June 14, 2018

Zenhaven vs Spindle Latex

Comfort is the key to a good night’s sleep. Which is why Zenhaven vs Spindle makes for the perfect comparison. Both mattresses are made of organic materials and claim to create the best sleeping experience.

Hard to believe you could have the best night’s sleep? Lucky for you these 10” mattresses provide at least a 100-night sleeping trial. No matter what kind of sleeper you are side, stomach, back, or a combo, that’s 100 nights of guilt-free sleep. The differences between the Zenhaven and Spindle are like comparing amazing and wonderful. Continue reading below for our in-depth comparison review to help you decide.

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Zenhaven Mattress Overview:

zenhaven vs spindle The Zenhaven mattress takes the prize with its name. This heaven-like mattress is all about balance; comfort vs support, hug vs response. It features two sides, one soft, one firm; and for a great price you’ll feel like you’re getting two mattresses in one. The Zenhaven is uniquely made with natural latex. The pure American Talalay Latex is a hidden gem of the mattress world and provides an unparalleled sleep experience.

The natural latex also makes the Zenhaven ultra durable, resistant to mold and microbes. It also is made by the industry leader, Saatva. Giving it a reputation of quality and amazing customer service. The Zenhaven really hits the mark overall for everything you’d look for in a latex mattress. It even comes with a 120 night sleep trial and 20 year warranty.

Learn more and shop the Zenhaven Mattress at Saatva.com.

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Spindle Mattress Overview:

zenhaven vs spindleThe Spindle puts a new spin on an American classic. Manufactured in America, by a 4th generation mattress maker, quality is assured. The luxury latex mattress offers a unique design and is shipped in three separate boxes. These three layers are quickly assembled and offer irresistible comfort.

Pair comfort with the highest quality material, Dunlop latex, and you’ve got a mattress to withstand your sleep. We encourage you to test our comfort guarantee for a full year, plus a 10-year warranty. If that’s not enough, the Spindle mattress includes a 25-year comfort renewal program, so your mattress will never lose its, “ahhhh” feeling.

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Zenhaven vs Spindle – Delivery & Unboxing: 

The delivery process for these two beds is quite different. While both are free of any added charge the Spindle will come via Fed-Ex disassemble and the Zenhaven is in one piece and delivered via white glove delivery service. The materials of these mattresses are quite heavy as well as have a natural flop that makes them a little tricky to handle.

spindle mattress reviewHaving the work taken out of the process with the Zehaven’s delivery and set up service makes it a breeze and much appreciated. This heavy mattress is carefully boxed and handled by two pros to get it to your bedroom. They than remove it form the box, set it up and take away the garbage. As well as remove your old mattress if needed too. This added perk gives this mattress the edge as far as delivery goes.

The Spindle on the other hand will come in three separate boxes. Each one containing one layer of latex as well as the zippered cover. The assembly process is easiest with two people and will take anywhere from about 10 to 20 minutes. After you position the cover on your foundation or base you will need to add the Dunlop layers in their preferred order. Creating a stack that will than be zippered shut. This does sound easy but the layers are heavy and will take some maneuvering from two people.

Zenhaven vs Spindle – Off Gassing: 

Neither the Zenhaven or Spindle mattress will make for too much off-gassing. The use of all natural materials is the best way to eliminate any toxic or noxious odors. Though both will have a few fragrances, these are more natural and not harmful. Both beds will quickly dissipate any scent once set up and aired out. Neither will need much time either before sleeping on it, so your new bed will be ready to sleep on in no time.

Materials – Talalay Latex vs Dunlop Latex: 

The one thing you know about these mattresses is that they are both 100% natural latex mattresses. However, their are differences even with latex that may make your choice between the two easier or more difficult. The two kinds of latex used in these mattresses are Talalay latex &  Dunlop latex. Though both are made form the sap of a rubber tree the manufacturing process gives them slightly different end results.

Dunlop latex, found in the Spindle, is the oldest method for manufacturing latex. The original process started in 1929 and takes the rubber sap and whips it into a frothy texture. It is then poured into an aerated mold and steam baked. During the baking process some of the sediments settle to the bottom creating a slightly firmer feel on one side. Overall Dunlop latex tends to be denser than Talalay latex. Which also makes it a bit heavier, firmer and less consistent and soft too.

Talalay latex, found in the Zenhaven mattress, uses a newer manufacturing process. This process is similar to the Dunlop process but between pouring the sap mixture into the mold and baking there are a few added steps. Once poured into the mold the latex is put into a vacuum chamber where excess air pockets are extracted. Then it is flash frozen before baking to eliminate sediments settling. These added processes produce a latex that is more consistent, softer and plush. However, some would argue that these additional processes make the latex less durable, but if so, not by much.

zenhaven vs spindle
Zenhaven Materials: 

Zenhaven Mattress materialsThe Zenhaven is a solid 10 inches of premium, natural Talalay latex foam. Talalay is soft, supportive, consistent, and breathable thanks to its naturally aerated surface. Like other latex foams the Talalay is still plenty dense, but has the perfect amount of responsiveness and cushion. This makes the Zenhaven ideal for spinal alignment and relieving pressure throughout the entire body.

The top-notch mattress is fitted with an organic cotton cover with wool quilting for maximum plushness. These materials enhance the mattress’ already cool surface and create moisture wicking. As well as add an extra layer of plushness and softness that cradles your body. In combination, these materials ensure that you are getting a 100% natural mattress that is highly durable too.

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Spindle Materials:

spindle materialA total of 10 inches, the Spindle features three separate layers of 100% Dunlop latex. Each layer is approximately 3” thick and plays a unique role in comfort and support. Depending on the desired firmness, the density of each layer will vary. Creating a softer, medium and firmer latex options. Each mattress will come with three of these

The mattress offers a 100% natural, removable zippered cover. (However, the cover is NOT machine washable). The combination of organic cotton and wool provides extra padding, moisture wicking, and acts as a natural fire barrier. With its cover, the Spindle mattress is both flexible and buoyant, but still maintains complete durability.

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Zenhaven vs Spindle – Comfort:

The comfort of a mattress is clearly subjective to each sleeper. However, there are a few ways to objectively get a good idea of what you would like. By not only looking at the materials a bed is made out of and understanding the benefits and feel, but also the firmness levels that each comes in.

Each mattress will have its own unique feel, though some do start to feel similar and will vary only slightly. These two latex mattresses offer a variety of options for firmness levels. Making them appealing to almost all sleepers who prefer 100% latex mattresses.

Zenhaven Comfort: 

zenhaven mattress reviewThe two-sided Zenhaven mattress offers two feels in one bed. The uniquely, double-sided Zenhaven offers a luxury plush side and a gentle firm side. Back and side sleepers will love the plush side because it’s supportive with a little extra softness. If you’re a heavy sleeper, especially on your stomach and back, gentle firm is ideal for you. If you change your mind, just flip the mattress over.

All latex foam mattresses are typically supportive, but the Talalay latex of the Zenhaven is softer, and more consistent and pliable. The latex has very little heat retention that allows you to sleep cool. And the naturally buoyancy of the latex makes for ease of movement without feeling stuck. The Zenhaven mattress is just as it name implies, creating a bedroom that is the most zen like haven in your home.

Sound dreamy? Shop and get FREE white glove delivery on your Zenhaven bed at Saatva.com.

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Spindle Comfort:

spindle mattress reviewThe Spindle bed on the other hand offers a more customized approach. Each mattress includes three separate Dunlop latex layers that can altered throughout the life of the bed to create a more preferred feel. When ordering your preferences and needs will be take and a combination of soft, medium, firm and extra firm layers will create your mattress.

This combination will be chosen based on your size and sleeping preferences to create the ideal surface whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. Or even if you are on the heavier side as well. The latex is the supreme balance between spring and sink. This means if you’re lucky, you might even just stay asleep while you change sleep positions. The cherry on top is the smooth and soft extra padding from the wool and cotton cover, because who doesn’t need extra.

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Zenhaven vs Spindle – Motion Transfer:

No one wants to feel their partner get in and out of bed throughout the night. The Zenhaven and Spindle are tied when it comes to motion transfer. While both latex mattresses have a natural spring, there should be minimal disruption due to the material’s density. The most your partner may feel are small vibrations, but not nearly enough cause disruption. The layers of wool and cotton over the top also help in absorbing some excess movement. Making the overall sleeping experience easy to move on while not creating excess motion.

Zenhaven vs Spindle – Sleeps Cool:

zenhaven mattress reviewYou cannot go wrong with either of these options when it comes to sleeping cool. The Zenhaven uses Talalay latex which is a material with open, breathable cells. Breathable cells create a cool surface, and in turn, you sleep comfortably. Even the top cover offers the benefits of naturally moisture wicking wool and breathable organic cotton Both of these help regulate the mattress and your body temperature. Altogether, these naturally cooling materials will not disappoint.

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The Spindle’s Dunlop latex is equally as cooling, since all latex is breathable and aerated. With the Spindle your body temperature will be regulated and heat dissipated easily too. This cover offers the same benefits of the Zenhaven, featuring a blend of cotton and wool that creates a moisture wicking tool and added plushness. Moisture wicking means staying cool when you’re warm and staying warm when you’re cool, so you’re guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep every night.

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Both of these mattresses are not only are top two Best Natural Mattresses but are also included in our list of Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers. Making them fabulous for so many reasons.

Zenhaven vs Spindle- Edge Support:

spindle mattress reviewIf you’re an edge of the bed sleeper, the Zenhaven bed is for you. The dense latex foam plus five layer comfort zones, create firmness from edge to edge. You’ll never get that falling off the bed feeling, because the high-quality material creates a solid, stable surface. Sleeping on the edge or the middle will prove no difference either. Giving this all foam mattress a great perimeter.

Another dense latex, the Dunlop latex on the Spindle mattress creates a solid, stable surface throughout the entire mattress. This ensures that the bed has maximum surface use. Although the Dunlop is firm, there is a slight difference between laying in the middle and the sides of the bed.

Both of these beds offer a consistent, fully usable sleep surface that feels durable for the long haul. Even with minimal sitting both will perform well. Proving not only the edges are solid, but the mattresses feature amazing materials and construction too.

Zenhaven vs Spindle – Value:

While the Zenhaven has a higher price point, both mattresses offer great value. At $1899 for a Queen, the Zenhaven includes a 120-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty, and free white glove delivery. The Zenhaven is almost like getting two beds in one with its two sides of usable comfort. The benefits are endless and every box is easily checked when looking at the quality and build o f this bed.

Even though this price may seem a bit steep when compared to other counterparts around the same price your are getting a bed that offers so much more that will sleep true to feel for years to come. Click on the image below to SHOP NOW!

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At $1499 for a Queen, the Spindle is also a great value. Especially with the free delivery, a 25 year comfort guarantee and 10 year warranty. Not to mention a full year to makes sure this mattress is for you with a 365 night trial period. The delivery and set up process may be a it cumbersome, but beyond that you are getting dense and durable bed that will not disappoint. And even has precise comfort and support intended just for your preference.

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Zenhaven vs Spindle – Customer Service:

Both mattresses allow a trial period longer than most. The Zenhaven with a 120-night sleep trial and the Spindle with a full 365-day comfort guarantee. If either mattress is not the right fit, returning is a simple and easy process. With the Spindle you also have the option of adjusting the layers, so loving your sleep is easy. Either way, the trial period just goes to show we are dedicated to your most comfortable sleep.

You can’t beat these mattresses warranties! Both go the extra mile to prove that your comfort and durability is their key. The Zenhaven offers a longer 20-year warranty, while the Spindle mattress offers a standard 10-years, but a 25-year comfort renewal plan. This allows you to replace any of the layers within 25 years of purchase at a discounted rate. Surely there is enough comfort to go around with these mattresses.

Zenhaven vs Spindle – Coupons:

Both of these mattresses will be a bit higher on the price scale, especially compared to other all foam 10″ mattresses. However, these two beds use 100% natural foam that is durable, denser and more resilient than almost all other foam beds on the market. Making their price well worth every penny. However, both mattresses do offer mattress coupon codes, promotions and various perks to ordering them as well.

Currently we have an exclusive $200 Spindle mattress coupon. By simply using our code you are able to save $200 off with this simple Spindle discount code. Simply follow the link below, as well as our promotional code: SLEEP-GUIDE, to get the best savings. As well as free shipping too.

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As far as the current Zenhaven mattress coupon, you currently will get free white glove delivery with your purchase. Periodically you may find a small savings on Saatva mattresses, including the Zenhaven. But they are few and far between and not typical. For the best pricing and free delivery on your new Zenhaven, simply follow the link below.

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The Choice is Yours:

The bottom line: you can’t go wrong with either of these 100% latex beds. The Zenhaven mattress is innovative and the Spindle puts an innovative spin on a classic. The biggest differences you’ll notice with these beds is the feel of the materials. Depending on if you would prefer the lighter, more airy feel of the Talalay latex in the Zenahven. Or the slightly denser and firmer feel of the Dunlop latex in the Spindle. Other considerations are the delivery process and set up as well as the price points.

You’ll be satisfied either way because both offer top-notch quality, durability, comfort, and support. As well as added benefits that will help you sleep ideally for years to come. With their impeccable trial periods and warranties, you can’t go wrong with either the Zenhaven or Spindle mattrseses.

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