July 2, 2020

Top Podcasts For Sleep

As we lay in bed waiting to drift off to dreamland, it can be difficult to turn off our busy minds. Having something to fill the space can be helpful for giving our minds a path to gently concentrate on before falling asleep. Yet, television and smartphones can be too stimulating and keep you awake longer than you intended.

Podcasts are a wonderful compromise. They manage to keep you entertained while the right podcasts can also help lull you to sleep. We have collected our top podcasts to listen to for falling asleep, and we hope you love them. There is a little something for everyone on our list of top podcasts for sleep list.

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great podcasts to listen to at night Get Sleepy

The host of get sleepy is Thomas, his lovely story time voice has a sing song quality. His English accent is lovely to listen to. Thomas will walk you through a relaxation exercise as soothing music plays in the background.

This is a great podcast for anyone who wants the extra help getting to relax before a story begins. Different story tellers will come to walk you through a relaxing visualization story that is made to help you relax and fall asleep.

This is a wonderful podcast for anyone who struggles with stress or anxiety.

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podcasts to help you fall asleep Phoebe Reads a Mystery

For all of our true crime podcast lover’s, you may already be familiar with the creator of this podcast, Phoebe Judge.

She also has a Podcast called Criminal. While intriguing, true crime is not a great topic to fall asleep to. Which is where Phoebe Reads a Mystery comes in.

This podcast is interesting enough to keep you entertained, while soothing enough to allow you to fall asleep peacefully. The gentle quality to Phoebe’s voice adds to her story telling.

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asmr podcasts for sleep Sleep and Relax ASMR

A wonderful podcast that is perfect for anyone who would fall asleep to their college professors rambling lectures, or boring low energy meetings at work.

He doe bring in some humor into the themes and within the episodes. For example a faux Zoom meeting, or “useless trivia” themes are a few of many different themes used throughout the podcast.

One thing we enjoy about this podcast is that it isn’t always exactly the same. The microphone used is quality, giving a clear and soothing whispering effect to the audio quality.

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relaxing podcasts at night Sleep With Me

The host of Sleep With Me, Drew Ackerman has a very conversational tone to his voice.

Instead of sounding purposefully soothing or lulling you to sleep, Ackerman’s tone reminds us of an NPR interviewer. Not quite monotone yet still gentle and easy to fall asleep to.

This is a great podcast for anyone who doesn’t want to feel as though they are listening to a “sleep” podcast.

Sleep With Me has many different types of episodes with varying themes which helps keep things interesting.

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podcasts great for relaxing before bed Nothing Much Happens

A wonderful podcast that proves that bedtime stories are not just for kids.

Kathryn Nicolai is the writer of all of the stories read. Stories in which… you guessed it, nothing much happens. However, plot is not the point to these stories.

Nicolai’s voice is calming and instructive, which makes sense. She is a yoga and meditation instructor.

Nicolai starts each episode with a mini sleep pep talk and some simple breathing and relaxation prep before the story telling begins. The stories are simple and descriptive, focusing on calming sensory experiences.

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listen to these podcasts to go to sleep Sleepy

Otis Gray is the host of the Sleepy podcast. His low gravely voice has a delicate southern accent In order to better describe it, we as you to imagine if Matthew McConaughey was turned into a soothing sleeping pill. This is the vibe of Gray’s voice.

The stories he reads are classic tails. Rapunzel, Goldilocks and The Three Bears and so on. (Not all children’s stories though.)

Gray reads these stories in a gentle monotone whisper. Perfect to fall asleep to.

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stories to fall asleep to BBC Shipping Forecast 

This is a rather unique addition to this page. The BBC Shipping Forecast is traditionally played on the radio late in the evening. Right before the radio broadcast would come to a end for the night.

The shipping forecast informs the weather on the different coasts, using many terms that are both repetitive and foreign to the average person.

Which allows it to come off as soothing monotone gibberish that is wonderful to fall asleep to.

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great nighttime podcasts Welcome To Night Vale

This Podcast is a strange and wonderful adventure full of curiosity.

This podcast both has a the sense of story telling and plot, while also allowing you to get lost in a strange make believe world.

Night Vale has a mysterious and somewhat creepy vibe, but it is a soft and gentle sounding, which is why it is fun to fall asleep to.

If you struggle with a bit of anxiety, this isn’t the most relaxing podcast out there. However, if you enjoy a quirky mystery, this is a fun podcast to fall asleep to.

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pod casts to fall asleep to The New Yorker – Fiction

Want to fall asleep to the sound of well written books being read to you? This is the podcast for you.

The New Yorker Fiction podcast features different readers each month reading a portion of a book. Including short interviews before each reading.

The podcast is great for lulling you to sleep as well and peaking interest in new fiction books to add to your “to read” collection.

Each episode typically lasts around 40 minutes to an hour, making it a great length for falling asleep to.

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bedtime podcasts or top picks Nocturne

The podcast Nocturne, explores different peoples night time adventures.

From owl watching to nighttime graveyard shifts, Nocturne shares individuals stories of their nighttime adventures.

We love the simple story telling style to the podcast. It is both entertaining and relaxing. A great nighttime podcast for falling asleep.

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Top Podcasts For Sleep

With so many great podcasts for sleep you’ll surely find your ideal fit. If you didn’t find something that sparks your interest on our list there are certainly several more out there.

Also, if you have some recommendations for amazing podcasts that you enjoy falling asleep to, let us know! Contact us and we would love to add another great option to our line up.