June 20, 2018

Purple vs Bear

Bed in a box companies can sometimes have amazing marketing campaigns. We’ve seen this to be true of the Purple mattress brand. This can generate some skepticism regarding the quality of materials used and the benefits provided. Does the Purple mattress live up to all the hype? Are you better off choosing a competitor with a lower price, like the Bear mattress? While the Bear brand isn’t unheard of, the marketing is completed at a much lower volume. Continue reading our Purple vs Bear comparison review to find out which one is the better selection.

purple vs bear mattress comparison review
Purple – Overview:

purple vs bearThe Purple mattress has become a household name due to the company’s catchy marketing and excellent reviews. The company fashioned a quality product and created an “egg challenge” that went viral. They designed this mattress for ultimate pressure relief and outstanding cooling aspects. The Purple measures at almost ten-inches thick. They made it with three layers of polymer and foam that cradle the body with structured support.

The top section’s grid style uniquely encourages air circulation. If you’re looking for a mattress that evenly distributes weight while reducing heat, the Purple could be your best bet. You can purchase a queen-size option for under a thousand dollars. Are you curious enough to try the egg challenge for yourself? Read on to see how the Purple compares to the Bear.

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Bear – Overview:

purple vs bearThe Bear mattress is 10 inches thick and made from four layers of high-quality foams. With a slightly firmer feel, this bed is more comfortable for any sleeping position. Designed with full body recovery in mind, Bear includes some newer technology to aid in healthy sleep. The cover uses the textile additive Celiant® to improve oxygen levels and reduce pain levels.

The Bear addresses contouring to deliver pressure point relief. It has a responsive layer to keep you from feeling stuck. It also has a firm base foam to give you ample support. Completely engineered for performance, the Bear will help keep you in tip-top shape. The company also donates a percentage of profits to a children’s health and wellness program. If you want to see how Bear does against Purple, keep reading this comparison review.

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Purple – Delivery and Off Gassing:

purple vs bearYour purchase of the Purple mattress includes free shipping. Your new mattress will be ready to ship in one to three days. It will arrive shortly after in their signature Purple bag. This bed weighs around 110 pounds, so you will need at least two people for set-up. Once you remove it from the bag and place it, you’ll unroll and unwrap it.

You will notice some off-gassing with this mattress, but it isn’t anything unbearable. We recommend opening a window in confined spaces and avoiding the area if you are sensitive to smells. Allowing this mattress to breathe for three to five days is beneficial, as the Purple does have a lingering scent. Since Purple makes their mattress with premium CertiPUR-US® foams and free from all toxins, the odor is non-poisonous.

Want to find information about the EGG-cellent pressure relief provided by the Purple? Learn more at Purple.com.

Bear – Delivery and Off Gassing:

bear mattress reviewA Bear mattress will generally arrive within a week or two through a Fed-Ex delivery. It comes in a compressed box that will weigh roughly 75 pounds. Having someone with you for the set-up process is helpful, as maneuvering can be hard to manage on your own. The unboxing process will only take a few moments total.

The Bear is an online company that manufactures all their products in the USA, so off-gassing will be minimal. You may notice a light fragrance, but this shouldn’t be too unbearable. Avoiding the area for a day or so may be beneficial to those who are more sensitive to odors. Allow your Bear a few hours to fully expand and a few days to firm up to the true feel.

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Purple – Comfort:

purple vs cocoonThe Purple mattress doesn’t feel like any bed out there. The grid texture creates a unique feel that may take time to get used to. It provides a universal feel that covers comfort for all sleeping positions. It rates 5.5 to 6 on a firmness scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. The Purple may be too soft to provide substantial support for stomach sleepers or those on the heavier side.

However, back sleepers get impressive lumbar support with contouring at the neck and shoulders. Side sleepers have a subtle give at the hip and shoulder that accurately relieves pressure points. The cooling properties of the grid surface also add to your individual level of comfort. Overall, the Purple is great for couples with different sleeping position preferences. Take time to adjust to the new feeling of this design before deciding your personal take on comfort.

Bear – Comfort:

bear mattress reviewEach of the four layers of foam in the Bear mattress have a specific purpose to provide perfect comfort levels. The top layer of the mattress gives you an adaptive feel. They infused it with graphite gel to reduce heat. The next sections are a responsive and transitional layer that gives the Bear its bounce and pressure relief. The supportive foam foundation gives you proper spinal alignment.

Since the Bear uses memory foam, you will get enough sinking at the hip and shoulder for side sleeping. With a solid support structure, you can also sleep on your back with outstanding lumbar support. You can also sleep on your stomach without your back bowing out. This makes the Bear a great mattress for couples who prefer to sleep in different positions.

Purple – Materials:

The Purple mattress has three layers of premium materials that stack up to measure 9.5 inches thick. Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid™ is a two-inch thick layer of hyper-elastic polymer grid. This was designed to compress at your pressure points to cushion you where needed the most. It also gives you maximum airflow that dissipates heat to regulate temperatures.

The next section is the 3.5-inch thick Plush Comfort Foam. The transitional layer is a soft, high-density foam that increases the reaction and feel of the grid layer. The bottom 4-inch thick segment of the Purple is the Support Foam. It is a medium-firm, high-density polyfoam that adds strong support for proper spinal alignment. The Purple is topped off with a breathable Responsive Knit Cover. It stretches with the Smart Comfort Grid™ to maximize the flexing properties for perfect comfort.

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Bear – Materials:

The materials used to create the Bear mattress were selected to promote a cooler sleep and provide total regeneration. The top layer of foam is memory foam that is infused with graphite-gel. It will contour to your body to provide pressure point relief and absorb heat. A layer of responsive comfort foam gives this bed a light bounce that helps with repositioning throughout the night.

The third portion of the Bear is a transitional performance foam. This aids in complete pressure relief. The bottom section of this mattress is a high-density support foam. This gives you the firmness needed for lumbar support and overall durability. They wrapped the Bear in a breathable Celiant® cover. This technology uses quartz, silicon oxide and titanium oxide to promote healthy oxygen levels of the body. This beneficial reaction can reduce aches and pain.

bear hybrid mattress

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Purple vs Bear – Motion Transfer:

purple mattress bare foamAll-foam mattresses provide the best reduction in motion transfer. The Purple fits into this category with almost all its materials comprised of foam. The grid-style layer of this mattress responded similarly to foam. It quickly absorbs vibrations before reaching the other side of the bed. The Purple is a great choice for light sleepers and those who don’t want to be woken by their partner.

They make the Bear mattress using all-foam layers. This material is famed for having the best movement reduction capabilities. The top layer of memory foam quickly absorbs vibrations caused by your partner getting up or returning to bed. Any motion transfer that penetrates the top layers is rapidly neutralized by the dense base foam that comprises the foundation of the Bear. If you share your bed with a partner that gets up frequently throughout the night, the Bear is a great option.

Purple vs Bear – Sleeps Cool:

Traditionally, foam mattresses retain more heat. While the bottom layers of the Purple mattress are made from foam, the top layer made from a polymer. This material is laid out in a grid pattern with open airways to the middle layer. Extreme airflow is created to draw heat away from the body. This portion also has a responsive quality, meaning you won’t feel stuck in one position. The firmness level of this mattress is not too soft, so you won’t sink in deep trapping warm air. The Purple mattress has a breathable cover as well to add an extra element of cooling benefits.

Learn more about the Purple mattress with our in-depth Mattress Review or at Purple.com.

bear mattress reviewMemory foam needs specialized designs to provide cooling properties. Luckily, the Bear mattress doesn’t sacrifice sleeping cool for comfort. You get the best of both worlds with a graphite gel-infused memory foam on top. It will draw heat away from your body. This material was also selected for its breathable nature that promotes ideal levels of air circulation.

The next layer of the Bear is an open-cell foam that is seven time more effective than most similar mattresses. A responsive layer keeps you from feeling stuck in one position. A solid base uses high-density foam that supportively prevents you from sinking in too far where warm air is trapped. The Bear will give you extreme cooling benefits to keep you sleeping comfortably all night.

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Purple vs Bear – Edge Support:

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonHaving a totally usable sleeping surface is an extremely important aspect for those that share a bed. Some people like to sit at the edge when getting ready in the morning or before tucking in at night. That’s why considering edge support is an important aspect when buying a new mattress. The Purple is not the best choice in boxed mattresses for quality edge support. It does not have any extra materials to strengthen the perimeter, like a denser foam encasement or heavy border wire. You should get a mostly consistent sleeping surface with this bed. However, sitting on the edge for long periods of time will not provide you with adequate strength.

With out a doubt you will be able to sleep on the entire surface of your Bear mattress, all the way from edge to edge. The high-quality materials give you a consistent feel, whether sleeping in the middle or right at the perimeter. There are no additions to improve the overall edge support. But the dense foams create a great feel that still provides impressive excellence. You will not have a great level of support during sitting for long periods. You will feel a bit of sinking when doing so. Although, you can sit at the edge for a few moments comfortably. It also helps to sit a little further back from the edge too.

Purple – Value:

You can purchase a Purple mattress in a queen size for under a thousand dollars. This is not the lowest price among boxed beds. You could get a better-quality mattress for the same price or even lower by doing a little research. If you do decide on the Purple, you will get free shipping with your order. You also have a worry-free 100-night sleep trial. In addition, your Purple mattress will be backed by a 10-year warranty. These features are standard with other bed-in-a-box manufacturers. The Purple is an okay mattress, but it didn’t live up to the hype for our review purposes.

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Bear – Value:

You can purchase the Bear mattress in a queen size for $840. This is a low cost for getting an all-foam mattress that is made of so many high-quality materials. This price includes Fed-Ex shipping. You will have 100 nights to try out the Bear with a worry-free return process. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. And you can even save more off this already great priced mattress with their latest coupon. Saving you $50 and bring the price to an even more affordable $790. Get our latest bear mattress coupon code HERE!

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Purple vs Bear – Our Pick:

bear mattress reviewThe Purple mattress has been featured in advertising across the nation with catchy commercials and viral videos. The top layer of this mattress features an innovative grid design that provides extreme pressure point relief. It also promotes a high content of air circulation. However, the way this material feels can take a while to get used to.

With a slightly higher than average price point, this mattress just can’t stand up against its competitor in this comparison review. The Bear mattress uses materials that can give you just as much pressure relief and cooling properties as the Purple. It also uses Celiant® technology to aid your body in faster regeneration, leading to the alleviation of aches and pains. You can make the Bear your new bed for over $200 less than the Purple mattress.

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