June 5, 2018

Puffy vs tulo

In our Puffy vs tulo mattress review, we are going to be comparing the two beds side by side. Both companies have different types of foam in their beds and offer a few different features from each other. These brands both have a popular following and are made to last you for years. With tulo being a brand sold in stores like Mattress Firm, and Puffy being strictly online, the two are an interesting match-up. The tulo also have multiple firmness options to choose from while Puffy sticks to one and does it well. Read on to learn which one is for you in our Puffy vs tulo mattress review.

puffy vs tulo

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Puffy Unboxing and Off-Gassing:

puffy vs tuloThe Puffy mattress is a made-to-order product that will be put into production once you have completed your purchase through the website. This helps eliminate harsh off-gassing by keeping the mattress out of storage for longer. As soon as the mattress is done processing through Puffy, they send it straight to you.

All Puffy mattresses are made in the USA to help regulate the quality of the foams used in the mattress. As well as the construction and production process too. The Puffy mattress will weigh around 70 pounds and you will need at least two pairs of hands to get in inside and set up. The mattress will take about 12 hours to expand and will have almost no off-gassing when you open the box. There may be a bit of fume that should dissipate quickly. If you are more sensitive leave a window open during the process. Also, this mattress will take at least 24 hours to fully expand.

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tulo Unboxing and Off-Gassing:

The tulo mattress may not be made to order but can be picked up in select Mattress Firm stores. This makes the tulo one of the easiest to get mattresses on our website. While this doesn’t necessarily help with off-gassing since this is still a mattress in a box. You have to appreciate the added convenience of immediate delivery.

The tulo mattress, like the Puffy, is also made in the USA as well. This again helps regulate materials and construction for less off-gassing. It weighs around 75 pounds so be sure to have a friend on standby when you bring your tulo home. When you open your tulo you will notice some off-gassing, but it won’t be completely overpowering. This too should disappear fairly quickly but if you are sensitive keep that in mind. Again this all foam mattress will take time to full expand and at least 24 hours before getting a true feel.

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Puffy vs tulo Unboxing and Off-Gassing:

Puffy clearly wins in the category of off-gassing with it’s made to order delivery. The tulo has a bit of an odor, while it’s minimal; those who are sensitive to smells will notice it. As with any mattress, it’s best to give it at least 12 hours to air out as well as expand. Both mattresses will also need two people to safely maneuver and are made in a factory in the USA. Thanks to this the brands are closely monitored for quality control to make sure you get the best product.

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puffy vs tuloMaterials and Layer Comparison:

Both mattresses are 10 inches total and use several layers of foam, and specifically memory foam. Puffy is the more simple of the two and has 3 layers. The tulo has 4 layers, all designed to help give you a wonderful amount of support. They both have pressure relieving properties and come with a breathable mattress cover. Both mattresses also have several cooling properties to them to help alleviate heat from the circulation.

Puffy Mattress Materials:

The Puffy Mattress is made up of 3 layers an is 10 inches thick. The first layer you will find in the puffy is 4 inches of cooling cloud foam. It helps reduce the heat kept in by the mattress and has 8 times the cooling effect of standard memory foam. The foam is made to adapt to your body and will put pressure on the points where you need it most. Sleepers who are active during the day will find the Puffy mattress to help them feel more well rested in the morning.

Next layer is the middle Climate Comfort Foam, this layer is also designed to be cooler than other mattresses. They also added this layer to give the bed a more responsive feel and relief to pressure points.

Puffy designed the final layer to support the soft top half. The Firm Core Support foam layer includes insta-firm technology. This technology makes the foam instantly firm up when you lay on it. This gives the Puffy mattress an extremely fast response time to your movements. Thanks to this, you will have very little disturbance in your comfort level while in bed. The Puffy mattress comes enclosed in a stylish removable cover. The cover is completely washable and made to be durable.

puffy vs puffy lux

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tulo Mattress Materials:

The tulo memory foam mattress is a 10 inch thick and uses 4 layers of foam. The tulo comes in 3 different levels of firmness, soft, medium-firm, and firm. The material usage will differ slightly from what we list depending on your choice.

The first layer of the tulo is made up of  3 inches of 3.24-pound Prosperity memory foam. This foam has titanium blended into it and is ventilated to help circulate air through the foam. This layer also helps give the bed pressure relieving properties. The second layer is 1.5 inches of 2.5-pound Responsive Poly Foam. This layer is laid out like a mountain range to give it better airflow and help dissipate heat. It also gives the bed additional responsiveness so you can move around easier.

The third layer in the tulo is 2.5 pounds of High Resiliency Firm Foam. This layer is 1.5 inches thick and made to help the stay durable. The layer contains strut reinforcement technology that helps reduce surface compression. It also focuses on giving the bed an adaptable support system, while being a great transition layer. The fourth and final layer is 5 inches of 1.8-pound High-Density Support Foam. This gives the foam a majority of its support. The tulo mattress also comes with a Polyester and Tencel blended cover that is made to be breathable.

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Puffy Mattress Comfort and Firmness:

puffy mattress reviewThe Puffy Mattress has a very medium-firm feel when sleeping on it. Puffy has one universal feel to accommodate the majority of sleeping preferences. It has three layers of foam that work in conjunction to provide you the perfect amount of support. The mattress also helps with pressure relief and is made with active lifestyles in mind. It is consistent all the way across so you won’t have to worry about things like sleeping on the edge being uncomfortable.

Initially trying this bed out you will notice the ample support immediately. It slowly adjusts to your body as you lay in it allowing the memory foam to slowly contour to you. This model is best for back or stomach sleeping and will give you all the support you need to stay asleep during the night. Side sleepers may find that it is a tad too firm for them, but many should still enjoy the contouring support. The mattress will take a bit longer than most models to mold to you once you settle in, but when it does you will love the comfortable feeling.

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tulo Mattress Comfort and Firmness:

tulo mediumThe tulo mattress is made up of 4 layers of comfortable memory foam to meet your needs. With 3 different options of firmness, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your sleep style. Side sleepers will love the soft version of the tulo, while back sleepers can enjoy the medium version. Stomach sleepers and chronic edge sleepers will fall in love with the firm version of the tulo. No matter what firmness you choose you can look forward to an array of features to make your night comfortable in each one. This includes cooling technologies and durability layers for long use.

Each comfort option will provide good solid support while altering the softness of the top layers. Making for three different beds that all have similar features but accommodate different sleepers. Each tulo uses pressure relieving memory foam that is contouring and pairs it with responsive comfort layers too. Making it a bit easier to move on too. Regardless of which one you choose, you’re sure to find a perfect fit.

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Puffy vs tulo Comfort & Firmness:

The Puffy and tulo mattresses are both incredibly comfortable. The Puffy’s three layers work together to cocoon you in balanced support. The tulo, on the other hand, gives you plenty of firmness options for you to pick from. This gives every type of sleeper an option, unlike the Puffy mattresses single medium-firm feeling. Both mattresses also feature a lot of heat filter measures. The Puffy mattresses have a slow response time to let you get settled in more easily. The tulo features a little more responsiveness to let you maneuver freely throughout the night.

Puffy vs tulo Mattress Motion Transfer:

puffy mattress reviewBoth mattresses are made solely of foams, meaning they have little to no way to transfer movement. They are great for sensitive sleepers or sleepers who have a partner in the same bed. When tested both mattresses could be moved around on without disturbing your partner. Each fair very well when it comes to isolating motion and even the lighter sleeper will appreciate the motion absorption in either bed.

Puffy Temperature Regulation:

The Puffy mattress uses cooling technology in just about every layer. It’s first layer, the cooling cloud layer, is made to help pass air through the foam. The layer is also infused with a cooling gel that helps remove 8x the heat of a normal memory foam mattress. The second layer is also made with keeping cool in mind. While the third layer is a dense firm foam, this helps support you and keep you from sinking into the foam. The cover itself is even made of materials known to help disperse heat. This combined with the other two layers will give you a cooler night than most other memory foam mattresses.

tulo Temperature Regulation:

puffy vs tuloThe tulo mattress is made to be breathable in many of its foam layers. Heat sensitive sleepers can even choose the firm option to sleep more on top of the mattress. While memory foam mattresses will always run hot the tulo uses a layer of specially cut foam to help air flow more evenly. It also includes a breathable cover to keep body heat from being trapped.

Puffy vs tulo Mattress Temperature Regulation:

While neither mattress runs extremely hot they both do hold back some heat. The Puffy keeps things a little cooler than the tulo medium firm. However, the firm version of the tulo is probably the coolest option in this comparison. This is thanks to the fact that you sleep more on the mattress in firm options than in it. Still, Puffy has pretty amazing cooling technology in their mattress, that is even rated cooler than most other memory foam options on the market.

Puffy Edge Support:

puffy mattress reviewThe Puffy Mattress does well if you like sleeping on the edge The mattress uses its insta-firm technology to keep the same feel no matter which way you turn. The medium-firm feel keeps the bed from sinking in while you sleep on it. The sides are extra supportive and will keep you from sliding off the edge while you sleep. No matter where you lay the Puffy mattress keeps the same firmness level for a great night’s sleep. If you plan to sit on the edge through the mattress will start to sink slowly making this bed best for short sitting periods.

tulo Edge Support:

tulo firm mattress reviewThe amount of edge support you get from you tulo mattress will depend on your choice of firmness. The soft option will not support any edge sleeping at all. The soft rating is a 3 out of 10 on the firmness scale. With this option, you will slide out of bed throughout the night. The medium firm option plays out much like the Puffy’s edge support. Finally, the firm option will support edge sleeping the best. The firm option also gives you the ability to sit on the edge all day without losing much support.

Puffy vs tulo Mattress Edge Support:

It’s a little hard to judge these two on edge support. Depending on the version you get of the tulo you will have either great or no support. The Puffy mattress does support edge sleeping pretty well though. However, edge sitting on the Puffy isn’t really going to work.

Puffy Mattress Value:

For a memory foam mattress that is dense, durable and solid you are getting a good deal for the price. The Puffy mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, 101-night trial and free shipping. The mattress comes in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin- $795
  • Twin XL – $825
  • Full – $995
  • Queen $1150
  • King – $1350
  • Cal King – $1350

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tulo Mattress Value:

To have the option to choose your firmness does give the tulo and added boost to value. If you are on a budget, this mattress is sure to do the trick. The tulo mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, 10 night trial and free shipping. The tulo is available in the following pricing and sizes:

  • Twin – $575
  • Twin XL – $600
  • Full – $650
  • Queen – $750
  • King – $950
  • Cal King – $950

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Puffy vs tulo Mattress Value:

The Puffy mattress is clearly more expensive than the tulo. They both offer similar features with tulo having more firmness variety. The price difference between the two is definitely something to think about. If you have a stricter budget, the tulo will provide a great sleeping surface that may not have some of the features the Puffy does, but for the price does a fine job. The Puffy may have some upgrades but also will be one universal medium-firm feel that may not accommodate all sleepers.

Puffy vs tulo Mattress Additional Information:

puffy mattress reviewBoth mattresses feature outstanding customer service and offer an extended sleep trial. The Puffy company allows for a 101-night sleep trial, while tulo is a 120-night trial. The tulo mattress is also available to try out and purchase at select Mattress Firm stores in the U.S.A.. Both brands also have a lot of acclaim and are trusted in the mattress communities.

Puffy vs tulo Mattress Summary:

Comparing the two can be a little difficult since tulo offers so many options for you to choose from at a great price. Both companies offer free shipping to your door. Along with this they are trusted companies that both give you sleep trials, with tulo’s trial being 19 days longer. Both mattresses are made in the SA so off-gassing is kept to a minimum. Puffy is made to order, however, so by default will also be better for those more sensitive to smells. Both mattresses are durable and great at preventing motion transfer.

The Puffy mattress does run cooler than the tulo other than in tulo’s firm option. If you want to get a medium firm mattress though Puffy is the way to go. If you’re looking for a more firm option then you will want to go with tulo. It’s also worth mentioning again that some Mattress Firm stores will have tulo in stock and even let you try out the mattress before purchase.

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