July 17, 2019

Saatva HD vs Winkbeds

saatva hd vs winkbedsFinally! Mattresses specifically designed for larger people. For all of the bigger people out there, you no longer have to sacrifice your sleep comfort any longer. Two awesome mattress brands, Saatva and Winkbeds, now offer comfort options specifically designed for heavier sleepers with the Saatva HD vs WinkBeds Plus. Saatva, the mattress brand you know and love, brings you the Saatva HD for a little more to love.

WinkBeds is the mattress company that want to ensure you never lose a wink of sleep. Especially on their WinkBeds Plus option. These companies understand that your big sleep requires a big mattress. And these 14” plus thick mattresses are nothing short of big. Continue reading to learn which one of these thick mattresses is right for you.

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Saatva HD Overview:

saatva vs winkbed mattress reviewSaatva changed the online mattress business game and now they have done it again by creating the Saatva HD mattress. They specially designed this mattress to be ideal for larger people. The original Saatva mattress was already a great option for heavier sleepers. However, they knew they could create a specialized mattress to suite their larger clientele’s needs even better. So they did! Saatva created their HD mattress and it is a truly luxurious bed and designed specifically so bigger people can sleep more comfortably.

The Saatva HD is a hybrid mattress that combines an innerspring mattress with coils and dense layers of foam. They say that this mattress works best for those who weigh between 300 to 500 pounds. However for those who weigh less, if you also enjoy a firmer feeling luxurious mattress, you can also enjoy the Saatva HD.

This mattress gives larger sleepers the long lasting support, pressure relief and cool temperatures that other mattress lack. You can rely on the Saatva brand to supply the same quality build and comfort from every mattress they create.

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WinkBeds Overview:

winkbeds mattress vs saatva HD bed comparisonThe WinkBeds Plus option gives you the lovable WinkBeds original mattress, along with all the extra features needed for heavier persons. The combination of coils and foams that WinkBeds has put into their new hybrid mattress truly takes comfort to a new level.

In order to give their sleepers the unique levels of comfort they need, WinkBeds has included four different levels of firmness within their collection. The “Plus” option is created for larger or heavier sleepers. This is the option we will be focusing on in this article. The Plus option also has the same lumbar support layer and extra edge support that comes standard in every one of their mattresses.

WinkBeds manufactures all of their mattresses in America. They are committed to their customers. You can even get a 50% discount when you are a return/loyal customer.

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Saatva HD – Delivery & Unboxing:

saatva mattress reviewJust like any other Saatva mattress, the cost of the Saatva HD includes a free white glove delivery service. This also means that your Saatva HD mattress will NEVER be compacted and roll packed. When other hybrid mattresses are compacted there is a chance that their stability or longevity is compromised. This also allows Saatva to create an all over sturdier mattress as they don’t need to consider having to compress for transit.

This delivery process also cuts out the need to carry your mattress where you need it to go, break down the box, cut it open, and then find a way to get rid of your old mattress. That is right, they will take away your old mattress for free as well. Saatva makes each HD mattress when it is ordered and then sent off to the third party delivery service.

While the made to order process does add a little extra delivery time, it is well worth the wait. You can even schedule your delivery time with the team to work with your busy schedule.

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WinkBeds Plus – Delivery & Unboxing:

Unlike Saatva HD, the WinkBeds Plus is compressed and boxed for shipment. The processing takes 3 to 5 business days. After your Winkbeds order has been processed, your mattress will arrive at your door in around 1 week. Once your box arrives you will want to carry the box to its desired location, remove the box, cut away the plastic, and watch your mattress expand. Just be sure to have some extra help because your Winkbeds mattress will weigh approximately 135 pounds. If you would like to have white glove delivery service and set up, you would need to upgrade and pay $99.

If you choose the white glove service the mattress will be unboxed and placed for you. However, if you would also like to have your old mattress removed, that will be a secondary upgrade that will cost you $159 on top of everything else.

These are incredibly helpful services. However, you can also skip them if you are on a budget and need to pinch a few pennies. While if you choose to get the Saatva HD, you do not get the choice to save money by doing it yourself because the white glove service is included with the purchase price.

Similar to the Saatva HD, the WinkBeds Plus mattress is also made to order. Be mindful that some “new mattress smell” my still linger around after unboxing. We recommend leaving 12-24 hours to let your mattress fully air out, especially if you are sensitive to smells.

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Saatva HD Mattress Materials:

saatva hd mattress reviewThe ultra thick Saatva HD mattress comes in at a nice 15.5” thickness. This mattress really blends just the right blend of forgiving comfort and solid support. There is no doubt from the moment you sit on this bed that it is going to have long lasting comfort. The Saatva HD is a mattress that is not only sturdy and built to last, but it also provides premium comfort.

When it comes to the structure and stability of a mattress the best place to start is at the base. This is where the majority of the strength of your mattress is going to be. For the Saatva HD the base of this mattress uses 12.5 gauge coils. These coils supply a lot of strength and durability to your mattress so it can support more weight.

On top of the coils are two comfort layers consisting of memory foam to supply pressure relief. On top of this is a final layer of Talalay latex foam. This is a naturally derived latex that is a natural antimicrobial and helps to pull moisture away from the body.

Over this layer is a quilted organic cotton pillow topper. This is the part of the Saatva HD that gives it it’s luxurious better than a hotel feel. It also provides a breathability that an all foam mattress severely lacks. This is especially important for all of the larger sleepers out there.

Encasing the entirety of this mattress from top to bottom is a high-density foam that gives a firm encasement to the mattress. This gives the sides of the mattress a higher level of support to ensure even larger sleepers get the edge support for sleeping and sitting that they need and deserve.

saatva hd materials

Get this luxury innerspring mattress with plenty of extra support at Saatva.com.

WinkBeds Materials:

winkbeds mattress reviewWinkBeds puts a lot of energy and thought into what materials they are going to use for their mattresses. The materials you use really determine the overall quality of your end product, WinkBeds believes this and it is evident in their beds. The WinkBeds Plus mattress is 15 inches thick and consists of 5 different layers of materials. When it comes to stability you have to start with a good foundation. So for the materials lets start with the base and then work our way up.

Starting with the bottom layer, the Plus mattress has 2″ of a dense base foam. This layer is a great base to support the other 4 layers of the mattress. It provides plenty of stability for the other layers to build on top of. This is also helpful to give the next level, the coil system, the ability to do its job properly.

The coil system is a 7 zoned pocket coil system. This system is truly unique, Wink Beds has a blend of different pressures to keep giving you extra support and comfort. Each coil is also individually wrapped in order to maximize its benefits.

On top of the coil section is 2 inches of LumbarLayer foam. This transition layer helps to prevent sagging of the lower back and creates ideal spinal alignment. Over this section is another layer of coils, this layer is the smaller layer of the two. These coil are less about all over support and instead geared more toward maximizing breathability in order to keep sleepers cool. They call this section their “breathable micro air springs”.

The final and top layer to this masterfully made mattress is the 2″ thick woven euro pillow top. This layer is combined with the ultra soft gel memory foam. The gel pulls heat away from your body while the pillow top eases tension in your back and shoulders.

winkbeds mattress review

Ready for your thick and durable Winkbed Mattress? Learn more and save BIG at WinkBeds.com.

Saatva HD Comfort:

best mattress for heavy peopleThe days of uncomfortable hot sleepless unsupported nights are a thing of the past. With the Saatva HD mattress you get a medium firm or luxury firm feel that is ideal for all heavy sleepers. You get stability that also provides flexible support by using premium foams, and an advanced coil system.

If you have back or joint pain, the Saatva HD is a great option for you because of how it maximizes pressure relief. Other mattresses cause heavy side sleepers shoulder and hip pain, the Saatva HD is so great with relieving pressure on your joints that this will no longer be an issue. Finally, a mattress comfortable enough to sleep in any position you prefer.

The Saatva HD isn’t just for big sleepers either, people of all sizes will fall in love with this mattress. If you are looking for a luxury firmer feeling in your mattress, the Saatva HD is a must have.

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WinkBeds Comfort:

winkbeds comparison edge supportIf comfort is what you are searching for, your search has come to an end. The Winkbeds brand, has made comfort accessible for sleepers of all shapes and sizes. They created four different firmness options so every sleeper can find the optimal firmness for them. These four options include: soft, luxury firm, firm, and plus. The Plus option is the one specifically designed for our bigger sleepers. However, we will provide a brief description of each so you can know the differences in each option.

Firmness Scale: 1 is the softest – 10 is the firmest. 

Soft –

The Soft WinkBeds option is a 4.5 on the firmness scale. This option is ideal for side sleepers who love a little extra sink. And back sleepers who love a little more softness on top.

Luxury Firm –

A luxury firm is a 6.5 on the firmness scale, and competes with hotel mattress comfort. No longer will you think that hotel mattress trumps yours.

Firm –

Next is the firm option at a 7.5 on the scale. This option is ideal for stomach sleepers who do not want their back to bow, or back sleepers who like a little more firmness and support.

Plus –

Last, but certainly not least, the plus option. This option is an 8 on the firmness scale. It is also the most supportive of all of these options.

If you think that’s all you get with your WinkBeds mattress, think again. The mattress also includes cooling technologies to regulate your temperature. Every one of these comfort options comes with a lumbar layer to provide additional support for your back and 7 different pressure zones. This is an awesome feature to WinkBeds that is sure to please.

winkbeds mattress review

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Saatva HD vs WinkBeds – Motion Transfer:

winkbeds mattress reviewWithin the coil system of the Saatva HD is a helical wire. Saatva threaded this wire through the coil system in order to keep motion transfer within the coil system to a minimum. The layers of high density foams are also extremely helpful with minimizing any extra motion transfer by absorbing and deadening any surface level vibrations and movements.

The pure thickness to the WinkBeds mattress is a bonus for limiting motion transfer. They use special motion isolating technology, in order to combat this issue. While you will notice more motion transfer with these mattresses then you would with an all foam mattress, there are major benefits that make that slight downfall totally worth it.

Saatva HD vs WinkBeds – Sleeping Cool:

saatva hd edgeSleeping cool is a priority for just about everyone, however it is especially valued by larger people. Saatva has put in extra thought and technology into their Saatva HD mattress in order to ensure their customers will be stay dry and cool all night long. The quilted pillow top features an extra breathable organic cotton surface.

Under the pillow top comes the naturally aerated Talalay latex layer. The aerated nature of this latex is what makes it perfect for keeping sleepers cool. The more air flow you can get in your mattress the better, because this is how heat escapes. Finally any mattress featuring a coil system will sleep cooler than any all foam mattresses. This is because the coil system provides ample airflow within the mattress.

Winkbeds Plus has two layers of coils. The smaller 2″ layer of micro coils is perfect for dispersing heat that can often get trapped inside of a mattress. The base layer of larger coils allows a significant amount of airflow within the mattress as well. This is incredibly helpful with keeping the mattress from holding onto heat. WinkBeds also made their Euro Pillow Top with TENCEL fabric which is 30% cooler than most fabrics. This layer is highly breathable and even wicks away moisture while you sleep.

If sleeping cool is a hot topic for you than check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers. There are a few brands that not only sleep cool but offer great durable mattresses ideal for heavy people too. 

Saatva HD vs WinkBeds – Edge Support:

saatva hd top of bedWith these thick mattresses, you hardly have to worry about edge support. The Saatva HD is 25% stronger than the original. Any mattress with a coil system is going to have better edge support than an all foam mattress. However if you are only supporting the edges of your mattress with coils, eventually they will tire out. Saatva HD has also reinforced their edges with a super dense foam to create a solid retaining edge. This means any extra weight on the edges won’t cause it to sag with age. This ensure you will have years of quality use with your Saatva HD.

With the Plus firmness level, Winkbeds has used Extra Edge technology to provide the edge support that their larger sleepers need. This technology keeps your mattress from sagging, making the mattress more durable. This ensures that your mattress will last much longer. Extra Edge is exactly what it sounds like and gives enough extra edge support by 15%. If you like sitting on the edge of your bed or find yourself sitting there often, WinkBeds is a great option for you.

Saatva HD vs WinkBeds – Value:

When you buy a big mattress, you still don’t want to pay a big price. The Saatva HD comes in at a whopping $2499 for a queen and this does not even include the box spring foundation. with 120 night sleep trial and 20 year warranty. While the Saatva band is known for their high quality build and materials, their price goes up along with that assurance.

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In contrast, the Winkbeds Plus is much more supportive of your wallet. While their brand is less well know, the quality of their build is on par with the Saatva HD. A queen of the Winkbeds Plus option costs $1799, including free shipping, 120 night trial, and lifetime warranty. Considering the quality, price tag, and longer warranty, it is easy to see that Winkbeds is the more valuable mattress.

If you want the full white glove service along with getting your old mattress taken away, then the price difference is lowered to just around $500. Still quite a large price difference for such comparable mattresses. (And that is if you do not purchase the foundation for the Saatva HD)

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Saatva HD vs WinkBeds – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialWhile the Saatva HD follows industry standards when it comes to trial period and warranty; 120 night’s and 20 years respectively, the Winkbeds has it beat. Winkbeds has a 120 night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. These are two really amazing mattresses that both have trial periods as well as warranties. Making sure your new mattress experience is as good as it gets.

Saatva HD vs WinkBeds – Summary:

The Saatva HD and Winkbeds mattresses go tit for tat in almost every category. Whether you’re looking to sleep cooler, reduce motion transfer, or have ideal edge support, neither mattress will disappoint you. Better yet, both of these outstanding brands have created an option for heavier persons.

No longer do big people have to suffer with little sleep. Although we love both brands, when it comes to price there is a huge difference between the Saatva HD and Winkbeds Plus. So if you want a thick, quality mattress for a quality price, we’d go with the Winkbeds Plus every time.

Saatva HD vs Winkbeds Mattress Comparison

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