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September 3, 2019

Pros and Cons to Having a TV in Your Bedroom

If your household is anything like ours, then the argument of TV vs NO TV before bed is a common occurrence. As television gained popularity it also became cheaper. Making it affordable enough to have several TVs throughout the house, including one in the bedroom. But did we ever stop to ask whether or not we should put a TV in our bedrooms?

pros and cons to having a tv in the bedroom

More recently individuals and couples have started removing their TVs from their bedrooms. All in search for healthier relationships and better sleep. However, some people swear they can’t sleep without it, while it drives others crazy. Could TV be ruining your sleep? Keep reading below as we go through all of the Pros and Cons of having a TV in the Bedroom to help you decide whether or not it’s a good idea for you.

Pros to a TV in the Bedroom

There is two sides to every coin. And, even though we may not personally be a big fan of having a TV in your bedroom, we can’t disagree that there are some appealing aspects. Some that stand out to us as being beneficial are found below.


pros to having a tv in the bedroomWe all have our different rituals and routines before going to sleep. When we have healthy routines that we adhere to on a daily basis, it can be very beneficial to your sleeping health. Making it easier and faster to fall and stay asleep. If you choose to incorporate watching a TV show into a well rounded otherwise healthy nighttime routine, then you may experience that it helps you get in the mood to sleep.

With this tactic, watching the same show every night will help set the routine. If you are hearing the same theme tone and voices every single night, those familiar sounds will start to trigger those nighttime feelings.

Bonding Through TV

pros to sleeping with a tvWhile there are plenty of arguments against television in the bedroom for couples, (we will get to those in the cons list) There is a potential benefit to watching TV as a couple in bed. Snuggling up together while you watch your favorite show, can be a great bonding experience. Especially if it is a show you both love.

You should take note however, that this is only beneficial if both you and your partner are enjoying the show together. If one of you is on their phone, brushing their teeth, or helping the kids get to bed, then this is no longer a bonding experience.

Only Time for Entertainment

pros to nighttime tv watchingIt is possible that the only free time you have throughout the day to watch your favorite show is after you get into bed. Maybe you have a busy work schedule or the show you really love isn’t appropriate to watch around the kids.

This leaves night time as the only¬†time left for you to get a chance to see your favorite show and squeeze in a bit of “me time” before bed. While this isn’t ideal, it is definitely understandable.

Background Noise

downsides to watching tv at nightWhen we live such busy loud lives, falling asleep to silence can be difficult. Especially if it is the only time you get any peace and quiet. While it might seem strange unless you experience it yourself, silence can be hard to digest.

It may also enhance other small noises like the creaking sounds of your house our your neighbors going about their business. Having the TV on in the background can block out those random noises and make it easier to get some sleep.


benefits to watching tv at nightIf you choose the right show to watch, without any interruptions from advertisements, then it can be a calming activity. Something that can keep your busy mind at bay while being distracted by a lighthearted familiar show or movie.

This can be especially helpful to those with anxiety who find it difficult to sit in the darkness with their own thoughts.

Cons to a TV in the Bedroom

Though some may find the pros to having a TV in your bedroom far outweigh the cons. However, there are certainly plenty of reasons why you should reconsider falling asleep to the blue light and loud noise of a television. We have a plethora of reasons below, and we think we could certainly find even more if needed too.

Too Stimulating

negatives to watching shows at nightTelevision is a form of entertainment. It is not made to put people to sleep, in fact it is designed to keep you engaged. This makes watching TV less than ideal for use as a sleep aid.

Even if you have found a show that manages to bore you to tears, it is still filling up your bedroom with lights and sounds. So even if the content isn’t all that interesting to you, it is still distracting and likely to keep you awake longer than if you were to turn it off.

Annoying Your Partner

why couples shouldn't watch tv in bedIf you love your TV at night, but your partner does not, you could really start to irritate your significant other. Causing some unnecessary friction between the two of you. The only suggestion we have for this one is to keep communication open and try to come to a compromise.

Covers Up Relationship Issues

Without having a designated safe space for talking every night, little problems can turn into really big problems. If you are both watching TV there is no time to argue right? While that may be true, you are likely putting a bandage on a much bigger issue. Communication is key to any relationship, and if you keep blocking out moments to talk, work things through, and connect with each other. Then you are quickly heading in a bad direction.

Stunting Sex Life

couples should get the tv out of the bedroomIf you and your significant other are glued into the TV, you’re not going to bother creating your own fun together. Having the TV on in the bedroom can really cause quite the dry spell in your romantic life.

So if you’re wanting to spice things about between you and your loved one, try taking the TV out of the bedroom.

Going To Sleep At Different Times

reasons to not watch tv in bedGoing to sleep at the same time your significant other does, is a real bonding experience. Especially if you are taking that time to cuddle up with one another. It is really a great way to strengthen your bond with each other.

When you go to bed at different times, even if you’re getting into bed around the same time every night, it can slowly create a small distancing wedge between the two of you.

Putting Thoughts Into Your Head

reasons you should watch tv in bedWhat you watch and listen to right before you go to sleep can really get deep into your psyche. Even when you think you’re no longer actively listening your subconscious is soaking up the information. So if you’re falling asleep to a show all about the inner workings of a serial killer, what is that really doing to you? Okay, okay, maybe you’re not getting that dark right before bed.

However, even if you are listening to a few commercial breaks before you drift off in to a deep sleep. You might be surprised to hear that studies have shown people are more susceptible to advertising at night before they go to sleep. So if you want to get those marketing voices out of your head and your money safe in your pocket, you might want to shut the TV off before you drift off to sleep.

Circadian Rhythm

is watching tv at night ruining your sleepBlue lights really wreck your sleep schedule. This is one of the main arguments against watching TV before bed. Blue based LED lights stimulate sensors in the brain that trick your subconscious into thinking it is still daylight.

The light of a TV can even prevent natural melatonin production. Simply by watching some TV before bed could actually be throwing off your entire circadian rhythm and cause all sorts of issues like insomnia and sleep deprivation.

Disrupts Sleep Patterns

why is tv bad for your sleepEven if you delay your sleep by 30 minutes every night, you could be throwing off your entire sleep schedule. Which means in the morning you could now be trying to wake up during the middle of a REM cycle. This will make you to feel like you lost much more than just 30 minutes of sleep.

Throwing Off Your Feng Shui

Lets admit it, having a TV in the bedroom is not the most attractive or relaxing thing to look. While there are now TVs that attempt to replicate art hanging on a wall, no decorator is thrilled to design a relaxing bedroom around a flat screen TV.

By taking it out, you could really design your bedroom space to be purpose oriented. Like a kitchen is designed to cook in, your bedroom can be designed for sleep.

Sets A Bad Example For Kids

is watching tv at night okay for kidsIf every night you are preaching about the importance of lights out and getting to bed, while you turn around and watch TV for a couple hours. You are likely sending some mixed signals to your kids. Yes, you are an adult and you can make your own choices.

However, kids pay much more attention to your actions than your words. It is going to be hard to make your case when your little one starts asking questions. It is also important to instill healthy habits for your kids. So if you start falling asleep to the TV, you could be setting them up to have poor sleeping habits as adults.

Needlessly Using Energy

turn off your tvIf you sleep with the TV on all night long, you are spending more on your energy bill then you should be. Save yourself a bit of cash and shut off the TV. Or at the very least get a TV with a timer option that will shut off automatically after a certain period of time.

Big numbers are made up of little numbers, if you add up an entire year of nightly TV watching, you would be surprised at how much money you could be saving simply by turning off a TV that you’re not even watching anyway.

Nightly Activities To Replace TV Watching

  • other activities to do before bed besides watch tvListen to music
  • Get a noise machine
  • Listen to podcasts or audio books
  • Read books or magazines
  • Meditate
  • Do some light yoga or stretching
  • Give or receive a massage
  • Listen to your TV (turn off the screen or put on an eye mask)
  • Write in a journal
  • Reflect on your day
  • Plan for your following day/following morning
  • Spend quality time with your spouse
  • Take a relaxing bath or shower
  • Spice things up in the bedroom
  • Talk to your significant other
  • Do a craft

Is TV in the Bedroom Best For You? Or Not?

Even if you only took a quick glance through our Pros and Cons list, then you probably noticed that the Cons out way any Pros by a long shot. The great news is, if you’re a lover of TV in the bedroom but want the benefits of kicking the habit, then there are a lot of good options for replacements. With so many entertainment options for you to choose from, there is sure to be one or two that you can use to help wean yourself off of the TV.

However, if you still want to continue watching your shows and movies at night. Then who are we to stop you? We simply suggest you try to turn the TV off 30 minutes to an hour before you head off to dreamland. This way it is less likely to cause insomnia or throw off your circadian rhythm.

is tv in bed right for you

Though we personally find the cons to outweigh the pros of having a TV in your bedroom, we are curious what you think? Let us know your reasons as to why or why you shouldn’t have a television in your bedroom. Or if you have any tips you can share to boot technology out of the bedroom.