July 10, 2019

Big Fig vs Saatva HD

If you’re a bigger sleeper, there’s one thing that’s been missing for you in the mattress world; a substantial mattress that suits your substantial sleep. Today we give you the Big Fig vs Saatva HD mattress, both hybrid mattresses that address all those typical sleeping problems that larger sleepers have with regular mattresses. With zoned support, high-quality materials and durable construction, the Big Fig and Saatva HD are the long lasting mattresses you’ve been searching for. And most of all, they just hold more weight so you can get more sleep. Continue reading for our in-depth review of the Big Fig vs Saatva HD mattresses.

big fig vs saatva hd

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Big Fig Mattress Overview:

big fig vs saatva HD mattress comparisonIt’s hard to find a mattress as thick as the 13” Big Fig when shopping online. This hybrid mattress has a thick durable coil system combined with dense foam layers that won’t sag. The Big Fig also offers a one of a kind feature: their wooden box spring. Unlike other box springs, their wooden box spring can hold up to 5x more weight. The Big Fig is durable, but it is also built for your comfort. The mattress is solid and supportive, while still maintaining comfort and contour.

The combination of materials and foams also create a cooling temperature like you’ve never felt. The Big Fig is sure to outlast, but in the odd chance something happens, this mattress includes a unique 20-year free repair and replacement warranty. You can trust in your purchase for years with the Big Fig.

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Saatva HD Mattress Overview:  

saatva hd vs big fig mattressSaatva has changed the game for heavier persons. Their already magnificent Saatva original mattress was ideal for heavier sleepers, but now with their Saatva HD mattress, they have truly outdone themselves. This luxury mattress is specifically designed for big people to get the best sleep without having to settle for a regular mattress.

The Saatva HD is an innerspring mattress that combines coils and dense foam layers to work best for figures ranging between 300 to 500 pounds. The mattress relieves pressure, sleeps cool and offers long lasting support even for a larger person. Plus you can trust the Saatva name and quality that you loved before with the Saatva original.

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Big Fig – Delivery & Unboxing:

comparison big figUnlike most online mattresses, your Big Fig mattress is never roll packed. This eliminates any off-gassing odors, and the expansion process, but leaves maneuvering the large mattress, up to you. Your Big Fig will be delivered to your door for free, however if you would like to take the hassle out of moving the mattress yourself, you can upgrade to white glove delivery for $99. This service will bring the mattress to your bedroom and set it up for you.

Whichever delivery method you choose, extreme off-gassing will not be an issue, but you may still want to wait a few hours before placing your protector and bedding on. The Big Fig might have a unique delivery, but it does have one downfall. Since the Big Fig is never roll packed and personally manufactured just for you, once it is ordered and put into production by manufacturers, it takes about 2-3 weeks to get to the distributor, and up to 3 weeks before it is delivered to your door. It is only a small price you pay for a high quality mattress like the Big Fig.

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Saatva HD – Delivery & Unboxing:

saatva hd edgeNot being roll packed is a huge perk of the Big Fig, but the Saatva HD  is also never roll packed. In fact, like all other Saatva mattresses, it is made to order and includes free white glove delivery service. This means your Saatva HD mattress is brought to your front door, and carried in by the delivery team and placed exactly where you need it to be, ready to be slept on.

Your Saatva HD mattress is made to order upon purchase and then sent to a local third party delivery service. This does make delivery time take a little longer, but it is well worth the wait. The delivery team will even contact you to schedule a delivery time that works best with your schedule. They will remove your old mattress away for you and take care of all the stressors you thought were associated with online mattress shopping.

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Big Fig Mattress Materials:

The Big Fig truly lives up to its name. This big mattress is 13” thick, 6 layers, plus their one-of-a-kind Big Fig foundation- a wooden box spring that supports 5x more weight.

big fig mattress materialsFrom top to bottom the layers are as follows. The first layer uses a Thermogel treated fabric which lowers body temperature for an actively cool sleeping surface. Beneath that is a gel infused latex foam. This layer has been perforated for comfort and airflow. The third layer is is actually 3 mini layers of high density polyfoam. These layers are the key to no-sag cushioning.

Next is Big Fig coil system made of 1600 individually wrapped coils. This is 50% more than the average premium innerspring mattress on the market. The fifth layer uses high density 80 ILD edge foam. Just like it sounds, this gives your mattress extra strength, especially around the edges. The final layer is tufted in 16 places to prevent the materials from shifting over time. Place all that on top of your wooden box spring, which is included in every purchase, and you have a mattress that is strong on the outside, but soft on the outside, just like our sleepers.

Shop the mattress made for the bigger figure, the Big Fig mattress at BigFigMattress.com.

Saatva HD Mattress Materials:

saatva hd materialsThe 15.5” thick Saatva mattress is the perfect blend of solid support and balanced comfort, for a mattress that is not only going to last for years, but provide a premium feel too. First are the comfort layers which start with an organic pillow topper. This topper adds a luxury finish for heavier persons like you’ve never felt before. It is even enhanced with Guardin, an antimicrobial treatment for a cleaner and healthier mattress.

The hand tufting of the Saatva HD makes sure this mattress stays secure and in place for long lasting use. Beneath the pillow top is the first foam comfort layer. This layer is  2.5″ of firm Talalay latex that easily responds to the bodies movements while alleviating pain, pressure, and stiffness. The latex is also zoned in 5 areas for precision comfort. After  the latex layer is a combination of dense and contouring memory and comfort foams. This provides a deep layer of adaptable and balanced comfort, as well as enhanced pressure relief and even weight distribution.

Next are the support layers, which are most important for big sleepers. The Saatva HD uses 12.5 gauge coils for a solid and durable foundation. This makes the mattress 25% stronger than typical steel coils in other mattresses, and able to withstand more weight.

Get this luxury innerspring mattress with plenty of support at Saatva.com.


Big Fig Comfort:

bigfig mattress comfortThe Big Fig is far more sophisticated than your old one. It combines individually wrapped coils with specialty foams, to create a sleeping surface ideal for any sleeper. Although it was especially designed with larger sleepers in mind, the solid innerspring core plus premium foam on top makes the Big Fig great for side, back, and even stomach sleepers.

If you’re a back sleeper especially, the Big Fig creates ideal support while still allowing enough sink to alleviate pressure, and cradle your lumbar and shoulders. If you’re a heavier sleeper, the Big Fig also allows sufficient cushion to allow your shoulders and hips to sink in.

Finally, if you’re a stomach sleeper, the Big Fig is the mattress you’ve been waiting for because it is so dense and sturdy that it will prevent your back from bowing. If you’re a smaller sized person, this mattress might be too firm to sleep on your side, but sleeping in any other position, it’s got your back! Overall the Big Fig is a 120 lb, 13” thick mattress that is long lasting and will not disappoint.

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Saatva HD Comfort:

best mattress for heavy peopleFor once, heavier sleepers are finally able to get the comfort they need. The Saatva HD has a medium firm or luxury firm feel that is ideal for all heavy sleepers. The mattress is stable, yet provides flexible support by using premium foams, giving you the comfort you’ve been looking for.

For heavier sleepers with back or joint pain, the Saatva HD maximizes pressure relief. It is also plush enough for side sleepers to enjoy and feel shoulder and hip pain relief as well.

Finally, if you’re a heavier sleeper you can sleep in all positions and still feel luxury comfort. If you’re not a heavier person, you may still fall in love with the Saatva HD mattress, especially for average sized couples. If you prefer a bit firmer feeling, the Saatva HD is simply one you cannot live without.

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Big Fig vs Saatva HD – Motion Transfer:

big fig vs saatva HD bedsWith a mattress as big as the Big Fig, motion isn’t going anywhere. The individually wrapped coils are the key to reducing motion transfer, while the Big Fig also gives you endless layers of thick foams, so you can move freely and your partner won’t be disturbed.

The Big Fig does use a bit of latex on top to be responsive, but it is not enough to be disturbing. The foams absorb majority of the movements, leaving little to no motion left to be felt. The Big Fig is the mattress that both partners will agree on, and get their best night’s sleep.

Similarly, the Saatva HD uses several methods to create ideal motion isolation. First it uses a helical wire threaded into the coil system which helps keep motion from moving between coils. Then, the dense layers above ensure that surface vibrations are quickly absorbed and deadened. Both the Saatva HD and Bog Fig are heavy duty mattresses with limited partner disturbance.

Big Fig vs Saatva HD – Sleeping Cool:

helix nightfall vs big figTypically, if you are a bigger person, Sleeping Cool tends to be a bigger battle. But with the Big Fig you will not be disappointed. As a hybrid, it’s coil system is naturally cooler than an all-foam mattress, giving heat a place to escape through the coils.

Not to mention, it uses Thermocool treated fabric in the cover, for that immediate, cool to the touch sensation. Beneath the already cool cover, is another layer infused with gel to keep that coolness flowing throughout the mattress. Finally since the Big Fig is so dense and firm, it prevents you from sinking in, and therefore prevents you from getting too warm.

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saatva hd mattress review

Even the Saatva HD mattress doesn’t want you sleeping warm. At the very top it features the coolest, most breathable cotton to make sure the surface that you sleep on stays dry and cool.

Then, the Talalay latex beneath is naturally aerated for cooler sleeping. This means the entire top layer is made for better, cooler sleep. Finally any hybrid mattress featuring a coil system will always sleep cool. This is because there is free airflow between the coils that guarantees you won’t be stuck sleeping on a solid piece of heat retaining foam.

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Big Fig vs Saatva HD- Edge Support:

When it comes to edge support, you have nothing to worry about with the Big Fig and Saatva HD mattresses. With the Big Fig, the coil system is encased with a very dense edge support foam around the perimeter to create a very durable edge, which is something you don’t get with most mattresses.

The Big Fig has a stable, solid, and consistent feeling sleeping surface from edge to edge. You can sleep anywhere on the mattress and never feel like you are falling out of bed. The Big Fig is also better than average when it comes to sitting. Although you should never sit on your mattress repeatedly, as it may sag and indent your mattress, the Big Fig will support the occasional sit.

The Saatva HD mattress shines in comparison yet again. Not only is the entire mattress 25% stronger, but the edges are reinforced with even thicker, more dense foams to create solid edges all the way around. This provides a usable sleeping surface all the way around that doesn’t vary in quality or support. This also means any extra weight on the edges won’t cause it to sag or drop, giving you years of quality use with your Saatva HD.

Big Fig vs Saatva HD – Value:

saatva hd top of bedWhen shopping for a niche mattress, such as these that support heavier persons, they tend to be a little pricey. However, the Big Fig gives you all the best high-quality durable materials, without the price tag shock. With the Big Fig you get 101-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty, free delivery, and a special foundation for $1699 (queen size). Although if you do not want the foundation, you can opt-out and save $100. The Big Fig is worth every penny with its high quality, durable, long-lasting materials; so you know it’s a price you’ll only have to pay once.

Interested in the Big Fig? Learn more and shop at BigFigMattress.com.

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On the other hand, while you also get 120 night sleep trial and 20 year warranty, the Saatva HD comes in at a whopping $2499 for a queen. This doesn’t even include the foundation. Although the Saatva HD has the brand, quality, and materials to support its price, in comparison to the Big Fig, the Big Fig offers the same and saves you more.

Interested in the Saatva HD? Learn more and shop at Saatva.com.

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Big Fig vs Saatva HD – Trial Period & Warranty:

The only difference between the Big Fig and Saatva HD is the 101 night versus 120 night sleep trial. Otherwise their warranties are the same, both giving you standard 20 year warranty. Either way, you are buying from a brand you can trust and one that supports its customers and it’s products.

Big Fig vs Saatva HD – Summary:

With so many different sized sleepers, it’s about time someone gave extra attention to plus size sleepers, and you will not be disappointed by either choice. However, if you want the most comfort and the most comfort on your wallet, the Big Fig is unbeatable. The benefits of the Big Fig include ideal motion isolation, sleeping cool, and durable edge support. While the Saatva HD offers the same, the Big Fig comes at a price that you can afford. You won’t find a discount on such a top-tier, unique mattress anywhere else, so don’t miss out!

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big fig vs saatva hd
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