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October 23, 2019

Ultimate Vegan Bedroom

avocado vegan mattress 2

We love that more and more companies (like Avocado!) are using natural fibers to create their beds and bedding. However, with this rise in natural vs synthetic materials, unfortunately that means more brands are turning to animal products to create their beds. While these materials work really well for beds and bedding they are not Vegan friendly. Which means if you’re on the hunt for Vegan products, then you need to keep a close eye to the materials used in the products you’re buying. We have come up with the ultimate guide to creating the most comfortable and beautiful vegan bedroom around. Keep reading for our tips and even some of our favorite vegan friendly beds and products.

If you have a heart for animals, then you probably have a heart for the planet as well. Keeping our planet healthy is one of the best ways to protect our animals too. Check out our page How To Create a 100% Sustainable Bedroom to learn more.

What is the best vegan mattressBest 5 Vegan Mattresses

Lots of mattress companies have come to the realization that wool has many benefits for bed making.

However, this makes a natural bed that is no longer vegan friendly. Which is why there are a number of companies who have thankfully designed incredibly comfortable and completely vegan mattresses from top to bottom. Of the options below we also chose companies that keep things as natural as possible.

This way you are not only protecting the animals, but you’re also doing your part for the planet.

  1. Avocado Vegan Mattress
  2. Crystal Cove by Brentwood Home
  3. PlushBeds
  4. Happsy
  5. Naturepedic

Looking for a vegan mattress topper? We have you covered there! Check out our review of the Avocado Vegan Mattress Topper.

Certified Vegan:

where to get a vegan bedThere are now organizations that certify whether or not products are truly Vegan or not. is one of those organizations. The only mattress that we are familiar with that is certified by is the Avocado Vegan mattress.

PETA often will give it’s vote of approval for different products or companies. While they may give their thumbs up to a product, keep in mind that this is not an in depth certification where they have gone in an independently verified everything that those companies have proclaimed. (unlike certifications do)

Although, it is pretty cool to get the approval of PETA for your Vegan friendly products.

Want to know more about the different kinds of certifications you can find for your mattresses? Check out our page Mattress Certifications: What to Know to learn more.

Vegan Sheets

best vegan bedding optionsWhile sheets are typically vegan by nature, there are some sheets on the market that use silks, and this is to be avoided. Sometimes when looking through fabric blends, it can be difficult to detect exactly what these materials consist of. In order to make things simple, we suggest going for sheets that are made out of 100% Cotton or Bamboo fibers. This way you know for sure exactly what you’re getting.

Vegan Pillows

best vegan pillow everDown pillows have been popular for a very long time. Now there are pillows using wool for added cushioning and comfort as well.

While these pillows are very comfortable, there must be a better way.

Thankfully, you can now get Vegan pillows that are just as, if not more, comfortable than the down filled and wool versions.

Vegan Comforters/Duvet Inserts

best vegan comforter everAgain you may think that most comforters or duvet inserts are vegan friendly, but there are a few things you should look out for while looking for a new cover. There are three materials to keep an eye out for that are commonly used in bedding. Wool, down, and silk. Silk will often only be in the cover. While the wool and down tend to be fillers. Wool and down make for very cozy and comfortable duvets and comforters. However, if you want that same comfort with the added benefits of being Vegan. Then we have a couple of options for you.

Down Alternatives

down alternative bedding for vegansNot just for Vegans, down alternatives are a great option for those who love the comfort of down but may suffer from allergies. There are loads of down alternative options available on the market. When it comes to pillows and comforters this is a giant leap forward to get that classic comfort with updated materials. The following are alternative fillers that are commonly used down alternatives.

  • Microfiber Fibers
  • Synthetic Man Made Fibers
  • Flocus Fiber
  • Eucalyptus Fiber
  • Cotton
  • Shredded Latex
  • Latex Ribbons

Try to avoid materials like polyester filling. While they can be fluffy, they can also trap heat and make it difficult to regulate your temperature through the night. We love both Buffy comforter options. The Buffy Cloud is the original, while the Buffy Breeze is a thinner option for warmer sleepers. Both are made from 100% eucalyptus fibers, making them 100% vegan and sustainable. Learn more at

Vegan Bedroom Accessories

other vegan bedroom stuffDecor

A bedroom is made out of more than just a bed. When it comes to decorating you bedroom with vegan friendly, we love shopping at places like The Citizenry and Made Trade. They have plenty of unique and beautiful home decor options for the bedroom and beyond.


Who doesn’t want their bedroom to smell lovely? We particularly love to set the mood for sleep with a scented candle. However, many are made using beeswax. Stick to coconut oil and shea butter based scented candles to keep it vegan friendly. If you want to take the extra natural route, simply put some lovely scented flowers in your room and enjoy.


Say no more to cowhide rugs and wool rugs, and instead say hello to Jute and Cotton. There are plenty of natural vegan materials that are commonly used in rug making. Just keep an eye out of the materials your rugs are made out of and you should be fine.

Get The Ultimate Vegan Bedroom

If you really want to ensure that your bedroom is vegan friendly, you need to look at every part of your bed and bedding and work your way up from ground zero. Once you start the Vegan lifestyle it is truly eye opening to how much is made out of products from animals. At the end of the day, you can have a comfortable and cozy bedroom without ever needing to create a product from an animal. We hope our guide helps you do just that.

how to get the most vegan bedroom ever

We want to hear all about your Vegan Bedroom adventures! Are there more Vegan products you suggest? Or are you looking for a specific vegan product that you need help finding? We would love to hear from you. Email us through our Contact Page and share with us what you’re looking for.