March 18, 2021

Rustic Bedroom on a Budget

If you love nature, hunting, living outdoors, working with your hands, the smell of a bonfire, then you are going to love this bedroom design. We created two bedroom designs both with a chic rustic look and feel. The first is a designer version where we spared no expense, the second is a rustic bedroom on a budget. We recreated the designer look while savings thousands of dollars. Next we shared our top tips on how to create a stunning rustic style bedroom without spending a fortune.

how to create a rustic bedroom on a budget

Rustic Bedroom Designer Brand Room:

Starting with our designer rustic bedroom, we picked out high quality pieces of furniture and décor that we love regardless of price. These luxurious pieces look incredible together and create a classic, chic bedroom design that is grounded with rustic details and materials.

  1. CFL Warren Pulley Metal Task Floor Lamp, Rustic Iron finish – $449 Pottery Barn
  2. Authentic Windmill Head Metal Wall Décor – $310 Wayfair
  3. Barclay Leather Chair – $3,395 Restoration Hardware
  4. Modern Filament Sconce – $310 (x2 $620) Restoration Hardware
  5. Davos Oak 6-Drawer Dresser – $3,555 Restoration Hardware
  6. Recycled Glass Demijohn Vase, Clear, 50L – $250 Pottery Barn
  7. Red Eucalyptus Spray – $64 Nearly Natural
  8. Cayden Campaign Panel Bed With Corner Brackets – $4,380 Restoration Hardware
how to crete a luxurious designer rustic bedroom inspo

Rustic Design Bedroom – Total: $13,023

Rustic Bedroom on A Budget:

This rustic bedroom design on a budget really is a great example of how you can find really great pieces that look and feel like designer brands without spending even half as much. It may time a little more time and searching for an item similar to what you are looking for.

However, bargain shopping is a great way to save a lot of money. Most of our budget picks were found on Overstock.com or Amazon. If you want to purchase, simply click the link and search the item name.

  1. Descartes Industrial Floor Lamp w/ Pulley System – $164 Overstock.com
  2. Carbon Loft Linden Vintage Brown Leather Club Chair – $804  Overstock.com
  3. Rustic Sconces 2 Pack -$140 Amazon
  4. Windmill Wall Decor – $45 Amazon
  5. New Rustic Bed Frame – $299 Amazon
  6. Sommerford Brown Dresser – $1,238 Overstock.com
  7. Faux Eucalyptus Twigs – $24 Overstock.com
  8. Imax Boccioni Recycled Glass Jug – $41 Overstock.com

Budget Rustic Bedroom – Total: $2,755

the budget friendly rustic bedroom design

Total Potential Savings: $10,268

how to save money when redecorating your bedroomThe potential cost savings between the designer brand room and the budget friendly room is quite shocking. Although, we know that spending over $2,000 on a bedroom design is still a lot of money for a lot of people.

Which is why shopping second hand and over time when you can afford it is always our first suggestion. This bedroom design is purely to show you that you can find great deals and get a similar look and feel for you bedroom without spending a fortune. We also wanted to mention that these prices are liable to change.

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Tips For Creating A Budget Friendly Rustic Bedroom:

Choosing Rustic Wall Art

how to choose rustic bedroom designsWe would like to suggest first and foremost to avoid taxidermy, especially in the bedroom. Rustic style décor is often used in cabins and by those who are big lovers of the outdoors, which often includes hunting. While taxidermy is a tradition loved by many, and has been used in homes for hundreds of years. We do suggest keeping it out of the bedroom, as is it can be disconcerting to have your prized kill stare at you as you try to fall asleep.

That being said, choosing unique rustic wall art can be a fun way to really make a statement and set the tone for your bedroom. Rounded shapes add great Feng Shui to a room. Which is why we choose a stunning windmill turbine as the centerpiece of our bedroom design, along with fun wall sconces to be used as bedside lamps.

Add Touches of Nature

how to bring the outdoors inside for your hunter cabin bedroomWe mentioned it a bit previously, that rustic interior design is often used by those who really enjoy the outdoors. Which is why it only makes sense to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Plants are a great way to add a touch of lightness and a sense of nature into the home. Wall décor of nature settings can also be a fun way to give a sense of the outdoors into your bedroom design.

Dried leaves and florals can also be an easy and long lasting way to bring some nature into your bedroom. Faux plants and greenery is also long lasting and requires minimal maintenance beyond the occasional dusting.

Adding plants, dried florals, and fresh flowers looks great in any style bedroom. Click the link to learn more about our favorite plants and flowers to put in the bedroom.

Wooden Furniture With Rustic Details:

rough wooden furnitureNothing says “rustic” quite like wooden furniture with metal rivets. Details can make a big difference with style when it comes to choosing your furniture pieces.

When it comes to looking for a rustic farmhouse feeling home design, rough handmade looking wooden and metal details can make a big impact. Brass or iron metal, next to raw rustic looking wood is a classic beautiful look.

If you love handmade furniture, then you should check out our review over the Avocado Furniture Line.

Industrial Lighting

choose industrial style lightingLighting is such a great way to make your space look and feel very customized instead of just a standard room filled with furniture. From your ceiling fan to your bedside lamp and standing lamp, your lighting can make a huge difference to your interior design style. If you really want to make your bedroom look and feel unique, ditch the standard builder grade stuff and go for something more unique.

For our bedroom designs you will notice that we picked out some sconces instead of bedside lamps. This is a fun way to make your bedroom look and feel special. It is a fun and different way to have bedside lamps.

Choose Light Linens

light bedding no dark plaidHaving a rustic style in your bedroom often leads to using darker colors and materials. However, we suggest keeping your bedding light in color. Creams, tans, and other lighter yet not pure white bedding keeps your space from getting too dark.

Instead of choosing dark sheets, pick out lighter colors with some added texture. Flax seed linen is coming back into style and has a very natural rustic looking texture to them. Which makes them a perfect choice for your bedroom. Layer with quilts and textured throws for a cozy cabin feel without getting too cliché or dark.

Looking for linen sheets? We love this set by Tuft & Needle. If you want to keep it rustic, try their color Sand.

Use What You Have

use furniture you already own firstThis is one of our favorite tips for saving money when designing rooms. Always start with what you already have. If you have pieces of furniture that you use and love, that serve their purpose well, try to use them in anyway you can. If they simply don’t serve your needs or you just want to move on from how they look, reselling is a great option.

By either using or selling the furniture you already own, you can save and/or make a lot of money. You can then use any money made of the pieces to sell to pay for some of the new furniture pieces you are buying to replace them with.

Shop Second Hand

shop at vintage and thrift shops firstA great way to stay on budget when creating your rustic bedroom on a budget is to shop second hand. Whether you like to go thrift shopping, vintage shopping, garage sales, or facebook marketplace, you can get great deals on a lot of higher ticket items if you do not buy them new.

This is not only a great way to save money, it can also be a fun way to find unique pieces of furniture, art, or décor that you would never find anywhere else. Even if you are looking to buy a designer piece, checking to see if anyone is selling on any resale platforms can be a great way to save some money.

Learn more about vintage and thrift shopping on our page Vintage Bedroom on a Budget to get our favorite tactics on how to hunt for the best bedroom décor.

Avoid Designer Brands:

avoid shopping at designer storesFor the most part, if you are wanting to save money on decorating your home. Then you are going to want to avoid most designer brand names. They tend to make wonderful products, at an extremely higher price point than you can find at outlet options like Overstock or buying second hand.

These brand names can put their items at a premium price because it is easy to find beautiful pieces of furniture that are in style, without much effort at all. While shopping second hand and at discount stores will take more time and searching in order to find the pieces you are looking for. It is all about spending a bit more time and effort in order to save yourself a lot of money.

Rustic Bedroom on a Budget – Final Thoughts:

Creating a beautiful rustic style bedroom on a budget is rather easy to do. It is all about knowing where to look in order to find furniture pieces that you really love. Remember that designer brands will always have inflated prices for the convenience of being able to find stunning designs all in one place. If you are wanting to save some money it make take some more time and effort to shop around, but the money you save by doing so can be well worth the effort. We hope these two bedroom designs and tips help you to create your dream rustic bedroom without breaking the budget.

enjoy your rustic style room

If you used any of these tips to decorate your own bedroom, we would love to see how it turned out. Go to our Contact Us page and send us any photos or questions you may have. We would love to hear from you.