June 13, 2018

Cocoon vs tulo

If you want an all-foam mattress from a trusted brand, there are two great options to consider. Cocoon Classic and Cocoon Chill by Sealy and tulo from Mattress Firm are some outstanding choices. They are made from some similar materials, with top layers of memory foams and dense base foams. They each have options for customized comfort levels to give you your ultimate rank of firmness.

The tulo has three variations. The Cocoon has two styles that are both available in an upgraded Cocoon Chill design. Thus, which one do you choose? Read through our comparison guide to see how we felt about these two competitors. By the end, you’ll see which of the two is the best choice for you.

Cocoon – Overview:

cocoon vs tuloThe Cocoon by Sealy comes in two options, giving you outstanding benefits customized for your personal sleeping needs. You can choose between two levels of comfort in two different designs. The Cocoon Classic comes in a soft and a firm option. The Cocoon Chill is available in the same varieties with added cooling properties. With any choice you make, the Cocoon gives you a supported contour in any position.

You can choose the softer option for side and back sleepers. Otherwise, you can go with the firm option for primarily stomach sleeping and back sleeping or for larger people. Your body will feel hugged in the comfort of durable memory foam, while receiving sturdy support. Just about anyone could benefit from sleeping on a Cocoon mattress that has been customized to their preferences.

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tulo – Overview:

cocoon vs tuloThe tulo by Mattress Firm is a 10-inch thick all foam bed. This established brand understands sleep from years of experience, unlike most bed-in-a-box competitors. It is quality-made in the United States. This mattress comes in three different comfort level options: soft, medium, and firm.

Four layers of foams are individually compiled to create the custom feels. This makes the tulo a good fit for any sleeping position and any size person. The best thing about the tulo mattress: you can try it out before your purchase at any Mattress Firm retailer. A low price makes this a great choice for those on a budget. How will the tulo compare to the Cocoon? Read on to find out.

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cocoon chill mattress reviewCocoon – Delivery and Off Gassing:

Shipping of your new Cocoon mattress is included in your purchase price. It will usually arrive within a week. The mattress is compressed and delivered in a roll-packed box. Weighing around 60 pounds, you could maneuver it by yourself if you are fit. If not, have a second set of hands to set up your new Cocoon.

All versions of the Cocoon by Sealy are made in the USA. This is going to give you a better experience in off-gassing, right off the bat. You may notice some odors when you unwrap this mattress, but they are most likely from the plastic wrapping. If you are sensitive to smells, give this mattress around twelve hours to breath before you set up your bedding. It could take the Cocoon a few hours to fully expand, and a day or two to fully firm up.

Ready to order your new Cocoon Classic or Cocoon Chill? Learn more and shop at CocoonBySealy.com.

tulo – Delivery and Off Gassing:

puffy vs tuloFree shipping comes standard with every tulo purchase. Red-Carpet delivery service is available for delivery in most areas. This includes your set up and removal of your old mattress. This is another free addition to your tulo purchase. When Red-Carpet is not available, your tulo will arrive within 3-5 days via Fed-Ex.

This mattress is made in the USA. It doesn’t have to go through overseas shipping or sit in a warehouse awaiting your order. You will not notice a lot of foul fragrances during off-gassing. If you are more sensitive to smells, allow the tulo to breathe for around twelve hours before placing bedding. If you are unboxing the tulo on your own, it should be easy with a second set of hands. Allow a few hours for the tulo to fully expand and up to two days to fully firm up.

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Cocoon – Comfort:

cocoon by sealySealy allows for several different options to give you perfectly adjusted levels of comfort. Both the Cocoon Classic and the Cocoon Chill come in a soft and firm variation.

The soft version measures at 5 on a firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. You will feel cocooned, as the name says, by the true memory foam feel. You also get support from the foundation. This makes this option a prime choice for side sleepers and a good choice for back sleepers.

If you are mostly a stomach sleeper, you are better off choosing the firm style. This design lands a 7.5-8 rating on the firmness scale. You will still have the contouring benefits that the Cocoon provides. Only, you not sink in as far, which is great for heavier sleepers as well. Both options are available in the Cocoon Chill style.

Cocoon by Sealy
tulo – Comfort:

You get three different levels of comfort with the tulo: soft, medium, and firm. Each has their own rating on the firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

The soft version scores a 3 on the firmness scale, giving you a plush feel. This design provides extra pressure point relief at the shoulder and hips for side and back sleepers. The medium style garners a five. Any sleeping position will be comfortably cushioned with firm support. The firm option ranges between a 7.5 and an 8 on the firmness scale. This choice is good for stomach and back sleepers, providing beneficial spinal alignment.

With the tulo, you get a balanced and supportive sense no matter which firmness option you choose. You’ll get ideal contouring and strong support every night with a tulo selected based on your personal needs.

Cocoon – Materials:

All Cocoon by Sealy mattresses are made with the same design. Different density foams are used to create the firmness you select. Each mattress will measure 10 inches tall and consist of three layers. The top segment of the Cocoon is a 2-inch thick memory foam that cradles the body for pressure point relief. This creates the “cocoon” feel with hugging contours.

The middle of this mattress is a 2-inch thick sheet of transitional foam. This is the layer where the comfort differentiates between soft and firm. The final layer of the Cocoon is a 6-inch thick dense base foam. It provides a strong foundation that will support your body. This provides you with correct spinal alignment and proper blood flow.

In the Cocoon Classic, a polyester stretch-knit cover gives you a breathable, soft touch. In the Cocoon Chill, the same fabric is infused with “Phase Change Material”. This addition dissipates heat by absorbing it, and it keeps the fabric cool to the touch. With the softer options, it may be wise to upgrade to the Chill style. Since, you will sink down into the mattress further, warm air is more likely to be trapped. The extra cooling benefits can make a world of a difference to a warm sleeper.

casper vs cocoon

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tulo – Materials:

The tulo is a 10-inch thick mattress made from four layers of different foams. These vary based on the firmness option selected to provide you a customized feel. The top layer of foam is a 2-inch thick 3.5-poud density cool flow memory foam. Titanium particles are blended with this ventilated foam to give you cooling properties as your weight is evenly distributed.

The second layer of the tulo is a 1.5-inch thick 2.5-pound density responsive poly foam. This section has a “peak and valley” design to promote proper air flow while giving the mattress a reactive feel.

A third layer of the tulo is made from 1.5-inch thick 2.5-pound density high resiliency poly foam. This transitional layer is a durable section uses strut reinforcing technology to reduce surface compression.

The final layer of this mattress is a 5-inch 1.8-pound density base foam. This portion gives the tulo durability and support, setting this bed up for success.

The covering for the tulo is made from a polyester and TENCEL knitted material. It is reinforced with a Polyester Elastan blended material to give you longer strength to prevent bunching and sagging.

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Cocoon vs tulo – Motion Transfer:

casper vs cocoonWith most all-foam mattresses, you are less likely to feel the effects of motion transfer. This is true for the Cocoon in both the Classic and the Chill styles. It rapidly absorbs vibrations with the high-quality materials. The results from our testing provided the same results with minimal disturbances. The Cocoon is a great choice for anyone who sleeps with a partner that gets up frequently during the night.

Since memory foams are the best at reducing vibrations, the tulo also fairs well in stopping motion transfer. The rest of the foams in its design will absorb any remaining movement. Any version of this bed would be great for those that are light sleepers. In this category, the Cocoon does just slightly better than the tulo. However, the difference is almost unnoticeable.

Cocoon vs tulo – Sleeping Cool:

cocoon mattressWhile the Cocoon Classic does not give you any incorporated cooling benefits, you can always choose the firm option. This will keep you from sinking in too far where warm air will be trapped around your body. If you are a warm sleeper in general, you should consider the positive aspects of the Chill version.

This variation incorporates “Phase Change Material” into the fabric of the cover. This additive works to reduce higher temperatures by absorbing your body’s heat and dissipates it on contact. It also stays cool to the touch for a while. Together with the firmer option, this improved cover gives you ultimate cooling properties in all-foam.

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tulo mediumAgain, all-foam mattresses are not usually the best choices for cooling properties in a new bed. The tulo has incorporated a few elements to aid in better air flow. The foams they used provide a heightened air flow design, but they are not convoluted. They blended the top layer of foam with titanium particles to draw heat away from the body.

The TENCEL fibers in the cover will wick away moisture and is cooler to the touch than other fabrics. If you are worried about sleeping too warm, go with the firm option. This will allow you to sleep on top of the mattress rather than in the mattress where warm air can get trapped. Overall, the tulo does just okay at providing a cooler sleep in comparison the Cocoon Chill mattress.

Cocoon vs tulo– Edge Support:

A consistent feel is provided by the Cocoon mattress in both soft and firm formats. You will be able to use every square of sleeping surface in this bed. Dense foams give you a solid foundation consistently throughout. You can sleep right up to the edge without feeling like you are going to roll out.

tulo mattress reviewHowever, sitting at the edge of this mattress for long periods of time may not be as suitable. All your weight pressing in one spot will cause you to sink down. The Cocoon did far better than most all-foam mattress, giving you a nice place to sit for a short while.

We wouldn’t recommend the tulo mattress for ability to sit on the edge. There is little support in this aspect, though the firm option fairs much better than the soft and medium variations. However, this mattress will give you consistent feel for sleeping on the entire surface. You should get the same feel, whether sleeping in the middle of the bed or on the edge. You shouldn’t feel like you are going to roll out. The base foam is the main support component in the tulo. It has a sturdy foundation you can feel.

Cocoon by Sealy – Value:

You can purchase a Cocoon Classic style mattress in a queen size for $799. This is applicable to both the soft and firm options. Upgrade to the Cocoon Chill for a total price of $949. This price includes free shipping with no additional fees. You can try your new Cocoon mattress worry-free with your 100-night sleep trial. Also, included is a 10-year warranty.

Use our coupon code OSG100 to take $100 off your purchase. Sealy also has an option for financing your new Cocoon through payments made over a twelve-month period. Interested in the Cocoon mattress? Learn more and shop at CocoonBySealy.com. Or follow the image below too!

Cocoon by Sealy

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tulo – Value:

You can have your new queen-sized tulo mattress for a low price of $750. This includes free shipping compressed in a roll-packed box through Fed-Ex. You can also upgrade to the Red-Carpet delivery service, where available, at no additional charge. This includes your set-up and removal of your old mattress.

You get to try the tulo in either the soft, medium, or firm option worry-free with your 120-night sleep trial. You also get a standard 10-year warranty with every tulo purchase. Take advantage of a current promotion on our Mattress Coupon Page. Interested in the tulo mattress? Learn more and shop at tulo.com. Or you can click on the image below to go right to tulo.com.

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Cocoon vs tulo – Our Pick!

Cocoon by SealyYou could pay less to purchase a tulo mattress. Though the overall quality can’t hold a candle to the Cocoon Classic or Cocoon Chill. The Cocoon Classic does a slightly better job at motion reduction and edge support. For comfort options the tulo comes in three variations, while the Cocoon comes in two.

Even though it doesn’t have a medium variation, the Cocoon has a more luxurious feel. It provided a more balanced support and upgraded plush softness. The area that really makes the Cocoon stand out is the cooling benefits in the Chill version of this mattress. Sleeping cool is an important aspect in all-foam beds, since they tend to retain more heat. If you generally sleep cooler you could still save some money. Going with the Cocoon Classic will still give you just slightly upgraded benefits in comparison to the tulo.

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