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October 13, 2019

Is It Time To Get A New Mattress?

is it time for a new mattress?Determining when it is time to buy a new mattress can be difficult. With so many different variables, it isn’t always easy to know when your mattress has given out on you. However, there are a few tell tale signs. These signs will help you determine if it is time to get a new mattress of if your current bed is still just fine. Keep reading to find out whether it your mattress has hit the end of its lifespan or if you can hold onto your mattress for a little longer.

Is Your Mattress Dirty?

is your old bed stainedTrust us when we say, there is a difference between a well loved and worn in mattress and a dirty mattress. We have seen our fair share of dirty mattresses which is why we recommend mattress protectors so much. Especially if you live is a hot environment or sweat heavily at night, your mattress will age much faster than if you use a mattress protector.

Not only will your mattress become discolored and smell. it can also begin to effect your health negatively. As your mattress collects skin cells, hair, and sweat it will become a warm dark space to grow germs and even attract bed bugs. Dirty mattresses are serious business and if you have let your mattress get gross then it is time to say goodbye and learn how to take better care of your bed for your own health.

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Loosing It’s Shape

is it time to get rid of my mattressWhen you first buy a bed-in-a-box mattress online it may take a few days for the bed to bounce back to it’s full firmness and size. When you sleep on your bed every night for years it is carrying your weight and eventually it will begin to break down. The heavier you weigh, the faster it will age. If you have a hybrid mattress you may find that some of the springs may loose their strength and ability to bounce back. While some foams simply break down with time and use.

This is one reason why mattress owners tend to flip and/or turn their mattress every year or so. This tactic is used to wear down different areas of your bed so it does not give out in one area that gets more use than another area. Before you go flip your mattress upside down, some beds are flippable while others are not. If you’re not sure, the best rule of thumb is to turn your bed instead of flipping it unless you know for sure that you bought a flippable mattress.

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Do You Experience Pain?

is your bed causing you painUnfortunately a lot of us suffer with little aches and pains. However, if you mattress is the cause of these aaches and pains, then it is absolutely time to get a new mattress. Aches and pains are typically worse in the mornings. So how can you tell whether your pain is being caused by your mattress or not? There are a few ways to tell

  1. Is your mattress falling apart so badly that it has lost it’s credibility as a mattress? Then it might be causing your pain.
  2. When you have overnight stays elsewhere and sleep on a different bed, do you feel more comfortable and feel less pain in the morning? If so, then it is likely your mattress causing you pain.
  3. Is you mattress brand new, and different from what you’re used to? If this is the case then it may be the cause, however new mattresses need time to break in and your body needs time to adjust to the new feeling of the mattress

Loosing Sleep

are you getting less sleep because of your old mattressWhile there many be many different reasons to a change in sleeping habits, if you are no longer able to sleep in your bed like you used to, it may be due to small discomforts being caused by your old mattress. While you may still think you’re comfortable, consistently waking up through the night or taking much longer to get to sleep in the first place. This may be due to your mattress no longer being as supportive or comfortable as it once was. If you believe your mattress is causing you to loose sleep, then it is definitely time to move on.

Once your sleeping habits get thrown off it can be difficult to get back to a healthy sleep schedule. Visit our post How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule for our top tips to help you get back to sleeping on schedule.

Are You Comfortable?

when is it time to get a new bedIf you love your worn in mattress that you have had for decades and you wake up well rested and go to sleep comfortable, then keep it! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. As long as you are sleeping comfortably and healthily (by using a mattress protector to keep your bed clean) Then there is no reason you must get rid of your mattress and get a new one. If your bed is making you uncomfortable, causing you pain, or making you sick (from germs). Then it is time to move on from your mattress.

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Big Changes

when is it time to get a new mattressThere are certain changes in life that may require the purchase of a new mattress. Whether those changes are physical. (Pregnancy, Weight Gain, Big Surgeries, Growing Up) Or if you have gone through other big life changes like graduating from college or getting a divorce. Sometimes life calls for a new mattress even if your current mattress technically work perfectly fine.

For those physical changes, your current mattress may no longer be the comfort or support that you need. If your change is temporary (like pregnancy or recovering from surgery) then we suggest changing out your accessories. Instead of getting a brand new mattress for a temporary change, try a new mattress topper or pillows. This will be more cost effective overall as well as saving you from potentially switching back at a later date.

When It’s Obvious

when is it time to say goodbye to your old mattressSometimes these things simply slip between your fingers and it feels like just yesterday you got your mattress and now it is falling apart. If you have large holes or tears in your bed. Or if you have a spring or two that has either collapsed or are sticking out, then it is absolutely time to say goodbye.

If you or someone you love has a mattress that is long passed it’s prime. Then do yourself (or them) a favor and get that mattress out of your life. Every mattress has it’s day in the sun. If it’s obvious that this mattress should be thrown out. Then there is no way it is providing quality comfort any longer.

Is It Time To Get A New Mattress?

If someone somewhere at some point told you that after so many years you should get a new mattress. And this is why you are looking for a new bed. Then we suggest looking into the state of your mattress before heading out to the showroom. If you are sleeping perfectly comfortable on your bed, then there is really no need to go out and get a new one. However, if your bed is loosing it’s structure, has gotten really dirty, or is beginning to become uncomfortable/cause you pain. Then it is absolutely a good time to start looking for a new bed. Keep in mind that all generic time frames for how long something is supposed to last you is all relative. This can differ depending on what you purchased and how well you take care of it.

are you comfortable on your old mattress

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