November 9, 2020

Best Music For Sleep

best music for better sleep

There is nothing that can set the tone or change your mood quite like music can. Whether your goal is to dance the night away, sip brandy by the fire, or inspire a football team to conquer the field. There are songs and styles of music that can accomplish setting that mood.

Music has a way of creating a mood and moving us like nothing else can. Which is why it is such a useful tool for relaxing and preparing for sleep. Our day to day lives can be stress or exciting, music can help us to relax and prepare for a night of restful sleep. Which is why we have collected the Best Music For Sleep. Some of the most popular genres of music for setting a relaxing mood for sleep from music for deep sleep, nature sounds, and even classical music. Along with links to our favorite playlists for that kind of music!

Prefer to listen to Podcasts? There are loads of Podcasts created specifically to help you fall asleep! Click here to view our favorites now.

What Are The Best Types of Music for Sleep?

Music For Relaxation

relaxing music to listen to before bedFind different styles of music that make you feel like sitting back and relaxing. This may take on different forms for different people. While some may love smooth jazz, others may prefer chill beats. Whatever your relaxation music of choice may be, try putting it on as you start getting ready for bed or even a few hours before. This will help to get you in the mood to let off steam and get ready to unwind.

Whatever genre you prefer, we just suggest keeping it soft and smooth so it encourages relaxation. Click the button below for one of our favorite relaxation playlists on YouTube.

Our Favorite Relaxing Playlist

Music For Deep Sleep

best playlists for sleepWhile there is no magical sound that is going to entrance you into a deep and restful sleep. Some sounds are much better than others for encouraging deep sleep. If you are looking for music to listen to as you fall asleep, we suggest sticking with gentle relaxing music with no singing.

Human voices are very stimulating and distracting. Making it difficult for you to fall into a very deep sleep when listening to music with lyrics.

For music that lulls you into a deep sleep, we suggest finding gentle melodic and slow music. Something that can easily drift away without much notice. Click the button below for our favorite playlist of deep sleep style music on YouTube.

Our Favorite Deep Sleep Playlist

Relaxing Piano Music To Sleep To

top piano music for relaxingThe piano is one of the most loved and versatile instruments there is. From gentle classical music to intense pieces that evoke emotion you can get just about any feeling from a piece of music written for the piano.

However, we are on the search for piano music that is perfect to fall asleep to. We found a great playlist on YouTube that does just the trick. Click the button below to start listening now.

Our Favorite Relaxing Piano Playlist

Classical Music for Sleep

best playlist classical music for falling asleepWhile there is a large variety of classical music, we suggest finding a playlist that utilizes a mixture of calming and relaxing songs.

If you find the wrong classical music it can be far from relaxing and will keep you wide awake. Slower softer pieces that are melodic and gentle are the best types of classical music for sleep.

Thankfully there are so many premade playlists out there that are geared toward classical music that is good for falling asleep and relaxing to. Like the playlist from YouTube that we have preselected. Click the button below to listen now!

Our Favorite Classical Playlist

Spa Music for Sleep

spa mood relaxingIf there is one place on earth that focuses all of their energy on relaxation, it is a spa. At a spa the entire environment is created to be soothing. The music used in a spa is often a mixture between relaxing instrumental pieces and nature sounds.

Creating a playlist that is simply perfect for setting the mood to relax, let off some steam, and tuck in for the night. The button below features a playlist of some of our favorite relaxing spa music on YouTube.

Our Favorite Spa Music Playlist

Sounds For Sleep (Not Technically Music):

Nature Sounds For Sleep

nature sounds for better sleepHumans will forever be drawn back to nature. It speaks to our souls in a way that nothing else can. Calming nature sounds are a relaxing and soothing way to incorporate sounds into your nightly routine without using music.

Whether you love the sound of a light rainfall, or a whispering wind, there is a nature sound out there for you and your particular taste. Click the button below for some of our favorites. Or check out the app RelaxMelodies to blend your own mix of nature sounds.

Our Favorite Nature Sounds Playlist

White Noise For Sleep

white noise for sleepIf you find music or noises too stimulating or distracting, then you may enjoy white noise. It is a often describe as a fuzzy noise similar to an old tv static. There are no melodies, lyrics, or really any distinguishing sounds what so ever. White noise is simply a blend of frequencies and it is used to block out noises. This is great for anyone living in a noisy home or neighborhood and you are looking to block out as many disruptive noises as possible.

An easy application for many sleep sounds along with white noise is the RelaxMelodies made by Ipnosis. With this app you can customize your own personalized mix noises to be exactly what you want.

Our Favorite White Noise Playlist

ASMR for Better Sleep

asmr good for sleepingAs audio recording and speakers/headphones became more advanced. The world of ASMR exploded. ASMR, stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

With such hyper detailed sounds, this can trigger a response where your other senses become stimulated simultaneously by the sound. For many this is a highly relaxing.

However, the reaction can vary drastically depending on the type of ASMR you are listening to. So look for ASMR videos geared toward relaxation and sleep. It may take a while to find the kinds of videos that you will enjoy most.

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Tip To Find Relaxing Music To Sleep To:


playlists for sleepWhether you are looking to create your own playlist or looking discover playlists that are premade by others, Spotify is a great place to find music. They also have a long list of Podcasts that are great to fall asleep to as well.

Our main suggestion for using Spotify is to go ahead and upgrade to the subscription if you like the playlists you find. This way you avoid any loud and disruptive commercials that are (purposefully) obnoxious.

Find more ways to create a relaxing environment in your bedroom in our post: How To Make Your Room More “Hygge”


The video streaming platform YouTube has become an incredible resource for music. They even have a new platform called streaming music called YouTube Music. If you are wanting to primarily use YouTube for streaming music either subscribing to their YouTube Music or the YouTube Premium.

These platforms are going to be great options for you. As they both allow you to play videos and stream music while having your phone closed. It also keeps you from having to listen to the occasional commercial as well.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more mattress reviews and so much more!

Speakers For Bedtime Music Enjoyment

Pillow Speaker

pillow sonicA pillow speaker is a great way to comfortably listen to music while you go to sleep. Pillow speakers have the added benefit of allowing you to listen to music without filling the entire room with sound.

So If you and your partner don’t listen to the same thing while heading off to sleep, this is a great alternative to uncomfortable headphones.

Our pillow speaker of choice is the Pillowsonic. It is covered in a soft foam in order to maintain optimal comfort. Simply place the speaker in between the top of your pillow and your pillow case and enjoy.

Click here to shop the Pillowsonic now!

Alarm Clock Speaker

alarm clock speaker With more people choosing to keep their phones outside of the bedroom, alarm clocks are making a comeback in popularity.

There are now alarm clocks that not only to wake you up in the morning, but also have updated features that can help you to fall asleep at night.

One of those high tech alarm clocks we are referring to is the iHome iPL23 Alarm Clock. This is a great bedside alarm clock that can also serve as a speaker and a phone charger if you still want to keep your phone nearby.


Looking to turn your bedroom into a tech savvy smart bedroom?! Click HERE for our top favorite technology for better sleep.

Somnox Robot

sound machine sleep robotLooking for something a little more advanced? How about the Somnox Robot! This nifty little sleep assistant is shaped like a cozy little bean.

Snuggle it next to your chest and stomach, the Somnox assists with slowing your breathing and calming you down. It also has a built in Bluetooth speaker and calming sound effects.

So you can choose to listen to the calming built in audio or whatever calming sounds or music you prefer to listen to via Bluetooth on your phone or tablet. Allowing you to listen to your favorite music, noises, or podcast of your choice.

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Sound Makers

best white noise machineOur top two favorite sound makers. While many parents buy them for their kids rooms, we suggest getting one for the master as well. HoMedics Soundspa and the Hatch Sound Machine.

The Hatch also doubles as an optional nightlight for kids. This is a great alternative to more expensive options like a phone or tablet needing to be used in order to stream music and sounds through apps.

You can instead use your phone or tablet for whatever else you need while your sound machine takes care of the task of music or white noise in order to fill your bedroom or child’s room with sound.

Click the link to learn more about white noise: Pros & Cons of White Noise Machines

Best Music For Sleep – Final Thoughts:

We hope these playlists and products help you to find relaxing music for your bedtime routine. Whether you choose to listen while you get ready for bed, while you unwind from your long day, or even while you sleep. Music is an incredible tool to use for stress relief and better sleep.

top playlists for better sleep

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