December 2, 2022

Gifts For Her: Cozy Gifts Ideas That She Will LOVE!

gift ideas that she will love

Looking for that perfect gift? Something that will be a treat, that she will really use AND love? Then you have come to the right place. We have collected the Our Sleep Guide’s top gift ideas for her. These are gifts that tell the women in your life that you love them and they deserve to feel luxurious.

From the yoga gurus to the nap enthusiasts, we have a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you are shopping for gifts for your mom, sister, girlfriend, boss or best friend there is a gift on this list that they are sure to appreciate.

Wickbox – Candle Subscription

wickbox candle subscription boxesThis is the ideal gift for anyone who is shopping for a scented candle lover. Wickbox is a luxury candle subscription company. Which means you are giving the gift that keeps on giving! Stunning boxes and gorgeous luxurious candles delivered to their home monthly. Even the designs of the candle containers are so beautiful and designed to be reused in the home for decoration long after the candle burns away.

Not sure what scent they prefer? No problem, they can customize their scent profile so they get exactly the scents they love. They also have fun add ons for candles like wick trimmers and snuffers. Ideal for anyone who just can’t get enough candles.

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Vegan Silk Pajamas – Cloroom

gifts for vegans silk pajamasNow you can give her the gift that has all the luxury of silk pajamas, with the benefits of being vegan! If you are shopping for an earth friendly vegan, then we have a great gift idea for her. Cloroom has created their own line of vegan silk product. It is made from reed, barley and other plant materials.

Unlike satin that is “vegan” but made out of plastic. The vegan silk pajamas from Cloroom are animal-free, all-natural, low-impact, and decomposable! Making this natural material ideal for all those who love the planet. Not to mention that they are silky smooth, comfortable, breathable, and make a completely luxurious gift for her.

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Made Trade – So Many Choices!

made trade home and clothing giftsStill haven’t seen a gift that suites the woman you’re shopping for? No worries Made Trade has you covered. They have so many different options for gifts that we couldn’t possibly pick just one. While we focus on comfort and sleep (We are a bit obsessed with sleep here at Our Sleep Guide).

However, Made Trade has a bit of everything from beautiful throw blankets, other home goods, to stunning leather bags and jewelry. This place is a girls dream come true. You are bound to find something she will like here. (Psst! They have gift cards too!)

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Avocado Silk Pillowcase

avocado silk pillowcase christmas gift ideasOne of the best gifts you can get someone is something they would love to have but likely would never buy for themselves. It is those little luxuries that can be such great gifts. One beautiful example of this kind of gift is a silk pillowcase. The Avocado Silk Pillowcase is a beautiful gift, it helps prevent wrinkles, and keep hair tangle free throughout the night. It can even help prolong your hair style for longer.

This is a new beauty hack that people are falling in love with. While there are cheaper satin options out there, it can become staticky and lacks breathability. Making silk the best option for comfort. Avocado does a great job with creating gorgeous natural and earth friendly bedding options. Click the shop button below to start shopping now.

Avocado Silk Pillowcase HERE!

Reed + Gwen – Snoozy Bath Soak with Magnesium Flakes

magnesium bath soak from reed and gwenAnything from the new Reed + Gwen clean beauty line would make a gorgeous gift. However, we especially love their Snoozy Bath Soak. This gorgeous bath salt is blended with magnesium flakes. When you are low on magnesium, it can intensify feelings of stress and anxiety, which can also make it difficult to sleep.

This is a great gift option for the person on your list that could really use some rest and relaxation. The beautiful petals makes the bath look beautiful and the scent is oh so soothing. The magnesium flakes dissolve into the bath and actually creates a soak that allows your body to topically absorb the magnesium. This helps you to get to sleep. Click the link to learn more about Reed + Gwen or click the shop button to buy now.

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Bearaby Weighted Napper Blanket

hand knit weighted blanket from brearaby giftThis weighted blanket is a real treat and will make a beautiful gift. Not only is this blanket beautifully hand knit, it comes in gorgeous colors to suite any woman’s style.

The hand knit Bearaby napper blanket is oh so comfortable and melts away all of the stress and anxiety of the day. This weighted blanket is extra special in its design. Which is so beautiful but also amazing at having a weighted blanket that doesn’t get too hot. And looks lovely rather it’s on your bed or a throw on your couch.

Head over to our post Bearaby Napper Weighted Blanket Review to learn more, or click the link to start shopping now.

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Hass – Modal Long Robe

hass modal robe avocado accessoriesIf you’re on the hunt for a classy gift for an elegant classy woman, then you have an entire collection that you need to look at. Hass Apparel from Avocado is a collection of earth friendly clothing made slowly with the planet in mind.

The classic designs will never go out of style, and the quality materials will last a lifetime. These clothes are gorgeous and we think they are ideal for anyone who is a fan of slow fashion. (Or just a fan of warm sweaters!)

We are especially fond of their Modal Long Robe for a gift. It is oh so soft and breathable, making it great to wear as a top layer year round. Ideal to throw on after a show, or while making breakfast. Robes come in only a few sizes that will fit most everyone, making it ideal for gift giving.

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Parachute Shearling Wool Clog

comfy house shoes gift ideasIf anything pairs nicely with a great robe, it is great slippers! We love these shearling wool clogs from Parachute. They are made with real shearling and they are oh so warm and snuggly. The natural material helps to wick away moisture keeping your feet nice and dry.

The shearling wool also is a natural temperature regulator. This means that they will not only keep your toast toasty warm when needed, they will also help to cool them down if they get too warm. Alone with these sleepers, Parachute makes a wide range of gorgeous things that would make beautiful gifts. Click the shop button below to find more!

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Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser – Parachute

essential oil diffuserParachute has so many incredibly gift options that we simply had to add another to the list. The Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser, we recommend pairing with a few of their essential oil blends.

This is a great way to naturally scent your home. The aromatherapy that this little devise provides is just lovely. We don’t care who you are, this essential oil diffuser makes for a wonderful gift!

And, if you aren’t a fan of the oil diffuser or slippers don’t worry. Parachute has a great selection of items that any women would love. From bedroom to bath essentials and accessories. To trendy décor and little extra must haves. Just follow the link below to start exploring all the great items they have to offer.

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Purple Gravity Face Mask & Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket purple with eye maskPerfect for the woman who deserves a relaxing stress free evening. These gifts are the product of a collaboration between the Purple + Gravity brands.

They combined their powers to create a gently weighted eye mask and a super soft weighted blanket. Both of which are exclusively sold at Purple. Snuggling up with these two will melt all the stress of the world melt away. What a great gift.

Purple Bedding & Accessories HERE!

Brentwood Home Yoga Pillows

crystal cover square yoga pillowShopping for a yoga enthusiast? These yoga pillow by Brentwood Home are sure to please. They are used to aid and enhance different positions.

Brentwood Home only ever uses top quality materials. These bolster pillows are filled with buckwheat and covered in Texas grown organic cotton. Their line of  Yoga Pillows make for a lovely gift for any lover of yoga or mediation.

Brentwood Home also makes an amazing and lovely yoga mat too. The organic build and solid materials make it a great addition whether you are just starting out or have been a well trained yogi for years.

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Great Gifts For Her That She Will LOVE!

We hope you found a wonderful gift off of our list. Or at the very least, that we got the wheels turning for something nice to get your loved one. Keep in mind that gifts are from the heart. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to be heartfelt. The best way to shop for gifts is to keep the individual front of mind. Happy gift shopping!

cozy gifts for women

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