September 4, 2020

Moona Pillow Pad

MOONA cooling and heating pillow pad review

Is there anything better than the sensation of flipping to the cool side of a pillow? Yes, there is! It is the Moona Cooling & Heating Pillow Pad. You can always sleep on the cool side of the pillow with no flipping required when you use the Moona Pillow Pad. In this product review we will go over how the Moona Cooling & Heating Pillow Pad works, whether or not it is comfortable to sleep on, and so much more. Keeping reading for all the details!

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How Does The Moona Cooling & Heating Pillow Pad Work?

buttons on the moona pod for easy controlsThe Moona Pillow Pad works by using water to cool our heat the pillow. It has a small pod that goes on your nightstand, and it works like a small AC unit. It heat or cools the water that then cools or heats the insides of your pillow to whatever your desired temperature is. You can either adjust temperature manually with buttons on top of the pod. Or you can use their app which can give you the power to schedule temperature changes.

With the Moona Pillow Pad you have a lot of control over the temperature of your pillow. It is not just hot or cold, you can program the temperature of your pillow down to the degree. So you can have a cool or cozy pillow at a temperature that is just right for you.

Sleep Tracking:

Not only do your get temperature control with the Moona Pillow Pad. You also get a sleep tracker. The inside of the pillow pad on the very edge is a small motion tracking device. This gives your Moona lots of information on when you are waking up throughout the night, if you are tossing and turning a lot. They compile this information and store it on your app so you can see how you’re sleeping. This allows you to also track progress and see which temperatures work best for you and your sleep.

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Moona Pillow Pad Design:

The Pod

moona pod heat and cooling controlsThis modern looking device sit elegantly on your bedside table or nightstand. It is the AC/Heating unit of the Moona device. This is where all of the heating and cooling is done. It hooks up to the pillow pad and uses water to heat and cool the pillow pad. Whether you are trying to warm up your pillow in order to wake up in the morning, or keep it cool in order to stay asleep throughout the night. It is the pod that gets that done.

The Moona Pod has buttons on top for easy temperature control at your bedside. Or you can use the app (which we will get into more detail about later.) On the front of the Moona Pod is a convenient light that informs you of the temperature setting of your pillow. This makes it easy to view and change the temperature manually. So the app is merely a bonus for those who prefer that method.

The Pillow Pad

memory foam pillow padThis is the part of the Moona that you actually sleep on. The pillow pad is 19″ x 13.4″ making it an easy fit in all standard, queen, and king sized pillows. The actual pad is made out of a thin layer of memory foam, which makes it nice and soft to lay on. On the very edge of the Moona Pillow Pad is a small motion sensor. This is used to track your sleeping habits and give you data on how you are sleeping throughout the night.

The cover of the Moona Pillow Pad is made out of a soft cotton material. This allows the temperature and air to flow freely so no heat or cold is trapped in or out of the pillow. It also makes for a soft and cozy pillow pad.

The App

app with sleep tracking and heat and cooling controlsWith the controls so conveniently placed on top of the Moona Pod, you might be wondering why you need an app. While you can use the Pillow Pad without the app, you get all sorts of cool features that go far beyond just temperature control.

The Moona App also gives you sleep tracking information provided by the small motion tracker on the edge of your pillow pad. This gives you loads of information on how you are sleeping and can even show you when your sleep improves with different sleep temperatures you choose.

There is also and entire section of sleep coaching on the app. This section provides answers to common sleep questions you may have. Along with lots of different advice and tips on your sleep. It will also help you to determine the perfect sleep temperatures to schedule for different times. The app also allows you to schedule different temperatures for different times. So you can help yourself to fall asleep as well as assist you in waking up in the morning.

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Is the Moona Pillow Pad Comfortable?

oh so comfortable cool memory foam pillow padThe Moona Pillow Pad is all about comfort! First off we have to talk about how the Moona heats and cools your pillow. Of course this is a game changer for your comfort. No more waking up sweating in the middle of the night for flipping to the cool side of the pillow. You will always have a cool side of your pillow. It also can help keep you warm in the winter, or help you wake up in the mornings by slowly warming you up. (Your body cools down to fall asleep and warms up to wake up)

However, temperature is not the only thing that warrants comfort. The Moona Pillow Pad is made out of a pressure relieving memory foam. The thin .8″ thick pillow pad will not greatly change the overall profile of your pillow. Allowing you to have the height of pillow you are already comfortable with. The memory foam is nice and contouring to the shape of your head so you can enjoy the comfort of the pillow you already know and love. It is also soft and mold-able with no crackling plastic. Overall this is a very comfortable pillow pad.

Can you wash the Moona Pillow Pad?

Could your Moona Pillow Pad use a bit of freshening up? No problem, simply remove the external grey cover. It is detachable and washable. Then wash the cover using the given instructions on the label inside your pillow cover.

Washing on cool gentle cycle and hang dry for best results. This allows you to have a clean fresh pillow all of the time. Of course washing your sheets regularly will also help to keep your pillow pad fresh and clean for longer. So will no longer sweating through your sheets every night now that you are able to sleep comfortably.

Moona Pillow Pad – Value:

the moona collectionThis is definitely a luxury addition to your bedroom and the price does reflect this. However, there is nothing that is going to cool or warm up your pillow quite like the Moona Pillow Pad. There is no doubt that this is a truly unique product that works like a charm.

This is a game changer for keeping your pillow the perfect temperature all night long. Keep in mind that with your purchase price you will also be getting a year long limited warranty and 30 night trial period.

Moona Pillow Pad (US Version) – $399

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Moona Cooling & Heating Pillow Pad – Final Thoughts:

Overall this is such  unique sleep product. The prospect of being able to have your pillow heat and cool so you can always have the perfect temperature, is very exciting. This greatly increases overall comfort in bed as well as sleep quality. While the price of this pillow pad is a small investment, it is well worth the comfort you get out of it. It is also much more cost effective than other cooling systems that are used for the entire mattress. While the Moona focuses its temperature on the head, it helps to cool and warm your entire bodies internal temperature. So you’re getting the same comfort at a lower price. This is a great pillow pad that we think you’re really going to love.

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