November 21, 2019

Helix vs Purple Review

Pondering between the Purple and Helix mattress? Not sure which one will be better for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In our Helix vs Purple mattress comparison, we will be putting these brands side by side. Giving you the low down on what each of these beds under $1000 has to offer. Going through key performance and sleeping categories that are important for any mattress you are considering. Our Sleep Guide is giving you the ultimate easy to read guide to help you decide!

helix vs purple


This review will not only be using the facts to find objective comparisons but since we have been able to try both of these mattresses first hand, we can also lend our personal opinion as well. Both of these beds are unique, however, what makes them unique is quite different. Both happen to also come in right around the same price point and will appeal to several sleepers.

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Why Choose Helix

  • helix mattress review9 Different Comfort Options (Including Split Comfort & Plus)
  • Pocketed Coil System & Multiple Foam Comfort Layers
  • Minimal Motion Transfer (top layer of memory foam with pocket coils = minimal vibrations)
  • Reinforced Edge Support
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $600 – $1245

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Why Choose Purple

  • main purple imagePurple Comfort Smart Grid Technology
  • Sleeps Very Cool
  • Pressure Relief
  • Unique Comfort
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $649 – $1498

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Who Wins? Which Mattress is Better?

  • Materials & Construction: Helix
  • Comfort Options: Helix
  • Pressure Relief: Purple
  • Edge Support: Helix
  • Motion Transfer: Helix
  • Sleeping Cool: Purple
  • Value: Helix
  • Trial Period: Tie
  • Warranty: Tie
  • Overall Winner: Helix!

Want to know why these beds won in the categories they did? Keep reading and get all of the details. Just because we picked Helix as the winner does not necessarily mean it is the perfect mattress for you. You may in fact prefer Purple. Keep reading to get all the details and better decide which mattress is the right one for you.

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Helix vs Purple Materials

When it comes to construction this is where we would say these two beds differ most. The Original Purple mattress is made up of two different layers of foam topped with their purple grid. While the Helix is a hybrid mattress containing a pocketed coil system and two comfort layers on memory foam on top. (Helix Plus, has a few added supportive layers.)

helix vs purple mattress comparison contruction

These differences in construction will add some variations in the overall feel of the bed. Some people really prefer one over the other, it is truly a matter of preference. Hybrid mattresses like the Helix tend to be more supportive, sleep cooler, and typically last longer. While a foam-based bed like the Purple is great for cutting down on motion transfer.

While both beds are constructed in the USA, we like the construction of the Helix over the Purple due to the qualities that a hybrid mattress provides it’s sleepers. Although keep in mind that this is a preference and you may personally enjoy the features of a foam-based bed more.

purple vs helix construction materials

Helix Materials & Construction:

helix mattress reviewEach Helix mattress is made out of the same materials only with varying densities. With the exception of the Helix Plus which has added supportive layers. Each Helix mattress starts with a comfort layer of memory foam, followed by a Helix Dynamic foam layer.

These lay on top of the pocketed 6” coil system. Which then lays on a foundational layer of foam. The cover is made out of a soft polyester. All of which is CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified.

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Purple Mattress Materials & Construction:

purple mattress comparison materialsThe first layer is the focus of Purple technology, their trademarked Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid. The second layer is made up of a poly foam that is used for two main purposes. Comfort, mainly focusing on pressure relief and alleviating pressure points for an ideal support and cushioning.

The middle layer of transition foam is intended to work with the top layer and help provide deep comfort. This layer also helps with distributing weight evenly over the mattress. The 4″ base layer creates a foundation to support them and complement the top layers.
All of these layers are covered in a breathable polyester-blend zippered cover. It is a combination of 69% Polyester, 27% Viscose & 4% Lycra.

The cover on this mattress is breathable, soft and has a nice response to it. While this cover has a zipper it is not recommended that you remove it for cleaning. Spot cleaning is always the recommended care instruction.

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Helix vs Purple Mattress Comfort

Purple Comfort Options – Soft to Firm:

The Purple comes in one comfort option. While this may seem limiting it covers a lot of ground as to who all will enjoy this mattress. It is a medium to medium firm feeling bed, with a unique feeling top layer with the hyper polymer grid. They refer to this grid as feeling like no pressure support. Meaning it supports you where you need it and buckles where you don’t. We found that this system lacked support for stomach sleepers, but worked well for more side and back sleepers.

If you are on the heavier side, you may find that this version of the purple mattress does not give you the support you need. Often the grid may buckle completely and you may even sink and experience a bottoming out feel as you rest on the supportive bottom layer of foam.

no pressure support from purple

The Purple may only come in one comfort, but the pressure relief and unique feel are quite apparent. Learn more about this one of a kind mattress at Purple.com.

Helix Comfort Options – Soft to Firm:

The Helix Mattress has a total of 9 different comfort options. Ranging from the ultra plush Helix Sunset to the Helix Plus which features maximum support and a medium feel which is design for Big & Tall sleepers.

They have a comfort option for just about everyone. Making the Helix a great option for anyone looking for that “just right” feel. Which is why we simply have to give Helix the win for comfort options. With so many to choose from you are bound to find the one that is just right for you.

9 comfort options from helix

With so many options you’ll surely love the Helix Mattress. You’ll get EXACTLY what you want, which means you’ll be sleeping well and so will anyone else who shares the mattress. Meaning you won’t have to compromise when it comes to comfort and support. Learn more about this amazing mattress and take the Helix Sleep Quiz for yourself at HelixSleep.com.

Helix vs Purple – Benefits

Edge Support:

helix vs purple edge supportWhen it comes to the edge support of these mattresses their materials and construction really separate their performance. The Helix uses a 6″ coil system with reinforced edges making the support around the perimeter solid and stable.

While the Purple’s design falls flat in this department. The edge support feels less stable once you are right up to edge. Even when you are laying down the sleeping surface is underutilized due to a lack of edge support. The grid may provide good airflow and pressure relief. However, it does lack stability around the perimeter. Giving the upper hand to the Helix for having a more durable and usable perimeter.

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Motion Transfer:

You might think that the lack of coils in the Purple would give it the edge in this category. However, the well thought out design combination of materials in the Helix actually give it the edge when it comes to minimal motion transfer.

helix vs purpleThe original Helix mattress is a hybrid bed. You might think that the springs would make it spring, but the coil system in the Helix not only provides great support, it is also great for motion isolation. Each coil is individually wrapped and separate from each other. Meaning they are more precision designed. The multiple layers of foam, including a very dense and vibration reducing memory foam layer over the coils. Creating a mattress that is easy to move on, but doesn’t add to any partner disturbance.

The Purple, though is considered all foam, is actually going to be more responsive due to the very top layer of buoyant polymer. Because this grid is interconnected and spreads across the entire top layer of the Purple there will be some shared vibration. Making this mattress more noticeable when it comes to motion transfer. Though each mattress is not going to produce a ton of excess vibration, side by side the Helix does offer noticeably less movement.

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Sleeping Cool:

helix mattress sleeping coolThe Helix does a great job for providing a temperature neutral surface that maintains a more neutral feel throughout the night. The top layer of memory foam may provide a bit of retained heat, however the coil system ensures that any heat has a place to dissipate. The coil system allows for air to flow and any trapped heat in the top layers a place to go. One thing to keep in mind is the firmer the comfort option you choose, the cooler it will sleep. When you choose a firmer mattress, the more air can flows around your body, keeping you cooler throughout the night.

Also, Helix offers an upgraded cooling cover to help right at the surface. This cover helps wick away moisture as well as provide a cool to the touch feel that helps neutralize heat over the course of the night.

purple mattressThe Purple mattress is designed with the intention of sleeping cooler, especially compared to other foam beds. The construction of the polymer grid allows for ample space between the rows and columns. This creates more air to flow and less heat will be retained. The cover also breathable and thinner allowing for better heat dissipation as well. Although most hybrids beat out foam-based beds when it comes to sleeping cool, the Purple wins by just a hair. This is due to the Purple Grid raising your body off of the foam underneath, keeping you and the mattress cooler on the surface of the bed.

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Helix vs Purple Mattress Basics


helix mattress reviewThe Helix and Purple mattresses both include shipping in their purchase pricing. Giving no added charges to have your mattress conveniently delivered right to your door.

After ordering the Helix it was delivered in about a week. While the Purple took a good three to four weeks before we received it.

Delivery times may vary depending on their availability status for the Purple mattress. If you do choose the Purple, you may need to be a bit more patience when waiting for the arrival of your new bed.


new purple mattress bagDuring the unboxing process, you will notice a few “new” mattress smells from both the Purple and Helix. However, the initial off gassing of the Helix mattress was fairly short and dissipated quickly.

Leaving little to no scent behind after a few hours. While the Purple, on the other hand, was quite strong initially as well as taking several days to fully air out. Which made the Purple mattress stand out in this category, for reasons less desirable.

We believe the lingering scent of the Purple is probably due to the polymer grid, and after about a week it will be quite a bit less noticeable. We always suggest letting your new mattress fully air out for several hours before sleeping on it is a good rule of thumb.

Price & Coupons:

Original Helix Mattress Prices range from $600 – $1440; depending on size and style. For the most up to date pricing on the Helix mattresses, follow the coupon link below.

Helix Mattresses Coupon 30% OFF Code: MEMDAY30

Original Purple Mattress Prices range from $649 – $1498; depending on size. For the most up to date pricing on the Purple mattress follow the coupon link below.

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While these prices are rather similar, the true value can change depending on how you value your bed. Both companies now offer financing programs through different companies. Allowing you to get your mattress now and make small payments over a period of time, instead of having to pay it all upfront.

Trial Period & Warranty

purple bed trial periodThe Helix and Purple both come with a 100 night sleep trial period. This time frame allows for your body to make any adjustments it needs to, before deciding whether or not it is the right fit for you. Both brands offer returns and full refunds if for some reason you don’t love your new bed. The customer satisfaction and service will certainly not be lacking whether you get a Helix or Purple mattress.

Both also come with a 10 year prorated standard warranty. This warranty ensures that any manufacturer defects or flaws are covered by the company. Making sure you have an optimal sleeping surface. Keep in mind that both are also prorated to take in consideration any the natural wear of the bed.

Helix vs Purple Mattress – Our Verdict:

When comparing the Helix beds to the Purple mattress, in some categories they are matched rather evenly, while in other ways they are like comparing apples to oranges. Their pricing is nearly identical, and yet the Helix is a hybrid mattress, while the Purple is foam based with a poly grid topper. With such different attributes, it can honestly be as simple as preference when deciding between these two.

We picked the Helix as our winner, one main reason is due to the fact that this mattress comes with so many different comfort options and is one of the best value for money you can get for a hybrid mattress. With so many options to choose from everyone will have a great night sleep too.

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However, if your main focus on a bed is sleeping cool and unique pressure relief, than the Purple may be the right choice for you. Either way you’re getting a great mattress at an even better price, especially when you can use the latest coupons too.

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helix mattress review

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Looking for a specific comparison? Create your very own side by side comparison with our Mattress Comparison Tool. Also, feel free to send any thoughts, questions, or comments to use through our Contact Us page. We will be happy to help in any way we can.