July 9, 2019

Avocado vs Birch

The online mattress world may seem foreign to typical mattress shoppers. But you can’t go wrong with either of these mattress choices; the latex hybrids, Avocado vs Birch, mattresses. The certified organic Avocado comes to you with a reputable, trusted background. The Birch on the other hand is a new mattress, by the also reputable Helix Sleep. The one thing that will keep you resting easy is that both of these mattresses are all natural.

avocado vs birch

This means you don’t have to toss and turn over what you’re sleeping on, and take comfort in the fact that it will keep you sleeping naturally comfortable. The Avocado mattress is one of the few mattresses that is even 100% certified organic. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between the Avocado and Birch mattresses to make buying your new dream mattress as natural as it can be.

We love both of these mattresses! Which is why they are both featured on our Best Natural Mattresses page.

Avocado Mattress Overview:

Avocado VS Birch mattress comparisonWhen two incredible things collide, it’s called the best of both worlds, and that’s exactly what the Avocado mattress gives you. The Avocado mattress is the best premium natural hybrid mattress there is on the market. It takes the durability you want from a coil system and pairs it with the luxury of Dunlop Latex foam. Plus you can have more plush comfort, with the option of an additional 2” of latex pillow top. The Avocado mattress is guaranteed to minimize those pressure points, keep you cool, help you sleep the sleep you need.

If that’s not enough, you can also feel comfortable knowing that your sleep is eco-friendly, and non hazardous and non toxic to the sleeper. The Avocado mattress is as natural as its name. It’s handmade right in the US and upholds the strictest standards; this mattress is even GREENGUARD gold certified. If you’re looking for a suitably priced, durable, natural mattress that also comes with free shipping, look no further. The Avocado mattress is as one of a kind as you are and a premium product for an unbeatable value. With the Avocado, every mattress pick is the ripe one.

Learn more in our unbiased Avocado Mattress Review. Also, shop now at AvocadoGreenMattress.com.

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Birch Mattress Overview:

birch vs avocado mattressAu-natural is all the trend lately, which is why the Birch mattress strives to appeal to the natural enthusiast. The Birch mattress is a hybrid latex mattress that uses genuine Talalay latex. The natural mattress is non-toxic and has one comfort option that will appeal to all its sleepers.

Even as their new, natural option, the Birch still upholds all the standards of the Helix brand. This includes the highest quality from the most comfortable products, but this time with sustainable sourced materials. You can also rest assured that sustainability does not decrease durability or support; you’ll still get all of these benefits and more from your all natural Birch mattress.

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Avocado – Delivery & Unboxing:

unboxing the avocado mattressThe best part about buying an online mattress is the delivery, so don’t settle for anything less than the best delivery service. With the Avocado mattress, there’s no need to settle because you get two options. The first option is your typical, roll-packed, free shipped mattress courtesy of FedEx. For $99 more, the second option is that you may upgrade to white glove delivery service, and have the mattress delivered and setup in your home.

If you choose to have the mattress roll-packed and shipped to your door, keep in mind that it will be heavy. The 11” Avocado mattress will be approximately 96 lbs. for the queen size and 130 lbs. for the queen size 13” mattress. This means that you will want an extra set of hands to maneuver it. Otherwise, it’s as easy as upgrading to white glove delivery.

The Avocado mattress stays true to its organic name. There will be little if any, off-gassing since this mattress uses only the best, greenguard certified materials. This includes organic cotton, natural latex, and a wool cover. The Avocado brand is stringent about only using non toxic, non hazardous materials, so if you do notice a smell, consider it a “fresh” not a noxious one.

The last step to enjoying your Avocado mattress is to have a good foundation to set up on. The Avocado mattress does well on a flat, even surface to support the mattress, and you, the sleeper. However, you have several options. The Avocado works well with or without a frame, an adjustable bed, platform or slatted bed. All that matters is that it’s the right height to you and aesthetically appealing.

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Birch – Delivery & Unboxing:

birch mattress boxThe Birch mattress follows suit with any online mattress delivery process. The difference is that unlike the Avocado, it does not include the option to upgrade to white glover delivery service. Still, the process of ordering your Birch mattress is simple and convenient. After you order, your Birch mattress will arrive straight to your doorstep.

Boxed mattress are typically pretty heavy (since they pack in a whole lot of mattress), so it is helpful to have at least one extra set of hands for maneuvering. Once you get the box to the room you’d like it to be, remove the mattress from the box, carefully cut away the plastic and watch as your Birch mattress quickly unfolds. This natural mattress will have a natural bounce that brings it to life quickly.

Being a new, natural mattress there may be a few smells you’re not used to, but these smells are far from toxic and nothing to worry about. It is still recommended to allow a few hours to fully expand and air out, so try opening your Birch mattress several hours before bedtime. Also keep in mind that it may take 24 to 48 hours to fully firm up before you can give your Birch mattress a true review.

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avocado green mattress materials

Avocado Mattress Materials:

All natural means healthy for the environment, but also healthier for your sleep. That’s why the Avocado mattress uses 100% Natural Dunlop Latex rubber, certified organic Joma New Zealand wool, recycled steel ergonomic support coils, and certified organic cotton. The Natural Dunlop Latex rubber comes straight from the source, the Hevea Brasiliensis trees in Asia. No trees are harmed in the process, and the end result is clean, breathable, anti-microbial, voc free, eco-institute certified latex.

The certified Joma New Zealand wool is just about as good as it gets. Since the beginning of time, wool has been the ideal material for Bedding because it naturally stays cool when you’re not, and hot when you’re cold. That’s why it’s added to the Avocado mattress, to keep you sleeping comfortably all night long.

Although coils are pretty simple, Avocado uses recycled steel to keep their mattresses green. Finally the 100% GOTS certified cotton provides a luxurious finish that is soft, yet strong, with incredible air circulation. All these incredible, natural materials, and the environment goes unharmed. Avocado is dedicated to creating their mattresses right here in the US, where jobs can be created, and their carbon footprint can be significantly lowered.

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Birch Mattress Materials:

The best part about the Birch mattress is what’s inside. This is because for the first time ever you get materials that are durable, long lasting, and resilient, but also sustainable and natural. The Birch mattress is a healthy sleeping choice for you and the environment. For the Birch mattress, it starts with the comfort layers. These layers feature 100% Talalay latex and organic wool; the best of both worlds.

birch organic wool mattress top

On the very top is the organic cotton mattress cover, but just beneath that is a thin layer of wool. This layer is a natural fire barrier and beneath that is an even thicker layer of wool for comfort. Wool is adaptable ad plush, able to hold its shape for lasting wear.

Although wool may sound a little hot, it is also a natural temperature regulator and wicks away moisture. Beneath the wool is the Talalay latex foam. The natural Talalay latex is ideal for reliving pressure points and evenly distributing weight. It is not quite as dense as other foams, giving you a better contour and overall balanced feel.

Next comes the support layers. Nothing says support better than a coil system, but you want a coil system that is long lasting and provides flexible support to adapt to your body’s needs. As part of the natural process, the individually pocketed coils of the Birch mattress are manufactured right in the U.S. These coils provide spinal alignment and ideal economics. The long lasting durable steel is also reinforced around the edges and allows plenty of air flow. This means you get a durable mattress with great edge support and air flow to keep you sleeping cool. Surely your old mattress couldn’t do all this for your sleep.

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Avocado Comfort: 

avocado vs birch bedsYou may not want to sleep on an Avocado itself, but the Avocado mattress is a whole different story when it comes to comfort. The standard option Avocado mattress is 11” thick. It has a gentle medium firm feel, that is a 6.5 to 7 on a 1 through 10 firmness scale.

The first thing you will feel is the 3” layer of soft, yet supportive Dunlop Latex, over a heavy duty, durable coil system. This mattress option is ideal for stomach and back sleepers, giving them a balanced feel with just enough plushiness for comfort and support.

For $400 more you can upgrade with an additional 2” of Dunlop pillow top. This means you will have a total of 5” of Dunlop Latex, making the mattress 13” thick. This is a softer mattress, ideal for side sleepers, and ranging from a 5.5 to 6 on a 1 through 10 firmness scale. It also provides extra pressure relief and a luxurious feel.

Either Avocado mattress is suitable for heavier persons because it uses thick, dense, heavy duty comfort that is durable, but still maintains comfort. If you’ve been searching for a supportive, yet comfortable mattress that’s unlike traditional spring mattresses.

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Birch Comfort:

birch mattress lifestyle woman dog and manWhen you have a universal feel that’s this good, its no surprise that the Birch only comes in one comfort option. This supportive, responsive, and contouring mattress has a medium-firm feel that gives every sleeper that ‘sweet spot’ when sleeping. The Talalay latex comfortably cradles you, while the coils provide ample support. The wool creates ideal lumbar support, so you get everything you need for a full night’s rest. Each type of sleeper will love the Birch mattress as follows:

Stomach sleepers will love the dense and durable feel of the Birch. This combo of materials creates a consistent and supportive feel that is strong enough to contour to your body without your back bowing. Next, the classic side sleeper; although some may not find it as soft as they would like, side sleepers will love the Birch mattress.

The remedy for added softness is the optional pillow top layer which takes the Birch from a medium-firm to medium feel. Thus side sleepers or anyone who loves a little extra plushness may rejoice! Lastly, even heavier sleepers will appreciate the all natural Birch mattress. Natural means more durable than most, which is exactly what a heavier sleeper needs. The steel coils and Talalay latex are also dense and long lasting for the toughest of sleepers; even the wool has a natural resiliency.

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Avocado vs Birch – Motion Transfer:

best mattress avocadoWhen it comes to motion transfer, less is more. No one wants motion to be transferred when sleeping with their partner. That’s why the Avocado and Birch mattresses have got you covered when it comes to motion transfer. The Avocado mattress is two things: dense and heavy duty. The Dunlop Latex is practically a fortress and the coils underneath are as tough as you can imagine steel coils to be.

There will be a bit more buoyancy than a typical memory foam mattress, since springs are meant to be buoyant, but the Avocado promises it won’t keep you up at night. This is because the Dunlop latex immediately absorbs any vibrations, and since the coils are individually wrapped in fabric, this reduces any motion in the coil system. The Avocado is said to be the best mattress for couples, and with good reason too.

Although the Avocado mattress might have a slight edge on motion transfer, the Birch still comes in close. When most people think of coils, they assume there must be bounce, but the Birch hybrid mattress keeps those vibrations under control. Specifically, since the coils are not interconnected, this allows pressure to stay on them and not travel throughout the bed. In addition, any bounce that is possible is quieted by thick layers of wool and Talalay latex, so your partner will have no idea how many times you’ve rolled over throughout the night.

Avocado vs Birch – Temperature Regulation:

avocado vegan mattressNo matter where you live in the world, what season it is, everyone gets hot while they sleep at some point. That’s why when shopping for a mattress online, sleeping cool is a mattress must have. Avocado made their mattress with you warmer sleepers in mind. It’s use of all natural, green materials, naturally keep the bed cooler, while the coil system itself is ideal for warm sleepers because it allows empty space for heat to escape around the coils.

In addition, Dunlop latex at the top of the Avocado mattress will keep you cooler at night because it is naturally aerated. The material also prevents you from sinking in too much and therefore from getting too hot. Finally, the top layer of Joma wool naturally wicks away moisture and the cotton cover is organic and breathable. Everything about the Avocado mattress is everything you want to say ahhhh, keeping you cool and refreshed the whole night long.

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The Birch follows suit with sleeping cool and will not disappoint. You may appreciate the Avocado slightly more, but the Birch keeps you cool nonetheless. This is because all latex hybrid mattress are significantly cooler than their foam counterparts. With the Birch, every material used has its own way of staying cool. Starting with the organic cotton cover, this layer is breathable and naturally keeps the temperature of the entire mattress cooler.

Next, is the wool layers which we know is a natural temperature regulator that winks away moisture. In addition, the Talalay latex is aerated which means it will never get stuck or hold heat. Finally coils are ideal by allowing a place for heat to escape. From top to bottom the Birch mattress is cooler than you think.

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Avocado vs Birch – Edge Support:

man sitting on birch mattress edge supportEdge support is always overlooked when it comes to buying a mattress online, but it’s not something you’ll miss with the Avocado mattress. The Avocado has reinforced, thicker gauge steel coils around the edges that you’re sure to notice. This means that you’ll be able to use the entire surface area for sleeping, without feeling like you’re falling off when you get too close to the edge.

Similarly, the Birch also has reinforced coils around the perimeter to increase edge support. So the question is, which coils are thicker? Even if that answer s just for you to decide, its true that the Birch has solid and durable edges that can be fully utilized for sleeping, and that are easy to get in and out of. Plus stronger edges means both your Avocado and Birch mattress will last longer. 

Avocado vs Birch – Value:

The bottom line is: the Avocado mattress is natural for a naturally unbeatable price. The Avocado mattress has two options, making the 11” mattress $1399 for a queen size, and $1799 for the 13” queen size. Not to mention the incredible coupon currently offered by Avocado, and the option to upgrade to white glove delivery for $99.

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The Birch also has a lot to offer. It comes in a variety of sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King. The most common queen size Birch is only $1499 with a generous Birch Mattress discount, which you will find below.

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Avocado vs Birch – Trial Period & Warranty:

birch mattress natural bed comparisonThe trial period and warranty say a lot about a mattress company. It shows how much they support their product, and how much they support you, the customer. The Avocado mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial and 25 year warranty, giving you plenty of time to love your mattress.

Plus the well-loved brand uses durable and reliable materials, so they’re confident that your Avocado mattress will last you for years to come.

The Birch is evenly matched with its free shipping & returns, 100 night sleep trial and 25 year warranty. These are the standard trial periods and warranties of most mattresses, so you know all natural doesn’t mean you’re getting anything less than the best.

Avocado vs Birch – Summary: 

While many buyers are interested in what Birch has to offer, it is difficult to stand up against a beloved brand such as Avocado. The Avocado mattress is natural, comfortable, and reliable. Plus with an 11” and even plusher 13” option, it’s like your best night’s sleep is just calling your name.

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The Birch only gives you one sleeping option with optional mattress topper and at a slightly higher price point. These natural, hybrid latex and coil system mattresses are a good match when it comes to materials, but you just can’t beat the 100% certified, organic, all natural promise of the Avocado.

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avocado vs birch

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