May 21, 2019

Helix Luxe vs Purple Hybrid

helix luxe vs new purpleSometimes it just doesn’t get any better than a good night’s rest. Except when you’re resting on the best mattress. Every sleeper has a different ‘best’ in mind. But between the Helix Luxe vs New Purple Hybrid & Hybrid Premiere, you’re getting the best either way.

These vastly different mattresses are surprisingly the same when it comes to satisfying your needs. With 6 and 3 comfort options you’re guaranteed to find your best. In this review we will compare several key elements of the Helix Luxe and Purple Hybrid mattresses. Making sure your online shopping experience is as easy as can be.

Helix Luxe Mattress Overview:

helix luxe vs new purpleSurely you’ve never experienced a mattress with 6 comfort options. The Helix Luxe is a one of a kind and exactly the kind that your sleep has been dreaming of. This luxury hybrid mattress is an upgrade to the original Helix, with 6 options instead of 9, but now thicker and with more layers, for an even better sleep. The choices make the mattress ideal for everyone.

Whether you know exactly the kind of mattress you need, or you still need to feel it out, you can even take the Helix Luxe quiz to find out exactly which mattress fits your unique needs. Short, small, big, or tall, the Helix Luxe has it all. Not to mention a solid feeling hybrid mattress, with great edge support, and an even better price. From the Helix Sunset to Dawn this review will cover them all, so that your sleep becomes your best sleep.

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Purple Hybrid Mattress Overview:

helix luxe vs new purpleYour best sleep is as simple as Purple. In fact, of all the online mattress brands, you’ve probably come across Purple most often. This is due to their quirky marketing campaign, but also their unique polymer grid. Now the incredible polymer comfort grid has been paired with a coil system for the ultimate sleeping experience; the Purple hybrid.

The Smart Comfort Grid creates a surface that is comforting, creates ideal pressure relief, but also sleeps incredibly cool. Unlike the original Purple, the Purple hybrid gives you three comfort options: Purple Hybrid 2, Purple Hybrid Premiere 3, and Purple Hybrid Premiere 4. The new Purple Hybrid is everything you want it to be flexible, durable, and most of all comfortable. The smart technology of the Purple Hybrid works hard so that you can rest easy.

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Helix Luxe – Delivery:

helix nightfall vs big figWhen it comes to shopping online, our expectations as buyers is that we will get premium products delivered to us as quickly as possible at the click of a button. Thankfully Helix has those same expectation. When you order your Helix Luxe, they go right to work putting your mattress together and getting it out the door so it can ship to you. If you’re using their free shipping, you should expect your package to arrive in the mail from FedEx Ground withing 6-10 days.

After your mattress shows up at your front door, it is unboxing time. First things first, get a friend to help you carry the mattress box into the room where you would like to have the mattress set up. Keep in mind that the King size can weigh up to 100+ lbs. which is the main reason why we suggest getting a friend to help.

After you have moved the box, it is time to open it. Be careful when you cut away the plastic, as it can be easy to accidentally cut the mattress itself. Position the mattress the way you want it on the frame. Then, watch as your mattress quickly takes shape.

Although there may be a lingering ‘new mattress’ scent, this USA made mattress will not have many noxious or toxic odors. We still recommend letting your mattress air out and completely take shape for at least 24 hours (if you can wait that long), to allow your mattress to reach its prime firmness level.

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Purple Hybrid – Delivery:

purple vs bearThe only thing better than a fast delivery, is a free and effortless one. Purple includes free shipping, complimentary white glove delivery, and they’ll even remove your old mattress for free. That’s a lot of free, and a lot of nothing for you to do. Just sit back, say thank you, and enjoy this complimentary service. The white glove delivery is especially helpful since the Purple 4 can weigh up to 202 lbs.

Another great perk about the Purple hybrid is that due to the materials, there is no need to wait for them to “firm-up” like other mattresses. Your Purple mattress will be ready to use in no time. And of course, there are no toxic smells, perhaps just a unique ‘new Purple’ smell, which will quickly dissipate, and have you snoozing sooner.

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Helix Luxe Mattress Materials: 

helix luxe dusk materialsFrom top to bottom, the Helix Luxe is completely luxurious. Helix designed each layer to bring you premium and custom comfort. At the very top is an extra breathable pillow top cover. This layer is extra plush and features phase change material to absorb excess heat and regulate body temperature.

Supporting the cover is the second layer made of Gel Visco memory foam. The 1” layer is high density and provides consistency and comfort, by contouring to your body to relieve pressure points. The next layer is 2” of support foam that varies in firmness depending of which comfort option you go with. This foam either consists of memory foam, gel visco memory foam, or high density foam.

Each one of these different foams provide extra cushion and optimal support, while never giving you the feeling of being stuck. The next High Grade Transition Foam layer adds deep comfort and creates ergonomic support. This layer is crucial to create a comfortable transition and progression of your body weight into the mattress.

The coil system provides ample comfort and stability to this mattress from the center to the edges. This 8″ coil system includes 1000+ individually wrapped coils that are slightly softer under the shoulder region and firmer under the hips. For optimal edge support, these coils are reinforced around the perimeter. The final layer is the base layer of DuraDense Foam. This heavy duty foam really solidifies the bed. The thick foam stabilizes the layers above and creates durability and longevity for your mattress.

helix luxe mattress review

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Purple Hybrid Mattress Materials:

purple hybrid materialsIf you purchase a Purple mattress, you want the purple, but there are other high quality materials that make the mattress a dream come true. Regardless of which comfort option you choose, the basic structure is the same. The variation comes from the size of the purple polymer grid; which ranges from 2”, 3”, or 4” depending on which option you choose.

One thing you can rely on however, is the 7.5” coil system in every mattress. It uses 13.75 gauge steel coils that provide amazing support and durability. This gives the mattress extra support, longevity, airflow, and ergonomics; aka everything you need to sleep well. Beneath the coil system comes a dense base foam, to keep all the other layers in place.

The Purple mattress takes everything into consideration, like the 1” transition foam layer in between the grid and the coil system. This layer creates a more consistent feel and ensures that you can’t feel the coils beneath the soft polymer grid. Lastly, the Premium StretchMax Cover has even more stretch than the original Purple. This soft and stretchy knit cover is 98% polyester and 2% spandex, making it airy and more breathable than ever. When you purchase a Purple mattress, you get all this greatness and only slight variation in the size of the Polymer grid.

purple hybrid side shot

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Helix Luxe Comfort:

The luxury materials used in the Helix Luxe provide luxury comfort. The 14” mattress is designed to benefit your sleep, and with 6 different options you’re guaranteed to feel the benefits. Each mattress features the same comfort technologies, like the Helix Cool Sleep Technology with phase change material to maintain your body temperature all night long. However, each different mattress will have slight comfort/ support variations and are described as follows:

  • Helix Sunset

helix luxe mattress review sunsetThis overall, softer mattress is ideal for smaller sized persons who sleep mostly on their back or side. This ultra plush option provides the softest contouring support out of all of the Helix Luxe options.

  • Helix Moonlight

Also an incredibly soft mattress, the Moonlight offers a little more support than the Sunset. This allows it to be a better fit for a larger variety of sleeping positions for smaller people, or for larger people who prefer a plush feeling over maximum support.

  • Helix Midnight

helix luxe mattress review midnightThe ‘just right’ mattress, the Helix Midnight is the most popular. This mattress is ideal for side sleepers, with a more medium feel. Not too soft, not too hard, the Midnight Luxe has a but of the best of both worlds. Great for couples & co sleepers with different sleeping preferences.

  • Helix Dusk

Also very popular, the Dusk has a medium feel, with a little extra support. This is a good medium feel option for back and stomach sleepers, as well as larger sleepers.

  • Helix Twilight

helix luxe mattress review twilightThe Helix Twilight is the just for side sleepers mattress with more firmness than usual. If you are a larger or heavier sized person who sleeps predominantly on your side, this is the mattress for you. However, if you’re a smaller person who love to sleep on their side, and enjoys a firmer feel, you may also love this mattress.

  • Helix Dawn

The firmest option that Helix Luxe offers, the Dawn is ideal for larger sleepers who sleep in every position. If you are a smaller person who sleeps on their back or stomach, you might also appreciate the extra support of the Helix Dawn.

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Purple Hybrid Comfort:

Although all materials are created equal, the comfort is not. The best part about the new and improved Purple Hybrid is that comfort is not one size fits all. The Polymer Purple Grid, the most important aspect of the Purple hybrid mattress will have the same comfort benefits in each mattress option. The grid provides incredible pressure relief in all comfort options, and the Purple.4 even has a zero gravity effect, relieving all the pressure there is! Below is a detailed breakdown of the Purple.2, 3, and 4.:

  • Purple Hybrid 2

purple hybrid mattress optionsThis mattress is the firmest of them all. It works in cooperation with the foundation to create a medium firm feel, while still evenly distributing weight, but with more resilience. This makes the mattress ideal for back sleepers and heavier persons. If you are a side sleeper, the Purple.2 may not provide the pressure relief you are looking for, and for stomach sleepers, the polymer grid is usually not preferred at all, but the firm Purple.2 would be your best choice.

  • Purple Hybrid Premiere 3

With 3” of the polymer grid, the Purple Hybrid 3″ Grid is a true middle of the road mattress. It is the perfect combination of soft and firm, creating a true medium feel. This mattress is ideal for couples and sleepers who like just enough support with equal cushion as well. The Purple.3 is ideal for side and back sleepers, with just enough sink, regardless if you are smaller or larger sized.

  • Purple Hybrid Premiere 4

If you’re looking for luxury than the Purple Hybrid with 4″ Grid is what you need. With a 4” thick grid, it creates a feeling of zero gravity, like nothing else you’ve ever felt. It relieves pressure throughout the entire body and is the softest comfort option. This makes the mattress ideal for back and side sleepers who love a plush feeling mattress.

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Helix Luxe vs New Purple – Motion Transfer:

Whether you get up earlier than your sleeping partner or someone just need a drink of water. Motion transfer can be a huge pain when you are trying to get some quality sleep. Between the Helix Luxe and Purple Hybrid & Purple Hybrid Premiere, these brands have done a lot to ensure they limit motion transfer as much as possible. While you will likely sleep peacefully in either, the Helix Luxe may have the upper hand. The Helix Luxe uses a well thought out design, which results in hardly any motion transfer, and therefore no partner disturbance either.

new purple 3 mattressIn addition,  coil system is the key to buoyancy without transference. Meaning that the coils allow one person to lower themselves into bed and get comfortable, while on the other side of the bed you won’t sink with your partner. This is because the coils are individually wrapped vs being encased in one large bubble. The thick layers of foam are also great at absorbing any motion before they can be transferred, making this mattress ideal for couples, parents, and even pet owners.

On the other hand, the Purple Hybrid also takes motion transfer seriously, but the materials do lend themselves to buoyancy unlike other traditional materials. This means you, yourself will definitely feel a bit of bounce when getting in and out of bed, but your partner shouldn’t feel much. The space between the polymer grid and the coils also helps absorb any excess motion before it ever reaches the coil system. Besides, the Purple mattress is so comfortable, you won’t be tossing and turning anyway. 

Helix Luxe vs New Purple Hybrid – Sleeping Cool:

helix luxe dusk person If you have ever woken up in a full sweat because of your mattress, you know how important it is to have a bed that is built to keep you cool.The Helix Luxe uses high quality materials that encourage sleeping cool and temperature regulation. First, every Helix Luxe mattress you choose comes with a cooling cover that uses Helix Cool Sleep Technology.

This technology uses phase change material to absorb excess sweat and regulates the body’s temperature throughout the night. There is also an added gel in the top layer of foam, giving coolness a slight edge, since foams do tend to trap more heat. However, with the coil system at the bottom, heat will surely not stay trapped since it easily escapes through the coil system

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new purple mattressAll that being said, the Purple mattress is known for sleeping cool. If there’s one thing the Polymer Grid is, it’s cool and breathable, and in fact even better at staying cool than most mattresses.

Just imagine all the spaces within the unique grid design; it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Plus, combined with a coil system for heat to escape, you’re guaranteed to have your coolest sleep ever.

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Helix Luxe vs Purple Hybrid – Edge Support:

helix luxe mattress review duskEdge support is not always the first thing people consider to be important when searching for a mattress. That is, until you sleep in a mattress that is lacking the vital support needed for sleeping and while sitting on the side of the bed. This is especially important if you like to use the entiretly of your mattress from edge to edge.

This was a particular issue for many owners of the original Purple mattress. While it is not a priority to some, it is a big issue for others. This is one of the biggest improvements for the Purple Hybrid. The Purple Hybrid now has a foam encasement around the polymer grid, to keep it, and you in place. The result is full use of the mattress and edges that really hold up, even for the occasional sitting.

The Helix Luxe has an incredibly strong edge support. So much so that it is a recommended mattress for larger sleepers who needs that extra support even more than the average/smaller sized person. The coil system uses more weight resistant springs around the edges, which helps with the added stress when more force and weight is put on it. They combine these durable coils with dense foams to create a mattress that is equally as supportive as it is comfy from edge to edge.

Helix Luxe vs Purple Hybrid Premiere – Value:

helix luxe mattress review moonlightBoth of these mattresses are great examples of the good quality mattresses for your money. They are not cheap, but they are also top quality. The Helix Luxe comes in at $1745 for a queen size, including the free shipping, 100 night sleep trial, and 15 year warranty. In addition, if you buy now, there are coupons available.

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purple polymer smart gridThe Purple hybrid ranges in price from $1599 to $2799 depending on which option you choose, and all of them include the white glove delivery service, mattress removal, 100 night sleep trial, and 10 year warranty. These mattresses are trusted, high-quality, and durable lasting you many sleeps to come. So you can confidentially make your investment.

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Helix Luxe vs New Purple – Trial Period & Warranty:

purple bed trial periodComparing these two mattresses is easy in terms of trial period and warranty. Both the Helix Luxe and Purple Hybrid give you a 100 night trial period, giving you 100 nights to fall in love with your mattress or your money back.

The 15 year and 10 year warranty, respectively, are also similar and standard in the mattress world. This includes any manufacturers defects, etc., which means you can sleep soundly buying from companies that support you and their products.

Helix Luxe vs New Purple – Summary:

The Helix Luxe and new Purple Hybrid are the same kind of very different mattresses. That is, they are the same kind of luxury, high quality mattresses. With several comfort options, but with different materials and construction, and therefore different benefits.

helix luxe vs new purpleThe bottom line is, no matter which variation of the Helix Luxe or Purple Hybrid you choose, you will be sleeping your best sleep. The Purple Hybrid may have the edge when it comes to sleeping cool. But the Helix Luxe keeps your motion more isolated.

Depending on which option you choose, the Purple may be more costly, but with free white glove delivery and mattress removal, you just can’t find those kinds of services anywhere else. If you’re unsure about shopping online, these endless options will definitely have the right choice for you, and we highly recommend the quality and luxury of both the Helix Luxe and Purple Hybrid.

Still not sure which of these thick hybrid mattresses will be best for you? Learn more in our full reviews. Find the Helix Luxe Mattress Review HERE. And the Purple Hybrid Mattress Review HERE.

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