May 20, 2020

Mattress Insider: Custom & RV Mattresses

If you are looking for a custom of specialty mattress you might be wondering where to even start. When you need to fit a sleep space that is outside of the standard mattresses sizes we have the perfect option for you. Mattress Insider is a site that specializes in custom mattresses. Ranging from RV mattresses, Boat mattresses, oversize mattresses and unique shaped beds. They literally have mattresses available in any size and shape you need.

Mattress Insider’s Mattress Options

When it comes to options you pretty much have no limitations on what you can have made. Mattress Insider is one of the rare companies out there who is 100% custom. This is amazing for anyone who has a very specific space they need to fit a mattress in. Their list of suggestions is long, but they offer mattresses for the following:

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Mattress Insider All Foam RV Mattresses:

If you are looking specifically for a Camper or RV mattress than you will have three affordable and ideal options. Mattress Insider offers their most affordable option, the Sedona Mattress. Their best value bed, the Elation Mattress. As well as their most premium and most popular RV mattress, the Luxury Mattress.

Each of these mattresses is American Made. As well as uses USA made materials, unless otherwise noted. Each of these mattresses are available in the most popular RV bed sizes. But are also able to be made to custom measurements to fit any odd space or shape. Below is a little more about what each mattress has to offer.

Sedona RV Mattress

mattress insider sedona rv mattress The most basic RV, or camper mattress option from Mattress Insider is the Sedona RV Mattress model. This firmer feeling all foam mattress is 5.5″ thick and starting for only $199. Using only CertiPURUS foams, you’ll be happy to know that this mattress is clean and safe. With no off gassing and organic cotton cover, you’ll surely love this addition to your RV.

Elation RV Mattress

mattress insider elation rv mattress If you are looking for a bed that offers a slightly softer feel, the 6″ Elation RV Mattress is for you. This mattress is not only a little thicker but also is two sided. Giving you a longer lasting mattress. With cooling gel foam paired with an organic cotton cover for even cooler and more comfortable sleep. This mattress is an upgrade, but worth it. Starting at $299 and adjusting depending on your size needed.

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Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress

mattress insider luxury gel foam rv mattress If you are looking for the most top of the line option, than the Mattress Insider Luxury Gel Foam mattress is going to right up your alley. Similar to the Elation it also is a two sided mattress that uses the cooling gel foam. However, this option is also a minimum of 2″ thicker with added comfort foam. With the possibility of being 10″ if needed too. It might have an added price tag, but the comfort and feel of this bed is worth the added cost.

Natural Latex RV Mattress

mattress insider natural latex rv mattress For those of you out there looking for a completely natural RV mattress you’re in luck. The Mattress Insider Natural Latex RV Mattress pairs layers of durable and cool sleeping latex with organic cotton. Creating an all foam mattress that doesn’t hold heat, lasts for years and is completely natural. And, it is a whopping 8.5″ thick and comes with a 20 year warranty.

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Mattress Insider Hybrid RV Mattresses:

Sometimes the comforts of home are more apparent when traveling in an RV. However, when you have a mattress that is literally like your hybrid mattress at home it allows you for more comfort. Below is a great RV hybrid mattress option that gives you added support, durability and homey feel.

Park Meadow RV Mattress

mattress insider hybrid coil rv mattress This 8″ thick pocketed coil Park Meadow RV Mattress is like taking your bedroom at home on the road. By pairing a coil system with comfort foams, and organic cotton cover you get a mattress that is super breathable, thick and durable. The support is more precise while the comfort is accommodating. The price is fantastic and is ideal for anyone who spends more time in their RV and is looking for a high quality mattress that will last.

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Mattress Insider Custom Mattresses:

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