March 16, 2021

Ultimate Vegan Bedroom

For many, the vegan lifestyle starts with a diet and moves out from there. Then you stop buying leather bags, wool sweaters, and so on. It may take a while, but eventually you may begin to realize the products you have previously been sleeping on were made using animal products. Which means eventually when the time comes that you need a new mattress or to replace those down pillows, it is time to upgrade to vegan friendly options. Which is likely why you are here! To create the ultimate vegan bedroom. We are going to share with you all of our all-time favorite vegan products from bedding to linen sprays and more.

how to create the ultimate vegan bedroom

If you have a heart for animals, then you probably have a heart for the planet as well. Keeping our planet healthy is one of the best ways to protect our animals too. Check out our page How To Create a 100% Sustainable Bedroom to learn more.

Is There A Vegan Certification?

Vegan Certified Mattress TopperYes, there is such a thing as a vegan certification now. Not only do many brands use handy markings to make it easy to spot vegan products. PETA will actually certify products as vegan.

If you are serious about sticking to a vegan lifestyle, then you may already be aware of vegan certifications. However, this was news to us when we first learned that you could buy a vegan certified mattress. Avocado is all about getting every aspect of their mattresses certified, so you know exactly what you are getting. This include their vegan mattress and mattress topper.

Want to know more about the different kinds of certifications you can find for your mattresses? Check out our page Mattress Certifications: What to Know to learn more.

Best Vegan Mattresses

the best vegan mattressMany vegans are concerned for the wellbeing of our planet as well as all the animals that live on it. Which is why we not only tried to select mattresses that we know are vegan, but are eco-friendly as well. Allowing you to have not only a vegan bed, but one that is earth friendly as well. If you are looking at other mattresses that seem to be vegan but are not marked or certified, you can always contact the manufacturer for more details.

  1. WinkBed Luxury Hybrid
  2. Avocado Vegan Mattress
  3. Crystal Cove by Brentwood Home
  4. PlushBeds
  5. Happsy
  6. Naturepedic

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Top 5 Vegan Pillows

best vegan pillow reviewOne of the most common animal products found in bedding is down feathers for pillows. Thankfully, this practice is becoming much less common as down pillows tend to fall flat, and irritate allergies.

However, you also have to watch out for wool being used in natural pillows as it is such a popular choice for natural bedding products. The following are our top picks for vegan pillows. Some of which use natural materials while others utilize quality polyester fill to create a fluffy down alternative feel.

  1. Tuft & Needle – Down Alternative
  2. Crystal Cove
  3. Buffy
  4. Avocado
  5. Eli & Elm

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Top 5 Vegan Duvet Inserts

comfortable duvet insertAnother bedding product that are traditionally made with goose down feathers, are duvet inserts. Now there are so many other options that also often more cost effective as well as being vegan. The following are some of our top picks for duvet inserts for your ultimate vegan bedroom. You will not find a single feather in these duvet inserts.

  1. Casper Humidity Fighting Comforter
  2. Buffy Cloud
  3. Buffy Breeze
  4. Tuft & Needle Down Alternative
  5. Parachute Down Alt Duvet Insert

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Best Down Alternative Materials

eucalyptus fibers and other good down replacementsThere are many reasons why down feathers have been one of the most well-loved materials used in bedding for hundreds of years. It is light, fluffy, soft, breathable, while also being able to keep you warm. However, it is not at all vegan friendly or cruelty free.

Which is why so many down alternative materials and products are available in bedding these days. The following are some of the best materials commonly used to replace down, in order to create vegan friendly products. All of which are great to use in your ultimate vegan bedroom.

  • Eucalyptus Fiber
  • Cotton Fill
  • Shredded Latex
  • Latex Ribbons
  • Synthetic Man-Made Fibers
  • Flocus Fiber
  • Polyester Microfibers

Ultimate Vegan Bedroom – Décor

When it comes to putting together a bedroom, you can’t skip the décor! Making your bedroom beautiful is a fun way to make your sleep space feel like home. Although there can be animal products like down feather pillows or wool rugs found in decorative pieces as well as functional bedding.

The Citizenry and Made Trade are great places to source vegan friendly bedroom décor online. You can find a lot of unique and beautiful pieces there.

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Vegan Beauty Sleep Products:

our favorite vegan beauty sleep productsWe are big fans of taking care of your health and sleep leads to many great things, including your beauty. Which is another reason why we love investing in quality overnight beauty sleep products. The following are some fun and luxurious vegan beauty products that will either help you sleep, or nourish your skin as you sleep. These products make a great addition to any vegan bedroom must have list.

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Can A Vegan Diet Help You Sleep?

can eating a vegan diet help you get to sleep?While the affects a vegan diet has on sleep has not been widely studied. A lot of the evidence points to a plant-based diet being very healthy and beneficial to having balanced and healthy sleeping habits.

This may vary drastically depending on how healthy your vegan diet is. It is possible to technically eat “vegan friendly” diet without eating fruits or vegetables at all. For best results consult with a nutritionist on what diet will work best for you.

Create The Ultimate Vegan Bedroom

We believe your bedroom should always feel like an extension of yourself, which includes reflection your personal beliefs. Which is why we know that when it comes to being vegan, it is more of a lifestyle than a diet for most people. Which is why we wanted to create this mini how to guide on creating the ultimate vegan bedroom. We hope you love these vegan bedroom products, mattresses, and more as much as we do. You simply do not need to have animals products in your bedroom in order to have a room you like with comfort your love.

vegan bedroom design

We want to hear all about your Vegan Bedroom adventures! Are there more Vegan products you suggest? Send us a message through our Contact Page and share your ultimate vegan bedroom products with us.