December 3, 2020

15 Tips For True Beauty Sleep

15 tips for true beauty sleep

Heading off to bed because you need your beauty rest is more than just an excuse to head out early. Many of your ideas of beauty is based on health and wellbeing. When you don’t get enough sleep at night, your body is unable to properly rest and rejuvenate. Leaving you waking up feeling and looking less than your best. Which is why we are going to share with your are top 15 tips for true beauty sleep.

1. Get Enough Sleep

get the right amount of sleepThis is first and foremost the most important part of getting your beauty sleep, is to get enough sleep. There are loads of rejuvenating processes our bodies go through when we sleep. When you cut all of that short by staying out late or waking up excessively early, this limits the detoxifying rejuvenating process of sleep that leaves you looking fresh and awake.

On average adults need 6-9 hours of sleep each night in order to feel well rested. Even with all of the following beauty sleep tips, make sure you are always getting enough sleep first. No amount of moisturizer will be able to replace great sleep.

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2. Stay Hydrated

staying hydrated for better sleep and beautyAs we sleep it becomes quite easy to become dehydrated. For one, you are not taking in any liquids for around 8 hours each night. Plus, most of us sweat during sleep, which only adds to dehydration. Pair this with fans and dehydrating heaters and you will be all dried up by the time you wake up in the morning.

Beauty needs moisture, our skin becomes wrinkled and crinkly when we are dehydrated. So be sure to get more than enough water throughout the day, and we suggest drinking a full glass of water first thing when you wake up in the morning. Try to do this before you start your intake of caffeine.

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3. Moisturize

moisturize throughout the nightNight creams, one of the oldest tricks in the books. You don’t have to use grandmas’ cold cream to wake up with gorgeous skin. (Although, you definitely can!)

There are loads of fabulous moisturizers out there that are designed to add moisture and nutrition to your skin as you rest. All without pore clogging SPF commonly found and needed in day creams.

Don’t stop there, be sure to moisturize your entire body at night, head to toe. All of your skin deserves a little extra love while you sleep. Whether you prefer a thick body cream, breathable lotion, or a luxurious moisturizing body oil. Just be sure to treat your body to a good moisturizing before you jump into your jammies.

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4. Overnight Masks

a face mask before bed will have you feeling more gorgeous in the morningLooking to step it up a notch? Try using an overnight mask for your face or hair. This is a great way to add just an extra boost to your skin and hair more than your nightly moisturizing routine. Many of these masks are extra nourishing. Making them great for when you are needing a little extra help than usual.

For hair masks, you will likely need to do a full wash and rinse in the morning. Which is why we recommend that you make sure you have the extra time for a full morning shower.

5. Wear Your Hair Up at Night

get some beauty sleepIf you have longer hair, or hair long enough to get in your face, then we suggest putting it up at night. Having your hair down as you sleep not only tangles and can get annoyingly tousled into your face as you sleep.

Your hair acts as an air filter throughout the day, which means it can bring dust and allergens into your bed. By wearing your hair up, you will be breathing in less of those as your sleep. It also helps to protect your hair. We suggest hair claws, clips, loose braids, and any bands that prevent breakage. Try not to use anything that will hold your hair too tightly as this can damage your hair.

6. Silk Pillowcases

mulberry silk pillow case to prevent wrinkles and hair breakageSilk Pillowcases are one of the fastest growing trends within the world of bedding and beauty. It is simple to see why, there are so many beauty benefits to using a silk pillow case. The first is that silk is of course, silky soft! The silk texture of the silk allows your skin and hair to glide friction free across the pillow. Which lowers damage to hair and skin. Which means less breakage on your hair and less wrinkles on your skin.

The second big benefit to using a silk pillow case is that it is an absorbent and breathable material. Allowing you to stay cool, comfortable, without collecting sweat and oils as the top of the pillow case. While satin pillow cases feel silky smooth, they are not as breathable or moisture wicking as silk. Keep this in mind as they do appear very similar on the surface.

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7. Avoid Sugar, Salt, and Alcohol

avoid sugar, alcohol, and saltWanting to look and feel beautiful? Try to avoid a heavy intake of sugar, salt, and/or alcohol in the evenings. These tend to make you puffy. While the alcohol also generally ruins your sleep and dehydrates you simultaneously.

If you constantly look puffy, sleepy, and have dark circles under your eyes sugar could be one of the culprits making this happen. An excess of sugar can leave you waking up with dark circles under your eyes. Overall, it is best to try avoid overeating any of these.

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8. Morning Cold Compression

de-puff and drain your lymphatic systemEven when you avoid foods like sugar, salt, and alcohol. Or you make sure to hydrate properly, and get enough sleep each night, you still may find yourself waking up all puffy. You are not at all alone in this predicament.

For a quick, easy, and refreshing way to wake up, we suggest using a cold compress. Whether you use an icepack/facemask, or you prefer a cryo face roller all you need is something cold. Just face your face nice and icy cold. This will help to lower inflammation and reduce all that puffiness that we get in the mornings. Rollers have an added benefit of encouraging lymphatic drainage.

9. Avoid Naps in The Sun

avoid napping in the sunThis one may seem a bit obvious, but you would be surprised. We have all been guilty of doing this on a warm sunny day. There is a cool breeze, the sun is so cozy and comforting.

Even on cooler days, you can easily fall victim to a vicious sunburn caused by falling asleep in the sun. Be sure to always wear sunscreen, and if you feel yourself falling asleep at a picnic, perhaps take a rest under a nice shady tree, or wear a hat.

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10. Overnight Lip Serum

nightly lip serumIf your lips are even slightly dry in the evenings when you head off to bed, you may end up waking up with a set of very chapped lips by morning. If you are already keeping everything else nice and hydrated, you might as well give your lips a little extra love as well. You can always keep a nice moisturizing lip balm at your bedside.

Or if you really want to treat yourself, try a rejuvenating overnight lip serum. You will be waking up with supple soft lips. We love overnight treatments as they really get the time to properly soak into the skin.

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11. Overnight Chest & Eye Pads

eyes masks overnightEver wake up with deep wrinkles all up and down your chest or around your eyes? Sleeping on your back can help to prevent these kinds of wrinkles. However, there is another way to continue sleeping on your side and hopefully prevent these deep-set wrinkles.

Try using an overnight chest or eye pads make to prevent wrinkles. It not only will help in the short term, they can also help preventing these kinds of wrinkles from becoming permanent. Again, it is worth mentioning that staying hydrated, moisturized, and sleeping on your back can also help with these kinds of wrinkles.

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12. Humidify Your Bedroom

use a humidifier for your bedroom for better beauty sleepThis is going to be especially important if you live in a dry environment, or if you are constantly running the heater. Heaters tend to zap all of the moisture out of the air. This can cause frizzy hair, dry eyes, dry throat, and dry skin.

If you wake up feeling crispy and dried out, it might be a good idea to start humidifying your space.

This not only will help your beauty sleep, it will also help you to feel good, sleep better, and can even help prevent health issues like sinus infections.

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13. Whiten Your Teeth

teeth whitening strips you can use overnightYour smile is one of the most beautiful things about you. So why not add some dental beautifying to your beauty sleep? A great way to get your whitening out of the way is to use an overnight whitening treatment.

You won’t be eating or drinking for hours on end as you sleep anyway.

It is the perfect time to get it done. This is a great little addition to your nightly beauty routine.

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14. Overnight Heatless Curls

overnight heatless waves and curlsSkip the damaging heat tools and instead try an overnight heatless curl method. There are loads of hair curling methods out there.

Some are as classic as overnight rag curls. While some hair brands have hoped on the trend and created different contraptions made to make overnight heatless curls and waves super simple and easy.

Even putting your hair up in a bun can leave your hair with beautiful body and wave in the morning. This way you can simply wake up, let your hair down and go.

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15. Nightly & Morning Face Washing

wash your face in the mornings and eveningsWe recommend doing this specifically with a non-stripping, gentle, moisturizing face wash in tandem with moisturizing. Of course, before we go to bed it is a good idea to wash any dirt, oil, and/or makeup off of your face before you head off to sleep. However, we also suggest at the very least giving your face a good rinse in the morning. We often sweat and produce excess oils as we sleep. Which could easily clog pores and cause breakouts if left under makeup.

Which is why we not only suggest washing your face at night, but in the morning as well. Again, make sure you use a gentle face wash that can be used frequently without drying out your skin. As well as moisturizing afterword.

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15 Tips for True Beauty Sleep – Final Thoughts:

As we all know beauty goes far beyond skin deep. A lot of these tips are also acts of selfcare. Be sure you love and care for yourself every day. As well as make sure you are happy and healthy. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than that combination. Having a great sleep schedule can absolutely help you to not only look great, but stay healthy and feel good as well. We hope you enjoy these beauty sleep tips and a sleep well!

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