June 19, 2018

Puffy vs Layla

Today we are taking a look at two established mattress brands, Puffy vs Layla. The two mattresses both have their interesting aspects. Puffy is a medium firm mattress with cooling cloud technology. You can flip the Layla to change its firmness level and features the natural benefits of copper. This makes for an interesting comparison as we dive into which mattress is superior to the other. Both of these brands do a wonderful job with cooling and are pure memory foam mattresses.

puffy layla mattress comparison

The following review features the Puffy and Layla mattress. We will take into account every important aspect of buying a mattress and as we compare the two brands. Noticing the benefits and pros, along with their differences. We will not only give our personal opinion on each bed that we have had the opportunity to try. But also the objective facts to provide an insightful and well rounded look at each.

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Puffy Mattress Delivery and Unboxing:

puffy vs tuloLike most mattresses the Puffy ships from the U.S.A. The only difference is that Puffy mattresses are made to order. This guarantees that your Puffy mattress doesn’t sit in a warehouse for a long period of time compressed and gaining odor. When you open the Puffy you will notice minimal to no off-gassing coming from it. In fact, the only smell you may get from the Puffy comes purely from the plastic it’s wrapped in. The Puffy mattress also ships completely free to your door and offers free returns if things aren’t working out.

The Puffy mattress can be used with any type of bed frame and with or without a box spring. This allows you to set your new bed up just how you want. You will need another person to help you move the Puffy to its new home. The mattress weighs 72 pounds and comes packaged in a secure box. Once out of its box the Puffy mattress will only take a few minutes to expand. To let it complete firm up though, you may want to give the Puffy a few hours.

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Layla Mattress Delivery and Unboxing:

layla unboxing boxThe Layla mattress is also made in the U.S.A. This helps the company keep a watch over there factories and keep an eye on quality control. The Layla mattress is packed in a box and then put in a warehouse until it is ordered. It is then shipped straight to your door for free. Shipping is quick with Layla, and you will typically get your mattress within a week of ordering it from the site. If you happen to live in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada there will be a shipping fee of $125

The Layla bed is a little hard to set up on your own. This is because the Layla mattress weighs 75 pounds. The good news is that not only can you flip the bed to change the firmness, it can work with any type of bed frame. The Layla does have a bit of “new mattress smell” though since it sits in the warehouse before shipping to your home. This should naturally dissipate within a few hours. The bed will also need a few hours to completely firm up once opened. You may want to give it 12 hours to sit before trying to use the Layla mattress.

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Puffy vs Layla Delivery & Unboxing:

Both the Puffy and Layla mattresses have free shipping to your door. The Puffy though is made to order and may take a few days more to get there. The Layla mattress does have two different firmness levels but sits for long. This means that the Layla mattress will need more time to air out, and will have stronger off-gassing than Puffy mattress. Both brands are made in the U.S.A to cut down on any extra fumes that overseas manufacturing and shipping could accumulate.

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puffy vs tuloMaterials And Layer Comparison:

Both mattresses are made of quality materials that will have you sleeping comfortably at night. The Puffy has a universal feel to cater to all sleeper. The Layla gives you the option of two different firmness levels using a unique layer layout. Both the Puffy and Layla mattress also use amazing cooling layers to balance things out during the night.

Puffy Mattress Materials:

The Puffy mattress is made of 10 inches of foam and only features three layers. The Puffy mattress features on trying to have a universal feel to its sleeper. Thanks to this Puffy’s three layers are balanced to give the mattress a medium firm feel. The first layer that helps with this feeling, is made up of Puffy’s Cooling Cloud Foam. This layer helps keep the mattress cool while you sleep on it. In fact, it has conduction and convection technology to battle heat given off from your body. This layer gives the Puffy mattress 8 times the airflow of a normal foam mattress.

The second of the three layers is the Climate Comfort Foam, this is the layer that is most responsive. This adds support of relief to pressure points.

The final layer is made out of Firm Core Support Foam. This is a thick layer of foam made with insta-firm technology built in. This layer is 99% more responsive to your movements than most other foams. It also has about 4x the support of other foam mattresses as well. The Puffy mattress is wrapped in a breathable cloth cover that can easily be removed and thrown in the wash.

puffy vs comparison

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Layla Mattress Materials:

The Layla mattress is made to have two different feels to it. It has both a medium firm feel and a soft firm feel all in the same mattress. To do this the team that put the Layla together used an interesting 4 foam layer layout. The Layla starts out with a 3 inch Copper Infused Memory Foam Layer. This layer uses the copper to quickly transfer heat out of the mattress. The copper also helps this layer be more hygienic than most memory foams. It also gives you deep convulsion support. The second layer is made up of Convoluted Air Flow Foam. This 2-inch layers also helps with convulsion while circulating air out of the foam even more.

The middle layer is made of 4.5 inches of base foam to give the bed it supports. After that is another Copper layer to finish out the mattresses firm side. This, of course, is all wrapped in a hygienic and breathable cover to help protect your new mattress.

layla mattress review

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Puffy Comfort and Firmness:

puffy mattress reviewAs stated above the Puffy mattress is a medium-firm feel. It borders on a slightly firmer than medium though. Making it most ideal for stomach and back sleepers. If you are a side sleeper who likes more support, than it would be fine. However, the dense slower responding memory foam is a bit stiff to allow your shoulders and hip sink in enough for some. Though Puffy ranks this to be around a 6.5 to 8.5 we found it to be closer to a 7 to 7.5, making it a bit firmer than the majority of medium-firm ranked beds.

This mattress is a true memory foam bed that is slower to respond to your bodies movements. Making changing positions a little more difficult. However, the pressure relief you will get from the memory foam is very nice. And it slowly but surely adapts to your body and contours to every inch.

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Layla Comfort and Firmness:

layla mattress reviewThe Layla mattress prides itself on having it’s two different firmness options. The soft side is perfect for side sleepers who love the feeling of sinking into their bed at night. On the flip side, stomach and back sleepers will fall in love with Layla’s medium firm half. Edge sleepers will also be delighted by the firmer half. The Layla mattress has truly found a great way to cater to everyone with this unique design. The mattress is also more germ resistant than other foams thanks to its copper infused layers.

The Layla also uses a lot of technology to keep the heat out. Many of its layers work to help promote airflow while contouring to your body. You can easily change positions on Layla’s firm side or feel safely cocooned on the soft side. The Layla’s pressure relieving memory foam is also a great addition to help those who have an active lifestyle or need more pressure support.

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Puffy vs Layla Comfort & Firmness:

Both the Puffy and Layla have their customers in mind when it comes to their firmness. Puffy hits a universal feel to cater to everyone just like Layla. The only difference is that Layla does it just a little better. By giving consumers two choices in one, Layla goes above and beyond to take care of all types of sleepers. It also helps that the mattress it runs cool and fights of bacteria build up on it’s on. Puffy also does a good job of keeping things cool during the night.

Puffy vs Layla Motion Transfer:

Both the Puffy and Layla are made out of pure memory foam. This means that most any movements made on these mattresses will be absorbed. This includes vibrations from energetic kids or restless partners that normally wake you up. Making both of these beds fantastic options for anyone who likes great motion isolation.

Puffy Mattress Temperature Regulation:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonWhile memory foam mattress traditionally run hot Puffy has other ideas about their model. The Puffy mattress is made to combat the heat. In fact, the cooling cloud layer is Puffy’s  patented invention. This layer is infused with gel to help keep things cool, as well as, to let heat flow out naturally. Puffy doesn’t stop there though as the layer also uses conduction and convection to dissipate body heat through the night. The gel also increases airflow to 8 times that of a normal foam mattress. Even the cover on the Puffy mattress is made to be breathable.

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Layla Mattress Temperature Regulation:

The Layla mattress uses a lot of different aspects to help combat heat retention. The first method is by having copper infused layers. The copper helps move the heat molecules out of the mattress faster. On top of this, the first and last layer are both made to let heat easily flow out of the mattress. In fact, every layer in the Layla helps promote air flow. If you are a hot sleeper you can even flip it to the firmer side which is guaranteed to be cooler than the soft half. If you prefer it warm then you can even do the reverse.

Puffy vs Layla Temperature Regulation:

layla mattress reviewBoth mattresses do a great job at temperature regulation. Both mattresses use uncommon cooling technology to stay ahead of other true foam mattresses. The Layla can sleep both cooler or warmer depending on what side you choose. This can be great if you happen to be a more cold natured person. The Puffy mattress maximizes its airflow to keep things cool while you sleep. Both models also help fight off your body heat from being completely absorbed into the foam giving you a better night’s rest. No matter which option you choose though, you won’t need to worry about overheating.

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Puffy Edge Support:

The Puffy actually has pretty great edge support. Edge sleepers will find that they can sleep on the edge of the bed as much as they want. Puffy is consistent from side to side and keeps sleepers from sinking down more in one spot than the other. The Puffy can also be used for some edge sitting, but long amounts of edge sitting will be uncomfortable.

Layla Edge Support:

layla edge supportThe edge support of the Layla mattresses depends on which firmness option you are using. The soft side won’t do well with edge sleeping. If you try to sleep on the edge on the soft side you will slowly slide off. On the firm side though edge sleepers will have a consistent feel all night long. This rule also goes for edge sitting, the soft side will be horrible for edge sitting. The firmer side can support some edge sitting, but not for long periods of time.

Puffy vs Layla Edge Support:

Both of these options will delight edge sleepers. Both the Layla and Puffy mattresses are consistent in feel from end to end. They both have the ability to support edge sleeping unless you have the Layla on it’s softer side. Both of these mattresses will only do ok for edge sitting though. This means that you can probably sit on the edge for short tasks, but long sitting will have you feeling uncomfortable.

Puffy Mattress Value:

The Puffy mattress is made-to-order and is manufactured in the U.S.A. It features free shipping to your door and also has a lifetime warranty. The Puffy mattress comes in these sizes and prices, before coupons:

  • Twin – $795
  • Twin XL – $825
  • Full – $995
  • Queen – $1150
  • King – $1350
  • Cal King – $1350

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Layla Mattress Value:

They make the Layla mattress with great quality materials. They even infuse it with copper. It also has free shipping to your door and features a lifetime warranty. The Layla mattress will come in the following sizes and pricing, before coupon:

  • Twin – $599
  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $799
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1099
  • Cal King – $1099

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Puffy vs Layla Value:

It’s a little surprising that the Layla mattress is cheaper than the Puffy bed since it has copper infused layers and two sided. It’s even more surprising that there is around a $300 gap between the two in some of their sizes. They also both feature a lifetime warranty, although you will want to swap out mattresses for hygienic reasons way before then. They also both come with free shipping, but Puffy will take a few more days than Layla to arrive.

Puffy vs Layla Additional Information:

puffy lux mattress reviewBoth Puffy and Layla offer financing through credit agencies. This helps everyone be able to have access to their products. They also both have great customer service with easy returns. The Puffy mattress features a 101-night sleep trial. The Layla has a few more days for their sleep trial and gives you a 120-night trial period. Both mattresses have also run awards from various housekeeping publications.

Layla also claims that copper in their mattress has healing properties to it. They promote that sleeping on their mattress will give you health a boost. You can use both mattresses with any type of base.

Puffy vs Layla Summary:

layla mattress topperBoth of these models are quality assured and have great materials going into them. Each company makes their mattresses in the U.S.A. They make the Puffy “made-to-order”. Both ship to your door for free and feature free returns. They have the same lifetime warranty duration, as well. They also both have a great cooling effect to them to keep you from burning up while you sleep. Both models are also great for edge sleeping. The Puffy does have less off-gassing than the Layla because they make it to order. On the other hand, the Layla will arrive at your door a little bit sooner because they are made and ready to go.

The Puffy also only features a medium-firm feel to it. The Layla has both a medium-firm and a soft-firm feel depending on which way you flip the mattress. The Layla is also quite a bit cheaper than the Puffy and is more sanitary due to the copper layers. Side Sleepers who like to sink into the mattress more will also prefer the Layla over Puffy.  Honestly, it’s a little hard to pick the Puffy over the Layla just due to the huge difference in pricing.

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