February 3, 2021

American Blossom Linens

american blossom organic sheets

When it comes to anything we say American Made is BEST! Which is why we really love the linen brand, American Blossom Linens. This 100% organic cotton brand is proudly made in the USA. Offering a variety of bed linens; including sheets, blankets and even crib sheets, there is something for everyone.

Below we are going to focus on the American Blossom organic cotton sheets. As well as take a brief look at the entire line up of bedding products. You’ll certainly appreciate the amazing craftsmanship of these fine products. And sleep better knowing that they are US made out of natural materials in your own back yard.

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Why Choose American Blossom Linens?

American Blossom Linens and SheetsWe love promoting brands that offer not only natural products, but ones that are American made too. This brand comes straight to you from Thomaston Mills, a manufacturer that has been in textile industry since 1899. The Blossom brand hasn’t been on the shelf since the 1940’s, but with the growing consumer interest for USA made products this brand was revived by offering linens direct from the manufacturer.

This online brand has a mission in offering quality, affordable linens. As well as classic styles that are timeless that also happen to be impeccably made with sustainable materials. To ensure each product is durable and long lasting, as well as comfortable and beautiful. You can’t help but love their message, and once you get your hands on their products you’ll fall even further in love.

Learn more about the story of American Blossom Linens HERE.

American Blossom Organic Cotton Sheets

The most popular product by American Blossom has got to be their classic organic cotton sheet set. These super soft and premium sheets are completely natural and don’t cost and arm and a leg. Made of 100% organic West Texas cotton, these sheets offer an ideal balance. Giving you a feel that is durable yet delicate, soft while breathable and silky but strong.

american blossom sheet colors

Made for the long haul, this sheet set will only get softer with each wash. All while maintaining it’s substantial and sustainable weave. This timeless design is offered in three colors. Natural and White, as well as Colored option that uses Foxfibre, an organically grown rich color that is integral to the fiber itself.

Each set comes complete with a fitted sheet and flat sheet and pillow cases. The queen and king sizes even come with a total of 4 pillow cases as an added bonus.

American Blossom Sheet Highlights:

  • american blossom organic cotton sheets100% Organically Grown Cotton
  • 16″ Deep Pockets
  • 180 Thread Count
  • All Standard Sizes Available
  • Sets Include Flat & Fitted Sheets + Pillow Cases
  • Free Shipping in USA
  • Price Range: $229-$345
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Thread Count

american blossom thread countWhen it comes to some of the things we look for in sheets, like thread counts, there are a few things to keep in mind. Many think that the higher the thread count the better the sheets. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Especially in this day and age where you can easily manipulate marketing to make something appear better than it is.

American Blossom has been developing and designing linens and textiles for 122 years. Their thread count is not only a true thread count of 180 threads per square inch, but also settled upon after years of research, trial and error and consumer feedback. The 180 thread count has been the magic number for the best results. It also wasn’t long ago that the standard thread counts were 120, 140 and 180. Making this feel the most luxurious as well as offers a sheet set that is soft, strong and breathable.

Curious to learn more about the process of these sheets? Find out more HERE!

My Experience With American Blossom Sheets

Getting to try sleep products is a definite perk. I was truly excited to try these sustainable sheets and see how they felt and compared to many of the other sheets I have tried. Below is my personal experience from start to finish from receiving them, caring for them and sleeping with the American Blossom organic cotton sheets.

Initial Impression

American Blossom packagingGetting to try sleep products is a definite perk. I was truly excited to try these sustainable sheets and see how they felt and compared to many of the other sheets I have tried. Right out of the gate I was impressed with the level of detail even in the packaging. The box arrived and I knew exactly what it was. Opening it up I found the natural colored sheets perfectly folded and wrapped in tissue paper. Along with a locally sourced tea sample and thank you post card.

The initial touch of the sheets felt crisp, well made and even slightly cool. I always do an initial light wash before putting them on my bed. So I put them in the wash on a gentle cycle with gentle unscented, undyed detergent. Than dried them at a low heat level. Taking them out of the drier they were a little softer, but still crisp and felt durable.

Trying Them Out

Making my bed was easy with the tags on the fitted sheet indicating top or bottom. And having four pillow cases was certainly nice for the extra pillows I keep on the bed. They fit very nicely, being plenty deep for the thicker mattress I put them on. With little wrinkling, especially put on shortly out of the dryer, they looked smooth while still inviting.

The feel of this percale cotton is definitely for someone who likes the feel of a more substantial sheet. If you like the super lightweight feel of a Tencel or silk sheet you may feel like these are too heavy. However, if you are like me and like a little “weight” to your sheets, than you’ll appreciate the feel of these. They are by no means heavy, but just feel like they are there.

Sleeping in them was delightful as well. I paired them with a thinner comforter and felt that it was just the right amount of warmth and coolness. The sheets feel crisp and durable, yet still plenty soft and very breathable. The elastic around the fitted sheet held them snug to the bed all night long. And the flat sheet shifted very little as well. Which meant making the bed in the morning is that much easier.

If you are in the market for a new pair of sheets these are a great top contender. The quality and sustainability is outstanding. But what really sets them over the edge is the fact that all the materials and production is sourced right here in the USA. Keeping jobs at home and allowing you to know exactly what you’re sleeping on.

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Other American Blossom Products

The Classic American Made Organic Cotton Sheets are the most popular product. However, there are several other products offered by American Blossom too. Below is a little more about each of these options. All come from the same mill and offer the amazing quality that this brand is known for.

Organic Cotton Duvet

American Blossom organic duvet coverIf you like your bedding to match, you’re in luck. American Blossom also makes an organic cotton duvet that perfectly matches the sheet sets. Giving you the same great feel on every inch of your bed.

This duvet is available in the same colors as the sheets; white, natural and colored, which is a beautiful rich tan shade. It is also available for every standard size comforter or duvet insert too. Giving you beautiful and sustainable bedding from top to bottom.

Find out more about the details of the Organic Cotton Duvet HERE!

Herringbone Weave Blanket

American Blossom Herringbone BlanketThis is one of the prettiest blankets I have seen. The colors and herringbone style are what make you notice it. But, when you read more about this blanket you definitely see that there is more to it than just a pretty design. Like all of the American Blossom products, this is also 100% organic cotton.

Available in two colors, natural, known as American Harvest, and navy, known as Patriot Blue, both look beautiful. This blanket can either be purchased in a throw size, as well as two larger versions for a full/queen or king/cal king size bed.

Learn more about the Organic Cotton Herringbone Blanket HERE!

Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

American Blossom Organic Crib SheetIf either of my children still slept in a crib I would be all over these. Though they are certainly a little more pricey for crib sheets, the material is ideal and perfect for baby bedding. Having a sheet that is soft yet breathable and well made is ideal for a nursery.

The classic and neutral colors, available in white and natural, also work great for any color palette. The one standard crib size is the only size available, but really the only size you need.

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