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June 1, 2018

Bear Hybrid vs Bear Foam

In this comparison, we’ll be putting two mattresses from the same company head to head in our Bear Hybrid vs Bear All Foam mattress review. Both mattresses come from this well established company to provide great quality to sleepers everywhere. In our comparison below we go over several different categories to help you choose which Bear is for you.

bear hybrid vs bear

In unique side by side review we will go over things that most mattress review sites completely leave out. This is to help sensitive sleepers find the best fit for them. While most mattress companies give you a sleep trial, we want to help you get it right the first time. Below we will go in depth exploring the ins and outs of each Bear mattress, from softness to motion transfer and value to materials, this guide is sure to help you find your perfect fit.

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Bear Hybrid Delivery and Off-Gassing:

bear mattress reviewThe Bear Hybrid mattress weighs around 110 pounds and will need another two people to properly move through your house. While this mattress doesn’t have special delivery options, it’s made in the USA. The Bear Hybrid mattress has noticeably less off-gassing than a Memory Foam, making it perfect for sensitive noses. You will need to give this mattress some time to expand before use. The Bear Hybrid can take up to 24 hours to expand at the most or 12 hours to expand at the least. The mattress will need a flat support to be used properly but does not require you to purchase a box spring.

Bear Foam Delivery and Off-Gassing:

The Bear mattress will weigh around 75 pounds and comes shipped to your home for free. To unbox this mattress safety, you will need a two person team. The mattress is made in the USA and has quick delivery time. The only downside is that the mattress will have some off-gassing when opened.  The mattress will also take up to 12 hours to expand, so you will have to be a little patient before jumping on it to sleep. This bed can be used with or without a box spring.

Bear Hybrid vs Bear Foam Delivery & Off-Gassing:

The hybrid mattress weighs quite a bit more, and is pretty much impossible to handle alone. The Memory Foam mattress is lighter at 25 pounds, but takes longer to expands. The hybrid mattress features less off-gassing than the Memory Foam model.  They both do come from Bear though, so either model will ship for free. Just make sure to give them both a proper amount of time to air out and expand before use. If you are sensitive to smells be sure to allow up to 24 hours to let any odors disappear from your new mattress.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

bear hybrid vs bearBoth the Bear Hybrid and Bear Memory Foam have there own unique feel. Due to the fact that these are made of different materials it can be a little hard to compare the two evenly. The Hybrid mattress will offer you more support, but will be a little less soft. On the other side you may feel more like you are sinking into the Bear Memory Foam mattress. The hybrid mattress of course will sleep cooler out of the two, but you won’t find the Bear Memory Foam to be uncomfortable during the night either.

Bear Hybrid Materials:

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is made with multiple levels of foam layers  to provide comfort while you sleep. It is 14.5 inches thick, greatly improving the amount of support you will receive from its varying layers of material. It contains a total of 5 layers, starting with a hand-tufted quilted top, that adds added protection the the mattress. The second layer is made of a breathable performance foam with cool memory foam-infused cooling gel underneath to make up the third layer.

The fourth layer is a 1300 plus coil system, that helps support you while giving the model plenty of airflow. with the fifth and final layer being composed of high-density support foam to give the mattress it’s final layer of support and guarantee its medium firm feel. These layers combined together allow for a very supportive, but comfortable feel and will allow air to freely flow between them, keeping the mattress cooler during the night.

bear hybrid mattress
Bear All Foam Materials:

The Bear mattress is a 5 layer and 10 inches thick. The first layer is made up of a Celliant woven cover. The second layer is made of graphite gel Memory Foam to try and keep things cool. The third layer is 2 inches of response foam to make the bed conform to your movements faster. The fourth layer is made of 2 inches of transition foam, to help the final layer of base foam feel more comfortable. The Bear Memory Foam mattress has a medium feel, thanks to it’s large amount of supportive layers.

bear mattress review

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Bear All Foam Comfort and Firmness:

bear mattress reviewThe Bear mattress has a medium firm feel to it and is constantly comfortable from corner to corner. With it’s 10 inch thick pure foam build, you are sure to be find comfort almost immediately. This mattress comes in a universal feel that puts it in the middle of the firmness scale, leaning a little on the firm side. This makes it perfect for back sleepers who need good support and ample comfort throughout the night. This mattress is also soft enough to be comfortably used for side sleepers. And because it is slightly more medium firm it will also sleep very well for stomach sleepers too. Making it ideal for all shapes, sizes and sleepers.

The bed is good for keeping hot air out, and will is infused with graphite gel to offer additional comfort and support. The transition layer also helps out by giving you just the right amount of bounce. Thanks to this you won’t feel like you are being absorbed by your mattress. The mattress also has a focus on providing pressure relief and promoting proper spinal alignment. Overall, most sleepers will feel perfectly cradled by the foam.

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Bear Hybrid Comfort and Firmness:

bear hybridThe Bear Hybrid Mattress has medium comfort that will more than likely appeal to almost everyone. It is 14.5-inch thick and comes with 5 layers all designed to work together for a perfect night’s sleep. The Bear Hybrid does a great job of letting air flow through it. The coil layer and the cooling gel layer, work together to dissipate any trapped heat or incoming heat from the layers during the night. At a 5.5 on the firmness scale this mattress is just a little bit above the perfect medium firm feel.

The layers in this mattress make it ideal for all sleeping positions. The balanced and transitional feel of this mattress make it soft enough for sleeping on your side. Firm enough for sleeping on your stomach. And perfectly supportive and cradling for back sleepers.  It also will work great for heavier sleepers, but will have a slightly softer feel. Since the Bear Hybrid is made with active consumers in mind, it does a great job at relieving pressure while you rest. I

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Bear Hybrid vs Bear Foam Comfort & Firmness:

Both mattresses have a medium soft feel to them. This makes them both perfect for back and side sleepers. The Bear Hybrid will be best for people who like to sleep on top of their mattress. On the other hand the Bear Memory Foam mattress is perfect for people who loved to be cocooned in comfort. Neither one will be good for stomach sleepers and sleepers who run hot will want to lean more towards the hybrid model.

Bear Hybrid vs Bear All Foam Mattress Motion Transfer:

bear mattress reviewBoth mattresses are made with keeping you asleep in mind. The hybrid mattress has shock absorbing coils while the Memory Foam mattress absorbs vibrations. They are both good for sleepers who are awoken easily by motion, or who sleep with a partner on who runs on a different schedule. The Bead Hybrid mattress does have slightly less motion transfer than the Memory Foam model. This shouldn’t make a difference to most sleepers though.

Bear Foam Temperature Regulation:

The Bear Memory Foam mattress does a pretty decent job at keeping things cool. The top layer of of graphite gel infused foam is made to keep cool and promotes air flow. The middle layer of response foam has an open cell design. This helps promote plenty of airflow instead of trapping it in the layers. This mattress also features 7x the conductivity of regular foam mattresses. This is all topped off by a solid base that doesn’t let you sink to far in.

Bear Hybrid Temperature Regulation:

The Bear Hybrid Mattress has several things working for it to keep things cool at night. The coil layer promotes extra air-flow throughout the mattress to reduce heat. It also has a layer of cooling gel for additional comfort and an extra layer of heat protection. Throughout the night this mattress will keep you cool, and is great for anyone who find normal memory foam mattress to hot. The Bear Hybrid also is great for changing positions during the night and you will find that the hybrid is easy to change position in without feeling like your stuck.

Bear Hybrid vs Bear Foam Temperature Regulation:

bear mattress reviewThe Bear Hybrid and Bear Memory Foam mattress do a great job at keeping things cool. The Bear Hybrids coils promote excellent air flow, while the Bear Memory Foam uses gel. The Memory Foam mattress runs cooler than most other pure foam mattress, and has great airflow. The Bear Hybrid has cooling layer in it for extra comfort. The Hybrid mattress will always run cooler than there memory foam counter parts. So, the temperature sensitive may be better off with the Bear Hybrid.

Bear Hybrid Edge Support:

Thanks to the coil layer the Bear Hybrid is very consistent all the way across. Every inch of the Hybrid will give you the perfect medium firm feel and you won’t feel yourself being engulfed by the foam. Edge sleepers will be delighted to know that this mattress will support them through the night. You can also sit on the edge for a little bit of time before feeling like your sinking in.

Bear Mattress Edge Support:

Due to the medium firm feel the Bear Memory Foam mattress has a solid feel all the way across. Edge sleepers will be glad to find that this mattress will support them throughout the night. The positioning of the foam layers in this mattresses give it the firmness it needs to keep you from sinking it. This way you won’t have to worry about things like rolling out of bed during the night. The mattress will let you change positions fairly easy, although the reactive layer will make it cocoon to you decently fast. This mattress is not good for anything above short amounts of edge sitting.

Bear Hybrid vs Bear All Foam Edge Support:

bear mattress reviewBoth of these mattress will work well if you like to sleep on the edge of your bed. You will feel an even amount of support with every inch of both models. This makes it so no matter where you sleep, your comfort levels will stay the same. The Bear Hybrid does provide a slightly better feeling in this category. The coils are much more reactive and supportive than the Memory Foam in the basic Bear mattress.  The Hybrid will also support edge sitting much longer than the Memory Foam will.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Value:

The mattress only comes in three sizes: Queen, King, and California King.
While this is somewhat of a let down the Hybrid mattress is still perfect fo bigger beds and even comes in California King, the pricing is as follows:

  • Queen – $1350
  • King – $1650
  • Cal King – $1650

The Bear Hybrid Mattress does offer free shipping. Also, it comes with an option to add on a mattress protector to help your mattress stay clean for $125. The Bear mattress has a 20-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty is extra long and made to be durable for years to come, the 20-year warranty helps back-up this fact.

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Bear All Foam Mattress Value:

The Bear mattress is a true Memory Foam mattress that comes in several different sizes. We have listed the prices with available sizing below:

  • Twin – $540
  • Twin XL – $640
  • Full – $740
  • Queen – $840
  • King – $940
  • Cal King – $940

You can also add on a bear pillow or protector to your purchase. The Bear Memory Foam mattress comes with a 10 year warranty and free shipping.

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Bear Hybrid vs Bear Foam Mattress Value:

Both mattresses are made of very high-quality materials and feature the same great quality control. Coming from the same company they also both have an extended warranty. The hybrid mattress does have 10 years more on it’s warranty than the Bear Memory Foam. The hybrid mattresses also tend to last longer than there Memory Foam counter parts and are more durable in general.

Bear Hybrid vs Bear Mattress Additional Information:

Both of these mattress are made by the same company, and offer very similar features. With both models Bear offers a 100-day sleep trial. If you find anything at all to be wrong with the mattress it’s a no questions exchange or return. The addition of the mattress protector for a fee is nice, and Bear is a trusted company. Bear has also started offering financing through Affirm to help you get a new mattress faster.

Bear also offers ongoing sales and offer coupons to help you save the most money when shopping for your next mattress. The company also offers great customer service for any extra questions you have involving these two selections.

Bear Hybrid vs Bear Foam Mattress Summary:

Both mattresses are made by the same company in the USA with great quality control. They also both feature a 100-night trial and free shipping to your home. They also both have a medium firm feel to them and are great for edge sleeping. Back and side sleepers will get the most out of these models. The models also have very little off-gassing with the Bear Memory Foam mattress having more of an odor. The odor is still slight and both models will air out within about 12 hours of any smell.

bear hybrid vs bear

There are still quite a few differences between these models. The Bear Memory Foam sleeps hotter due to its materials. The Bear Hybrid is a lot more expensive and limited in sizes. This limits the Bear hybrid to bigger beds, and the addition of more sizes is badly needed. The Hybrid mattress also has slightly better edge support and edge sitting. The Bear Memory Foam is slightly less comfortable than the Hybrid, with the coils in the Bear Hybrid being a huge bonus. The Hybrid also pulls ahead slightly in motion transfer. The Hybrid will also last you longer and is more durable than an all foam mattress.

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