July 8, 2019

Tochta Custom Mattresses

When it comes to outfitting your camper or RV with a new mattress you may have some limitations. But, with the perfectly sized custom Tochta mattress those days are over. The Tochta custom mattresses come in three options to help you find an ideally feeling mattress that fits your unique space perfectly.

Tochta Custom Mattresses:

tochta custom mattressesWhen it comes to Truck, Camper and RV mattresses you usually can’t get an average size bed to fit. Making your options limited and usually less than ideal for great sleep. But now you can build a mattress to fit your specific space needs. Tochta offers 3 mattress options in the standard sizes. But take it to the next level by being able to custom build each mattress option to your specifications too. Even to the exact inch in width and length.

Below we will look at each Tochta mattress option so you can figure out which style is for you. Each of these mattresses offer unique qualities in an array of prices. Allowing you to easily find the best RV mattress on the market. So you can start building your perfect truck, RV and camper mattress today!

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Tochta Custom Mattresses & Bedding

Tochta Utopia Mattress:

tochta utopia mattressThe most popular Tochta custom mattress is the Utopia. You can’t go wrong with any of the custom Tochta mattresses, but this one will surely delight. The Utopia mattress is a four layer memory foam mattress that provides great comfort and support. Providing great pressure relief and contour to allow your body to relax and evenly distribute weight.

The Utopia mattress by Tochta offers a universal feel that is both soft and firm. Allowing for ideal comfort without compromising support. This technology driven design makes sure every size sleeper is comfortable in every sleeping position. It also focuses on minimizing partner disturbance. As well as offers better temperature regulation with gel beads that wick away moisture and pull heat away from the body. Providing a mattress that not only is the perfect size but won’t get too warm either.

This mattress comes in all standard mattress sizes, but also can be made into any size you need. With the Tochta custom mattress build option you can alter your bed to be the perfect width and length down to the inch. Even altering the height from the classic 10″ model all the way down to 4″ if needed. The price of this mattress is in an ideal price point, with customization prices not exacerbating the price either!

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Tochta Custom Mattresses & Bedding

Tochta Divini Mattress:

tochta divini mattressThe Tochta Divini mattress not only gives you a custom built mattress but takes it a step further. Allowing you to customize the feel of the mattress on each side. To make each sleeper find the perfect level of comfort and support. This all foam mattress allows you to choose between 9 ideal firmness options on each side. So you and your partner can have the perfect feeling all foam mattress.

Though these foam layers vary between soft, medium and firm all have a density that will hold up over time. Allowing for a nice compromise of support and comfort. And each mattress is encased with firm edge support to ensure solid edges too. Not to forget the minimal heat retention and motion transfer too.

The Divini by Tochta mattress is available in all standard mattress sizes. As well as comes in a 8″ thick or 10″ thick option. It also can be customized in size to better fit your specific RVor camper mattress size too. However, there are some limitations on customizing this mattress. The minimum width has to be 60″ and up from there. But, the length can be shortened to create a perfect RV queen size mattress. As well as works for RV King and RV short King size mattresses too.

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Tochta Custom Mattresses & Bedding

Tochta Journey Mattress:

tochta journey mattressIf you want an affordable yet supportive and comfortable custom sized mattress the Tochta Journey mattress is a great option. This mattress makes sure that even though it is affordable that it isn’t cheap. This well made mattress allows every traveler to get the sleep they need without sacrificing the performance of their bed.

This mattress comes in all standard size options, but also can be made to fit any space. Ranging from a width between 20″ all the way to 80″. And the length ranging as short as 40″ all the up to 90″ long. And even ranging between 4″ thick to the standard 10″ thick. As well as covering everything in between ensuring you’ll find the most best RV mattress for any space.

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Tochta Custom Mattresses & Bedding

Tochta Custom Mattresses Basics:

With each mattress purchase you will get some great perks too. Included with each mattress purchase is free shipping. Once your new mattress is made it will be compressed, rolled and wrapped with plastic. Then put into a fairly compact box that will show up right at your front door. Along with free shipping you’ll also get a 10 year warranty on any new standard or custom Tochta mattresses too. Learn more about what to expect with your new purchase at www.Tochta.com/warranty/.

Tochta RV Mattress Sheets:

tochta custom mattress sheetsNow that you have your new custom Tochta mattresses selected where do you find the perfect sheets to fit your new bed? Well, Tochta has that covered too!

These luxury 600 thread count sheets will have you sleeping in luxury, wherever you end up parking. Available in three colors these 100% cotton sheets come in standard as well as custom sizing. To make for the absolute perfect fitting sheets on any mattress anywhere. And one of the best RV mattress sheets.

Make sure that you don’t forget to buy your new custom sheets when buying your new custom mattress. Get your perfectly fitting sheets now at Tochta.com

Tochta Custom Mattresses & Bedding

Tochta RV Mattress Topper & Pads:

Sometimes a little extra luxury is nice to add to any mattress. Tochta offers two styles of camper and RV mattress pads to perfectly conform to your new mattress. Giving you added plushness or a little extra warmth on chilly nights. By offering a thicker quilted mattress topper as well as an electric warming mattress pad.

  • Tochta Quilted Mattress Pad:

tochta quilted mattress padNow that you have your new custom Tochta mattresses you surely want to make sure they are protected. As well as offers extra support and comfort with this standard and custom size mattress pad.

This quilted mattress pad uses 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Together to create a channel quilt panel filled with just enough fill to add a layer of plushness. As well as offer protection to your mattress and a hypoallergenic shell for further benefits. This mattress pad fits similar to a fitted sheet with a snug and secure elastic fit around the edge.

Not only is this pad easy to put on and take off but is also machine washable. Helping keep your mattress clean and protected from any mishaps or accidents. Just make sure to dry on a low setting once you remove it from the wash.

Learn more about this custom and traditional size mattress pad now at Tochta.com.

Tochta Custom Mattresses & Bedding

  • Tochta Electro Warmth Mattress Pad:

tochta electro warmth mattress padIf you’re a cold sleeper or are sleeping in a drafty camper or RV, this warming mattress pad may be your new favorite mattress accessory. The Tochta electric warming mattress pad offers a bit of added comfort in more ways than one. With a little extra plushness you’ll love the feel of this just hick enough pad.

However, the real comfort comes when you plug in this standard or custom size mattress pad and let your body relax with the single or dual heating options. Allowing you to warm up the bed in just a matter of minutes. As well as sleep comfy and cozy all night long. This mattress pad goes on right under your fitted sheet and can be used with or without the heater option. Giving you a great add on to your new mattress.

Sleep warm and cozy all year long with this electric mattress pad by Tochta. Learn more and shop at Tochta.com.

Tochta Custom Mattresses & Bedding

RV Mattress Sizes:

Many RV mattress sizes happen to be just a few inches difference from a standard size mattress. But these few inches can make a huge difference when it comes to purchasing a new mattress for a camper or RV.

RV Mattress Size Chart:

RV Mattress Size Chart

RV Twin Mattress AKA RV Bunk Mattress – The options for RV bunk size mattresses vary quite a bit. Ranging anywhere from 28″ to 42″ wide and 72″ to 80″ long. Creating a large variety of custom RV mattress needs.

  • 28″ x 72″ | 30″ x 72″ | 30″ x 72″ | 30″ x 75″ | 30″ x 80″ | 32″ x 75″ | 34″ x 75″ | 35″ x 79″ | 38″ x 75″ | 38″ x 80″ | 42″ x 80″

RV Full Mattress – An RV full size mattress isn’t too far off from the standard full size. With the case of some being just an inch or so in variance in height and width you can usually use a standard full size in a RV or camper.

  • 53″ x 75″

RV Queen Mattress AKA RV Short Queen Mattress – The most popular RV mattress size is the queen, which happens to usually be shorter than the average queen size mattress. Coming in about 5 to 6 inches shorter than a standard queen size mattress, closer to the standard length of a full size mattress, but with the same width of a queen.

  • 60″ x 74″ | 60″ x 75″

RV King Mattress – When it comes to the RV King size mattress you don’t loose as much as you may think. If you are lucky to have a larger trailer or 5th wheel that offers this size mattress you only loose a few inches in the width. But, little else.

  • 72″ x 80″

RV Short King Mattress – However, if you have a RV king short size mattress than you will have a bed that is caught somewhere between a full and king size. With the length of a full size mattress and the width just 4″ shy of a standard king width. Giving you almost the full width but about 5″ less length.

  • 72″ x 75″

That’s a Wrap:

tochta best rv mattressWhen it comes to Campers and RV mattresses you now have a great selection of mattresses and bedding. With the Tochta custom mattresses, as well as custom sheets, mattress pads and protectors, you’ll be all set.

Not only will you have comfort and support but so many options to ensure you’ll get the perfect fitting bed into any tight space or unique bunk size. Having the option of having a mattress made just for you makes it as easy as can be.

Tochta Custom Mattresses & Bedding

Also, have questions for us? Contact us and we would be more than happy to help. We know that the Tochta mattresses provide great custom and standard options, but if you are on the hunt for mattresses make sure to check out all our mattress reviews. As well as some of our favorites in our Best Mattress page.