June 18, 2018

Leesa vs Nectar

Today we are comparing the Leesa vs Nectar mattresses in this unique review. Both mattresses have some interesting attributes and we will be pairing them up to help you decide which is the best fit for you. Nectar is a new brand that quickly rose in popularity. Leesa is an established and much more trusted brand. The two are also manufactured in different parts of the world and one mattress runs quite a bit warmer than the other.

leesa vs nectar

Below we will go through the details of the Leesa and Nectar beds. Highlighting pros & cons and giving you an inside look at what to expect from each bed and brand. Starting from the delivery process all the way to the customer service and satisfaction. And everything to know in between. We will be looking at both of these beds from an objective standpoint, as well as our own subjective opinion on certain areas as well. Let us help you decide which bed is for you in our Leesa vs Nectar comparison review.

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Leesa Mattress Delivery and Off-Gassing:

The Leesa mattress ships for free from their nearest warehouse to your home. The Leesa comes in a compact box and weighs 71 pounds, for a queen. This will make it difficult to unpack and set up on your own. But quite easy for two people.

The mattress is made in the USA and is delivered through UPS. Additionally, this mattress is made to order. This will only take a few days to be completed and your mattress will promptly ship. With the delivery period not taking more than a week tops.

During the unboxing you will notice the Leesa mattress has very little off-gassing. Thanks to the fact that the Leesa is shipped straight to you it eliminates the chance for odors to build up. It will still have a very small amount of off-gassing, but that will quickly dissipate as the mattress expands. Which will only take a few hours to expand and about a day for the mattress to fully firm up.

The Leesa mattress can be used with or without a box spring. As well as can be used with a platform or slatted bed, adjustable base or even right on the ground. Not to mention, the Leesa mattress also features optional white glove delivery. Giving you the opportunity to have someone else take care of the work for a small additional fee.

Nectar Mattress Delivery and Off-Gassing:
Nectar Mattress Box

The Nectar mattress is a little bit more complicated in its delivery process. The mattress does ship for free because Nectar has already put the shipping cost into your purchase. The mattress also isn’t manufactured in the U.S.A like many of its competitors. In fact, the mattress is made at factories in China and then imported into warehouses in the states.

The mattress will weigh 70 pounds, requiring two people to set it up. The mattress will expand about half-way after you pull it out of the box and unwarp it. Afterward, though, it will need an additional 24 to 48 hour period at least, to completely take its shape. You shouldn’t get rid of your old mattress until a few days after you receive the Nectar. If you need your mattress removed right away, there is a white glove service offered by Nectar for $149.

Lastly, to reiterate, this mattress is manufactured in China and then sent to the states. While this does cut down on pricing, it really hurts in preventing off-gassing. The Nectar mattress will have quite a bit of fumes coming off of it when opened. I suggest letting the mattress air out in a room with open window for use. For those sensitive to smells you may want to wear a mask when unpacking the box or enlist the help of a friend. No matter who you are though, it is recommended to leave the room while the mattress initially expands. Strong fumes can cause you to feel light headed.

Leesa vs Nectar Delivery & Off-Gassing:

The Leesa is hands down the clear winner in this category. Honestly, they both get to your house around the same time. The Leesa is made-to-order though and the Nectar has shipped around for quite a bit. This makes the Nectar a bad choice for anyone looking for a simple and quick set-up process with little off-gassing. In fact, the off-gassing from a strongly scented mattress can even affect people who aren’t usually sensitive to smells.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

When comparing the two’s layer I can’t help but be a bit of a skeptic. The Leesa and Nectar mattress both sound wonderful. My major issue is with where the two are made. The Leesa is made under U.S.A restrictions and quality policies. The Nectar, on the other hand, is made in China. China traditionally has fewer restrictions than the states and the materials are usually of a lower quality. This makes me lean more towards Nectar since I know the materials will be able to hold up for the long haul.

Leesa Materials:

The Leesa mattress is made up of 10 inches of foam divided into three different layers. The first layer is made of 2 inches of dense yet pliable performance foam. To help with regulating, even more, this layer is aerated to prevent heat retention. The performance foam layer has properties similar to latex to help give it a healthy amount of responsiveness to your movements. This will keep you from feeling stuck in the foam.

The next layer is made of memory foam. This layer works to help reduce pressure while distributing weight evenly throughout the mattress. It also works to make the foam contour to your body. This gives the hugging effect so many people love from memory foam mattress. The combination of the performance and memory foam make for an ideal balance of comfort and support. Giving you just enough contour and ease of moving to sleep sound all night long.

The last layer is made of dense core foam. This 6″ layer gives the bed the majority of its support. It provides stability and a solid foundation for the comfort layers. This is all wrapped in a breathable cover that is soft and smooth with a classic design and look.

leesa mattress materials

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Nectar Materials:

The Nectar mattress is 11 inches thick with 4 different layers to help bring you comfort. The first layer is made of a Quilted Gel Memory Foam to help regulate temperature. This layer also helps the bed to perfectly contour to your body while helping circulate air.

The next layer is made with Gel Memory Foam. This layer helps distribute weight easily while providing pressure relief where it’s needed most. The third comfort layer is Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam. The Core foam gives the Nectar it’s “bounce”. This is all sitting on the Breathing Base Layer of support foam. This gives the bed it’s needed foundation and primary support.

Lastly it is wrapped in a Tencel Cooling Cover. This cover is made to be breathable and help dissipate heat with every move you make. As a bonus, the cover is also bedbug resistant and made to be more hygienic. nectar mattress review

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Leesa Mattress Comfort and Firmness:

leesa vs puffyLeesa is an almost perfect medium-firm mattress. This makes the Leesa bed perfect for all sleeping positions and works great for all shapes an sizes. Stomach, back sleepers and side sleepers will all enjoy the feel of this mattress.  You can comfortably sink in just enough but still have ample support where you need it. The mattress also is great for edge sleepers. The two performance foams work well together to give all types of sleepers a comfortable night. These foams ensure that the bed will contour to your body and react smoothly to your movements. The Leesa hits a optimal 6 on the 1 through 10 firmness scale. Just one point above the medium feel making it just right for almost everyone.

This mattress is also good for heavier sleepers and will offer more of a medium feel. It has lumbar support as well, to help back sleepers get even more comfortable. And also promotes proper spinal alignment while you sleep. On top of all of that, the bed won’t have you burning up during the night. giving you the feel and support of all foam without the negative effects of heat retaining memory foam.

Nectar Mattress Comfort and Firmness:

puffy vs nectarThe Nectar bed has a medium-firm feel to it and has a broad appeal. It ranges between a 5.5 rating to a solid 7 on the firmness scale. This makes it work for all sleeping positions. This includes edge sleepers as well. The Nectar mattress easily adapts to everyone but does have a few downsides. The bed will have you feeling like you are stuck in it. This makes it less appealing for those who like to roll around a lot or change sleeping positions throughout the night. Due to you sinking into the memory foam too, this mattress runs hot.

You should also keep in mind that Nectar hasn’t been around that long. That means there aren’t really any old Nectar mattresses out there. And makes us wonder how the materials will stand up against the test of time. They do give you a rather long sleep trial for the bed, but that still doesn’t say much for long-term use. This is also on top of the fact that the mattress is made out of a country with lower standards in quality.

Leesa vs Nectar Comfort & Firmness:

Once again the Leesa seems to pull ahead of this category. The Nectar doesn’t do good with people who like to turn in their sleep. The Nectar also generally runs hot during the night. This makes the Leesa a much more comfortable mattress all around. They do both have a medium firm feel and support all types of sleepers. You should also keep in mind that the Nectar brand is still new and we haven’t seen the long-term use of these mattresses yet.

Leesa vs Nectar Motion Transfer:

leesa mattress reviewBoth mattresses do fairly well at keeping motion isolated. Since the Leesa and Nectar mattress are both made of pure foam, most vibrations are absorbed. This makes both of these a great choice for sleepers who are easily awoken by vibrations. They are great choices for couples or adults who have children that love to snuggle during the night. As well as for pet owners how cats or dogs moving throughout the night too.

Leesa Mattress Temperature Regulation:

The Leesa mattress actually does pretty well for a mattress that has a layer of memory foam. While memory foam mattresses tend to run hot Leesa has put technology and common sense in place to combat this. The top Aveena layer uses its unique shape and added holes to thoroughly aerate the mattress. This layer also separates you from the memory foam layer. This simple yet effective layering technique takes one step further in keeping you coo. Even the cover of the Leesa mattress is extremely breathable in nature.

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Nectar Mattress Temperature Regulation:

nectar mattress reviewThe Nectar mattress seems to have some trouble in the cooling department. Like most all memory foam mattresses, they tend to run hotter than hybrids or spring beds. While they do try to add cooling properties, they aren’t nearly as effective as mattresses with ample space for air to flow. You will feel warmer while sleeping in this bed especially as the night goes on. That means the sleepers that overheat easily will have a hard time getting through the night with the Nectar. The bed also lets you sink in and gives you trouble when turning. This only adds to the problem of overheating during the night.

Nectar Mattress Coupon

Leesa vs Nectar Temperature Regulation:

The Leesa wins in this category as well. The Nectar mattress has several layers of slow responding and heat retaining memory foam. While it has added gels to try and offset the heat retention, it does fall short of keeping the mattress temperature neutral. Even with its all foam design the Leesa though does a good job at keeping things cool. The Leesa uses not only technology but also a more straight forward approach to keep the heat away for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Leesa Edge Support:

leesa mattress reviewThe Leesa mattress keeps a consistent feel all the way across. This makes every inch of the mattress useful to sleep on. This includes the edge, which will support a sleeper throughout the night. You should note that while it does have edge sleeping capabilities they aren’t going to compare to mattresses that have foam encasement or reinforced coils. This means you may experience a slight amount of sinkage throughout the night if you sleep right on the edge. The Leesa mattress also isn’t going to offer the best edge for frequent sitting. Outside of putting on your socks or shoes, the edge should be used for minimal sitting.

Nectar Edge Support:

The Nectar mattress has a mostly universal feel all the way across too. This bed can also be used for edge sleeping, but we don’t know if this wears down over the years, or even month yet. As for now though, you won’t feel like your going to slip onto the floor. If your planning to use the edge for sitting though, don’t expect it to support you for more time than you’d take to put your shoes on.

Leesa vs Nectar Edge Support:

Both of these mattresses feature typical all foam mattress edge support. While there is not really a clear winner in this category, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, we don’t know how the Nectar stands up for edge sleeping after years of use. The Leesa mattress also isn’t the strongest in the edge department, but won’t falter over the years.

Both mattresses lack for edge sitting and you will quickly sink in or even give you a feeling of sliding off the bed. However, we do like to reiterate, that mattresses are not really intended to be sat on the edge like a sofa or chair is. Meaning focusing on edge support for sleeping is much more key to look at.

Leesa Mattress Value:

The Leesa mattress is made of quality materials, a solid reputation and comes with free shipping. It also features a 10-year warranty and comes in the following sizes and prices, please note these prices don’t include the latest coupon:

  • Twin – $525
  • Twin XL – $625
  • Full – $790
  • Queen – $940
  • King – $1070
  • Cal King – $1070

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Nectar Mattress Value:

The Nectar mattress may have a few problems but has free shipping. They also offer a lifetime warranty for the mattress and it comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin – $550
  • Twin XL – $600
  • Full – $720
  • Queen – $850
  • King – $950
  • Cal King – $950

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Nectar Mattress Coupon

Leesa vs Nectar Mattress Value:

Though the pre-coupon price of the Leesa bed may bit a bit more money than the Nectar, the value is still better. And depending on the coupons available it may even be less expensive than the Nectar. The quality of the USA made materials and construction make this slightly higher price well worth it. The benefits of the Leesa also outweigh the Nectar mattress, making it an easy pick for us. The Nectar mattress does feature a lifetime warranty, but most mattresses have to be replaced way before that for hygienic reasons.

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Leesa vs Nectar Mattress Additional Information:

leesa mattress reviewThe Leesa mattress comes with a 100 night trial period and hassle-free returns. Leesa has great customer service that will take care of any needs that may pop up. The Nectar bed comes with a year-long trial period and free returns. Consumers have reported that Nectar’s support can be hard to get ahold of. As well as problems waiting for several weeks to even months for the mattress to arrive after ordering.

It should still be kept in mind that Nectar is a new company compared to Leesa. And maybe still trying to find a balance of better quality and better customer support. Both companies also have financing options available to consumers. This can help lower-income families afford a new bed easier.

A special thing to note about Leesa is their community involvement. Their commitment and dedication to not only being a brand that offers great products and service but also gives back. For every mattress purchased, they plant a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation. And for every ten mattresses sold one is donated to somebody in need. Making this company stand out from many of their competition who solely focus on their profit line.

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Leesa vs Nectar Mattress Summary:

The two mattresses actually don’t have much in common this time around. They both have a medium firm feel, and ship to you completely for free. Other than those two things there are huge differences between the brands. Nectar is a new and untested mattress brand in durability. They also make their products in China.

Leesa makes your bed when you order in the U.S.A and then ships it to your door. Because of this, the Nectar has questionable quality and quite a bit of off-gassing. The Nectar will not be a good option for even a mildly warm sleepers either, with its heat retaining memory foam. The Leesa also seems to be a bit more comfortable and preferred by more customers. Not to mention the customer support truly takes care of their buyers.

leesa vs nectar

Overall, I can’t really see a reason not to choose the Leesa mattress. It’s a better value and has guaranteed quality. It also is more comfortable to sleep on and has reactive customer service. I also couldn’t imagine sleeping in a bed that runs hot during summer. Unless Nectar revamps their cooling aspect in their mattress, Leesa is going to keep winning over it. Also, keep in mind that off-gassing from the Nectar can make even people who aren’t smell sensitive get a light-headed feeling.

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