September 24, 2020

Sleep & Noisy Neighbors

how to get the best sleep of your life with noisy neighbors

If your upstairs neighbors are midnight tap dancers, or you share a wall with late night rockers, or you simply have a loud roommate that doesn’t know what “I have to work in the morning” means. Then we are here to help! It is possible to get the sleep you need despite your loud neighbors or noisy roommate. We are going to share with you our top tips on how to drown out the noise and sleep better.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

how to sleep with loud roommatesIf you have been dealing with this problem for a while, then surely you have already invested in a nice set of noise canceling headphones. If not, get on board! You will be amazed by the new technology in these different headphones and how well they work. Noise cancelling headphones actually put out frequencies that cancel out noise from getting through to your ears.

This is typically supported by sturdy over ear construction that also helps to muffle out noise all together. This allows you to block out unwanted sounds.

Making it much easier to ignore those noisy neighbors, or even louder sounds like your college dorm roommate. While these heavy duty headphones might not be great to sleep in, they will absolutely cut out the noise whenever you’re in a pinch.

Pillow Speaker

ways to block out noise from loud roommatesLooking to listen to some music or enjoy a podcast, but can’t stand falling asleep with anything on your head or in your ears? Try out a pillow speaker. There are a number of pillow with built in speakers or slim line bluetooth speakers that are designed to comfortably slip into your pillow case and turn any pillow you wish into a personal pillow speaker.

These fun little devices make it easier to listen to music at night without disturbing others or playing music throughout the entire room. (Have a noisy roommate that likes to listen to music or tv while they sleep? This might be a great gift for them as well.)

White Noise Machine/Noise Blocking Devices

how to get rest with loud neighborsThis is a great option for blocking out external noises. White noise is essentially blurring sounds before they hit your ears. This makes it easier to tune out sounds that you would rather not hear when heading off to sleep, or any other time of day.

There are also noise blocking devices that work in very similar way, except it is less audible. However, both are highly effective and we think if you are having trouble with loud roommates or neighbors, that a white noise machine is a great investment for your sleep.

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Fall Asleep Listening To A Podcast

listen to a podcastHaving words to concentrate on instead of just music can be a great way to drown out unwanted noise or voices. There are a number of different fantastic podcasts tailor made to help you fall asleep. Our minds key in on conversation more so than just music.

So if your neighbors are talking or having an argument, our brains want to hone in on that conversation, especially if it involves any heightened emotions. While all of the other noise blocking tips we have given so far are helpful, listening to speaking voices via a podcast can give your mind something else to focus in on.

Get our list of recommended Podcasts for sleep HERE!

Sleep With A Box Fan Running

use a box fan at nightThere are many people out there who swear by sleeping with the fan on. An old school box fan is an especially noisy fan that is a great option to choose. Not only is a fan a nice cooling option to have around while you sleep.

Box fans work essentially the same exact way that a white noise machine works. The whirring sound of the blades and motor create a relaxing white noise sound. This is a great combination for anyone who also lives in a hot environment and need a little help staying cool as well.

Noise Reducing Curtains & Wall Pads

get sound blocking artThere is a lot of sound reducing and canceling equipment out there. If you have the funds, you can essentially sound proof your room. Noise Reducing Curtains are going to be best used for noise coming from outside your window of course. So this is going to be best if you have people outside your home or building being loud.

While curtains are flowing, there is only so much noise they can reduce. However, every little bit helps. There are even window treatments that can be done in order to block out noise, however these are best for those who own their own property or get permission for the change from a landlord.

There are also noise reducing wall panels, some are much more aesthetically pleasing than others. However there are many different options out there that should be able to help reduce noise.

Invest In Fabrics, Rugs, Curtains, and More!

use lots of textilesSound travels best on hard flat surfaces, thick fabrics can make it more difficult for sound to travel. While having a rug is not going to drown out your neighbors guitar solo, it can help. We suggest thick rugs, curtains, fabric couches,.

Even a nice tapestry will all helps to physically disrupt the travel of sound in or out of your room. There is even wall art that you can purchase that is specifically made to be aesthetically pleasing while also reducing sound.

Sleep Robot:

sound machine sleep robotOkay you might think have had too many sleepless nights with this one, but hear us out. The Somnox Sleep Robot is a bean shaped pillow that helps you slow your breathing and relax.

It have programmed relaxing sounds. As well as Bluetooth connectivity so you can play any sounds you like through it’s speaker.

This is a unique device made specifically to encourage sleep and relaxation. The sound feature will be the best for drowning out other noises around you.

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Talk To Your Neighbor/Roommate:

talk to your neighborThis is going to be a very dividing tip for most people. Either this is something you have already done multiple times, or it is something you have been avoiding at all costs. If you are one of those people who has avoided talking to your neighbor or roommate about making noise at night, then it might be about time you give it a shot. In order to have the best possible reaction, try to be calm when bringing it up.

This is not only the best way to avoid confrontation, it is also the best way to get what you want. Confronting someone in anger often leads to resentment, and no one wants to respect the needs and desires of someone who yells at them. If this is difficult for you, try waiting and talking to them at a time when you are not fired up about it.

Make A Noise Complaint:

make a noise complaintNo one wants to be “that guy” but sometimes noise complaints can be the best way to get real results. There are also several other reasons why making a noise complaint is a good idea. If you have tried to handle the issue by talking to your neighbor before and you were met with aggression. Or if the noises you are hearing is aggressive arguments.

Then it might be a more safe option to call and make a complaint. Another point we would like to make is that in some cases it might be helpful for others safety to call in and report anything that sounds like someone may be in danger.

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Just Say No To Noisy Neighbors

Overall, when it comes to dealing with noisy neighbors, or roommates, the goal is to either communicate and fix the noise issue. Or find a way to block it out all together. We hope our tips and tricks give you a few different ideas on how you can do a bit of both. Regardless, our list of products are sure to help block out all the unwanted noise so you can get some much needed rest, even when your neighbor is hosting another party. Happy Sleeping!