November 25, 2019

Loom and Leaf vs Puffy Lux

Today we are going to compare every detail of the Puffy Lux and Loom & Leaf mattress. These two All-Foam beds stand above the rest and are highly impressive to sleep on. If you are looking for a sturdy All-Foam mattress that conforms to your body and works for all sleeping positions. then you have absolutely come to the right place. These mattresses give luxurious comfort no matter what sleep position you choose. Keep reading the Puffy Lux vs Loom & Leaf Comparison Review to see how these two mattresses compare and find out which bed we choose to be the winner. Read the full review to get all of the details and find out which mattress is the right choice for you.

loom and leaf vs puffy lux mattress comparison review

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Why Choose Puffy Lux

  • comparing the puffy lux mattressTemperature Neutral
  • Solid All-Foam Construction
  • Upgrade to Original Puffy Mattress
  • Loads of Pressure Relief
  • Memory Foam Feel
  • Low Motion Transfer
  • Made in America
  • Trial Period: 101 Nights
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: $1445 – $1995

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Why Choose Loom & Leaf

  • comparing the loom & leaf mattressNever compacted into a box
  • Super Solid Construction & Build
  • Quality Materials
  • Comes in Two Comfort Options
  • Comfortable for All Sleeping Positions
  • Great Edge Support
  • Low Motion Transfer
  • Temperature Neutral
  • Free White Glove Delivery, Set Up, and Removal
  • Made in America
  • Trial Period: 120 Days
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Price: $849 – $1799

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And The Winner Is…

  • puffy lux vs loom & leaf mattressComfort – Loom & Leaf (Great for ALL sleeping positions)
  • Motion Transfer – Tie
  • Sleeps Cool – Puffy Lux
  • Edge Support – Loom & Leaf
  • Pressure Relief – Puffy Lux
  • Delivery & Set Up – Loom & Leaf (FREE
  • White Glove Delivery, Set Up & Removal)
  • New Mattress Smell – Tie
  • Value – Loom & Leaf
  • Materials – Loom & Leaf

Winner – Loom & Leaf!

Continue reading to find out how Loom and Leaf stands up to the challenge against the Puffy Lux. Our Loom and Leaf vs Puffy comparison will put these two brands head to head to help you find the best fit.

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Loom & Leaf vs Puffy Lux – Materials & Comfort

Comfort is truly #1 priority when it comes to choosing a mattress. There are many different features that come together in order to create the overall feel and comfort of a bed. So we are going to break it down for you so that you can dictate which features add up to be the right or wrong bed for you. Then at the end we will choose a winner for overall comfort.

Loom & Leaf – Materials & Construction

Saatva made sure to use some of their best materials in their Loom & Leaf mattress. Starting from the bottom we have a 6” supportive base of high-density foam. This layer provides all the support the following comfort layers need to do their job.

Next up Saatva put a 2” transitional layer of memory foam. This allows some give for the following comfort levels on top of it. Then there is the 3” combination layer of viscoelastic foam that has been enhanced with a cooling gel. This memory foam is certified by CertiPUR-US for quality.

Then comes their top layer of the Loom & Leaf mattress which is sewn together with their Organic Cotton Cover. This layer keeps it’s sleepers naturally safe with a foam infused with thistle flame retardant. This layer gives the Loom & Leaf it’s pillow style top. The Organic Cotton cover is soft and very breathable.

the materials and construction of the loom and leaf bed

Puffy Lux – Materials & Construction

If you have tried the Puffy mattress and enjoyed it, then you will adore the Puffy Lux. It has all of the materials of the original Puffy mattress with an added new layer made out of Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam. All of the foams used in the Puffy mattresses is Certipur-US Certified and made in America.

The Puffy Lux starts with a base layer of Firm Cor Supportive Foam which provides a solid base for the rest of the mattress. The next layer is made out of their specially made ClimateComfort Foam. This is a breathable foam that provides plenty of pressure relief and keeps the mattress temperature neutral.

The next layer is the Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam, this is the foam specifically made for the Puffy Lux mattress. This added foam takes any potential pressure points and completely melts away any residual pressure and contours beautifully to your body.

The top layer is Puffy’s Cooling Cloud Foam, which is infused with gel in order to pull away any residual heat away from the body, keeping their sleepers nice and cool throughout the night.

the puffy mattress materials

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Puffy Lux vs Loom & Leaf: Overall Comfort:

overall comfort comparison leesa puffyThe Puffy Lux comes in at a 6 on the firmness scale giving it just slightly firmer than a true medium feeling mattress. Although with the Puffy Lux being an All-Foam mattress this will have a different sensation to a Hybrid mattress with the same firmness level.

We enjoyed that the base foam kept us from sinking too far into the bed. While also allowing the top layers of comfort memory foam to conform to our bodies. It also sleeps cooler than most memory foam beds and really killed any motion transfer. Overall the Puffy Lux is a very comfortable All-Foam mattress for all sleeping positions.

There are two different comfort options for the Loom & Leaf mattress the Relaxed Firm and the Firm option. The Relaxed Firm is going to have a more traditional Memory Foam feel to it, coming in at a 6 on the firmness scale while still giving plenty of contouring comfort. While the firm bumps up the comfort level to an 8 giving it a true firm feeling for a memory foam mattress. If you are on the heavier end of the spectrum and need extra support, we suggest trying the Firm option, however it still may lack the support you want/need.

While both mattresses exceed in comfort, the Loom and Leaf gives you two comfort options to choose from and really works surprisingly well for all sleeping positions and even some heavier sleepers. Giving the Loom & Leaf the win for Overall Comfort.

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Puffy Lux vs Loom & Leaf – Mattress Benefits

Motion Transfer

the puffy lux mattress compared toNo bouncy bumpy beds here. Both the Puffy Lux and the Loom & Leaf ROCK when it comes to cutting down on any motion transfer. If you and your partner have different sleep schedules, or if you are ultra-sensitive to movement within the bed. Then you are going to be very happy with either of these beds. Their sturdy all foam construction deadens any vibrations almost immediately.

This is a big advantage of choosing and all-foam mattress, especially beds that use memory foam. With this category both the Puffy Lux and the Loom & Leaf win! We have faith that if you’re looking to cut out motion transfer with a new mattress that either of these options will leave you very happy.

Sleeping Cool

the loom & leaf mattress compared toMemory foam mattresses have always struggled with staying cool. For some people this factor alone is enough to sway people away from an All-Foam mattress in general. Thankfully Puffy and Saatva made sure to work with some of the latest technology and materials to ensure their beds stayed temperature neutral.

Let’s start with how Saatva designed their Loom & Leaf mattress to stay cool. Their 3” top layer of foam is infused with gel. This is a cooling gel that uses phase changing technology to help keep it’s sleeper cool. The gel draws the away from the body and into the layers below. The cover of the Loom & Leaf is made out of an Organic Cotton which is extra breathable and wicks way any built up moisture.

The Puffy Lux uses even more updates to keep their sleepers cool and comfortable. Their top layer of Cooling Cloud Foam is created with special materials to draw heat away from the body and help it to dissipate. They accomplish this effect by infusing their memory foam with a gel that uses convection and conduction technology to make for cooler sleeping memory foam. The gel infused foam also has 8x more airflow as well. This allows you to get your rest instead of waking up sweaty.

It is the two different cooling foams that help draw heat away from the body and keep the mattress temperature neutral that really gives the Puffy Lux the upper hand and the win for sleeping cool.

Check out the full Puffy Lux Review to learn more.

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Edge Support

which bed has the most edge supportTypically, All-Foam beds have some struggles when it comes to edge support. However, the Loom & Leaf and Puffy Lux surprised us. Both of these beds provided ample edge support for being foam based mattresses. It is a welcome surprise for sure. If we had to pick a winner (of course that is what we are doing here.) We would have to go with the Loom & Leaf. It has a slightly firmer feel when sitting on the side.

Although both the Loom & Leaf and the Puffy Lux have wonderful edge support when it comes to sleep surface. You will be able to sleep right up to the edge of either of these beds with plenty of support.

Loom & Leaf vs Puffy Lux – Mattress Basics


free in home delivery and set upOne cool feature that both the Loom & Leaf and the Puffy Lux have in common, is that they wait to assemble you mattress until you order. Which means unlike other brands where mattresses may sit for quite some time in a box, your mattress will be made to order.

On the other hand Loom & Leaf has some major advantages to their delivery process that truly sets them above the competition. Saatva offers free white glove in home delivery and set up. This also includes the removal of your old mattress I you wish. Which saves you the trouble of finding a way to properly dispose your old bed. The Loom & Leaf mattress is also never compressed into a box like most online mattresses. Instead it comes like an old school mattress. This allows Saatva to make a sturdier mattress that never needs to be folded and compressed in order to fit into a teeny tiny (for a mattress) box. Unsurprisingly, this gives Loom & Leaf the win for Delivery & Set up.

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New Mattress Smell:

puffy lux delivers to your doorSince both the Loom & Leaf and the Puffy Lux are made to order in the US, neither mattress has much of a scent when you first set it up. The Loom & Leaf is never compressed into a box it does not need any extra time to air out or firm up at all.

However, while the Puffy Lux is compressed into a box it is also made in America with materials made in the US and it is made to order. This means it also has very little smell. We were also surprised by how little time it took for this mattress to firm up. This is by far one of the fastest firming and airing out beds we have ever experienced opening. If you got home after work, opened your mattress that evening, you could sleep perfectly comfortably that same night.

We give these beds a tie for the win for on New Mattress Smell. You should have zero problems with either of these beds in this department. A+


When it comes to evaluating the true value of a mattress, here at Our Sleep Guide we always want to weight the price of the product to the quality and comfort of the bed to ensure you are getting the most mattress for you money.

When it comes to comparing the Puffy Lux and Loom & Leaf, The Puffy Lux costs more on average than the Loom & Leaf. We also believe that overall the Loom & Leaf mattress has a higher quality build, and comfort, while also costing less. Which makes our job comparing these two rather simple. Loom & Leaf takes the prize for having better value for price.

Get our full in depth review at Loom & Leaf Review now.

Puffy Lux Price
  • Twin: $1445
  • Twin XL: $1495
  • Full: $1595
  • Queen: $1795
  • King: $1995
  • California King: $1995

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Loom & Leaf Price
  • Twin: $ 849
  • Twin XL: $999
  • Full: $1399
  • Queen: $1499
  • King: $1799
  • California King: $1799

These prices do not include active promotions are coupons. Click the link below to get our latest coupon for the Loom & Leaf Mattress.

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Trial Period & Warranty

When it comes to mattress trial period most cover far more than you will ever need. Both Loom & Leaf and Puffy Lux are very generous with their Trial Period and Warranties. Loom & Leaf offers a 15 Year Warranty and a 120 day Trial Period. While Puffy Lux offers a 101 day Trial Period and a Lifetime Warranty. These are both extensive and more than enough to give you faith in the quality of their mattresses while also giving you more than enough time to determine whether or not you purchased the right mattress for you or not.

Puffy Lux vs Loom & Leaf: The Winner

At the end of the day we really enjoyed sleeping on both of these beds. It is difficult when you compare such similar beds that are both really great at what they do. When we add it all up, Loom & Leaf takes the win by a hair. It has such a quality feel that barely beats out the Puffy Lux. The comfort combined with the cost difference AND free white glove delivery is what really gives Loom and Leaf the upper hand and the overall win for this comparison review. It’s also an overall higher quality mattress with a much better price point and free white glove delivery as well. This makes it in our opinion the clear better choice for most buyers. Overall the Loom and Leaf mattress takes home the prize, buy yours NOW!

comparing the loom & leaf mattress

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