July 17, 2019

Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy

Finally you can have the sleep of your dreams without breaking the bank. Our Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy review features two ideal mattresses for an ideal price. These thick, plush memory foam mattresses are under $1000 but provide you million dollar sleep.

The Tuft & Needle Mint is a significant upgrade to the original Tuft & Needle that sleepers adored. But the Puffy is in a class all its own- its like sleeping on a cloud. It may seem like splitting hairs when it comes to the Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy, but each one offers its own unique benefits.

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Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Overview:

tuft and needle mint mattress VS puffy mattress comparison






If Tuft & Needle has created its own unique space within the online mattress industry. Their products are well made and they also know how to adapt. Their new Mint mattress utilizes the foundation of comfort from their original mattress with the added benefits of some awesome upgrades.

The Tuft and Needle Mint is so called because of its added cooling benefits. They added 30% more graphite to the supportive top layer of foam in order to pull heat away from the body. This helps to keep you 50% cooler at night. This is a great addition considering all foam mattresses tend to have the downfall of holding onto heat.

They also added a third layer to the originals two layer design. Made with gel beads, the middle layer helps to create an added cushioning effect. It also helps to dampen motion transfer and give a supportive transition between the top layer and the supportive base layer of foam.

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Puffy Overview:

tuft and needle mint mattress VS puffy mattress comparisonPuffy is the perfect word to describe this mattress. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud? The Puffy also received some updates in 2019, making the mattress even more comfortable and contouring. Some of these features include more air flow and a true memory foam construction.

All this means that the Puffy mattress is even better than you remember. The Puffy does only offer one universal comfort, but that’s because it’s a comfort that almost everyone will love. The only thing better than the comfort of the Puffy the incredibly low price.

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Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy – Delivery & Unboxing:

puffy mattress box Delivery and unboxing of most online mattresses is highly similar. After you order the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress online, it will be shipped to your home for free, within 1 to 3 weeks.

However if you order the Puffy mattress, it will be roll packed and shipped from their USA factory straight to your door for free via FedEx. The Puffy mattress should only take 2 to 5 days.

Once either mattress arrives, it will be in a relatively small box for a mattress, so you should be able to maneuver it on your own. Simply take your new mattress to the room it needs to be in, remove the box, carefully cut away the plastic, and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

Make sure you a lot at least 12 – 24 hours for your Tuft & Needle or Puffy mattress to fully expand. While it may seem like it has puffed up to its full size immediately, it needs that extra time to become settled enough for sleeping. This time is also important to ensure any potential “new mattress scent” has enough time to dissipate. If scents are especially bothersome to you, we suggest letting your mattress air out in a well ventilated area. A Wide open area or a bedroom with an open window might be helpful.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Materials:

From top to bottom, Tuft & Needle has fully upgraded their original mattress to be truly worth looking into. Starting with the bottom layer, they have created a sturdy foundation for their sleeper. The 7 inches of high density foam has been made firmer in order to supply better edge support than its predecessor. This firm base foam has also been made with T&N’s “open-cell foam technology” this technology creates airflow within the mattress itself. This is another feature that creates an all together cooler nights sleep.

Next up is the completely new third middle layer of transitional foam. This layer gives the extra cushion needed to not get that “bottom out” feeling that happens with the top layer sinks so quickly that you hit the supportive base layer. Instead the transitional layer gives you some extra cushioning between the two.

Finally the top layer of this mattress is very similar to the original T&N mattress with one small yet vital adjustment. The cooling aspect of this proprietary foam is the graphite material that is in it. The graphite has a cooling effect, in the Mint they have added 30% more graphite into their mattress than their original. They claim that this draws 50% more heat away from the body to keep you cooler while you sleep.

They wrapped the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress in a charcoal knitted cover. Their cover is made with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® material. Their ultra plush knitted design in not only nice to look at but it also helps to keep you cool and relieve pressure points. The polyester and viscose is a quick to dry surface that also keeps you cool.

tuft and needle mint materials

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Puffy Mattress Materials:

puffy materialsYou’ll love your Puffy mattress from the first layer all the way to the cover. This 10” mattress has a universal comfort and the materials and construction are universal across the board. The first comfort layer is the cooling cloud foam layer. This 2” layer uses 2.5 lb. density cooling cloud memory foam. This patent pending foam uses gel to increase airflow by up to 8x regular memory foam mattresses. It uses the process of convection and conduction to pull heat away from the body. This layer is also highly adaptable and ideal for relieving pressure.

Next comes 2” of unique Climate Comfort memory foam. This foam gives your Puffy mattress an even more adaptable and comfortable surface. It adds deep comfort with a touch more softness, for added pressure relief. Talk about sleeping on a cloud. Like a cloud, this layer also regulates temperature and is humidity resistant.

The base of the Puffy mattress is 6” of 1.5 lb. density firm core support foam. This truly is the core of the mattress and provides stability, strength, and support, while giving the mattress ideal durability and longevity to outlast your sleep. The insta-firm technology makes the mattress 99% more responsive and 4x more supportive than standard foams. That means better spinal alignment and ideal posture, no matter which sleeping position you sleep in.

puffy vs comparison

Finally the Puffy mattress is wrapped up in its unique Puffy cover. This removable and washable cover is soft, stretchy, and stain resistant. It also features a unique cloud design, so it is equally as stylish as it is functional.

Make sure to get your Puffy NOW at Puffy.com! And you’ll be sleeping cool and on a cloud in a few short days!

Tuft & Needle Mint Comfort:

tuft and needle mattresses mintAll of the materials really make for a much more comfortable mattress. Similar to the original T&N mattress, the Tuft & Needle Mint has a medium to medium-firm luxurious feel. The firmness level of this mattress is a 6 – 6.5 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10; 10 being the firmest.

This is a great level of firmness for a wide variety of sleepers. Which is ideal if your co-sleeper sleeps differently than you do. The added transitional layer however, does give this mattress slightly more give than the original. This allows side sleepers that extra give they need on their pressure points. Meanwhile it also does not sink in too drastically, which gives back sleepers and stomach sleepers the support they need.

Another added benefit of the new Mint design is that it is great for heavier weighing sleepers. If you are a larger sleeper and you want to try out a Tuft & Needle Mattress, we highly suggest the Mint. Its sturdier base foam will give you more edge support, while the middle transitional layer will help to keep you from bottoming out.

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Puffy Comfort:

motin transferPuffy only offers one universal comfort level because one comfort level is all you need. With a medium-firm feel, the Puffy is about a 6 to 8 on a 1 to 10 firmness scale. This makes it the ideal compromise between contouring comfort and responsive support. For side sleepers, the Puffy mattress might be preferred over the T&N Mint. The added layer of deep comfort does a lot for side sleepers. Your shoulders and hips will sink in with ease and there will still be ideal ergonomic support. The mattress is slightly responsive making it easy to switch from side to side.

For back sleepers, the Puffy mattress is equally as preferred. The pressure relieving foam layers equally distribute your weight while supporting your neck and shoulders for ideal posture. The firmness level of the Puffy is also dense enough to keep you from sinking in too much, but plush enough to cradle you to sleep.

Lastly, while you may think that stomach sleepers and memory foams don’t mesh, the Puffy works well even for stomach sleepers. This is because the foams are dense enough to support you while sleeping on your stomach. The Puffy mattress keeps your back from bowing and does not aggravate your back leading to pain or other sleep disorders.

Side, back, and stomach, this means the Puffy mattress is perfect for combination sleepers or couples as well. If you have multiple sleeping needs, the Puffy mattress is the one you won’t have to toss and turn on throughout the night.

puffy vs puffy lux pressure relief

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Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy – Motion Transfer:

puffy jump for kidsThe Tuft and Needle Mint upgrade might be slightly more in your favor when it comes to motion transfer. The thick layers of the Tuft and Needle Mint are slightly responsive, but thick enough to deaden any movement before it disturbs your sleep. This mattress is truly a great choice for anyone who is or sleeps with someone who is a light sleeper. The Tuft & Needle Mint’s dense base layer absorbs a lot of motion transfer and deadens those small movements.

Similarly, the Puffy is known for minimal motion transfer, like most memory foam mattresses. The Puffy specifically is dense enough that any vibrations are absorbed almost instantly. In addition, if any movement does make it past the top layers, the thick, core foam quickly and readily eliminates movement. Whether your partner, dog, or baby tosses and turns throughout the night, you can be sure that with the Puffy mattress, you won’t feel a thing.

Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy – Sleeping Cool:

There’s comfortable, and then there’s cool. Everyone wants to sleep cool. The Tuft and Needle Mint’s features are all designed to keep you cool. The added graphite keeps you cooler directly on top by drawing heat away from the body. While the second layer has ceramic gel beads that dissipate extra heat being pulled from the body. Finally, the base layer of foam has open-cell foam technology which allows airflow through the mattress. This is beneficial because airflow allows the heat a place to escape.

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If you want to stay cool, you could also try the Puffy mattress. The Puffy mattress uses cooling technology in every material. The cloud foam layer uses natural conduction and convention to dissipate body heat, while the gel infused layers increase airflow.

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The uniquely dense base foam is also dense enough to keep you from sinking in, which makes you sleep closer to the surface, and stay cool all night long. Lastly, like the Tuft & Needle Mint, the Puffy cover is breathable providing temperature neutralization while you sleep. 

Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy – Edge Support:

tuft and needle mint comparisonA common downfall that foam mattresses fall victim to is the lack of edge support. When Tuft & Needle made their original mattress they found that some of their customers were desiring more edge support. So when they designed the T&N Mint they made sure to give the people what they want. First they started with the base layer of foam. In the Mint they made this layer much firmer, this is where the majority of your edge support will be coming from with the Mint.

Then they added a secondary transitional layer of foam that ensure you don’t rest directly on that firmer base layer. They also encased the foam in a material to give it has extra layer of support around the edges. Combing that with its solid base foam and you get better than most edge support. Making this mattress not only better for sleeping from edge to edge without falling off, but it also gives enough support for sitting on the side.

Like the Tuft & Needle Mint, the Edge support with the Puffy mattress all comes down to quality. While edge support may not be the first thing you think of with a memory foam mattress, quality is. The higher the quality materials, the more durable the mattress, even the edges. The entire sleeping surface of the Puffy mattress is usable, even up to the edge. However while the perimeter is solid, you should not expect the durability of a foam encasement mattress to be ideal for side sitting.

Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy – Value:

You can always rely on the Tuft & Needle brand being a very affordable price. Tuft and Needle Mint starts at $595 for a Twin and up to $1145 for a King size. This doesn’t even include their latest promotion of savings. Along with this great price point you also get free shipping, free returns a 100 night sleep trial and 10 year warranty.

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The Puffy mattress is similarly priced at $1150 for a queen. That isn’t including the latest and most amazing Puffy mattress coupon. After coupon the Puffy actually comes in for less than the Tuft and Needle Mint. Making both of these mattresses very affordable and great all foam mattress options. Along with free shipping and returns, you’ll also get a 101 night sleep trial and lifetime warranty with your new Puffy mattress.

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Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy – Trial Period & Warranty:

tuft and needle mattresses comfortThe Tuft and Needle Mint comes with a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty. With the trial period, if you don’t love your Tuft and Needle Mint mattress as much as they hope, you can return it for free and risk free. The Puffy mattress gives you a 101-night trial and lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty goes above and beyond mattress company standards and shows how much Puffy truly puts into their products. The warranty covers any abnormal defects or manufacturing errors. With the Puffy mattress, your sleep is covered. 

Tuft & Needle Mint vs Puffy – Summary:

The Tuft & Needle Mint and Puffy mattresses are like falling in love twice. These memory foam mattresses are the best you can get for right around $1000, but provide you sleep that is priceless. They are evenly matched in most areas.

However, while the Puffy offers a unique, one of a kind feel like no other memory foam mattress on the market, the Mint comes from the trusted Tuft and Needle brand you love, and the upgrades are substantial. You really can’t go wrong with either choice, but you especially can’t go wrong with the upgrades of the Tuft and Needle Mint.

Regardless of which one you opt for, get the best price by using the coupons below!

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Puffy Mattress Coupon:

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tuft and needle mint mattress VS puffy comparison

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