June 13, 2018

Purple vs tulo Mattress

Today we will be looking at two unique brands, Purple vs tulo. Purple uses a blend of foam with a polymer to create their mattress. While tulo is a company insistent on offering multiple options of firmness. Both mattresses have their ups and down, and we are here to help you pick which brand is perfect for you. Additionally, the tulo mattress is available at select mattress firm stores to try out and Purple offers sample materials to let you get an idea of their unique polymer layer.

purple vs tulo

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Purple Delivery and Off-Gassing:

Unlike the other mattresses we cover, the Purple mattress comes in a plastic bag. It will take two people to get moved inside and weighs 110 pounds. The Purple mattress will feature some off-gassing, as well. People sensitive to smells will want to have a window opened while unboxing it and may even need to give it a few days to air out. It should be noted that it will even take two people to get the mattress out of the plastic bag without ripping it.

tulo boxtulo Delivery and Off-Gassing:

The tulo mattress is delivered in a compact box and weighs 75 pounds. It has a very minimal amount of off-gassing, and smells from the tulo will quickly dissipate.  Like most mattresses, the tulo mattress will need a few hours to properly expand. The mattress is made in the U.S.A to ensure fast, reliable delivery.

Purple vs tulo Mattress Delivery & Off-Gassing:

Both mattresses are delivered compactly and fairly fast. The tulo mattress does feature less off-gassing then the Purple. This may make those sensitive to strong smells lean more towards tulo. Purple is also delivered in a plastic bag rather than a box, which does raise some worries about whether the tulo ships safer being in cardboard.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

Both mattresses use a variety of different layers to bring you comfort. The tulo mattress has multiple firmness options, and layers promoting air flow. The Purple mattress uses a unique polymer grid layer to help create comfort while keeping things cool. Both companies also include a cover to help keep the core mattress cleaner for longer.

Purple Mattress Materials:

The Purple mattress is 9.5 inches thick with 3 layers. The Purple mattress uses both polymer and foam to create its medium firm feel. The top layer of the mattress is made of hyper-elastic polymer grid. This grid has a very different effect than a foam layer would. Not only does it help keeps thing cool by creating airflow, it also helps relieve pressure. The middle layer is made of transition foam. This helps give the mattress it’s comfortable feeling while balancing the layers out nicely.

The last layer is the base layer. This helps give the bed a majority of its support. This is all wrapped up in a polyester blended cover. The cover can unzip for washing makes cleaning up any messes a little bit easier. The cover also has a unique pattern on it to make it look more appealing.

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tulo Materials:

The tulo mattress is 10 inches thick and made up of 5 different layers. The tulo comes in three different firmness choices, slightly altering the listed layers. The first layer is made of  Prosperity memory foam blended with titanium. The titanium helps the layer vent out hot air for a cooler sleep. The second layer is made of Responsive Poly Foam. this layer has a unique mountains and valley like shape to it. It helps keeps you even cooler during the night by ventilating heat out even more. These two layers together give the mattress it’s responsiveness and makes it easy to move on.

The third layer is High Resiliency Firm Foam and is put in the tulo to keep the mattress durable over time. The layer also contains strut technology that helps reduce any surface tension. The last layer is made of high-density support foam to help give the bed it’s firmness. This is all wrapped neatly in a layer of polyester and tencel blended made to be especially durable.

cocoon vs tulo

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Purple Comfort and Firmness:

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonPurple likes to try for a universal approach to their mattress. They aim to make a one-size fits all mattress that is comfortable for all types of sleepers. This makes the purple mattress hit between a 5.5 and 6 on the firmness scale, almost completely in the middle. This makes this mattress work for all types of sleepers both back and stomach, as well as, side. Sadly, some stomach sleepers may end up feeling like they don’t have enough support. This also goes for heavier sleepers looking for a mattress in the middle.

The mattress also may be a little harder to get to thanks to its unique layering. The polymer grid will feel strange to many sleepers at first. The Purple mattress is still comfortable, but its unique design may not appeal to everyone.

tulo Comfort and Firmness:

The tulo mattress gives you the ability to choose between three different firmness options, soft, medium-firm, and firm. This makes the tulo have something for every type of sleeper without leaving anyone out. The mattress also uses unique layer design to help keep things cool at night. Additionally, these layers also give you ease of movement and add a nice amount of bounce to the mattress.

The wide range of firmness option also helps out heavier sleepers. The medium-firm options help out couples who need to compromise, as well. This makes tulo a truly great option for a vast range of people.

Purple vs tulo Mattress Comfort & Firmness:

It’s a little hard to compare the two mattresses. The Purple mattress has a very unique feel due to the polymer layer. Purple also only has a medium-firm feel while tulo offers 3 different firmness options. The grid layer in the Purple mattress is a little harder to get used to for many sleepers. We do recommend sampling the polymer material to see if it will feel right to you. Also, tulo mattresses can be tested in some mattress firm stores to help you find the perfect fit.

Purple Mattress Temperature Regulation:

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Purple mattress runs a little cooler than traditional memory foam thanks to its varied layers. The grid-based polymer layer gives air plenty of room to flow in.  The polymer is also less heat conductive than foam, making this a great mattress for those who run hot. The coolness of the Purple mattress is also enhanced by its breathable cover.

tulo Temperature Regulation:

The tulo mattress has many unique layers that help keep it cool throughout the night. It’s titanium infused cool flow foam first layer is a key player in keeping it cool. The layer helps by using titanium particles to help promote airflow. The layer below that is made of a breathable memory foam that features the peak and valley design. The responsive foam layer helps you move at night to keep the mattress from sucking you in. This all coupled with the firm option gives you some of the best tools to fight off the heat.

Purple vs tulo Mattress Temperature Regulation:

puffy vs tuloBoth mattresses do a great job at keeping things cool. The Purple mattress only rates slightly better than the tulo mattress. This is great news especially since the tulo is made of all foam. Additionally, the firm option of the tulo mattress helps relieve heat even more by making you sleep comfortably on top of the bed. Either way though, both companies did a wonderful job with using great cooling technology.

Purple Edge Support:

The Purple mattress has a consistent feel from edge to edge. It allows sleepers to comfortably sleep on the edge without slowly sliding off the bed. The Purple mattress won’t do well for edge sitting at all though.

tulo Edge Support:

The tulo’s amount of edge support depends on what level of firm you choose. The soft option won’t give you much edge support at all. It’s recommended to go medium firm if you find yourself often sleeping on the edge of your bed. If you want a completely solid experience the go with the firm tulo. The firm option will even add the ability to sit on the edge for extended periods of time.

Purple vs tulo Mattress Edge Support:

Both mattresses have an option to give you great edge support. This makes sleepers who need to use up all the space on their side of the bed have a consistent feel all the way across. For edge sitting though, only the tulo firm is a viable option.

Purple Mattress Value:

The Purple mattress will also ship to your door completely free and features a 10-year warranty, as well. The Purple mattress comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin XL – $699
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1299
  • Cal King – $1299

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tulo Mattress Value:

The tulo mattress offers free shipping to your door and a 10-year warranty. The mattress comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin – $575
  • Twin XL – $600
  • Full – $650
  • Queen – $750
  • King – $950
  • Cal King – 4950

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Purple vs tulo Mattress Value:

Both companies offer free shipping with their mattress to your door. The tulo mattress is noticeably cheaper, while the Purples unique materials cause it to be more expensive. The tulo mattress also offers a twin size and both companies give you a 10-year warranty.

Purple vs tulo Additional Information:

purple vs cocoonAs mentioned about tulo can be tried out at select mattress firm locations. After trying the tulo out you usually can even bring your mattress home that day. This gives you a faster means of acquiring a mattress in an emergency. With tulo, you also receive a 120-night sleep trial to figure out if the mattress works for you.

Purple offers some samples of their material as mentioned above to help sleepers learn about polymer layers. Additionally, the company makes a pillow with the polymer technology to go with your new bed. While the pillow is $99 it even comes with a 100-night sleep guarantee.  The mattress from Purple also features a 100-night sleep trial. Purple also comes with free in-home set-up available with mattress removal included.

Both companies offer easy returns and friendly customer service. That means that returning or using your warranty on either product will be a breeze.

Purple vs tulo Mattress Summary:

tulo mediumBoth tulo and the Purple mattresses have quite a few good points over the other. Both offer free shipping to your door, but with Purple, it can include set-up with mattress removal. Purple will have more off-gassing than the tulo mattress though, but both products are made in the U.S.A..

When it comes to materials both mattresses vary in their layers Purples unique polymer technology is interesting and comfortable. The polymer is even proven to deteriorate slower than foam. The tulo mattress is made of foam made to be durable and stand up to age.

Both companies offer a sleep trial with tulo;s being 20 days longer. The tulo mattresses are also a lot cheap than the Purple mattress. On top of that, tulo comes in three different firmness levels while Purple just comes in a medium firm. Both are good for edge sleeping with tulo’s firm option being the best for edge sitting. The Purple mattress does run slightly cooler than the tulo, but some users may find the polymer grid uncomfortable. The Purple mattress is also a lot heavier than the tulo, making moving it a hassle on your own. Some consumers may also be weary of the Purple mattress shipping in a plastic bag over a box.

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