July 9, 2019

Awara vs Birch

If you’re new to the online mattress shopping game, don’t be intimidated by the virtual setting. Even looking for a natural hybrid latex mattress is easy as can be with options like the Awara and Birch mattress. Though these mattresses are both brand new each comes to the table with some great benefits. With natural materials and long lasting construction  one thing that you should never have to skimp on is your sleep with these mattresses. Below we are comparing these latex hybrid mattresses in our side by side Awara vs Birch comparison review.

awara vs birch

Awara Mattress Overview:

awara vs birchThis day and age people want everything to be au-natural, even their mattresses. Awara is the newest brand to the mattress business, but knows what the people want. Awara offers a hybrid latex mattress, ideal for comfort and alignment. The 13” mattress includes a heavy duty coil system and Dunlop Latex, topped with organic cotton and a wool batting cover.

The Awara mattress promises to be ideal for all types of sleepers; back, side, stomach, even if you’re a combo sleeper, Awara has got you covered. The Awara mattress may be new to the game, but it competes with every other mattress company in quality and price. Maybe you’ve heard them all before, maybe the other mattresses just don’t have what you’re looking for. If your sleep is in need of something new, the newest Awara mattress is exactly what you’re looking for.

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Birch Mattress Overview:

awara vs birchToday many mattress brands focus on reputation on options, but Birch brings you a new focus. They strive to create a natural, non-toxic hybrid latex mattress with one, universal option that works for all sleepers. Though this is also a hybrid latex mattress the Birch features Talalay latex opposed to Dunlop. The Birch strives to uphold the same ideals as it’s sister company, Helix, including providing the highest quality, comfortable products, but this time made from sustainable sourced materials.

With the new Birch brand, they understand that today’s buyers are natural enthusiasts. So they’ve created a mattress with all the natural appeal, while maintaining durability, comfort, and support. Sleeping better for yourself and the environment is always an easy thing to try, not to mention the Birch price is easy to love as well.

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Awara – Delivery & Off-Gassing:

metta bed mattress reviewDon’t pay any extra for fast and convenient shipping; this is the Awara way. When you order an Awara mattress, shipping is free. The mattress is compressed into a box and arrives at your door, making the easiest transition from box to bed.

Once you order your Awara mattress, it takes approximately 2-5 days to ship, and will arrive 2-3 days after that. That’s not a long time in between you and your best night’s sleep. The Awara mattress thrives to be as natural, organic, and non toxic as possible.

Once you remove your Awara mattress from the box and plastic, the last thing to do is sit back and watch it unroll like magic. After that, you will notice very little off-gassing.

Like other boxed mattresses, you may notice ‘a smell’, but this is merely from the materials being roll packed, and will dissipate after a few hours. If you are sensitive to smells, opening a window will speed the process, otherwise your Awara mattress is ready for use.

Birch – Delivery & Off-Gassing:

birch mattress boxThe Birch delivery process is similar to the Awara and every other major mattress company. Like all boxed mattresses, the Birch will arrive at your doorstep roll packed and in a box. These boxes can be slightly heavy and difficult to maneuver, so an extra set of hands is recommended.

Once you get the mattress to the room it needs to be, remove it from the box, carefully cut away the plastic, and sit back as your Birch mattress quickly takes shape.

This process is generally a quick one, but you may want to wait a few hours for your mattress to firm up and air out. In total, you should always allow at least 24 to 48 hours to let your mattress fully firm up to the comfort level you expect.

The Birch is known to have a few new smells, which may surprise you only because natural is new. Most individuals expect the fake, sometimes toxic smells of non-organic mattresses, but the Birch will surprise you. Nonetheless if you are sensitive even to natural smells, open a window to help your mattress air out or wait a few hours before going to sleep.

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Awara Mattress Materials:

awara sleep mattressAwara knows that your mattress should be built with comfort from the inside out. The latex hybrid mattress is 13” of pure comfort. It starts from the bottom up with a 9” layer of heavy duty, premium, 5-zoned coil system. This system creates support and posture alignment unlike any other coil system.

On op of that is 4” of all natural Dunlop Latex. This layer provides all the comfort you need, while also alleviating pressure points, sleeping cool, and making sure you can move around with ease.

Finally, the Awara mattress is topped with a comfortable, moisture wicking, layer of wool. This is exactly the layer you want to keep the mattress cool and clean, it’s also a fire barrier too. The cover on the Awara mattress is the softest, organic cotton, and pulls the mattress together, creating the best sleeping experience you can imagine!

Birch Mattress Materials:

From top to bottom the Birch mattress materials are high quality and durable. The materials are longer lasting than its non-natural competitors and of course, more sustainable as well. The best part about the Birch mattress is that it allows you to sleep healthy while keeping the environment healthy was well. First comes the comfort layers, made from organic wool and Talalay latex. Beneath the organic cotton cover is the first thin layer of wool, which acts as a fire barrier.

Then a thicker layer of wool provides comfort, but is adaptable and plush to hold its shape for years to come. These wool layers are naturally temperature regulating and wick away moisture so you sleep cool. Then, comes the layer of thick, responsive Talalay latex. This natural latex is responsible while relieving pressure points and evenly distributing weight. It is the combination of wool and Talalay that give the Birch all its comfort.

birch mattress materials

Next comes the support layers. The support layers are strictly from the flexible, durable coil system at the very bottom of the Birch mattress. The Birch uses individually pocketed coils that are ideal for spinal alignment and great ergonomics. This reinforced steel is also maximized at the edges for added edge support and minimal motion transfer, but we’ll get to that later. All of these materials combined makes a long-lasting, comfortable, sustainable mattress that you’ll love.

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Awara Comfort:

awara mattressesThe Awara mattress has benefits for every type of sleeper, and would be considered a universal, medium-firm feel. The natural latex is much more preferred over memory foam because it is much more responsive than slow-responding memory foam. Overall, Latex makes you feel more cocooned and comfortable.

Latex is also more durable and slightly denser than foam as well. If you like a softer feeling mattress, latex may seem a little more firm than you expect, but the wool quilting on the Awara mattress, gives you a little extra plushness.

For side sleepers, the Awara mattress gives you 4” of thick latex rubber that contours to your shoulders and hips. The Awara May not be as soft as som side sleepers prefer, but the buoyancy allows you to move from side to side easily.

If you’re a back sleeper, the Awara mattress is definitely meant for you. It is dense, supportive, and durable to hold up for the long haul. The Awara mattress relieves pressure and doesn’t sink it too much, making it a back sleepers dream. Not to mention zoned coils that give you ideal alignment.

If you are a stomach sleeper, you can rest easy on the Awara mattress as well. The dense latex in the Awara mattress, pushes back against you, so you never have a bowing back. The best part about the Awara mattress is regardless of which position you sleep in, the mattress makes it easy for you to move to any position. In every position you sleep in, the Awara mattress will alleviate pressure points and contour just enough to your body, to keep you resting peacefully.

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Birch Comfort:

birch mattress lifestyle woman dog and manWhether you’re a stomach, dice, or combo sleeper, you deserve to sleep naturally great on the Birch mattress. The Birch offers a single, universal, ideal feel that will appeal to anyone. The medium-firm feel gives sleepers a ‘sweet spot’ time after time and all night long. For stomach sleepers, the Birch is just as dense and durable as any other. The Birch contours to the body, but also creates a consistent and supportive feel.

You’d body wont bow when sleeping on the Birch mattress, which is exactly what anyone who sleeps on their stomach needs. For side sleepers, also known as the most common type of sleep, the Birch is ideal, only lacking some softness according to some individuals. That’s why the optional pillow topper is available- for added plushness if you want your hip and shoulder to sunk in a little more on your side.

Lastly, heavier sleepers will be amazed at how durable this natural mattress is. The coils create amazing support, while the Talalay latex makes it dense and long lasting. Even the wool layer has a little bit of natural resiliency, so even if you’re a heavier sleeper, you’ve never slept like this before.

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Awara vs Birch – Motion Transfer:

awara sleep mattress review pillowsThe Awara and Birch mattress are evenly matched in terms of motion transfer. The Awara uses Dunlop latex and an innerspring system. However, the Awara promises to be more proactive by being so comfortable that it prevents you from tossing and turning in the first place!

Less tossing and turning means there won’t be any motion to transfer to your partner anyway. The Awara mattress admits that Dunlop plus a coil system will be more buoyant than perhaps a memory foam, but this is the sacrifice for more comfort. Your partner should only be disturbed if he or she is a very sensitive sleeper.

The Birch mattress will also have less bounce than you’d expect. You want a responsive mattress, but still want to avoid minimum vibrations traveling when you sleep. That’s why coil systems are ideal because they are not interconnected, therefore motion does not travel or transfer throughout the mattress. No matter how many times you get out of bed, this means your partner will still sleep easy.

Awara vs Birch – Sleeping Cool:

birch accessory reviewNo matter where you live in the wold, what season it is, everyone gets hot while they sleep at some point. That’s why when shopping for a mattress online, Sleeping Cool is a mattress must have.

The Awara mattress follows suite, keeping you cool while you sleep. Since it is made of similar materials to the Birch, the top most part of the mattress, cotton and wool, wicks away moisture and keeps you cool as soon as you lay on it. Beneath that, the natural aerated quality of latex keeps you cool and gives you just enough buoyancy to never feel “stuck” in your mattress. Lastly, the coils also lift you up and give you support, while allowing plenty of space for heat to escape.

The Birch is similar in terms of sleeping cool. From the top down, the organic cotton cover is light and breathable. Then, all layers of wool act cool as well, regulating the temperature and wicking away moisture. Also the Talalay latex is not just more satisfying, it also ensures that you never get stuck or hold heat. And coils create plenty of space for air flow and heat dissipation. So you can definitely check Sleeping Cool off your list.

However, if that is what you are in search of, than make sure to visit our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers page. The best materials and mattresses for sleeping cool are all located right here. 

Awara vs Birch – Edge Support:

best dunlop latex mattress topperEven the natural mattress brands have not forgotten edge support. And this goes for the Awara mattress as well. While we cannot say that there are thicker coils around the edges, any hybrid mattress with a coil system is guaranteed to have more edge support by nature.

This allows you to maximize the entire surface for sleeping, so you and your partner have plenty of room. The Birch on the other hand does have thicker gauged coils around the edges, making the entire surface of the mattress usable and easy to get in and out of. 

Awara vs Birch – Value:

These mattresses are natural for a naturally unbeatable price. The Awara is a newer brand to the mattress game, so it does come in at a very competitive price; $1199 for a queen size. However, the Birch mattress is $1499 for a queen. When it comes to purchasing either of these mattresses, it really isn’t comes down to the details and not the price.

When it comes to value, comfort and benefits the Birch is the mattress we recommend. Learn more about this American made mattress and get the latest savings at BirchLiving.com.

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Awara vs Birch – Trial Period & Warranty:

awara mattress review naturalThe trial period and warranty say a lot about a mattress company. It shows how much they support their product, and how much they support you, the customer. The Awara mattress includes a longer, 365-night sleep trial and a  forever year warranty. This means that within a year, if you don’t love your Awara mattress, all you need to do is contact them and have it shipped back and returned.

Although the Birch trial period and warranty is shorter; 100 nights and 25 years respectively, you still get free returns and the same quality customer service if you do need.a return. There’s no sense is sleeping on a sleepless mattress. These two mattresses have got you covered.

Awara vs Birch – Summary: 

baby on mattressMany buyers are interested in what these two new mattress brands have to offer. Both the Awara and Birch only give you one comfort option, which makes them ideal for comparison. They also both claim to use all natural materials, but there is not enough information of evidence regarding the Awara, which gives it a cheaper ‘knock-off’ feel.

The Awara also only gives you one sleeping option at a high price point for a brand with little customer feedback. Whereas you can trust the Birch, sister brand of the beloved Helix. These natural, hybrid latex and coil system mattresses seem like a good match at first, but in fact the Birch takes the prize in all categories including quality, comfort, sleeping cool, motion transfer, and edge support. The comfort just doesn’t lie.

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