May 14, 2020

Budget Beach Bedroom

Whether you are getting ready to decorate your beach house, or you’re simply wanting to make your home feel like a beach house, we are going to share with your our top tips on how you can turn your bedroom into a beach oasis. Be reminded of the tranquil seas and luxurious vacations by the sea every time you walk into your bedroom. All without spending your life savings on personal interior decorator. Keep reading to get all of our tips on how you can turn your bedroom into the beach style room of your dreams on a budget.

design a beach bedroom on a budget

Where To Start Designing A Beach Bedroom

It is exciting to decorate and make some updates. But, before you start buying new bedding, picking out paint colors or wall paper we suggest figuring out a cohesive design or goal first. Below are several tips to ensure your room will turn out exactly as you envision it.

Make An Inspiration Board:

our sleep guide beach bedroom design First things first, start collecting a few inspiration pictures for the beach bedroom of your dreams. The truth is that all beaches can vary drastically in color palette, textures and overall vibe. So to ensure you get what you have in mind start by gathering inspiration.

Maybe you like the simplistic laid back vibe or California? Or the pink sand beaches of the Bahamas are more of what you had in mind? Did you take a trip to Hawaii and marvel over the black sand beaches?

Regardless, collect photos of what inspires you most. This will be a great starting point for choosing your color palette. As well as different textures, materials, even patterns that have a cohesive look that perfectly captures you’re beach dream.

You’d be amazed at how beaches vary, so make sure you find images and inspiration that capture what you most want. Because in the end it is much easier to swap out pictures on a board that repaint walls.

Color Palette:

beautiful beach vacation bedroom feel Choosing your color palette has never been easier, the beach is your inspiration. Neutral tones can mimic the soft beige tones of sand. While the tranquil teal blue of the ocean and bright blue skies and white foam all can make an appearance as well.

Of course, we suggest that you reference your inspiration board first. This should show you exactly what your intended color palette should be. It doesn’t need to be literal in taking the exact colors for your wall paint and the colors of your bedding and wall decor. However, it can be a great starting place to see what colors really speak to you.

Bring In Natural Textures:

how to make your bedroom feel like a vacation House plants, framed sea shells, palm baskets, ropes, capiz shell decor or chandeliers. Find whatever speaks to your individual vibe and design style. This helps to bring in the feeling of the outdoors inside. When nature is your inspiration, it only makes sense to have a bit of the outdoors in. This will also add layers of interest and make your room feel more luxurious than just having pictures on the walls or shell patterns on your sheets.

One thing we love for a beach inspired bedroom is a good set of linen sheets. They have a beautiful texture to them that adds to the laid back feel of a beach vacation. They are breathable for the summer but also wonderful for layering in the winter, so you can use them all year round.

Head over to our post Tuft & Needle Linen Sheets Review to check out some of our top favorite linen sheets that come in at a great price.

Beach Bedroom Wall Decor:

beach art on a budget If you have been on vacation to a beach that you love, use those vacation photos! Get them printed out and put them in a frame. This is some of the most authentic and least expensive decoration you could ask for. Still planning your dream vacation? No problem, book mark this for later and we have some other ideas for you. Turn your walls into your mood board for your vacation.

Find a piece of wall art or a photo you can have printed out that inspires you to put your pennies in your vacation fund jar. Their are beautiful free print outs and photos all over the place. Take that stack of travel magazines, cut out the photos you love most and frame them. Or pin them on a cork board. They are beautiful and very cheap.

If you are a travel junky, a fun map of the world or your favorite locations can be a fun addition to your bedroom wall decor. Leave them framed or you can mark off where you have been and where you hope to go.

Lights & Lamps:

beautiful beach bedroom designsIf you’re wanting to make your beach bedroom look custom and oh so chic, we suggest changing out your light fixtures. Depending on how handy you are, you can even save a chunk of change by changing out the fixture yourself.

Be sure to do your research if you plan on going this route. Not feeling very handy, or simply wanting to save on time and effort? Get a lamp for the bedside table. A beautiful lamp can add a lot to a rooms overall appeal. Check our beach bedroom design below for our picks for a beach bedroom and where to find them.

Budget Beach Bedroom- Our Favorite Products:

budget beach bedroom

Tuft & Needle Linen Sheets

beach bedroom design perfect Here at Our Sleep Guide we love a good set of Linen sheets. They balance the feel of a classic coastal style home. They have a heft to them that feels oh so luxurious while the texture is very breathable and laid back. Simply perfect for a beach style bedroom.

While the Tuft & Needle Linen sheets come in those gorgeous muted colors that are simply perfect to suite any beach vibe. Their colors are Sand, Mist, Slate, even Dusty Rose ( which is for those who love pink sand beaches.)

In the Our Sleep Guide Beach Bedroom design we would choose a mixture of their Sand and Mist color sheets to get a bit of blue and light tan color mixed together. Tuft & Needle sells duvet cover and shams separately which makes it easy to mix and match any colors you like.

linens are great for beachy feel

Head over to our our T&N Linen Sheets Review for more information.

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Safavieh Cream Adjustable Beaded Pendant Lamp 

This is our lighting fixture of choice for the Our Sleep Guide Beach Bedroom. The gorgeous shape and beads are reminiscent of sea shells without being too literal or cheesy. It just makes the room feel like you could be living right off the shore line.

get a good light fixture to up your game

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Avocado Bed Frame

This bed frame by Avocado would be considered, without a doubt, a splurge. However if you are going to spend a good amount of money on a bed frame, this is the one to do it on. This stunning bed frame has the rustic wood feel that works so well with a beach bedroom.

It is all handmade by skilled craftsmen in California. They use all reclaimed wood, making this one of the most eco-friendly bed frames on the market. Click the link below to learn more about this bed frame as well as other furniture made by Avocado, or skip below for our budget friendly frame.

gorgeous handmade bedframe by avocado

Head over to our post Avocado Bed Frames to learn more about what makes this frame more than just a pretty face.

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Grain Wood Furniture Montauk Bed (Driftwood)

This is our budget option for a bed frame. While it isn’t as eco-friendly as the Avocado frame, or handcrafted in California. It is a stunning bed frame made with solid wood and has a gorgeous driftwood color that works wonderfully in a beachy coastal bedroom.

budget friendly bed frame option

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Parachute Textured Wool Rug

This is a great layering piece for a bedroom, especially if you have wood floors. It softens the area and adds a nice neutral color and texture for interest. Parachute also makes great bedding and decor options if you’re wanting to shop around. While you’re at it check out their bath section (we love their sleepy time bath salts!).

wonderful textured rug at the end of a bed

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Magda Made Fique Palm Print from Made Trade

Love to look of plants but lacking the green thumb needed to keep them alive? No problem! We love this stunning palm print from Made Trade. It has the beachy colors we are going for and the amazing shape of a palm leaf. All without having to water your plant or ensure it has enough sunlight. Click the button for Made Trade to shop now.

fun wall art for beach bedroom

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Will & Atlas Round Jute Baskets from Made Trade

This set of baskets is just too cute! We love the texture of the jute, it looks like you picked it up on your last vacation and brought them home with you. Made Trade is full of adorable baskets, pots, and other trinkets to decorate your home with. Made Trade is all about ethically made and impeccably designed items. So you can be confident that your money is getting you quality pieces.

jute baskets for your room

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510 Design Cortina Blue Table Lamp

Came across this oh so cute lamp, that is currently being sold as a set (money savings!). The blue and tan meeting together helped us choose the overall color scheme and design for the rest of the Our Sleep Guide beach bedroom. It reminds us of the beach and ties everything in nicely.

stunning bedside lamps on a budget

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Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket (Almond)

This is a great addition to your bedroom. Not only is it totally adorable and will look great in your room. The Bearaby Napper blanket is a weighted knit blanket. So you get the added benefits of sleeping or napping with a weighted blanket as well. Just lay back and imagine the weight of your blanket like you’re playing on the beach being buried in the sand. This is another investment piece, however if you would like a budget alternative, skip to the next product.

the bearaby blanket

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Your Lifestyle Chunky Knitted Throw

Just as cute and pinches a few pennies in comparison. This blanket has the same look but without the high end cooling/eco-friendly materials or weighted benefits. So if you’re looking to keep it cute and not in need of a weighted blanket, this is a great budget friendly alternative. Click the link below to shop now.

budget friendly alternative

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Your Turn To Design A Budget Beach Bedroom

Your bedroom should always feel like a relaxing oasis from your daily stresses. A place for relaxation, sleep, and starting new days feeling refreshed. Which is why it makes perfect sense to turn your bedroom into the beachy vacation of your dreams. We hope our tips, tricks, and product suggestions help you find create your beach bedroom while staying on budget.

budget beach bedroom

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