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October 1, 2019

Rustic Bedroom on a Budget

A fancy french provincial home with crown molding and gilded wallpaper simply isn’t for everyone. If you would rather spend a week in the woods hunting than at a spa, then this is this is going to be the bedroom decor for you. We love an outdoors inspired rustic bedroom and while just about anyone can grab some plaid sheets and mount a deer on the wall. There is a way to create rustic style bedroom that is also peaceful and classy all while staying within a reasonable budget. Keep reading to find out how to make the rustic bedroom of your dreams.

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Our Rustic Bedroom Design

  1. Descartes Industrial Floor Lamp w/ Pulley System –
  2. Leather Chair – GDF Studio
  3. Rustic Sconces – Amazon
  4. Windmill Wall Decor – Amazon
  5. New Rustic Bed Frame – Amazon
  6. Carbon Loft Moda Dresser –
  7. Faux Eucalyptus Twigs –
  8. Imax Boccioni Recycled Glass Jug –

Rustic Wall Art

windmill turbine rustic wall decorInstead of having a mounted head above your bed, try decorating with an industrial metal sculpture.

For our design we chose a decorative windmill’s turbine to go above the bed frame. We love the rustic look this provides. Since it is created to be a decorative piece, it will be lighter and safer to hang on the wall than a real retired turbine would be.

That being said, if you have something that you have found on your farm or elsewhere, we are big believers in using what you have on hand. If you have something that you believe you can turn into a piece of “found art” then by means find a way to decorate with it. After all, home decor should be all about putting things you love all around you. Just make sure anything you hang on the wall is mounted securely.

Integrate The Outdoors

decorate in bedroom with twigsThe feeling of a rustic home is all about bringing a bit of the outdoors, inside your home. There are several ways you can do this. We like to do this by implementing natural materials and textures.

Indoor plants are very popular choice for interior design right now. They also help to freshen up the air around you. However, plants also need care and attention. If you are decorating for a lake house or vacation home, those plants will not be able to survive while you are gone.

Which is why we love putting a bit of faux twigs into a recycled glass jar to bring in some natural textures, without needing any attention what so ever.

This is also why we turned to leather for the material of choice on our reading nook chair. Not every bedroom will have enough space for a seating area. However, if it does we are big fans of having a small space for sitting and relaxing in your bedroom, and leather is a beautiful textural addition to any rustic bedroom.

Want to know more about what the best plants are to bring into your bedroom? Then you’ll love Best Indoor Plants & Flowers For Bedrooms.

Wooden Furniture

decorate your bedroom with rustic pieces of furnitureNothing says rustic quite like reclaimed wood and metal bolts. This is the combination we wanted to use for the majority of our furniture pieces in the bedroom. The dresser and bed frame are both made with a reclaimed wood finish. If you are not decorating a bedroom in a wood log cabin, then you probably don’t have a lot of natural wood textures in your bedroom.

Which is why we choose to add so many wooden furniture pieces. The warm wood tones give the feeling of being in a rugged cabin. However, if you are decorating in a wood log cabin, then you may want to choose a metal or fabric bed frame instead to not overwhelm your home with different varieties of wood.

Industrial Lighting

rustic and industrial bedroom decorOnce look that pairs really well with a rugged style bedroom, is industrial lighting fixtures. Instead of opting for a chandelier made out of deer antlers, we went for glass and metal instead. The floor lamp is made of mostly metal and has gears to pull the lamp up and down in height. Making those gears both decorative and functional. The wall mounted sconces are great replacements to lamps on a nightstand. You may have seen beds designed with sconces on their bed frames in order to replace nightstand lamps.

If you choose to do this, just make sure your headboard is wide enough that you won’t hit your head trying to get out of bed in the morning.

Keep Your Linens Light

light linens by tuft & needleWith all of these dark heavy masculine pieces of furniture, it is easy get too dark and uninviting.

Which is why we suggest keeping your bedding light and bright. Whites, cream, ivories, linens, are all great options in order to keep your bedroom from feeling too dark and dreary.

In order to keep things feeling more rustic, use linens that are slightly off from pure white like cream or even a very light mauve color.

When it comes to what type of sheets, we suggest sticking with linens over silky sateen finishes. It is a small detail but the texture will go along way with the rustic vibe better.

Looking for linen sheets? We love this set by Tuft & Needle. If you want to keep it rustic, try their color Sand.

Use What You Have

ceramic or glass jugsThis is a great reason to decorate your home in the rustic style. If you happen to have a lot of flannel blankets and old ceramic jugs on hand, then don’t go out and buy “rustic style” glass jugs and faux fur blankets.

Instead, find a way to create a cohesive happy home with what you already have. Put some twigs in those ceramic jugs you have instead of buying a new glass one to put them in.

Just by using what you have and only filling in the gaps where you need or would like to get a little something extra is a great way to save money on decorating your home.

Thrift Shopping

thrift shopping for rustic bedroom decorationIf you have read any of our bedroom decor posts before, then you know we love a treasure hunt. Buying items used or even re-purposing items can bring a lot of character to your home without spending a lot of money.

If you go to an art fair, farmer’s market, or thrift shop and you walk out empty handed, that is okay. You won’t find a gem every time you go. However, if you go often enough you are bound to find something you absolutely love at a discounted price.

Learn more about vintage and thrift shopping on our page Vintage Bedroom on a Budget to get our favorite tactics on how to hunt for the best bedroom decor. 

Say No To Camo

how not to decorate your rustic bedroomCamouflage is completely utilitarian in purpose and should not be used to decorate your home. We understand you love it, you want it everywhere, but you shouldn’t. Stick with bringing touches of the outdoors feeling in other ways. If you just LOVE a good pattern, then try gingham or plaid. Just please, stop decorating your room in large plush camo blankets you got out of a bin at Costco.

No Taxidermy In The Bedroom

decorate without taxidermyAbove any kind of interior design style, a bedroom should always be the most relaxing space in your home. Which is why we prefer keeping any taxidermy out of the bedroom. While it is a great sense of pride and accomplishment, it is not very calming to have hanging over your head while you lay in bed. So if you want a place to display your mounted deer heads, we suggest keeping them in the living room. Or at the very least, out of the bedroom.

If you still want a texture of fur in the bedroom, a cowhide rug or even a faux fur throw blanket is a classy and relaxing way to integrate that hunter’s cabin feel into the bedroom.

Rustic Bedroom on a Budget:

It is possible to create an elegant and relaxing rustic styled bedroom that any interior designer would love. Stay away from the rustic faux pas and stick to creating a bedroom design that celebrates the outdoors with different textures and decorative pieces instead. It is easy to stay in budget if you use what you have on hand first and supplement only as necessary. We hope this helps you create the rustic bedroom you have been dreaming of.

rustic bedroom decor

If you used any of these tips to decorate your own bedroom, we would love to see how it turned out. Go to our Contact Us page and send us any photos or questions you may have. We would love to hear from you.