May 24, 2018

Layla vs Amore Flippable

In this comparison, we’ll be taking a look at choosing between the Layla Memory Foam Mattress and the Amore Flippable mattress. Both mattresses come from well-established companies and provide a great level of comfort for their targeted audience. In our Layla vs Amore Flippable comparison review is everything a consumer needs to know. From the materials, each mattress is made of to the overall cost and value of each product.layla vs amore flippable

The mattresses have both been tested and looked over by our experts for maximum accuracy. Below, we have listed 8 important categories with an ending review summary for reading ease. Each mattress has its cons and best uses clearly listed in each category, making it easier for you to make the best choice for your bedroom.

The Layla and Amore mattresses are both double sided mattresses. This new technology uses intelligent layer placement to create two-different feels. One side of the mattress will be a medium soft feel while the other will be a firm feel. This makes both of these mattresses truly cater to every type of sleeping position.

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Layla Delivery & Unboxing:

layla unboxing boxLayla is delivered in a compact box straight to your door. The mattress weighs around 75 pounds in total. To get it in Layla recommends using a helper due to the size and shape of the box. Once in it will take about 12 hours to fully expand and be optimal to sleep on. If your not in a rush to use this mattress giving it an extra 12 to 24 house to expand will have it at its peak. This mattress can be used both with or without a box spring to give you a number of decorating options in your bedroom!

The mattress is made in the USA to help keep its quality under close watch. This also helps by cutting down on the amount of shipping time, and get the mattress to you quickly. The mattress features less “new mattress smell” due to the small amount of time it will spend in shipping. It’s still recommended that anyone sensitive to smells let the mattress air out in a ventilated room for at least 12 hours.

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Amore Flippable Delivery & Unboxing:

layla vs amore flippableThe Amore mattress comes rolled up in a small rectangle box. The mattress weighs around 70 pounds and like most models, you will probably need a hand with moving it around. This mattress will take about 24 hours to completely firm up, and be completely comfortable to sleep on. All this mattress will need is a flat surface to place it on. It’s a great option if your planning on buying a platform bed in the next few months!

The mattress will have some “new mattress smell”, but it will be a small amount. This mattress is made in the USA to minimize any smells, but could still bother an extra sensitive person. To alleviate any harmful odors leave the mattress in an open room and let it air out for around 12 hours.

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Layla vs Amore Flippable Delivery & Unboxing:

Both mattresses are delivered in compact boxes straight to your door. The Layla will take a little less time to expand than the Amore, and they have the same amount of “new mattress smell”.  The Amore does weigh a little less, but both mattresses will need two people to properly move around.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

Both mattresses are made out of very different materials and have a different number of layers. The Layla mattress is more targeted towards having a well-presented diagram, while Amore doesn’t have as much information out. Both mattresses use breathable fabrics and feature a soft topping.

While the Amore is rather impressive the Layla’s already included use of copper is a huge plus. You can add Copper to the Amore mattress, but you have to tag on a $100, the Amore mattress also doesn’t list how thick each layer is, leaving us to play a guessing game about what to expect out of the layers support. The layers in the Layla mattress offer a lot of features while the Amore seems to have quantity over quality.

Layla Classic Materials:

layla mattress reviewThe Layla Classic mattress is made up of 4 different layers to help you sleep better at night. The first layer is 3 inches of Copper Infused Memory Foam that has a medium soft comfort. This layer also has deep compression support and is made to rapidly transfer heat out of the mattress. IT is also Antimicrobial to help keep things more sanitary. The second layer is 2 inches of convoluted support foam that features deep convulsions. It also combines with the first layer to maximize airflow.

The third layer is made of 4.5 inches of base support foam to help give the mattress a firm feel. The final layer is the same as the first layer, one inch of Copper Infused Memory Foam. This gives the mattress a very interesting feel and a different end layer than most similar products on the market. The mattress is about 10 inches thick and most of these layers are a little bit heavier than most foam.

Amore Flippable Materials:

amore flippableThe Amore mattress is made out of an astounding 6 layers making up the 11-inch mattress. The first layer is made of organic cotton fabric, a breathable and hygienic material. There is also an option to have this layer copper infused for an extra $100. The second layer is made up of an organic wool blend. This helps make the mattress breathable and even flame resistant. The third layer is Fusion Flex Proprietary Comfort Foam. This layer helps give your proper spinal alignment without the hot spots.

The fourth layer is Hyper Contouring Transition Foam, that will bend to your body. It also makes the middle layers more comfortable for you to sleep on. The next layer is made up of High Resilience Core Construction that provides a deep support and allows you seamless transition between the two sides of the mattress. The final layer is also made of organic cotton to give you a soft feel for the top of your new mattress.

Layla Comfort and Firmness:

layla mattress reviewDepending on what side you decided to sleep on for the Layla mattress, you will have two completely different experiences. The first side is a medium soft feel, and the second a more firm feel. The medium firm side provides support for back and side sleepers. It still offers a great amount of support but has that soft touch many people are looking for. The firm side is great for back and stomach sleepers, making this mattress perfect for anyone who decides to buy it.

When we tried this mattress out we could really tell a difference between the two sides. Layla did a great job of layering the foam on each side to get the different feels. The medium side will have you feeling like your sleeping slightly cocooned in the bed. While the Firm side will let you truly sleep on top of the mattress. On top of that, copper is said to have healing properties to help relieve the daily aches and pains from your body.

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Amore Flippable Comfort and Firmness:

amore vs alexander hybridThe Amore Flippable mattress also features two different sides to choose from. Like the Layla mattress, it has both a medium soft and a firm side to it. These sides hit all types of sleepers, no matter there preferred position. The soft side is great for people who like to feel cushion while they sleep. The firm side is for sleepers who prefer to have a firmer and more supportive mattress to rest on. The option to add copper to the fix will give you the same possible healing properties as Layla. Just keep in mind that copper is an extra charge.

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Layla vs Amore Flippable  Comfort & Firmness:

While both of these mattresses are double sided Layla seems to have a bit more to offer. The Amore features several different layers and is responsive to your movements. The Layla, however, is made to offer you plenty of support no matter which side you sleep on. Both mattresses have the option for a copper layer, but only the Layla comes standard with it. The Layla also does a better job of pressure relief and has a whole layer dedicated to providing relief.

Layla vs Amore Flippable  Motion Transfer:

layla mattress reviewBoth mattresses do their part to minimize any amount of vibrations. The Layla’s foam does a great job of keeping movement vibrations from spreading across the mattress. The Amore does fall slightly below Layla in vibration absorption though. Both are a great choice for sensitive sleepers or couples who may not be on the same sleep schedule. In fact, most people won’t even notice the slight difference between the two unless they’re incredibly sensitive.

Layla Temperature Regulation:

The Layla mattress will always sleep a little hotter than one of its hybrid counterparts. You shouldn’t worry too much though. The copper-infused foam layers found in this mattress do a great job of fighting off heat. Copper is a natural conductor that will shield you from overheating. The copper will also keep your bed sanitary if you tend to sweat a lot on hot nights. The firmer side will also sleep cooler since you won’t sink into the bed as much. This mattress also features other layers that help with airflow.

Amore Flippable Temperature Regulation:

amore beds flippable foam mattressAmore has a few tricks up their sleeve to try and keep their foam cool. The cover is breathable cotton, while other layers promote airflow through the mattress. The wool layer also helps to keep moisture off the bed and work with the cotton layer to relieve the heat. The mattress will run a little warm if you sleep on the soft side, but the firm side should keep you decently cool during the night.

Layla vs Amore Flippable Temperature Regulation:

Both mattresses are a true memory, a mattress type that struggles with keeping cool. The Amore mattress uses cotton and wool to lessen the burden. Layla, however, uses copper which is a natural heat resistant material. This puts the Layla a little ahead of the Amore unless you add the extra copper feature. Both mattresses do sleep cooler on their firm sides, than the soft one. They also both feature hygienic materials to keep your bed from growing bacteria from your sweat.

Layla  Edge Support:

layla edge supportThe Layla mattress is either great or horrible for edge support depending on the side. The layer of base foam makes the mattress sturdy all the way across. This makes the firm side great for edge sleepers. This also allows ever part of the mattress to be perfect for sleeping on. The firm side is also good for short amounts of edge sitting, while the softer side will have you sinking into the bed quite fast.

Amore Flippable Edge Support:

The Amore mattress is much the same as the Layla. Depending on which side you use, your edge sleeping will differ greatly. The firm side will allow for it, while the soft side will not. This bed uses a combination of two layers to give it firm side an even sleep all the way across. The edge sitting on this one is the same as the Layla, and no matter the side will not support you for long.

Layla vs Amore Flippable  Edge Support:

The Layla and Amore mattresses kind of tie in this category. They both work for edge sleeping on their firm sides. It is worth mentioning that the Layla mattress does have about half a point more of support than the Amore. Both mattresses will not support edge sitting for long.

Layla Value:

The Layla mattress is made of quality materials and comfortable layers. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and has free shipping right to your door. The mattress comes in pretty much every size at the following prices:

  • Twin: $599
  • Twin XL: $699
  • Full: $899
  • Queen: $999
  • King: $1099
  • Cal King: $1099

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Amore Flippable Value:

The Amore Flippable mattress is the cheaper of the two models. The mattress also features free shipping to your door and a 10-year warranty. It comes in the following sizes with prices listed beside them.

  • Twin: $470
  • Twin XL: $575
  • Full: $700
  • Queen: $825
  • King: $950
  • Cal King: $950

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Layla vs Amore Flippable Value:

While the Amore is the cheaper of the two, Layla has better materials overall. To match the Layla you would have to add an extra $100 to your purchase of Amore. The price difference falls around $140 per each size. However, Layla has a much more appealing lifetime warranty guaranteeing it’s quality. The Amore only features a 10-year warranty. Both companies do offer free shipping to your door.

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Layla vs Amore Flippable Additional Information:

layla mattress topperBoth brands offer trials for their products. Layla offers a 120-night trial, while Amore offers a 100-night trial. The Layla mattress has also won approval from sites like Forbes and Good Housekeeping. If that’s not enough Layla is made with no hazardous materials inside it, making it a healthier sleeping option. Both products will arrive at your house within a week or ordering. Layla also offers financing for families not willing to pay the full value up front.

Each brand also offers ongoing sales and offer coupons to help you save the most money when shopping for your next mattress. Both companies also offer great customer service for any extra questions you have involving these two selections.

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Layla vs Amore Flippable  Summary:

Both the Layla and Amore are very interesting products. Flippable memory foam mattresses are a new technology, but great for adjusting to your sleep needs. Both companies use completely foam layers and have a firm side, as well as, as a medium soft side. The different sides of the mattress make them perfect for any type of position. They also both have free shipping and only 20 days difference in their sleep trials. For all these similarities though, Amore does fall short of matching up to Layla for quite a few reasons.

The biggest reason is that to get close to the quality of Layla, you have to pay $100. There is also the fact that we don’t have exact information on each of Amore’s layers. While Layla tells you precisely how thick each layer is. The Layla mattress also sleeps cooler thanks to the copper and is more hygienic. Amore offers a shorter warranty at only 10 years vs. Layla’s lifetime warranty.  The material in the Layla mattress are also much higher quality as well as better construction.

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