cons. Giving you two beds in one. The four brands listed below offer mattresses that feature the same materials, but with different firmness levels on each side. Giving you the option of finding the best feel and even changing your mind.

Online Brands that Offer Double Sided Mattresses:

There are also several mattress brands that offer an array of mattresses and in that one or two flippable mattresses. Below are a few of these brands along with their two sided mattress options. These companies have found that some of their mattresses are best left to one side. But, have noticed that their are several styles that offer more benefits with two sides. These vary in materials and feels, giving you even more options than you’d expect.

  • Brentwood Home: Crystal Cove Double Sided Hybrid Mattress
  • Nolah: Nolah Signature Double Sided Memory Foam Mattress
  • Nest Bedding: Alexander Signature Series Flippable Memory Foam Mattress
  • Saatva: Zenhaven Natural Latex Doubled Sided Mattress

Best Double Sided Mattress with Two Feels: Crystal Cove by Brentwood Home

crystal cove mattress brentwood homeWhen it comes to the best two sided mattress you’ll find online there are a few solid options we have tried. With one standing out a bit more for it’s more durable, reliable and unique properties. The Crystal Cove by Brentwood Home is a flippable hybrid mattress that offers more than most online double sided mattresses.

To start, this hybrid offers the same 8″ thick zoned coil system as the one sided Brentwood Home one sided mattresses have. Meaning you’ll get a mattress with a durable core that can withstand more wear and tear with time. It also is very unique in that each side doesn’t just vary in feel. But actually varies in the comfort foams all together.

One side offers the experience of a tradition memory foam and hybrid mattress in a medium feel. While the other side offers the combination of latex and coils for a slightly firmer latex hybrid option too. This approach is the only one like it that we’ve seen. Giving this two sided mattress much more appeal to those torn between options.

Many times people buying a new mattress are less torn between the firmness options and more unsure of the foam choices. Do you go with the more contouring memory foam or the slightly more responsive latex? The beauty with the Crystal Cove is that you get to experience both. Though after you decide you might find you strongly like one or the other. But, maybe you’ll find both sides great and find switching between the two is more fun than just one side.

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Flippable Pillow Top Mattress:

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Collection – More to come!

Best Flippable Memory Foam Mattress: Signature Series by Nest Bedding

alexander signature series flippableOne things for sure with any mattress, the thicker the bed the more durable and luxurious it will feel. This is even more true with two side mattresses because this means the core will be thicker, stronger and last longer. As well as offer comfort foams that don’t skimp out. The Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series Flippable Mattress is a whopping 13″ thick.

This allows for a 7″ thick base foam to be sandwiched between two sides of comfort foams. Though the firmness of each side varies between a true medium and true firm feel, the solidness puts this option at the top of our list of recommendations for double sided memory foam mattresses.

Though the firm side doesn’t actually offer any memory foam comfort foams, the medium side offers two inches of this pressure relieving foam. Along with a transition layer and a layer of plush quilted foam. The firm side uses the same plush quilted foam and nothing else. Allowing these two sides to feel quite different.

Regardless, the price of this mattress is still a great value that will leave you feeling like you got a great deal. Even if you end up only sleeping on one side of this reversible mattress.

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Best Flippable Latex Mattress: Zenhaven

When it comes to long lasting and durability a 100% latex mattress is a great option. This foam is very resilient, making it not only great for comfort but support too. Meaning two sided latex mattresses are a very solid choice when it comes to wanting a flippable mattress that will perform just as well as a one sided option.

zenhaven vs avocadoThe Zenhaven by Saatva is a 100% natural Talalaly latex mattress with two ideal sides of comfort. Making it one of the best double sided mattresses you’ll find. The great thing with any all latex foam mattress is the consistency and strength this natural rubber tree foam offers. This foam is made for long lasting performance that holds up.

It’s natural buoyancy allows it to bounce back and outlast pressure and weight put on it. Allowing this foam to be used for comfort as well as core foam. With such awesome properties this really lends itself to being an ideal candidate for two sided mattresses.

The Zenhaven offers two sides that vary just slightly in comfort. Which might make it more appealing. Giving you access to two sides that will have similar feels makes it much more likely for you to actually flip your mattress and really enjoy the full mattress. As well as get plenty of use over several years too.

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Best Firm Flippable Mattress: Plank 

plank by brooklyn bedding mattressLooking for a flippable mattress that is firmer than most? The two sided firm and extra firm Plank foam mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is a great choice. This bed really gives you one of the firmest online mattresses out there. And even takes it a step further by providing a firm and very firm mattress all in one.

This is another option that stands out for it’s niche qualities that make it unique, but also perfect for the person who wants a very firm mattress. That also likes a dense and durable two sided mattress too. Giving you a bed that performs exactly how you would expect an extra firm mattress and two firm sides to make it even more appealing. As well as really last longer and hold up for the long haul.

The Plank mattress may have a simple design, but it is one of the more solid and durable two sided mattress builds we’ve tried. Especially for an all foam option. The price is right too. Especially when you can take advantage of further savings in the coupons available too.

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Flippable Mattress Reviews:

Below is access to all the flippable mattresses that we have reviewed. Each will feature an in-depth look at the materials and performance. So you know exactly what you can expect from each of these two sided online mattresses.

Still have questions about two sided and flippable mattresses? Or maybe just need some guidance in the online mattress buying process in general? We’d be happy to help. Just contact us and we’ll respond as quickly as we can!