June 7, 2018

Saatva vs Big Fig

Hybrid mattresses can provide some of the best support. Depending on the foams used in conjunction with their coil systems, they are usually comfortable in every sleeping position. This means that people of all shapes and sizes will likely enjoy sleeping on a hybrid. In this comparison review we are looking at two very durable hybrids in our Saatva vs Big Fig review.

saatva vs big fig

Big Fig designed their Mattress specifically for people with larger proportions. It can bear more weight with a luxurious firm feel. The durable materials used in this bed will last for many years, unlike other hybrids out there.

The Saatva Mattress is another hybrid bed that will give you all-night comfort in any position. This deluxe option uses the highest quality materials to provide the best support and pressure relief. Combine this with superior customer service, and you have an amazing sleeping experience. So which mattress do you choose between these two stellar possibilities? Read our comparison review to find out.

Saatva Mattress – Overview:

saatva vs big figThe Saatva Mattress is revolutionizing the boxed-mattress industry. Most predominately online purchased mattresses are compressed all foam mattresses. Some mattress companies have incorporated a coil system into their designs. The Saatva Mattress has been designed with two complete sets of coils for the ultimate experience in luxury.

This bed also comes in three different levels of firmness and two different thicknesses. This gives you a personalized experience that is sure to fulfill your needs in support and comfort. It also makes Saatva a great choice for people of all shapes and sizes. With this mattress, you also get the great features of minimized motion transfer and supreme edge support. At a lower price than comparable options, we think the Saatva also delivers a great value.

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Big Fig – Overview:

big fig mattress reviewThe Big Fig Mattress will be your best bet if you are of a larger build. The dense foams incorporated in its design work to support you to a level of ideal comfort. This bed can withstand weights of up to 1,000 pounds for many years. Because of the durable structure, the Big Fig won’t give you a bottoming out sensation. The layers of high-density foams paired with a sturdy coil system will contour to the body providing balanced comfort.

The materials used also work to keep your sleeping temperature regulated. Combine this great mattress with the Big Fig wooden box spring for extreme longevity. This component can hold five times more weight than the average competitor. Read through our comparison guide to find out how the Big Fig Mattress stands up to the Saatva Mattress.

Check out the full review of the Big Fig HERE and the Saatva HERE!

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Saatva – Delivery:

saatva mattress reviewThe Saatva brand also uses a white glove delivery service to bring you your new mattress. This keeps the materials from being compromised by compression and roll-packing as with other boxed mattress brands. This is included for free with your purchase of any Saatva mattress.

They will schedule a convenient delivery time to ship and set up your mattress for you. This service also includes the removal of any trash and your old mattress without any additional charge. You will be able to enjoy your new Saatva within the same day. This is due to the amazing customer service the Saatva brand provides.

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Big Fig – Delivery:

The Big Fig Mattress is made in the USA and is not roll-packed during shipping. This immediately give you a higher level of quality in delivery and off gassing. Your new mattress will arrive through a white glove delivery service. You can designate which room you would like the Big Fig to be set up in. This shipping service is included in your purchase price.

Your new bed will come complete with a Big Fig Foundation. You can choose a different option, but this slated design supports up to five times the weight of standard options. Because of the outstanding delivery method, you can enjoy your new bed almost immediately. The only problem we encountered was the wait time after purchase. You may find that it takes several weeks longer to arrive. It took five to six weeks total for us to receive our own Big Fig Mattress.

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Saatva – Off Gassing:

our rating guideThe off-gassing experience with your new Saatva Mattress should be minimal. Saatva brand completes all their manufacturing here in the United States. They are also made to order after you select your options in firmness level and thickness. Your new bed won’t be sitting in a warehouse or be shipped from overseas. This means that it won’t be in the plastic wrapping where fumes stay trapped for long.

The Saatva Brand is also dedicated to using eco-friendly materials that provide antimicrobial benefits and are free from common allergens. You may notice a natural fragrance during off-gassing, but this effect will be minimal. Allow your new Saatva Mattress to breathe for a few moments before placing any bedding.

Big Fig – Off Gassing:

Since the Big Fig Mattress is made in the USA, you will automatically have less off-gassing to worry about. The other great positive is that this bed is not compressed and roll-packed in a box. Instead, it is delivered and set up by a white glove delivery service. The only smell you may have is from the plastic wrapping used to keep the mattress clean during all transportation. Give your Big Fig Mattress a bit of time to breathe before placing your bedding. After that, you will be ready to enjoy your new bed.

Ready to experience the big support of the Big Fig Mattress? Learn more at Bigfigmattress.com. Or get individualized comfort from Saatva.com.

Saatva – Comfort:

saatva mattress reviewYou can select from three different comfort levels to create your custom Saatva Mattress. There is a Plush Soft option that is on a firmness level of a 3. The Luxury Firm option is in the range of 5-6.5, and the Firm selection is rated at a level 8. Having these choices allows you individualized comfort levels based on your body shape and size and your preferred sleeping positions.

Side sleepers and smaller people will love the sinking at the hip and shoulder in the Plush Soft option. Back and stomach sleepers will enjoy the way the foams groove into the body in the Luxury Firm choice. People of larger sizes will get better long-lasting support in the Firm selection.

These different adaptations all provide an optimal level of contoured comfort and support. This will aide in superior lumbar support, proper spinal alignment, and exuberant pressure point relief. If your partner and you are different sizes or enjoy different sleeping positions, choose the mid-grade firmness option. It will suit you as a great compromise between softness and firmness. Everyone will get an amazing night of sleep on the supportive comfort of a Saatva Mattress.

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Big Fig – Comfort:

big fig mattressIf you are a person of larger proportions, you will want to consider the Big Fig Mattress for overall comfort. The materials that construct this bed will provide you with strong support that is ideal for a heavier person. High-density foams give you structured contouring for supreme lumbar support and spinal alignment. It will alleviate your pressure points without sinking in too far.

This mattress will feel firmer to average and smaller size people, so side sleeping may not be as comfortable. You will still have the option of relaxed back and stomach sleeping with the solid core and durable foams. Weighing in at 120 pounds and measuring 13-inches tall, the Big Fig contains high-quality materials. They will work together to give you a substantially strong sleeping surface that provides responsive comfort.

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Saatva – Materials:

saatva mattress materialsStarting at the bottom, the Saatva Mattress has a layer of steel coils. This base support system creates a foundation that gives this bed durability and increased support.

The next layer is a section of individually-wrapped comfort coils. They provide a responsive contour to aid in pressure point relief and lumbar support. This section is reinforced around the outside by a dual perimeter edge support system. This will give you a fully usable surface.

Next is a sheet of memory foam that enhances lumbar support. The final component of the Saatva Mattress is the euro pillow top and the organic cotton cover. The pillow top offers additional cushioning.

The cover is enhanced with a Guardin® botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment for antimicrobial properties. These materials are customized to the comfort level option you select to provide a plusher or firmer feel.

Ready to feel the support of a dual coil system? Shop the Saatva and get the latest pricing at Saatva.com.

Big Fig – Materials:

The support you get in the Big Fig Mattress will last at least twenty years. This is due to the high-quality materials that were carefully sourced. Five layers come together with a temperature-controlling fabric and a specially designed foundation to bring you ultimate comfort.

The Big Fig Foundation supports five times the weight of standard foundations and comes with every Big Fig Mattress purchase. 1,600 individually wrapped coils are contained in an 80-pound density edge foam. That’s fifty percent more coils that comparable innerspring mattresses. The additional edge support allows for more sided to side and top to bottom usability. These components give your mattress a lasting durability for years of perfect sleep.

The next section consists of three separate layers of high-density poly foams. This material will contour to your body without allowing you to considerably sink in. A gel-infused latex will contour to your body even more while the perforations promote proper air circulation.

The top of this mattress is a ThermoGel treated fabric that aids in temperature control by lowering body heat. Together, the Big Fig’s materials will provide support and pressure point relief at optimal levels for people of larger size. They also made features to aid in sleeping cool and edge support.

big fig mattress review

Ready to feel contoured support that won’t wear out? Shop the Big Fig and get the latest pricing at BigFigMattress.com.

Saatva vs Big Fig – Motion Transfer:

big fig mattressYou shouldn’t disturb your partner too greatly when getting up at night on either bed. Normally, a hybrid mattress has more bounce due to the coil systems. With the Saatva, we noticed very little. They individually wrapped all of the coils to reduce motion transfer.

Memory foam on the layer above them also helps to soften vibrations that haven’t already been absorbed. The euro pillow top eliminates almost all the rest of the sensations you might feel. We’d regard the Saatva as one of the top hybrid competitors for absorbing movement before it reaches your partner.

The Big Fig also performs well for a hybrid bed. The responsive latex layer on top may provide a small amount of extra bounce. However, the foams underneath absorb most of these vibrations. The poly foam layers are all a high-density material.

They dissolve almost all movement before it transfers to the opposite side of the mattress. They individually wrapped each innerspring coil. All in order to reduce the effects of motion transfer. The Big Fig Mattress does a great job in suppressing motion transfer when compared to other hybrid mattresses.

Saatva vs Big Fig – Sleeping Cool:

saatva mattressThe Saatva brand has incorporated many cooling elements into their design. With two sets of coils, you will instantly have better airflow than most other mattresses. The support given by the coil systems also keeps you from sinking in too far where air can become trapped. Memory foams would usually trap heat more readily than other materials, but this is not the case with the Saatva.

Because the top coil set lies directly under this layer of foam, heat has a better chance to escape. A euro top provides a breathable surface directly against the body that will allow heat to pull away from you. The organic cotton cover is also a breathable material that will not retain heat. To get the best benefits in sleeping cool from your Saatva Mattress, order the Luxury Firm or Firm option.

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The Big Fig Mattress already does better than most at reducing heat retention. The coil system circulates air flow, dissipating heat. They also perforated the gel-infused latex. This helps to pull heat away from the body. You won’t sink down very far into this mattress due to the high-density foams that gently cradle you. They treat the cover on the Big Fig Mattress with ThermoGel. It is even cool to the touch. You will sleep without having to worry about getting too hot on this bed.

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Saatva vs Big Fig – Edge Support:

big fig mattressThe Saatva Mattress has doubled up with a dual perimeter foam encased edge support. This material continues around the entire outside of the mattress to create a consistent feel.

You can sleep right at the edge of the Saatva Mattress with no concerns in loss of support. You can even sit at the edge of this mattress with comfort for short periods of time. We recommend the edge support of the Saatva for those sharing a bed and needing to use the entire surface.

The Big Fig already uses a coil system, which creates a more solid perimeter. It also takes the next step by reinforcing the edge with a durable high-density foam. This means that you can comfortably sit at the edge of the bed without feeling like you will slide off. You can sleep all the way up to the edge without a rolling out sensation. If you are a bigger person, this is an extremely important factor.

 See our full review on the Big Fig HERE and the Saatva HERE!

Saatva vs Big Fig – Value:

For just $1099 you can order a queen-sized Saatva Mattress. Within this low price you can customize. Choose between three levels of comfort and two different sizes in thickness for a personalized experience. You also get free white glove delivery and old mattress removal with your purchase. The Saatva comes standard with a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty. This is an amazing value for a high quality custom mattress.

Interested in the Saatva? Learn more and shop at Saatva.com.

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You can purchase a Big Fig Mattress in a queen size for $1,699. This also includes your white glove delivery service and a worry-free 101-night sleep trial. You can sleep comfortably knowing that you have a 20-year warranty to back up your Big Fig. With a durable foundation and steel frame included, you are getting a quality product. For the latest Big Fig coupon, go to our Mattress Coupons page too!

Interested in the Big Fig Mattress? Learn more and shop at BigFigMattress.com.

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Saatva vs Big Fig – Our Pick!

saatva mattress reviewWhen we compared these two hybrids, we considered the materials and how these provided a comfortable sleeping experience. They made the Big Fig Mattress with larger people in mind. It is more on the firm side for comfort. The materials will provide you with a long-standing durability that can withstand a combined weight of 1,000 pounds. This mattress comes with lots of extra features included in your purchase, like a foundation and a steel frame. This mattress does an outstanding job at providing great sleep.

However, the Saatva Mattress does better than the Big Fig Mattress at providing an improved outcome in some areas of comparison. The Saatva has a stronger edge support and better cooling technologies. You can also select a comfort level to your exact preferences. With a lower price point as well, it’s clear to see that the Saatva Mattress is a better overall choice.

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