Mattress Review Layla Hybrid Mattress

layla hybrid mattress

With mattress brands expanding beyond their initial idea of one universal mattress for all it is no surprise to see yet another online brand add new bed to their lineup. The latest addition happens to be the well known two-sided, flippable mattress brand, Layla. They are still focused on giving their customers two sides of comfort, but now with enhanced support in their Layla Hybrid Mattress.

We will be taking a look at this double sided bed that features two distinct feels. Between a true soft and true firm feel, they offer a mattress that really is for everyone. Not only that, they have also focused on keeping their copper infused memory foam too. This amazing contouring foam not only does a great job at relieving pressure but offers plenty of extra benefits too.

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Unbiased Layla Hybrid Mattress Review

Below we will go into detail about this hybrid mattress. We’ll first take a good look at the materials and construction of the bed. This will give us a great idea of how this will translate to your comfort as well as benefit your sleep. We will than take a look at the more basics of the Layla hybrid and the online mattress buying process. Keep reading to learn if this is the bed for you.

What Is The Layla Hybrid Mattress Made Of?

layla hybrid mattress materialsTo start we are going to look at the construction of this 13″ mattress. Each layer has a different focus to create two sides of ideal comfort and support. With the build similar to that of a sandwich, you’ll notice that the main support is in the center with comfort layers on either side. The 5 layers that make this bed are listed in detail below. Due to the build of this bed we are going to start with the middle coils system layer and then work out.

Support Layer:

To start we will look at what makes the biggest difference between this hybrid mattress and the original Layla mattress; the core support. The all foam Layla mattress uses 4″ of base foam as the core support, while the Layla hybrid uses a 6″ Infinity EdgeTM Spring System coils. This coil system is made of a combination of made of 16 gauge steel pocketed double coils around the perimeter and 14 gauge steel pocketed coils in the center.

layla pocketed coil systemThe pocketed, also known as wrapped coils, are ideal for many reasons. They are individual, meaning they are independent of each other so they are more precise for support, optimize motion isolation and still provide plenty of air flow. They also work better for using an adjustable base, like the Layla Adjustable Bed.

This core support gives the same support system to both comfort sides of the bed. Allowing you to have two distinct feels but without sacrificing spinal alignment or proper ergonomics. 

Transition Layers:

On either side of the coil system is a transitional layer of foam. The firm side features 1.5″ of Firm Layla Tri-Zone Air Foam while the other side has 2″ of Soft Layla Tri-Zone Air Foam. This layer does the same on both sides.

layla tri zone layerThough they are a different thickness both are transition layers that absorb and transfer shock between the comfort layer and the coil system. This layer is also unique in that it isn’t a flat piece of foam. It actually  is convoluted, meaning it has hills and valleys, also know as Surface Modification Technology or “SMT”.

This specially carved design features a smaller diamond pattern at the head and foot of the bed and a large hexagon pattern in the center. This 3 zone pattern is on purpose to better support your hips and shoulders. This layer is also good for providing more airflow within the foam layers. 

Comfort Layers & Cover:

copper infused memory foamThe layers on the top, or furthest from the center, are the open cell Copper Infused Memory Foam. On the soft side you’ll get 2.5″ and the firm side features 1″ of this body contouring foam. Not only is this foma great for pressure relief but the benefits of copper add cooling and anti-microbial properties into the bed as well. 

This comfort layer pairs perfectly with the transition layer below to provide a soft level of comfort and firm level of comfort. However, even though they have distinctly different feels you’ll get ample support from all the layers. The memory foam is dense enough to cushion you, but also press back to make sure you don’t sink in too far.

The Layla Hybrid Mattress is wrapped in a two-sidded zippered cover made from a polyester blend. The exact make up of this cover is 66% Polyester, 30% Viscose an 4% Poly/Lycra. It also happens to have ThermoGel, a cooling agent, woven into it for added cooling benefits. Another added feature of this double sided bed is the handles on the cover. This is super helpful for a bed that is flippable. Making it that much easier to switch between the two sides.

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Is The Layla Hybrid Mattress Comfortable?

When it comes to finding a new mattress the materials definitely play a key role. But, if it’s not comfortable what’s the point? This is why we like to look at comfort and make sure to really give it the attention it deserves. Below we will take a look at both sides of the two sided Layla Hybrid mattress and give you more insight into just how soft and how firm they will be. As well as which sleepers they may work best for.

Soft Side:

layla two sided mattressHow soft is the Layla hybrid mattress? This mattress comes in around a 4 on a firmness scale. With 1 being soft and 10 being firm. This level of comfort is most ideal for side sleepers. The amount of support is still adequate while the giving you plenty of contouring foam layers for your shoulder and hip to sink into.

Firm Side:

How firm is the Layla hybrid mattress? The firm side of the Layla hybrid will be around a 7 to 7.5 on the same firmness scale. Giving it a significantly firmer feel than the soft side. This side is most ideal for back and stomach sleepers. The firmer feel of this side won’t let you sink into the mattress too far.

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Why Get A Two Sided Mattress?

best airbnb bedroom mattressEach side of the Layla Hybrid Mattress offers a feel that is best for specific sleepers. This means that combination sleepers may find this mattress less appealing. This mattress is most ideal for fickle sleepers who can’t decide which firmness is best for them. It is also a mattress that is good for someone who wants a truly firm or truly soft bed.

It is also a great option for a guest room that allows your guests to choose their preferred level of comfort. This upgraded Layla mattress is a great candidate for houses that rent out, like an Airbnb or VRBO home. Giving your guests a choice to the feel of their mattress.

How Will The Layla Hybrid Benefit My Sleep?

We know that having a comfortable mattress is important, but there are a few other sleeping benefits to look at too. Between motion isolation, edge support and sleeping cool, you’ll see the upgrades found in the Layla Hybrid Mattress are well worth it. These enhanced benefits really set it apart from the original Layla Mattress. Below you’ll see just how a hybrid mattress can improve your sleep, as well as offer a step up from your all foam bed too.

Will I Feel My Partner Move?

layla hybrid motion transferThough an argument could be made that an all foam mattress is better at isolation motion, a mattress with a pocketed coil system also does quite well. The Layla hybrid uses just this, allowing for great support that doesn’t create an abundance of partner disturbance. Especially when you pair these individual and wrapped coils with layers of dense foams.

The level of motion transfer should be quite limited in this hybrid mattress. The combination of pocketed coils sandwiched between layers of foam creates a bed that readily absorbs and minimizes excess movements.

*Pro Tip: Depending on which side your are sleeping on may effect the motion transfer. For this bed, if you choose to sleep on the softer side you are likely to have less motion transfer. This side offers 2″ more foam, meaning that it will absorb motion on top that much quicker.

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Will I Sleep Cool with the Layla Hybrid Mattress?

temperature regulation layla hybrid mattressSleeping cool is one of the biggest upgrades you’ll get when switching from and all foam to a hybrid mattress. The overall build now offers a coil system that allows for plenty of airflow. This is huge when it comes to minimizing heat retention for overall cooler sleep. The hybrid build actually gives the properties in the copper infused memory foam of the Layla Hybrid even better results.

Not only does the copper infusion help the top comfort layer sleep cooler, but also it’s open cell design for better heat dissipation. Not to forget that transition layer that is strategically cut with channels that modify the surface that create even more airflow. Meaning every layer of this mattress is working towards keeping you sleep cool.

*Pro Tip: Similarly to the motion transfer the side you choose may effect the heat regulation. The firmer side allows you to stay more on top of the bed. While the softer side leaves you sinking into the bed. Meaning the more of your body that is on top (firm side) the more airflow can reach your body and help you stay cooler.

How Solid are the Edges of the Layla Hybrid?

layla hybrid edge supportAnother feature that is much better in the hybrid Layla mattress opposed to the all foam Layla mattress is the edge support. The coils offer better overall support. And, this specific coil system uses thinner, more resilient coils around the perimeter to ensure the support of the edges is more ample. Creating a fully usable sleeping surface. Along with sturdier edges for getting in and out of bed.

The only downside is the fact that with a double sided bed the edge support can be compromised when you have two comfort sides with no base foam. This can allow more give to the foam around the edges. Even though the coils are better supported around the perimeter, the foam around the edges is less durable, especially when it comes to sitting.

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What Can I Expect From The Layla Hybrid Mattress?

layla mattress reviewWith any new online mattress purchase you’ll have a few differences than buying in store. First off the delivery process is quite different. Your new Layla Hybrid Mattress will come in a fairly small box right to your door. But, don’t be fooled, this box weighs 115 pounds and should be moved by two people.

You also will have a trial period. This allows you to “test drive” your new mattress before committing. When buying something site unseen, especially something as important as a mattress, it is good to know that if you don’t love it, you don’t have to keep it. And with the Layla Hybrid you’ll get roughly 4 months to decide. We’ll also take a look at the latest price and coupons to ensure you’re getting a great price. And a few other tidbits that are good to know.

Delivery & Unboxing:

  • Free Delivery via ground shipment
  • Delivery is roughly 2-3 weeks from order date
  • Free Returns
  • Easy Unboxing Process (See Below!)
layla hybrid mattress unbox


new layla mattress hybridBelow our review is the latest Layla Hybrid pricing, before coupons or sales. This upgraded Layla mattress also comes with an increased price tag. Though the benefits you will get with this thicker hybrid mattress are worth the added cost. Making the value inline with what you can expect from your new mattress.

Included with the latest price is additional coupon savings, which can be found below. Along with 120 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty. To top it off you also get free shipping and free returns. And when you add that to the price it comes in at a great value.

Layla Mattress Coupons:

Though you get several great benefits with your new Layla hybrid having additional savings makes it that much sweeter. Use the link below to access the latest and best Layla Hybrid Mattress coupon, as well as discounts on other Layla mattresses and bedding products at LaylaSleep.com. Our Layla coupon codes and links will always be up to date, so you know you’ll get the best price.

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layla mattress financingAre you in need of a new mattress but don’t have the money? Not to worry. Layla offers financing directly through their site. You are able to be approved through Affirm to set up a low monthly payment. Allowing you to get your new Layla Hybrid mattress and pay it off over the course of time. Learn more about this option at LaylaSleep.com.


  • Trial Period – 120 Nights
  • Warranty – 10 Years
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • USA Designed & Made

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 120 Night Trial
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1199
  • Twin XL $1299
  • Full $1499
  • Queen $1599
  • King $1799
  • Cal King $1799
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