February 28, 2024

Bedroom Technology & Electronics Purge

These days it seems we are constantly surrounded by technology. Screens at work, screens for entertainment, screens for communications, and so on and so forth. It can be incredibly addictive and all encompassing. Making it difficult to shut off our brains and fall asleep. Which is why more and more people are considering making their bedrooms a tech-free zone by doing a bedroom technology purge.

We are going to share with you some of the main benefits behind doing a bedroom technology purge. As well as share some tips on how to remove tech from your bedroom with minimal shock to the system.

bedroom technology purge

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Is It Bad To Have Electronics In Your Bedroom?

Simply put, yes! In the place you go to rest and rejuvenate for several hours a day, it should be your sanctuary. A space free of the technology we surround ourselves with the rest of the day. Though eliminating electronics completely may seem unfeasible, especially your bedside lamp and alarm clock, there are things that the bedroom would be better off without.

Electronics should be kept to a minimal and more of a necessity. Any tech or gadgets that do the opposite of calming your mind and body should be the first to go. While some may argue there are electronics that help you sleep, like a sound machine or adjustable base, keeping electronics that aren’t meant for sleep out of the bedroom is a good rule of thumb.

What Are The Benefits to Having a Tech Free Bedroom?

how to purge your bedroom of screens and techFirst we want to start with just a few reasons why you may want to remove tech from your bedroom. There are many benefits to doing a technology purge, the first being sleep benefits of course.

You are more likely to fall asleep quickly, and get a higher quality of sleep throughout the night. This will help you to feel well rested in the morning. However, there are also benefits like being able to connect with your partner more. Conversation happens naturally when you are not both stuck watching tv or distracted by your phone. The following are some of the best benefits to doing a bedroom technology purge.

  • Less blue light before bed
  • Less work related stress
  • More connection with your partner
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Increase sleep quality
  • Increase sleep quantity
  • Wake up feeling well rested

9 Tips To Remove Tech From Your Bedroom:

It is clear to see that one of the best places to start minimizing technology and electronics is from the bedroom. Now, how to do it!

Like most things in life, it may take time to fully implement healthy habits. But, even baby steps of removing unnecessary technology from your bedroom can have a big impact. Below are nine tips for an smooth and easy bedroom technology purge.

Start Your Bedroom Tech Purge Slowly

tips on how to make your bedroom tech freeWhenever you are making big changes in your regular routine, it is good to do it is small doses. While it might seem easier to simply toss any/all of your technology out in one fell swoop. You are going to be more likely to stick to your new way of living if you adapt slowly to smaller changes.

Removing one item of technology from your bedroom could take weeks of adjustment. If you do it all at once, it could potentially be such a big change that it is too much to handle and you simply bring it all back in.

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TV Goes First

getting the tv out of the bedroomWhen it comes to great sleep, there is little to no benefit to having a television in your bedroom. TVs are entertaining, they are created to display content that your brain finds stimulating. Not to mention they also blast blue light into your entire bedroom. Which can lead to staying up late. As well as delaying your bodies natural melatonin production for hours.

Which is why we recommend removing your TV from the bedroom first. It has no benefits to getting great sleep. If you find you are unable to fall asleep to no sound, then you can always use sound machines, music, or podcasts to help you fall asleep. While these are also tech based entertainment, it is at least a step in the right direction, and will not emit blue light.

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Remove Smartphones & Tablets

put your charging stations outside of the bedroomSmartphones and tablets can be difficult to remove from the bedroom. They have so many different potential purposes, that you likely use a smartphone for your alarm clock and have other features that could be used to help you fall asleep.

However, they are also full of endless possibilities for distraction. With social media, tv shows, game apps, and so many more ways to entertain yourself, it is easy to become distracted by these devices and have a hard time falling asleep. Smartphone and tablets also emit that ever stimulating blue light. Which can make it very difficult to get to sleep at night.

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Alternative Alarm Clocks

use an analog alarm clock instead of your phoneReplacing your smartphone with a standard alarm clock is easy enough. Removing an alarm clock entirely is something else all together. While some folks have a very accurate internal clock that wakes them up at the same time each day. Most of us are not that lucky and rely on an external stimulus in order to ensure we are awake on time to start our day.

If you are trying to go as minimal with tech as possible, but you absolutely need an alarm clock. Then look into an analog alarm clock instead of a digital one. Be mindful that if you are sensitive to sounds that some of these will tick. However, their are silent/non-ticking analog alarm clocks that will allow you to sleep in silence.

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Prioritize Which Technology Is Most Distracting

You know better than anyone else in the world which tech devices you should remove from the bedroom. Which devices do you find yourself using until it is late in the evening or early morning? Which devices do you find yourself gravitating toward instead of heading off to sleep? For some it may be a video game, for others it could be an E-Reader.

Try to prioritize the items that you know keep you up at night. These are often the ones that we want to hold onto most because it is typically something we really enjoy.

Designate a Turn Off Time

set a designated time to turn off electronicsAs kids, our parents set boundaries for us to ensure our own health and happiness. We often grow up and do the same for our children, meanwhile forgetting to set boundaries up for ourselves. This can often be seen in tech use in bed by adults. We watch tv and flip through our phones until we pass out. Instead of falling asleep naturally at night. No wonder so many of us have to take melatonin or other sleep aids to fall asleep.

By designating the bedroom as a tech free space and setting a time to turn off phones, tv, etc. and head off to sleep. You are setting a natural time for your body to take the hint that it is time for sleep. Even as adults sometimes we need a set bedtime.

Put your Charging Stations In Another Room

We often set up our bedside tables as charging stations for smartphones, tablets, electronic reading tablets and so on. Which of course makes it all too tempting to roll over and start using that smartphone the moment you wake up in the morning. Instead, put a different charging station for all of your electronics outside of the bedroom. The kitchen or bathroom are both good options and allow you to wake up a bit before you start jumping into screen time in the morning.

Recognize What Tech Is Helpful For Sleep

tech that can help you sleepSimplifying your life and home is a great reason to limit the amount of tech products you have in your bedroom. However, some technology is more helpful for your sleep than bad. Perhaps you use a light based alarm clock, or an adjustable bedframe.

These items are deemed tech and you may think you have to go all or nothing. However, if these products bring more good to your sleeping habits than bad, then they may be worth keeping around.

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Take a Tech Vacation

have a tech free vacationIf you are not wanting to let go of your smart devices and other tech long term, but feel like you need a break. Then a Tech Vacation might be a good idea for you. A tech vacation is when you remove and restrict all technology for a set period of time. If you are unable to take a real vacation/time off of work throughout the day, then you can simply make your bedroom a tech vacation at night.

If you really want to test this out on a real vacation, there are places where you can go and escape from modern life. They will take any phones or modern tech off of you and keep it safe in a locker until your vacation is done. Many of these vacation spots are typically focused on creating a peaceful escape from modern life. Full of engaging activities including yoga and meditation to keep you engaged and at peace.

Bedroom Technology Purge – Final Thoughts:

When it comes to making any big changes to your daily life, it can take time to fully adjust. Just because you have trouble falling asleep for a while without your phone or tv, does not mean you will forever need them to fall asleep. Your mind and body will adjust and in the long run, falling asleep without these tech gadgets will actually increase your overall sleep quality and quantity. When your mind is not being bombarded with entertainment and blue light, it becomes much easier to fall asleep. We hope our tips gave you a few new tactics on how to remove tech from your bedroom.

how to remove electronics from the bedroom

If you have a question, feel free to send us a message. We would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.