March 30, 2021

Is It Time To Get A New Mattress?

If you have made it onto this blog post, then you are probably wondering… Is it time to get a new mattress? When you have a mattress for years and years on end, you may not notice at first that with age it has become less comfortable. It can be difficult to tell when it is time to say goodbye to that old mattress and get a new one. Or, perhaps your mattress is only a few years old, but it is not as comfortable as it used to be. Determining whether or not it is time for a new bed can be tricky sometimes. Which is why we are sharing with your our top 7 signs that it is time to get a new mattress. Keep reading to learn more.

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time to get a new mattress?

7 Signs It Is Time To Get A New Mattress

1. Your Mattress is Lacking Support

how to tell when your bed has lost supportIf your mattress should be one thing, it should be supportive. Without proper support, your mattress is going to allow your spine to bed into uncomfortable positions. Leaving you waking up with all sorts of aches and pains.

Even if you prefer to have a softer mattress with plenty of pressure relief, a good mattress need that support underneath, or else you might as well be sleeping on a waterbed.

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2. Your Mattress is Dirty

is it time to get rid of my old mattress?While a mattress can be cleaned, and you should give it a good spots cleaning and vacuum every now and then. If you mattress is particularly dirty, then you are going to want to get a new mattress. We always recommend using a mattress protector in order to keep spills, sweat, dust and other contaminants from getting into your mattress.

A dirty mattress is not only stinky and unsightly, it can also make your mattress less comfortable as well as being a health risk. Dirty mattresses can harbor all sorts of bacteria and attract critters like bed bugs. If your mattress has been collecting sweat, spills, dust, for decades it can eventually weigh a lot and cause your mattress to lose support and breakdown faster. Truly a clean mattress, is a comfortable mattress.

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3. You Wake Up In Pain

mattress is causing neck and back painIf you are waking up in pain caused by your mattress, then of course it is time to get a new one. There are a few different things that can lead your mattress to causing aches a pains. The first is if you purchased the wrong bed for how you sleep. For example, if you sleep on your side, you want to make sure you get a mattress with enough pressure relief.

Another reason why your old mattress may be causing you pain, is if it has lost support in some areas. This can lead to different aches and pains being caused by a bed that you used to sleep on comfortably for years.

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4. You Are Not Sleeping Well

not getting enough sleep each nightIf you are waking up more and more throughout the night, and/or waking up feeling more tired than ever. It is possible that your mattress is not the right fit for you anymore. Even if it doesn’t feel all that unsupportive or uncomfortable, your mattress may not comfortable enough for you.

Often, we become used to how our mattress feels, as it tends to lose support and comfort overtime and not overnight. Which means you may misinterpret your busy schedule or stressful lifestyle to be the reason why you are not sleeping well at night. If you fix your daily habits and you are still not sleeping well at night, it might be worth trying a new mattress to see if it helps.

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5. Your Mattress Is Uncomfortable

waking up uncomfortableThere are so many different factors that go into making your mattress feel comfortable to you. Which means there is a long list of reasons why a mattress might no longer feel comfortable for you anymore. Whether it is because your weight has changed drastically, it is wearing out and no longer supportive, or you purchased the wrong mattress for your sleeping style from the start.

At the end of the day if your mattress is uncomfortable for you to sleep on, then you need a different bed.

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6. If Your Needs Have Changed:

your needs have changed pregnant lifestyle changesThere are a number of reasons why your needs in a mattress may change. Whether it is significant weight gain or loss, pregnancy, snoring development, marriage (need a bigger bed), or so on. If your mattress is perfectly good, but is not serving your needs any longer, then it is likely time to get a new mattress.

Significant weight changes often change how soft or supportive a mattress will feel to you. Your needs for support may also change as your weight changes.

Pregnancy also comes with many different kinds of changes to your sleeping habits. Especially your sleeping position. Many back and stomach sleepers will switch to sleeping on their sides during pregnancy. There are many other changes throughout life that may cause you to have different needs from your mattress.

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7. When It Is Obviously Time For a New Mattress

how to tell when your mattress is long goneYou might be wondering, what makes it obviously time to get a new mattress? Obvious signs that you need a new mattress are when the seems are coming apart, springs are poking through the bed, it is obviously sagging or broken down, beyond dirty, or simply trashed.

It isn’t often we allow mattresses to get this rundown, however it can happen. If you take off your sheets to wash your bedding and you are shocked at the state of your mattress, then it is absolutely time to get a new bed.

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Is It Time To Get A New Mattress? – Final Answer

If you are here, asking yourself whether or not you should be getting a new mattress. Then it is highly likely that you should. There are countless ways in which you can outgrow your mattress, from a mattress wearing out through time and use, or your needs have simply changed. If it is time for you to buy a new mattress, make sure you get one that will work best for you and how you sleep. Click the link below to follow our easy to use mattress buying guide.

7 reasons to get a new mattress

Decided it is time to buy?! Check out Our Mattress Buying Guide for help on choosing your new mattress.