June 15, 2018

SleepOvation vs Molecule: Gimmicky Or Genius?

Are you in the market for a new mattress? Are you bored with the same tired designs? In this comparison review, we look at two brand new takes on individualized comfort. The SleepOvation mattress uses separate blocks of foam attached to each coil. This creates cooling benefits and targeted pressure point relief. The Molecule is an all-foam mattress. It uses an open-cell foam and a layer of channeled foam to create maximum air flow and precision support. Continue reading our SleepOvation vs Molecule review to see how these contenders stack up. As well as see which might be a better fit for you.

SleepOvation – Overview:

sleepovation vs molecule This new design uses a one-of-a-kind style to bring you a new take on relieving back pain. Like a hybrid bed, the SleepOvation uses both coils and foam to provide support and contouring benefits. Though that’s the only thing similar about this concept. Each spring is attached to a 3-inch thick block of high-density foam. This whole component is encased in fabric pockets to reduce motion transfer.

This unique design also creates superior air flow. You are provided with a responsive feel that grooves to every curve of your body with individual accuracy. This attempt to evenly distribute your weight will give you optimal relief from aches and pains. Could the SleepOvation be the future in mattress design? Read on to find out how it compares to the Molecule Mattress in this head-to-head comparison review.

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Molecule – Overview:

sleepovation vs moleculeThe Molecule mattress was designed with active people in mind. When you sleep better, your body can operate at peak performance levels. This leads to a happier and improved life. It is made from three distinct materials to create deep pressure point relief and proper spinal alignment. This all-foam bed also has materials selected for their superior performance at temperature regulation. No one wants to sweat at night after heating up all day during exercise.

Sleeping on the Molecule will help your body to regenerate, so you are well-rested for your next day of workouts. This mattress is a universal feeling bed, meaning it will work well for all sleeping positions. It can also accommodate most body shapes and sizes. Could the Molecule mattress be your answer to the aches and pains of getting fit? Continue reading to find out if it could be a good fit for you.

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SleepOvation – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

sleepovation vs molecule After you order your new SleepOvation mattress, your shipping time could take up to two weeks. It will arrive compressed into a box. A boxed mattress weighing close to 100 pounds could be hard for you to maneuver. Upgrade to the “back saver” box, which adds wheels to the bottom of the box for easier transporting. Having a second set of hands for set-up is a good idea due to the heavy weight of this bed.

The SleepOvation is made in the USA with Certi-PUR foams. It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified. This means that the mattress wasn’t made overseas and didn’t have to go through international shipping. It didn’t sit in a warehouse awaiting your order either. The high-quality materials won’t give you any noxious off-gassing.

Instead, you will notice a “new mattress” smell that can come from the plastic wrapping used for shipping. If you are sensitive to smells, avoid the area for a while. Ensuring proper ventilation will also improve your off-gassing experience. Give your new SleepOvation a few hours to fully expand. It could take a day or two to reach its true feel potential.

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Molecule – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

Your new Molecule mattress will arrive within a week after you place your order. It will arrive compressed in a roll-packed box with Fed-Ex. This bed does weigh a good bit. Having a second set of hands will be extremely beneficial for your set-up process. Unboxing should take you no time at all. The Molecule will take a few hours to fully expand and a day or two to fully firm up. At that point, you’ll be able to get the true feel for this mattress.

This bed is also made in the United States. All materials in the Molecule mattress are made in a non-toxic, eco-friendly manufacturing facility. A Variable Pressure Foaming process is used to create the foams in this design. This environmentally-friendly manufacturing process gives you a high-quality product that shouldn’t bother your nose. Any off-gassing you experience will be minimal. You may smell a natural fragrance from the mattress or a scent from the plastic wrapping. If you are more sensitive to smells, avoid the area for a few hours while the Molecule breathes. After that, you can place your bedding and get ready to enjoy your new mattress.

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SleepOvation – Comfort:

sleepovation vs moleculeNo two bodies are the same. Why shouldn’t mattresses incorporate a more individualized design? This is what the SleepOvation mattress set out to do. The comfort and support provided by this new style have been endorsed by an experienced chiropractor and pro athletes. Each “Tiny Mattress” will compress to your body’s weight in different areas. Since there are 700 of these components, you have a separate tiny bed for every square inch of you.

This means you will get contour and grooving in all your pressure points. This allows you to sink in, and you will feel like you are sleeping “in the mattress”. This is a better feel for side sleepers and back sleepers. Those that are heavier may not get the adequate support to properly align the spine. Stomach sleepers will need a firmer feeling mattress as well.

Molecule – Comfort:

sleepovation vs moleculeThe Molecule mattress rates around 6.5 on the firmness scale, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. This rating means that this bed is a universal feel. It is classified as a medium-firm feel that can please almost anyone. The Molecule was designed with importance given to two aspects of comfort: sleeping cool and recovery.

The top layer of foam is produced with an open-cell design to encourage heat dissipation and boost airflow. Having a regulated temperature as you sleep will aid in your overall comfort. The hexagon and diamond-shaped channels of the middle layer actively respond to all the pressure points in your body. This gives you targeted contouring and pain relief. Strength from the bottom layer provides proper spinal alignment and lumbar support.

SleepOvation – Materials and Construction:

The SleepOvation has an all new design that incorporates a coil system and high-density foam. There are 700 cushion pocket springs, better known as “Tiny Mattresses”. These are made from a 0.078-inch tall high carbon steel spring attached to a 3-inch tall block of foam. The foam blocks measure 2.25-inch by 2.25-inch rectangular cylinders.

Each material is individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer. This design provides an individualized pressure point relief structure. It also allows for extreme air flow because of the coil system and the small spaces between the foam blocks.

The cover of the SleepOvation is removable and washable. It features a zipper for easier manageability. You can also vacuum between the channels of this mattress for ultimate cleaning abilities. This is great news for allergy-sufferers. You won’t find a design like this anywhere else.

sleepovation mattress review

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Molecule – Materials and Construction:

Three layers of eco-friendly foam create the Molecule mattress. The top segment is Molecularflo™ foam that follows an open-cell structure. This promotes ventilation through seven times the airflow of standard memory foam. This consistent benefit works even when your body compresses the material.

The middle layer of the Molecule is the Recoveryflo™ foam. They made this section from responsive diamond and hexagon shaped channels. They work to promote proper heat dissipation, so you will wake feeling refreshed. This portion of the mattress gives you targeted pressure point relief and contouring support.

The bottom layer of the Molecule is the Contourflo™. This foundational segment is made from a breathable material that aids in heat transfer. It also has the strength to give you the proper spinal alignment you need for optimal health benefits. The final touch of the Molecule mattress is the breathable cover that wicks away moisture.

molecule mattress review

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SleepOvation vs Molecule – Motion Transfer:

sleepovation vs moleculeIt’s no secret that all-foam mattresses reign supreme in reducing motion transfer. However, the SleepOvation mattress’s design does work to keep you from being disturbed by a restless partner. They individually wrap each coil and foam block. This means you won’t be able to feel much movement from the opposite side of this bed. The separate foam and coil “Tiny Mattresses” responds only to where you directly apply pressure. Vibrations should barely transfer onto the next spring and foam piece. This makes the SleepOvation a great hybrid contender in reducing motion transfer.

You shouldn’t feel much motion transfer in the Molecule mattress. All-foam mattresses are typically the best at absorbing vibrations. The design of this bed holds true to this aspect. The high-density foam in the foundational layer of the Molecule sets up this mattress for instant success. They channel the middle layer of foam, in order to isolate any motion that may have penetrate through the top layer. You partner shouldn’t disturb you by moving about in the Molecule mattress.

SleepOvation vs Molecule – Sleeping Cool:

The SleepOvation mattress has amazing cooling properties. Because it uses a coil system, you already get better airflow in comparison to an all-foam mattress. They made the top portion of the “Tiny Mattress” design from separate rectangular blocks of foam. This creates channels between the blocks that run all the way down to the springs. This gives air the chance to escape between the 700 components. Topped off with a breathable knit-cover, you should be sleeping cool on the SleepOvation.

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They designed the Molecule specifically with sleeping cool in mind. It uses some of the most breathable foams available. They made the top layer with open-cell technology to promote extreme airflow. The precision channels in the middle layer give warm air a pathway to escape. The bottom layer of this mattress also uses an extremely breathable foam, adding to cooling benefits. The Molecule has a cover that wicks away moisture and adjusts to your body’s needs with evaporation and cooling aspects. You won’t sink in too far with this mattress, encouraging proper air circulation around you rather than trapping heat.

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SleepOvation vs Molecule – Edge Support:

sleepovation vs moleculeThe biggest setback for the SleepOvation is in the edge support provided, or lack thereof. Because the components are all individual, there is no solid foundation or support structure in this mattress. There is no encasement or reinforcement around the perimeter. This design restricts your ability to get right up to the edge for sleeping in this bed. You will, however, get a consistent feel of individualized contouring and strength through most of the mattress. Sitting at the edge of the SleepOvation will be void of stability. We recommend you consider another mattress if this is of importance to you.

The dense foams used in the Molecule mattress will provide you with a fair amount of edge support. Considering that this bed is an all-foam mattress, edge support tends to be a feature that manufacturers struggle to provide. This is not the case with the Molecule. You can sleep at the very edge of this mattress with the same reliable feel as sleeping in the middle. You can also sit at the edge of this bed for a short while with adequate comfort. Though, we don’t recommend sitting at the perimeter for long periods of time.

SleepOvation – Value:

The SleepOvation mattress costs $1749 for a queen size. This includes free compressed and roll-packed shipping. You can add wheels to the bottom of your box for easier maneuverability with the “back saver” box option. Your purchase will include a 100-night sleep trial period and a 10-year warranty.

Take advantage of our exclusive SleepOvation coupon to save more than advertised. Use code: SLEEPGUIDE when you order to ensure an ETXTRA$50 off their latest promotion. This bed is a great value for those who suffer from pain that other mattresses can’t relieve. With a unique design and optimal air flow this is a great value. We’d recommend the SleepOvation to side and back sleepers who tend to sleep on the warmer side.

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Molecule – Value:

You can purchase a new queen-sized Molecule mattress for just $949. You can also score a $50 coupon by entering a valid email. This brings the cost down to $899. This price covers the cost of shipping. Your new mattress will arrive from Fed-Ex in a compressed roll-packed box. You have a worry-free trial period of 100 nights included in your purchase. The Molecule also has a 10-year warranty.

This mattress is a great value for such a low price. One-of-a-kind materials give you precision support and a cooler sleep to leave you feeling refreshed when you wake. We recommend the Molecule for anyone that wants an all-foam mattress with great cooling properties. Designed specifically for active people, athletes and busy couples would fully enjoy this style of bed.

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SleepOvation vs Molecule – Summary:

sleepovation vs moleculeWe wouldn’t necessarily recommend one of these mattresses over the other. They both provide some similar benefits but have separate design components that suit individual needs. The SleepOvation mattress might suit you for several reasons. It offers individual support that covers every inch of your body. This will give you amazing spinal alignment and contoured comfort that can relief chronic pain. This bed will give you cooling benefits with a coil set and individual blocks of foam that allow air circulation.

You could choose the Molecule mattress for any of its style aspects that may suit your needs. They designed it specifically for active people. This all-foam mattress provides a medium-firm feel that will be suitable to almost all sleepers. They chose the foam layers for their cooling capabilities. You will get sturdy edge support and almost no motion transfer. The choice is up to you and what you are looking for in your new mattress.

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