November 21, 2019

How To Decorate Boys Room On A Budget

So your little boy has grown out of the nursery and is ready for a big boy room. That means it is time to decorate! Which is fun and exciting, but redecorating can be expensive if you don’t do it right. Thankfully kids rooms are so much more fun and easy to keep on a budget, and we will show you how. Keep reading to get all our favorite tips and tricks on how to decorate boys room on a budget.

Boys room on a budget

Get Your Kids Involved

Get your son involved in decorating his own roomSome boys like playing with trucks and cars. While others are fascinated by space, video games, or singing and dancing. Whatever it is that makes your boy smile, it should be reflected in his room. So go with his individual interests and try to get him involved in the designing process.

Whether it is picking the theme of the room, are helping create artwork for the walls, or crafting some other kind of decor. This makes it so much more personal and not just a clipping from yet another home decor magazine.

Do: Decals Don’t: Crazy Wall Color

don't paint your kids walls crazy colorsFor the sake of saving money and not having to paint and repaint an entire room, don’t fall for the trap of murals and bright or intense wall colors. You can bring in a lot of color and fun without making an expensive and difficult to get rid of process to the walls of your kids room. Which is why we suggest skipping the crazy paint process and instead use wall decals instead.

They are cost effective and easy to take off that one day when your child comes home a teenager and wants to redecorate. This way, instead of having to repaint over crazy kid colors, you can simply peel off the decal and you’re back to your neutral color wall color that can work for redecorating or even moving. Artistic murals are expensive and DIY paint projects don’t always look the best, are time intensive, and difficult to cover up later. Like this spider web wall, the Spiderman Decal is arguably much cooler looking and cheaper to apply and take down whenever you want to.

Get your own Spiderman Decal, or other super cool decal choices at Amazon.com.

Shop Online & Resale

shop resale online hunt for deals when redecorating your kids roomSkip the store and shop online. It is so much easier to compare prices and hunt for great deals online. Instead of walking and browsing store after store you can get the item you want at the best price all from the comfort of your own home. While there are stores like Overstock and Amazon that have plenty of items to choose from to buy new.

You can also find resale and online marketplaces where you can purchase items gently used online as well. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace both being two different online shopping. These marketplaces are very “garage sale” style purchases. A lot of people selling their own used goods. Some of it will be in great condition and others, not so much. So keep an eye out for quality and always purchase after seeing the item in person.

There are also resale shops in person like Buy Buy Baby and other resale stores that carry gently used items for kids rooms. We love to shop used because it is giving these items a new life, while you are getting them for much cheaper than retail price. Win, win.


save money and decorate your kids roomWe recently learned about the world of printables. If you haven’t heard of these they are graphic art prints that you download for free and print at home. Nothing is cheaper than free and we love that it gives you lots of options to put cool art into your kids room.

If you want to bump up the quality it is typically very inexpensive to get quality prints at a store like Staples that look professional. Then all you need to do is put it in a frame or get crafty with some mod podge and make a unique piece of art with the new print. Like this fun family portrait craft by blog Love Of Family & Home. The choice is all yours.


Space Art For Kids Craft – skip the store and have your kid make his own artwork for his room. This craft is pretty fool proof and will look great even if your little artist is still learning the ropes. Easy for less than crafty parents as well.

redecorating boys room on a budget

Mod Podge and Wooden Letters – Get some craft letters and the mod podge, it’s time to make a cool looking name for the wall. While Wendy Hyde used a houndstooth design in her DIY page, you can use any design on paper that you would like. We love the look of different balls from football to soccer. After you cut out the letters safely, this is an easy fool proof craft that you can even do with your kids. It is simple to do and always turns out great.

fun diy boys room decorations

Sun Catcher – A little something fun for the window adds color and creativity to the room. This craft is so versatile, simply by changing up the colors and placement you could turn this fun Pokemon craft to work for planets, sports, or just about anything you like.

fun crafts to do to decorate boys room

Fun & Games

have fun with toysKids bedrooms should be fun! Make sure the space is a fun environment for your son to live and play in, as well as being attractive and efficient to use. We love having different fun areas to a room that you might not expect. A tent is a fun way to hide toys and give a fun play area for your kids, like a spaceship tent for our little astronauts out there.

If your son is a little older then we love adding items like basketball hoop laundry basket that hangs on the back of a door. Anything to get kids to put away their laundry, right? So no matter how decorated your kids rooms may be, be sure you save some room for fun.

Solid Generic Furniture

generic solid furniture is best for boys roomsBefore you know it, your little one is going to grow out of their “big kid” room and want to be taken oh so seriously as a teenager. Which is why when it comes to the furniture, we suggest keeping it solid and generic (not a race care bed) so it can last them into their teenage years, even after they redecorate.

Boys are generally rougher on furniture than girls are, so make sure you get solid pieces of furniture that won’t fall apart easily with wear and tear. Again, you can find solid pieces for discounted prices on resale.

Find this solid wood dresser HERE!

Our Sleep Guide: Boys Room On A Budget Design

our sleep guide boys room on a budget design
  1. Starry Night Curtains – Available on Amazon
  2. Space LED Night Light – Available on Amazon
  3. Sleep Sync Zander Padded Upholstered Leather Bed Black – Available at Overstock.com
  4. Moon, Star, and Cloud Lights – Available on Amazon
  5. Rocket Tent – Available on Amazon
  6. Realistic Moon Rug – Available on Amazon
  7. Mi Zone Kids Space Ranger Blue Comforter Set –  Available at Overstock.com

How To Decorate Boys Room On A Budget

At the end of the day a kids room should always express their personality and be fun. So get your kids involved as much as you can. Searching for deals and creating a long lasting room that is easy to redecorate will not only save you money now, but in the future as well. So hunt for sturdy traditional furniture. This way it can stay with your son for a long time, even as his style changes. Keep an eye out for good deals online, resales pieces and get crafty for your wall art when you can.

Looking to ask us a question? You can always reach out to us through out Contact Us page. Send us a message there and we will be happy to help you out in anyway we can.

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