June 8, 2018

Puffy vs Bear

Both Puffy and Bear are two quality mattress brands with great products. Both mattresses come in a medium-firm feel. They also both feature some of the same great benefits that many consumers are looking for. Puffy and Bear mattresses are also both made in the U.S.A giving them have less off-gassing and as well as higher quality standards for sleeping mattresses. If that’s not enough they both are leaders in cooling technology for memory foam mattresses. You’ll see for yourself in our Puffy vs Bear mattress comparison.

puffy vs bear

While the Puffy and Bear mattresses are similar they do have a few slight differences. We will be taking a look at what makes these two products different and what makes them alike. Below we have gone over several categories to take a closer look at the two.

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Puffy Delivery and Off-Gassing:

puffy vs tuloPuffy, an American mattress firm, offers a very unique mattress buying experience for their customers. Instead of already having ready to ship boxes, all Puffy mattresses are made to order. This cuts down on the amount of time your mattress will be stuffed in a box. The factory is also located in the U.S.A and Puffy closely monitors the quality of all products being made. This ensures high-quality materials are being used on your mattress and makes the product truly brand new.

Now, the Puffy mattress will take just a little bit of extra time due to this process, but the results are worth it especially if you used a discount code to make a purchase. Also, we should mention that even with this process you will still get your mattresses in 2-5 business days. The mattress has practically no off-gassing. In fact, the only smell you should really notice comes from the plastic used to protect the mattress. The Puffy mattress weighs around 72 pounds making it a two person job to set-up.

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Bear Delivery and Off-Gassing:
bear mattress review

The Bear mattress comes with free shipping to your home and will weight around 75 pounds. To unbox this mattress safety, you will need a two-person team. The Bear mattress is also made in the U.S.A so you can expect fast shipping to your home. It will need a few minutes to expand and will take between 24 to 48 hours to completely get back to its intended comfort levels.

The Bear mattress will have minimal off-gassing once unboxed. It’s suggested to give the mattress 12 hours to air out after unboxing it. The Bear mattress can be used with any type of foundation once it has completely aired out and expanded.

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Puffy vs Bear Mattress Delivery & Off-Gassing:

Both companies offer free shipping to your home and come in fairly compact boxes. These infused memory foam mattresses weigh only a few pounds apart from each other and will require a second pair of hands to safely move them. Puffy does have slightly less off-gassing than most other models due to the made-to-order system. Still, the Bear mattress will have only minimal off-gassing. This makes both of these products a great pick for a scent sensitive sleeper. Be sure to let both mattresses with quick response foams have time to properly expand once unpacking them!

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Materials And Layer Comparison:
puffy vs tulo

Both the Puffy and Bear materials are impressive. Both mattresses use cooling gel agents to help keep things cool. They also both focus on responding to your movements rather quickly. While the Bear does have more top layers than the Puffy, there isn’t a huge comfort difference. Puffy utilizes its two layers to the fullest, and Bear does the same with it’s 5. They also both come with a comfortable cover layer that helps the mattress breath at night.

Puffy Materials:

The Puffy mattress is 10 inches thick and made of 3 layers to give it a medium-firm feel. The first layer is 3 inches thick and helps keep the bed cool. This layer is made of cooling cloud memory foam that is infused with gel. This layer uses conduction and convection technology to help keep heat away from your body. It also features eight times the normal amount of airflow found in most memory foam mattresses and other soft mattresses on the market.

The second layer of the Puffy Mattress is also a cooling and adaptive foam based layer. The ClimateComfort Foam is created to had a layer of responsiveness to the mattress and provide relief to pressure points on the body.

The final layer of the Puffy mattress is made of density base foam. This is the core layer of the mattress and provides much of its support. This layer also uses insta-firm technology to make the mattress 99% more responsive to your movements. It also is 4 times more supportive than other foam mattresses. Additionally, the Puffy mattress has a removable layer to make cleaning easy.

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Bear Materials:

The Bear mattress consists of 5 layers inside of the 10-inch thick mattress. The celliant woven cover is your first layer. This layer helps redirect your bodies natural energy back to you. To do this it uses infrared technology and will have you feeling more energetic when you wake. The next layer is graphite gel Memory Foam, to help with cooling the mattress. This layer is made to quickly adapt to your body while you sleep.

The next two layers combine together to help align your spine. As a mattress for back pain, Bear performs well in this regard. The third layer is made of responsive comfort foam that gives the mattresses it’s bounce. This combined with the pressure relieving transitional performance foam layer provides an excellent balance of comfort and pressure. The final layer is made of high-density support foam. This layer provides increased durability for the bed and helps to give it a medium-firm feeling.

bear mattress review

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Puffy Comfort and Firmness:

puffy mattress reviewWith a universal approach to comfort, Puffy has made a truly great mattress whether you’re looking for a good mattress for stomach sleepers or a mattress for side sleeprs that will keep you cool and comfortable all night long. The mattress is perfect for all types of sleepers. Side-sleepers may find that the mattress may not be soft enough for some. If you give the Puffy a shot you will find that it contours to your body almost perfectly. The foam adapts you your body well and gives you plenty of support throughout the night. The Puffy is a little firmer than the Bear and hits about a 7 on the firmness scale.

The Puffy’s two-layer also help you sleep better. The gel infused cloud layer keeps things cool while working to react to your movements. The support layer helps give the bed it’s firmness causing you to sleep more on top of the mattress. This keeps you cooler during the night, while still giving you that comfy memory foam experience. The mattresses also gives you plenty of pressure relief to make the day’s aches and pains dissipate where you need it most.

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Bear Comfort and Firmness:

bear mattress reviewThe Bear mattress is a medium firm mattress that is consistently comfortable all the way across. It is made of 10 inches of foam and 5 layers al put together to bring you a great night’s sleep. The Bear mattress sits right in the middle of the firmness scale to give it a true medium-firm feel. It is especially good for back sleepers who are looking for a decent amount of support. Stomach and side sleepers will also be pleased to know that the Bear mattress works well for them. As an added bonus, this mattress helps with spinal alignment while you rest. Coupled with the infrared technology, the Bear mattress will have you feeling great in no time.

The layers of the bed themselves all evenly pull their weight. The graphite layer keeps things cool at night while adapting to your body. The transition and response layer work together to give you pressure relief. The bed also has a good amount of bounce and will cradle you in comfort while you sleep. The final layer works to give you the support you need while keeping the bed durable for years to come.

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Puffy vs Bear Mattress Comfort & Firmness:

With the Puffy being firmer than the Bear, it’s truly up to the sleepers discretion which one they like better. Side-Sleepers may find the Bear to be more comfortable, while Stomach sleepers may prefer the Puffy. Both beds do a wonderful job at keeping things cool and providing support. They also both focus on relieving pressure while still having a great amount of softness.

Puffy vs Bear Mattress Motion Transfer:

puffy mattress reviewBoth beds are made to keep motion vibrations to a minimum. The foam in both beds will absorb most, if not all, movements. The base foam with both of these products helps keep a supportive mattress that reacts quickly to any movement. Thanks to this, both mattresses are great for sleepers sensitive to motion. These mattresses are perfect for couples or households with children who love to cuddle.

Puffy Temperature Regulation:

The Puffy mattress does a great job as well with keeping it cool. Puffy’s base keeps you from sinking into the mattress as much as the Bear. By keeping you a little more on top of your bed, the heat that you feel is greatly reduced. The first layer is made of cooling cloud foam to cool you off even more. The cooling cloud layer is gel infused to help ward off trapped body heat. The gel helps by giving the Puffy mattress 8 times as much airflow as it’s competitors. These layers all work together to give the Puffy a neutral temperature while in use.

Bear Temperature Regulation:

bear mattress reviewThe Bear mattress uses a few different resources to keep itself cool at night. The graphite layer is infused with cooling gel to help the cooling process. This layer works by using it’s gel infused particles to dissipate heat. The middle layer also promotes air-flow by using open cell technology to release trapped heat. This mattress has 7x more conductivity than other competitors. The support foam layer also helps you keep from sinking too far into the mattress. While it’s truly hard to keep any memory foam mattress cool, Bear does a great job at it.

Puffy vs Bear Mattress Temperature Regulation:

While both the Bear and Puffy mattresses use different methods they both run cool. Each mattress runs multiple times cooler than other memory foam competitors. This is thanks to both brands using innovative technology to filter out heat. Consumers may not even be able to tell the slight difference between the two brands cooling ability.

Puffy Edge Support:

puffy mattress reviewThe Puffy mattress is a great choice if you like sleeping on the edge. The mattress has a slightly more firm feel than the Bear and a little more edge support. Every inch of the Puffy is consistent in feeling. This means that you can curl up on the edge of your mattress without slowly sliding off. While the Puffy does great for sleeping, only occasional edge sitting is recommended. Long edge sitting will likely turn uncomfortable for you and can wear out parts of a mattress faster if done frequently.

Bear Edge Support:

bear mattress reviewWhile this mattress will react to your movements fast and you will enjoy sleeping on the edge. The Bear mattress is a true medium firm feel. This means that every inch of the Bear is a consistent feeling including the edge. With its edge to edge support, you don’t need to worry about slowly sinking off your bed during the night. While the Bear will hold up for sleeping, it’s not recommended for edge sitting. At best the Bear will only support minimal edge sitting before you become uncomfortable.

Puffy vs Bear Mattress Edge Support:

Like most medium-firm mattresses edge sleeping is comfortable with the Bear and Puffy. Both mattresses offer consistent comfort all the way across. You could sleep on the edge of your bed every night and notice little to no sinkage over long periods of time. While this doesn’t go as much for edge sitting, you can still occasionally sit up on the edge of your bed with no unwanted effects.

Puffy Mattress Value:

Puffy offers free shipping to your home and comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin – $795
  • Twin Xl – $825
  • Full – $995
  • Queen – $1150
  • King – $1350
  • Cal King – $1350

Additionally, the Puffy mattress comes with a Lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. You can also add on additional accessories to your Puffy purchase.

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Bear Mattress Value:

The Bear mattress is a great price for a comfortable and supportive mattress in a perfect medium firm feel. It also comes with a 10 year warranty and 100 night sleep trial. The Bear mattress comes complete with free shipping and is available in the sizes below:

  • Twin – $540
  • Twin XL – $640
  • Full – $740
  • Queen – $840
  • King – $940
  • Cal King – $940

Check out the great accessories Bear offers too. Like the Bear Pillow and Bear Mattress Protector.

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Puffy vs Bear Mattress Value:

Both the Puffy and Bear mattresses offer free shipping to your door. They also both are made of many great layers of quality foam. That being said, the Bear mattress does run quite cheaper than the Puffy mattress. To make up for that Puffy offers a lifetime warranty on their product. Generally, you will want to replace a mattress way before this making the Bear’s 10-year warranty actually pretty decent in comparison. Either way, you go through we can safely say you won’t be disappointed by either option.

Puffy vs Bear Additional Information:

bear mattress reviewBoth of these mattress companies feature outstanding customer support. From the second you buy the mattress to your warranty runs out, both companies are there to take care of you. Puffy and Bear also both feature sleep trial periods. The trial periods are nearly identical with Puffy give you an extra night at 101 nights. If you turn out not to like either mattress then returns are simple from both companies

Additionally, both mattresses ship fast even with Puffy’s made-to-order policy. They also will both donate a portion of your purchase to charity. Bear takes it a step further though by making itself an eco-friendly company. Both companies also offer several add-ons to your purchase like pillows and mattress covers. Both companies have financing available through different agencies.

Puffy vs Bear Mattress Summary:

With so many similarities it’s hard to pick between the two products. Both Puffy and Bear offer free shipping and great warranties for their mattresses. Both companies also are charitable and there customer service is amazing. They also only differ in their sleep trials by Puffy adding on an extra day to Bear’s 100. The mattresses are even almost the same weight. This coupled with both mattresses having great cooling technologies makes both of them a great pick. Still, they do differ in a few areas.

The Puffy mattress is notably more expensive than Bear. This will make budget-savvy consumers lean more towards Bear. Puffy, offer a lifetime warranty that is sure to hook many shoppers in. Bear’s 10-year warranty may not be as enticing but will cover the general lifetime of a mattress. The Bear mattress is also just a little bit softer than the Puffy. This may make some side-sleepers feel more comfortable going with the Bear.

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