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Accessory Review Bearaby Napper Weighted Blanket Review

The Napper weighted blanket by Bearaby is a legend. They combined all of the benefits of a weighted blanket and combined them with the beauty of a thick knit throw. So you get to ease anxiety and relax under your weighted blanket while looking good doing it. In this review, we are going to take a close look at how the Bearaby Napper blankets are made, what they are made out of, and what they are like to use. All so you can better determine whether or not the Bearaby Napper Weighted Blanket is the right choice for you.

bearaby napper blanket review

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How It’s Made – Bearaby Napper Blanket:

how the bearaby napper blanket is madeThe Bearaby Napper blankets are all American made products. Each blanket is handmade with care to ensure quality and premium construction. The yarn used to create each of the napper blankets, is made out of many layers of fabric. These layers are then wrapped together in order to create a round long yarn. Which means the Bearaby Napper weighted blankets do not contain any fillers like plastic beads or sand to create the weight of the blanket. Instead all the weight comes from 100% organic fabric.

The yarn is then woven by hand with love. This weaving process allows for layers of this yarn to combine in order to create a heavier blanket, while also allowing air to escape. This creates for a cooler sleeping blanket. Much better than your standard weighted blanket full of plastic or glass pellets which trap heat in. The blanket is then finished and ready to be shipped to your door.

Bearaby Overall Comfort:

knitted throw blankets that are worth the priceThese adorable knit Bearaby Napper blankets not only look fantastic, the knitting also increases the overall comfort of this weighted blanket as well. The knit pattern allows for lots of airflow. This is great for staying cool which is a common struggle for weighted blankets. The Bearaby Napper is a great option for anyone who is looking for a weighted blanket that is going to keep you cool and comfortable.

The different weights available in the Bearaby Napper Blankets ranges from 15lbs, 20lbs, or 25lbs. Due to the nature of the blanket, the increase in weight will also increase the overall size of the blanket as well. We found this to work well. The weight of the knit blanket also spread very evenly. There is no noise caused by shifting filling.

All of the different materials used in the Bearaby blankets are high end. From the cotton napper, and their tree napper, to the seasonal velvet napper. They were all very comfortable to cozy up with. We found the Bearaby Napper weighted blanket to be very comfortable overall.

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Napper Blanket – Options:

Bearaby Napper – Weight Options

washable knitted weighted blanket by bearabyWhen you are choosing your Napper Blanket by Bearaby, there are several options for you to choose from. First option for you to choose for your blanket is the weight. The general rule of thumb for adults is that your weighted blanket should weigh roughly 10% of your total weight. So if you weigh around 200lbs then the 20lb blanket would be the one to go for.

The Bearaby Napper comes in 15lb, 20lb, and a 25lb option. Which is a good range of weight. If you are 250lb+ the 25lb option will work for you. Most adults, even those who weigh much more than this will likely be more than satisfied with the 25lb option.

One thing to note is that the Bearaby Napper blanket will increase slightly in size as the weight increases. This is because the knitting is literally where the weight comes from for each blanket. They are all a great size for napping.


the napper blanket review

The Napper comes in two different materials year round, the Cotton Napper or the Tree Napper. The Cotton Napper is made out of 95% Organic Cotton and 5%Spandex. While the Tree Napper is a blend of 50% Tencel, 45% Organic cotton, 5% Spandex.

Both of these options are breathable and soft. The Tree Napper has a slightly silkier finished, while the Cotton Napper has more of a cozy cotton jersey feel. Both stay nice and cool and it truly comes down to personal preference on look and feel.


After you choose your weight and material for your Napper blanket, now you get to pick out your color! Of course, this is the fun part. Each material comes in different colors and these colors vary from neutrals like light gray, cream, and white.

To the top trending colors of the season. These colors do vary from time to time and if you see a color you just can’t live without, we do suggest grabbing it while it is in stock.

Seasonal Colors & Fabrics:

velvet weighted blanketDuring different seasons Bearaby will come out with unique and stunning color and material options. Last winter there were gorgeous velvet napper blankets in stunning colors.

While this summer there was an ocean themed blanket with a white to blue ombre. These seasonal options are always in limited quantities, so be sure to pick one up if you see one you like. These are also great gifts during the holiday season.

The Nappling – Kids Blanket

nappling blanket review

Bearaby now offers a brand-new product for kids! It’s called the Nappling blanket, and it is a smaller version of the Napper blanket. Featuring the the same knit style as the Napper, the Nappling is made on a smaller scale in order to be the right size and weight for kids. Weighted blankets are great for helping your kids to feel relaxed and calm. We are happy to see this addition to the Bearaby collection.

Bearaby Napper – Care Instructions:

benefits of knitted blanketsMany weighted blankets are spot clean only. Not the Bearaby Napper! This adorable weighted blanket is machine washable and can be tumble dried. This is a huge benefit for anyone who needs to be able to wash and dry their blankets. No extra trips to the dry cleaner needed here.

Bearaby suggests washing separately in their cotton bag and in cool water. Their max heat on water temperature is 30 °C. They also suggest using a gentle or delicate cycle. For drying Bearaby suggests tumble drying on a low heat. Keep in mind that it may take several rounds in the dryer for your blanket to fully dry. However, avoid the temptation to turn up the heat.

Bearaby suggests avoiding high heat or hang drying your blanket. Hang drying can cause the blanket loops to stretch out and loose it’s shape.

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Bearaby Weighted Blanket & Comforter Video Review:

Is the Bearaby Napper Worth It?

Each Bearaby weighted blanket is knit completely by hand. We believe this adds a layer of value beyond the final product. It is hard to compare the value of this weighted blanket to others because it is so unique.

However, this is truly a luxury weighted blanket and the price reflects this. For the Napper Blankets by Bearaby, the price goes up depending on what weight you choose.

why we love the bearaby tree napperBearaby Napper Prices:

15lbs – $249
20 lbs – $259
25 lbs – $279

Bearaby Nappling Price:

8lbs – $149

The purchase price includes free shipping and a cotton bag for storage and washing. Although, you can choose to upgrade your shipping speed in order to receive your new blanket even faster. If you are really intrigued by the Napper blanket but you’re just not quite sure if it is the one for you, try it out.

Bearaby will give you a 30-day peace of mind trial period. Which means within 30 days after your purchase, if you are not completely in love with your Napper weighted Blanket, that you can return it. After trying the blanket ourselves we would have to say that yes, the Napper is definitely worth the price.

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Bearaby Napper Weighted Blanket Review – Final Thoughts

This is a unique feeling weighted blanket that is way different from most of the weighted blankets we have tried in the past. We love that this blanket allows for lots of airflow. A common complaint with traditional weighted blankets is that they heat up because there is such a lack of airflow caused by the materials used in them.

The Napper by Bearaby is a great solution to this common problem. It is also soft, made out of simple high-quality materials, and it is just so CUTE! We hope this review over the Napper blanket by Bearaby enlightening and that you find the weighted blanket of your dreams.

the benefits of using a weighted blanket

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