November 21, 2019

How To Decorate Girls Room On A Budget

Decorating your kids rooms is a fun and exciting way to let your little one express themselves and love spending more time in their room. This is especially nice if your little one is just learning to sleep in their own room. Creating a space that they love is a great way to get them to sleep on their own. However, decorations, new bedding, curtains, rugs, all of these things can add up so quickly and become very expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to get all of our tips and tricks on how to decorate a girls room on a budget.

the ultimate little girls room on a budget

Follow Her Interests

personalize your girls room to fit her personalityFrom fairy garden and unicorn land to soccer fields, drum sets and guitars. Different girls love different things and not every girls is going to want a bubblegum pink paradise.

So if your little girl is old enough to express her opinions, definitely involve her in the process. This will allow her to really make her room feel like it is truly hers. Having friends over will be a sense of pride. It may even help her to keep her room clean… but that is a long shot.

Budget Tip: If your little girl tends to have very big/expensive dreams that are impossible for your budget to accomplish, then it is important to limit the options ahead of time.

Provide theme options or color schemes, and then you find the items that you can afford and let her choose between those affordable options. This gives her the power of choice, while you have the control over budget.

Play with Colors

play with alternative colorsKids rooms are so fun to decorate because kids are so open to bright fun colors. Also break the idea that a girls room has to be pink. With so many gorgeous color schemes out in the world, pink doesn’t have to be a default. Of course, that being said, if your little girl’s favorite color is pink then go for it!

Two great places to incorporate color and texture into a room is with your bedding, curtains, and rugs. These are easy to change out if they ever grow out of there childhood room and want to redecorate. It will save you money and effort of painting in the future.

Budget Tip: Avoid painting the walls with murals or crazy colors. While a bucket of bright paint might be cheap to throw on the walls yourself, it can be expensive covering up those bright colors with a neutral color later when they grow up or if you need to move.

Canopies & Tents

little girls room teepeeWhat kids doesn’t want a permanent fort in their room?! Simple canopies or even an indoor small tent on the floor can be an inexpensive way to add a lot of fun to your kids room. An over bed canopy adds a very princess vibe to a bedroom that is cozy and even a little elegant.

If you have the extra floor space a tent or teepee can be a great place not only to play, but to stash/hide extra toys instead of a toy chest. This way it is super easy to do a quick clean up when you need to.

Budget Option: We love this UKadou Kids Teepee Tent from Amazon.com. So cute and comes in 4 color options, we love the purple.

Fairy Lights & Night Lights

best night lights for girls roomsSometimes your girl grows up and feels too old for a night light but still has trouble sleeping in the dark. Fairy lights are a great option to bring a soft light in the room. It adds great bedtime lighting while being a little bit more “grown up” you can even find some that have timer options if they don’t need the lights to run all night long.

Nightlights are so much cooler then they were when we were kids. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are connected to sound machines or even project images onto the walls and ceiling. Like the SOAIY Aurora Night Light that is also a sound machine with many different settings. When it comes to the fairy lights, we highly suggest the Ollny Curtain String Lights the LED light bulbs keeps them cool, so they can be safely used for extended periods of time. They also have a timer and remote control so you do not have to plug or unplug to turn these lights off.


printable wall art used to save moneyRecently I was made aware of a wonderful little cheap decor option called printables, and it is exactly what you think it would be. Different images that can be used as wall decor.

Simply download and print off. If you really want a quality looking print you can get those done at a printing store like Staples for much lower than you would ever purchase as a decorative piece from a store. All you do then is pick a way to display your new wall are.

A discount picture frame is a great option. You could even use mod podge your new image onto a canvas. Printables are such an economical way to save money and create really cool and interesting wall art pieces.

There are plenty of free printable websites out there. One that we have used before is thenavagepatch.com

Get Crafty

This is another great way to involve your daughter in the creations of her new bedroom while also saving money. There is no reason why you should have to buy art or decor for a kids room. It is so much more fun and personal to create it yourselves.

There are dozens of projects online to choose from. We suggest checking out Pinterest for ideas ranging from the highly artistic to the hardly craft capable. So you are sure to find something that you two will be able to make together with relative ease. A few of our favorites are below!

Looking for a great weighted blanket? Check out our all time Favorite Weighted Blanket for Kids. You can customize every last detail, including weight and colors.

DIY Fluid Acrylic Painting
we love diy projects to save money

DIY Pom Pom Yarn Tassel Wall Hanging

diy yarn art projects that are easy

Decorative Initials DIY Project 

save money for girls room with diy decor

Mod Podge DIY Family Photos

diy wall art for girls room

Wall Decals

gold decorative stickers girls roomOne way to make a big impactful looks on the room without spending a lot of time, money, or effort, is with a wall decal. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they are rather cost effective and easy to remove if you ever change your mind. This is why we really like wall decals as an option for those who want a lot of bang for their buck when decorating their kids rooms.

We love these polka dot wall decals, they are simple yet effective. Since they are individually applied you can also be creative with them and create your own look. The metallic gold color gives them a great reflective quality that goes with a lot of different color palettes as well.

Shop Smart for Furniture

furniture to last for girls roomDon’t get suckered into buying a bed in the shape of a princess carriage, sure it’s cute. However, she is going to grow out of it so quickly it will make your head spin. Instead, buy furniture that can last a long time, into their teenage years if you can. This will save you the time and money of having to continually purchasing new beds as she gets older. Save the fun decorations for other pieces that can be easily added or taken away, like the canopies or bed sheets.

Shop Resale/Online

shop together online to find deals We can now buy just about anything online, another great feature of online shopping is having the ability to search for second hand or resale items that you are looking for specifically. No more having to drive around to resale shops or garage sales. With online marketplaces and resale pages, you can find just about anything you are looking for gently used and at a great discount.

Health & Safety Tip: While we love to shop resale, there are a few things we always suggest staying away from when it comes to buying second hand. Mattresses, Cribs, Bedding, and Pillows should never be purchased used. This can be a matter of health and safety. 

Little Details:

change details to update your girls roomSometimes changing little details can have a big impact on the overall look of a room.

Something as small and simple as changing the handles on a plain white bedroom set is a fast and inexpensive way to change up the look of your daughter’s room.

Hold onto those plain handles, you can always put them back on when she gets older, or if you plan to sell the furniture to someone else. This is just one example of dozens of different things you can do to update basics to make them just that little bit more special.


Our Sleep Guide Girls Room On A Budget Design:

fun girls bedroom decor on a budget
  1. Gold Polka Dot Decals – Available at Amazon.com
  2. Purple Princess Canopy – Available at Amazon.com
  3. Victoria Borges: Mystic Unicorn II – Available at Overstock.com
  4. Priage by Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed – Available at Overstock.com
  5. Eugene White Night Stand – Available at Overstock.com
  6. Pink Flower Drawer Handles – Available at Amazon.com
  7. Unicorn Urban Habitat Kids Ella Cotton Bedding – Available at Overstock.com
  8. Blush nuLOOM Double Faux Flokati Sheepskin Rug – Available at Overstock.com
  9. Curtain String Lights (Not Pictured) – Available at – Amazon.com

How To Decorate Girls Room On A Budget

Get Creative! Kids rooms are so fun to decorate with their unique themes and fun colors. This is a great time in your kids life where they are wanting to explore their own personalities and the world around them. Creating a space that is just for them is a special way of embracing your child for who they are and lifting them up. So don’t be feel like their room has to look like a page from a magazine. This is a great time to explore and have fun with home decor. So get creative and try to make things yourselves because this is a great way to get your kids involved and having fun making their own space without shopping for everything and instead saving money.

Check out more of our Decorate on a Budget pages through the Our Sleep Guide Blog where we have decorating on a budget tips for rooms from Nurseries to Farmhouse Style Master Bedrooms.

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